25 Things I Wish I Would've Known

No one can mentally prepare themselves enough for their first child. No matter what age you are you are never fully ready for what is about to come. Here is my list of 25 things I didn’t know, but wish I knew about a new baby and being a new mom.

1. Unconditional love has never looked so sweet.

2. You will never have the “perfect” sleep ever again. Or at least until your child has moved out. Say goodbye to those zzz’s!

3. Sometimes, you’ll need to leave baby in a safe place and take a step out of the room to gather your sanity. Unless you have the patience of a dead man, this one is inevitable.

4. Breast feeding is HARD! Don’t give up, you’ll regret it after awhile.

5. They say you shed weight from breast feeding? I doubt that. I think you shed weight from never being able to sit down and eat a decent meal.

6. Sometimes. Peeing while holding your baby just has to happen… You’re not the worst mother in the world, I promise.

7. Baby’s two month vaccinations are hard on mom too, it’s okay to cry.

8. Babies can NOT be spoiled at three months, that is a crock of poo and studies stand with me on that. Don’t listen to your grandmother.

9. Hemorrhoids can happen after birth too. They suck.

10. There’s nothing more mind settling knowing that your baby is asleep, and now you can rest too.

11. It’s okay to call over a family member or friend to watch baby so you can have a shower. It’s probably needed anyways.

12. You go ahead, and you look at that baby, and you cry! You made that! You’re a superhero!

13. Your poor, poor nipples… They won’t ever be the same.

14. You really don’t NEED that change table. It’ll probably just get used for clutter anyways.

15. Babies smell lovely. Soak that up.

16. You’re allowed to bed share, you’re allowed to co sleep, you’ll allowed to put them in the crib. Whatever works best for YOU momma!

17. You rock that 5 day old pony tail, don’t let anybody tell you different.

18. No matter what the nurses say you don’t HAVE to look down there two weeks postpartum.

19. Cradle cap sucks and I have yet to figure out how to get rid of it faster.

20. Newborns aren’t known for their flawless skin let me tell you that much.

21. They grow fast, don’t spend all your time wishing they could walk, or talk, or crawl. Live in the moment now.

22. Swaddle. That is my only true advice. Unless you want your babe to be woken up by his own arm smacking him in the face.

23. Welcome all advice, take in what works best for you.

24. Don’t cheap out on a decent stroller. You’ll be using it for the next two to three years.

25. Love every minute of this precious life you have in front of you. Time goes all too fast in this world.

:) -J