This is the status update that Homebirth Aotearoa (New Zealand) just posted on their Facebook page

“Musing on statistics: just read an article about research suggesting 3 in 1,000 women experience an orgasm during birth, and that this may be a conservative estimate - in the Daily Mail version of the article the comments indicate that readers view this as ‘impossible’. The overall rate of SIDS in the UK (as I discovered researching for the blog last week) is 3 in 10,000. Comments on many of the articles indicate that readers consider this risk 'high’. Yet you are 10 times more likely to have an orgasm during birth than to have a baby die of SIDS. Just thinking about how we tend to view statistics through the lens of our own feelings about a subject and how hard it can be to remain open-minded and to try to draw balanced conclusions, and to act accordingly.”

If this doesn’t prove that we need to change the way women think about giving birth, then I don’t know what does!