I rewatched civil war and honestly it got way worse than when I first watched but it got me thinking about my robot son.

Ever since Vision was born, he was already an Avenger. His whole purpose is to serve the world as an Avenger. I doubt his range of social interaction branches outside of the Avengers. Outside of missions, he was most probably confined within the walls of HQ.

He doesn’t have the chance to interact with normal people, like a cashier at the local 7/11 or a kid at the playground. The only people he really gets to interact with are deadly assassin/spies, mentally ill scientists/billionaires, a guy from the 40s and a mind-reader. Is it really a surprise that he’s so awkward?

Give me a scene in a movie where he is given the opportunity to blend in with normal civilians. It’s already a known fact that he could project his clothes; why not change his appearance altogether? Why not just camouflage himself as kind of a more awkward Paul Bettany?

Give me a scene where he orders chipotle for Wanda. Give me a scene where he gets along really surprisingly well with children. Give me a scene where he watches a movie with Wanda in a legit movie theatre, captivated by the audience’s reaction to the movie. Give me a scene where he goes on rides with Wanda in carnivals. Give me scenes where he experiences normal human interaction first-hand with normal civilians leading normal lives.

sometimes i just want to cut all connections, delete all social media, etc. i’ve honestly seriously considered this more than a few times now. it’s not that i hate anyone but…i don’t know. it’s a weird thing to explain. i guess i just want to be more in touch and present with the people i know irl. idk.

Mcgenji week day 3: Domestic

genji does the laundry and mccree does the cooking, and it gives them time to reflect on how nice it is to just be living a normal life without overwatch lingering over them constantly 

also check it out iv been putting together a mcgenji playlits, its at 38 songs and id like to get it to a solid 40, so feel free to throw song suggestions my way

check it out


First episode of Bake Off and the contestants have already learned to use booze to appease Mary Berry

XP is the rarest and most severe form of light-sensitivity disorder, affecting only one in a million people.

Exposure to even a few minutes of sunlight can cause agonizing blisters. XP sufferers are 1,000 times as likely to develop skin cancers as other people.

These “children of the moon” are completely quarantined daylight.

On average, a person can withstand about 60 years of sun exposure before skin cancers develop. The very same tumors can appear in XP patients by the age of 10. Unless sufferers stay away from even the tiniest doses of ultraviolet light, multiple skin cancers will erupt. Eyes are equally vulnerable; even small amounts of ultraviolet light can damage their corneas. Many sufferers eventually go blind.

The Mahars wanted to whatever they could to give their daughter a normal life, so they created an opportunity for her to go to summer camp like everyone else.

Camp Sundown brings together children and their families for a week of fun, friendship and activities. 

Campers share experiences, information and laughter under the safety of the stars, which, for families and children dealing with XP on a daily basis, is a dream come true.


Super Cute Musical Date Ideas
  • Watch The Last Five Years together
  • Sing “A Little Fall of Rain” when it starts to shower outside
  • Throw sandwiches at each other while singing “Just Another Day”
  • Spar with each other like in “Little Things we Do Together”
  • Stalk each other as if you were The Phantom and Christine
  • Murder the most mythic bitch in your high school together (bonus: kill two jocks and plant a bomb in the boiler room)
  • Bake pies together using recipes from Sweeney Todd
  • Die together like in Bonnie and Clyde

So I thought this might make interesting story for @sixpenceee . I had just moved into my room as a freshman in college. I live in an apartment style dorm with three other girls, each person getting their own room. This was sometime early January so it was pretty cold. One morning I woke up and got ready for class as usual,(I like to open up my window to get fresh air) and when I went to open the drapes, I was met with the hand print in the first image. I didn’t know my roommates that well at the time and had a paranoia that they’d sneak into my room in the middle of the night to prank me, so I kept my room locked while I was out and when I went to bed. My room is also on the third floor and was kept locked before I moved in. 

I thought that it might have been one I had left somehow when I opened the window some day prior, so I placed my hand to the glass and left another print

The one on the left is mine. The one on the right is from an unknown source. As you can see, the unknown print has long, slender fingers and a more narrow palm. You can also see the little fine lines from the hand wrinkles where you can’t see any on mine due to the condensation build up. Much different from my pudgey little hand lol 

It’s still there now, but it’s getting hot so the glass won’t fog for it to show anymore. I’m not really freaked out by it, I was just surprised to see something like that first thing in the morning but I’m kinda glad it happened. It made for a cool story to tell haha