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“why are you crying”


“I’M GONNE DIE!!!;m;!!”

“you’re not gonna die.”

“oh okay thanks ayano <3″

she does this everyday.



I really hope when I fall in love it’s that love that people write about in books or songs. It’s that love screenwriters write about in movies that makes your heart literally ache with want. I hope it’s the kind of love that everyone yearns to feel at least once in their life. I hope it turns my entire world upside down, but makes everything feel great and alive. I just want to be so stupidly in love that people from miles away can see it and feel it. I just hope that kind of love exists and that one day I get to feel it.

Clichés - C.H. (Pt. 1)

Pairing: Calum Hood x Reader

Words: 2739

Warnings: Language

AN: This gif is not mine!!!! Credit for the gif goes to whoever made it! I got this idea when I was in class and just kinda ran with it! I wanted to split it up because I thought that would be fun and just so it wasn’t super long. I hope you guys like it, and I’m sorry I haven’t been writing much lately! I have literally millions of ideas that come and go in my brain lmao, so if you want, request something and I’ll write it! Enjoy x p.s. I’m American so I use ‘soccer’ instead of ‘football’ sorry!!

Part 2 Part 3

“Fucking hell,” you huffed to yourself, your breath visible in front of of you due to the cold temperature this morning. Your calves burned as you trudged up the most dreaded hill on campus, your sneakers pounding against the pavement of the sidewalk. You normally avoided this hill at all costs, driving to your classes every day but today, your car was in the shop. To make matters worse, you were running late. You’d slept through the first two of your alarms, barely waking up to your third and final alarm. You had jumped out of bed, rushing to get dressed and get your things together. Since you had a habit of driving, you could’ve made it to class on time if you had your car. But today just wasn’t your day. Class started in two minutes, and you definitely weren’t making it there on time, something that was extremely out of character for you. You made it a point to show up to your classes ten minutes early to avoid stressing yourself out, kind of like how you were stressing out right now.

Ariana Grande’s new album blasted through your headphones as you power walked in the direction of your building. Campus was beautiful this time of year- the leaves were changing color, making your campus almost look like a famous painting, and you really didn’t even take the time to notice on your drives. Maybe you should try to walk to class more, the thought flitted through your mind before you quickly decided against it. It was almost halfway through October, and the air was becoming more frigid as the days went by. You would enjoy the views on your walk today enough to last you the rest of the semester, unwilling to give up the warmth your car provided.

Your phone buzzed in your hand, snapping you out of your thoughts. If your heart wasn’t beating out of your chest due to you all but running to make it to your class, it was now as you read the message that was displayed on your screen.

Calum Hood: you making it to class today?!

You groaned inwardly, knowing that if Calum had made it to class before you that you were really in for it.

Finally, you made it to your building, throwing the doors open and taking the stairs two at a time. Your lungs were on fire as you tried to control your labored breathing so you didn’t sound as out of breath as you felt. You really needed to take advantage of the gym on campus, you thought to yourself.

You walked briskly to your classroom once you reached the third floor, gently opening the door to try not to draw attention to yourself.

It didn’t work.

A few heads swiveled back in your direction and you felt your cheeks heat in embarrassment, hating to become the center of attention and especially due to the fact that you were late. You held onto the door in attempts to shut it as softly as you could in order to not draw any more attention away from the lecture, your professor writing something on the board but glancing over her shoulder at you. You mouthed “I’m sorry” and she gave you a slight nod, as she knew this was unlike you to be late and you were an exceptional student.

Your eyes immediately met Calum’s, your heart suddenly in your throat. He looked so adorable today. He wore a grey hoodie and black joggers, and you just wanted to cuddle him. He sighed in relief as you slid into your seat next to him at your table. He nudged a coffee cup in your direction once you’d taken your laptop out and gotten settled. You scrunched your nose, giving him a look that he softly chuckled at before murmuring, “Hot chocolate.”

You smiled at him, grateful for his thoughtfulness. This was your guys’ routine. Every Monday/Wednesday/Friday, Calum brought you a small snack or something to drink to your English class in return for your notes. The two of you were an unlikely pair, the biggest cliché you could imagine: Calum was the captain of your university’s soccer team, popularity oozing out of him, while you were the class nerd who never skipped a class, stayed in on weekends to study, and whose name was never known to anyone else. You had been surprised at the beginning of the semester when Calum had chosen his seat as the one next to yours, as you figured you were the last person he would want to sit with, but Calum had simply given you a warm smile that made your heart soar and introduced himself. As the semester had progressed, Calum had asked for help with the notes, insisting that your notes were way more detailed than his. You had been hesitant, not wanting to be some girl that the popular jock used to get good grades, but Calum had immediately offered to bring you whatever you wanted for breakfast for your morning class.

The two of you had grown close in a way that you grew close to someone you had met through class and you were the only person the other knew in that class. Calum was genuine and down to earth, something you hadn’t expected from the tanned skin boy. He had asked for your number early on so you could study for the tests together, but Calum was very intelligent. You weren’t sure why he wanted to study together when he already got good grades. You didn’t complain though; your feelings for him had grown into a crush that your roommate often teased you over, and you enjoyed spending time with him, even if it was only for academic purposes.

“Gotta talk to you about something,” he whispered, bringing you out of your thoughts. You gave him a sideways glance, not trying to disrupt the class any more than you already had.

“After class,” you murmured, continuing your typing of the notes your professor had displayed on the board. He huffed, muttering a simple “fine” before going back to doodling in his notebook. You smiled to yourself, taking a sip of the hot chocolate Calum had brought you. The warm liquid soothed your earlier stress of being late, and you sighed contently. Calum knew you didn’t like coffee, and the fact that he remembered the small detail about you made you feel warm inside even without the hot chocolate.

When class was finally dismissed, you packed up your stuff, Calum doing the same before standing and waiting for you. You stood, walking to the professor to apologize personally for being late, but she simply waved you off and insisted that it was alright, just this once. You turned to see Calum waiting for you at the door and went to join him.

“So, what are your plans this weekend?” Calum asked you, holding the door open for you to walk out of the class and into the hallway.

“What I do every weekend probably, stay home and study or watch a movie,” you shrugged, clutching your books to your chest. Calum scoffed.

“Well, I have a better idea,” he grinned, looking down at you. You raised your eyebrows, a hand coming up to push your glasses up from where they had fallen slightly down your nose.

“So I’m having a party at my place after our game on Saturday. You should come by,” he remarked, his large hands going to grip the straps on his backpack.

“To the game or the party?” you squeaked, amazed at the fact that he was asking you to come to either.

“I was hoping you’d be at the game anyways, so I was more talking about the party,” he chuckled. The two of you descended down the stairs of the building, falling into step with each other easily. Calum was inviting you to a party? This was a first.

“I don’t know, parties aren’t really my scene,” you muttered, tucking a strand of hair that had fallen in your face behind your ear.

“I know, but it’s more fun than the library. C’mon, Y/N, live a little! This is college, and I promise you’ll have a better time at my place than at home on your couch,” he stated, winking at you. He pushed the door open that led outside, and you felt your face heat despite the cold wind nipping at your cheeks. You hopped he didn’t notice, or if he did that he attributed it to the cold.

“Uhm, okay, sure. What time is the game? And the party?” you relented, butterflies erupting in your stomach. Calum beamed at you, his smile making your decision final.

“The game’s at three and the party will probably be around nine. I’ll text you?” he asked, as the two of you got to the sidewalk where your paths parted.

“Yeah, sounds good,” you gave him a soft smile, excited but nervous for the coming weekend.

“You won’t regret it, love!” he promised, calling out over his shoulder as he went on to his next class. As you stood on the sidewalk staring at his retreating figure, you were really hoping he was right.

“Please please please come to the game with me!” you begged your roommate. Saturday had finally arrived, and the game started in a couple of hours. Your roommate, Brittany, was very similar to you in the aspect that you both didn’t go out much. She gave you a sly grin as you pleaded with her, finally relenting.

You both went to get dressed to showcase your school spirit when your phone buzzed on your bed.

 Calum Hood: open your door!

You gazed at the message, confusion clear on your face as you went to open the front door to your apartment. On the welcome mat, folded nice and neat, was a soccer jersey that displayed your university’s name and colors. You looked up and down the hallway, but saw no one. You picked up the jersey and held it by the shoulders, turning it around and gasping. HOOD was displayed across the back, his number 25 displayed beneath it. This must have been his away jersey, and you couldn’t believe he had left it at your door for you to wear. You felt your heart swell, clutching the jersey close to you as you went back inside and closed the door.

who’s this Hood guy? Is he any good? You texted him, deciding to tease and attempt to flirt. A bubble popped up almost immediately indicating the he was typing a response.

Calum Hood: not sure, guess you’ll have to find it ;) x

You pursed your lips at his witty response, going back to your room to finish getting ready. You pulled off your ratty t-shirt you were wearing and substituted it with his jersey, which hung to the tops of your thighs. You threw on some black fleece leggings to keep you warm, and laced up your black high top converse. You quickly curled your hair and applied a light layer of makeup, wondering idly if you should wear your contacts for a change. You decided against it, figuring you’d save them for tonight.

“You ready?” Britt asked you, leaning against the doorframe to your bathroom. Her eyes widened as she read the back of your jersey, darting to meet yours in the reflection of the mirror. You shrugged before giggling, leading her out of the bathroom. You grabbed your oversized denim jacket and the two of you headed off in the direction of the soccer field.

The game was tied in the final minutes of the second period. You were on your feet, clutching at your roommate’s arm. Calum was playing great, but it was obvious how frustrated he was, his large hand going to run through his damp curls and his bushy eyebrows furrowed. Your knowledge on soccer was limited, but even you knew that the referees weren’t calling shit and this team played dirty. Cal’s jersey was a muddy mess, as were half of his teammates’. Calum brought the ball down the field, passing it off to a blonde guy on his right, his jersey reading HEMMINGS. Your eyes stayed on Cal as you watched the defender grab his jersey and pull him back.

“Hey, he can’t do that! HE’S HOLDING!” you yelled, jumping up and down slightly. Obviously no one paid any attention to you, no one except Calum. Your breath caught in your throat as his eyes met yours and he smirked, giving you a wink before taking off, shoving his shoulder into the defender and clearly taking him off guard.

The clock was ticking, and time was running out. Hemmings passed the ball back to Calum, and Calum dribbled the ball skillfully with his feet, getting past defender after defender as he made his way closer to the net. Your eyes darted from the clock back to Calum and right when time was about to run out, he brought his leg back and kicked the ball powerfully into the net.

“YES!” you screamed, turning to face your roommate as you both celebrated and the crowd went wild. Calum’s teammates surrounded him, cheering and jumping. Calum broke away from them, running down the field with his arms out in victory, his eyes scanning the stands before he found your face in the crowd. He smiled and pointed to you, Brittany whooping and hollering. You clasped your hands together in front of your mouth to hide the huge grin, bouncing on your toes. The student section started to flood the field, but you and Britt stayed back to watch it all. Your heart swelled with school pride, but mainly with your feelings for Calum.

The crowd had finally filed out, and only a handful of people remained, people you figured to be close friends and family of the players. You weren’t normally one to stick around sporting events (you weren’t one to attend them in the first place), but something in your gut told you to stay behind. Brittany had gone to get the car, so you idled awkwardly, literally twiddling your thumbs.

“Hey, you,” a familiar voice called. Your head snapped up and a smile immediately played across your lips. Calum’s dark hair was impossibly darker due to a recent shower, his curls nonexistent as they stuck to his forehead. He mirrored your smile, his eyes crinkling.

“Hey! That was a great game!” you cheered, your arms going up to wrap them around his neck. His strong arms snaked around your waist, pulling you up and holding you tight to his chest. You giggled as he set you back down.

“Thanks, love. Nice jersey, by the way,” he winked, making your face feel all hot, the way only he makes it.

“You think so?” you teased. Calum pursed his lips in an attempt to fight his smile, shrugging slightly.

“Looks better on you,” he stated. You ducked your head to hide your face, becoming shy all of a sudden.

“So I’m seeing you at the party tonight, right?” he asked, cocking his head.

“Hm, I don’t know. I’ve already gone so far out of my comfort zone for one day…” you trailed, looking up at him from under your lashes. You don’t know where this confidence came from, as you never flirted and if you tried, you were pretty shit at it. With Calum, it was as easy as breathing. Calum’s eyes narrowed as he scoffed.

“Just kidding. I wouldn’t miss it,” you smiled, Calum exhaling and his shoulders relaxing as he smirked.

“That’s what I thought! I’ll text you the time and address, yeah?” You nodded, and Calum bent down to your level.

“See you tonight,” he murmured in your ear, the back of your neck prickling with goosebumps at his warm breath on your skin and his close proximity. A shiver ran down your spine as he kissed your cheek, his plump lips lingering before pulling back. He gave you another smirk as he backed away from you, turning to head to his car. You exhaled a long breath you hadn’t realized you were holding as you texted Britt that you were ready.

Parties weren’t your scene, but if the one tonight goes the way you think it will, they might become your new guilty pleasure.

anonymous asked:

hello :D I have a question for you! if you had to choose 1 ski jumper who deserved to get an Olympic medal the most in the first competition, but didn't get one, who would it be?

Hiii :)
My first thought was undoubtedly Stefan Hula because he jumped really well in both rounds but had a bit of bad luck in the second one. He has also frequently been in top 10 in the last competitions so i think he would have deserved to be on the podium. But i still can’t get rid of the feeling that the ones who deserve the Olympic medal the most are the ones who had been on top in the past four years, so i can hardly say who should get it. I am very excited for the Large Hill tho and i hope the competition will be more enjoyable to watch than the previous ones.