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Wasteland (Part 2)

Yes, this is a part two to the Wasteland AU that @haematite3 made. I hope you enjoy it!


Jonathan groaned as the sunlight hit his face from the small opening in his tent. He turned over and snuggled into his worn-out teddy bear, trying to fall back asleep. Sadly, he could not go back to sleep. He groaned again and sat up, rubbing his eyes while still clutching to his teddy bear.

“Damn sunlight waking me up. Why can’t you stay down for a couple more minutes?” He asked to no one in particular (unless you counted his teddy bear as a person). He looked around the tent and made sure that nothing was stolen. He smiled when he saw that nothing had.

Recently he had a bit of a raccoon problem. Meaning, the raccoon would come into his tent and eat some of his food when he was asleep or when he wasn’t there. He finally saw the damn thing and nearly shot it. Sadly, it got away before he could do any kind of harm to it.

He strapped the teddy bear onto his bag and slung the bag over his shoulder. He tapped his teddy bear pin for good luck and grabbed his mask as he stepped out of his tent. “Well, it still looks like shit out here,” he mumbled to himself as he used his hand to block the sun from his eyes. He looked around just to make sure that the critter he had been dealing with wasn’t around.

When he was sure, he went on his way to try and find something in all the rubble. He ‘lived’ in a junkyard for the moment. There was scrap metal lying around, which was good when Jonathan was bored. He liked using his hands, so he would end up making things with the tools and metal that he found. It usually ended up being useless, but Jonathan still enjoyed it.

Everyday, Jonathan would venture farther into the junkyard. It was a huge place, so there was always something new. He used strips of cloth to mark where he had been so he wouldn’t get lost. He found the last one, and went further in.

There, he found a car that had been left to rot. It looked to be in pretty good shape. Jonathan found that the car doors were unlocked, which was good, but also bad. There was a chance that someone might have gotten into it. It was unlikely, since the car windows weren’t destroyed, but there was still a chance.

He struggled to open the glove box, finally prying it open with his hands.

A pistol and a package of bullets fell onto the seat, along with a couple of papers. He looked at the papers to see if he knew the people in who used to own the car. He didn’t recognize the names, so he tossed it to the ground before picking up the pistol. He tossed it around in his hands before putting it in his bag, along with the bullets.

He looked in the back seat of the car, and lit up almost immediately. “Ooh, teddy bear!” He gleamed as he moved towards the back of the car. Sitting in a booster seat in the back was a little teddy bear all buckled up. Jonathan unbuckled the seat and carefully took out the bear. There was a hole in its side, so stuffing was coming out. Jonathan frowned when he saw that, so he took special care in strapping it next to his original teddy bear. He would have to fix it when he got home.

He sat back in the drivers seat and noticed that the keys were still in. Curious, he tried to start the car. It sputtered for a second before dying again. Jonathan’s eyes widened at the sound. Usually cars didn’t work at all, and this one showed potential of being able to drive. If he could get this thing to work, well, the possibilities were endless in Jonathan’s head.

He finally got out of the divers seat and went to the back of the car. He had to pry open the trunk with the crowbar, but that was normal. The trunk popped open, and Jonathan inspected the inside.

Suitcases and bags were in the trunk. Jonathan figured that whatever family wined this car was on vacation. It was a shame that they didn’t make it to their destination. Or maybe they did, and they were coming back home. In that case, it was a shame that they never felt the comforts of home ever again.

Since it was starting to get dark and Jonathan wanted to get to his tent before it was pitch black, he didn’t have enough time to got through the bags and pick what he wanted. So instead, he decided to take them all.

It was a hassle to get them all out, but once he made it back to his tent, Jonathan was glad he took them.

There were lots of clothes in the bags, some that would fit him and others that wouldn’t. But he could use the unfit clothes for other things. One bag had medical supplies, which Jonathan silently thanked whoever had owned these bags. He had a terrible habit of getting hurt all the time, so he needed the supplies.

He finally got to the smallest bag to find that it was the daughters bag. Crumpled up drawings of the vacation were singed on the edges, but you could still see what they were of. Jonathan’s heart sank at all of the things. A small journal was in the bag as well, along with some more toys. Jonathan flipped through the journal, reading the entries.

May 5, 2016

Today we’re finally going home! I’m gonna miss being here, but it was super fun! Mrs. Bear had lots of fun too. Mommy and daddy seem really tired, but I’m pretty sure that had fun too. I’m starting to get tired. Goodnight journal! See you when I get home!

- Emily

Jonathan nearly cried when he saw that that was the last entry. He took the bear that was loosing stuffing and sighed. He pulled a small sardine can out of his bag and opened it up. Sewing supplies sat inside. His mother had taught him how to sew so he wouldn’t always come to her to fix his stuffed animals.

Luckily the bear hadn’t lost a lot of stuffing, so he didn’t have to use an alternative. He stitched up the bear and took a good look at it. It had a small scrawny skirt and two bows on its ears. He smiled slightly at the bear before getting his original one out.

“I want you to meet my friend, Delirious. He’s a nice bear, and I’m sure you two will get along just fine. Welcome to the family, Emily.”

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Imagine poly Sanders after the growing up video. They all feel really bad over how they treated Pat so they just like take care of him. This probably includes cuddle puddles, the cooking and cleaning for him and generally just giving him a day or two off ~polysandershell

I’m gonna stick with headcanons, okay? Okay

-First and foremost, they all go -even Anxoety- and apologize to Morality for how they behaved

-Prince and Logic both apologize for everything they said, that they really love him and were being mean and rude, and apologize for ganging up on him

-Anxiety apologizes for not stepping in to stop it, he feels so guilty for not helping him

-“I forgive you two, I know you didn’t realize what you were doing at the time, but your words really hurt. I’m glad you apologized. Anxiety, I know it was hard for you to see, but I’m glad you apologized too, I know its an important deal for you, too.”

-They all then do a big group hug with Morality at the center, then Anxiety, and then Logic and Prince holding them all

- They have a big night then

- Prince goes and changes his room so the ceiling looks like colorful galaxies and he makes a big field with a large tent, campfire, and lake

-The tent is filled with big squishy blankets and pillows

- They all change into comfortable jammies and go to the tent, all squishing together and just holding each other for a while

-Eventually, they go out and make smores, resulting in lots of fluffy, sweet kisses and hugs and laughter. Morality’s laughter is the most beautiful sound any of them have heard, and they’d do anything to hear his sweet giggles, and loud laughter, and funny snorts

-Afterwards, they rest for a bit before going into the lake.

-Morality’s first in, in his dorky onepeice swimsuit (think fifties swimsuits) that the others just love

- Prince just jumps in nude

-Logic and Anxiety wear normal swim trunks, but Anxiety also wears a tank top.

-Anxiety chills on the bank for a bit, not wanting to go in, but the others eventually coax him into joining them

-Afterwards, they all lay out on the bank (“Prince, put on shorts!” “I need to dry” “…..”)

-once they’re dressed again, they go back to the tent and get into a big snuggle fest, holding each other, whispering sweet nothings, all snuggled in fluffy blankets.

- They all fall asleep feeling loved, but most importantly -Logic, Anxiety, and Prince think- Morality is happy

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Hey okay !!!! If you're down with it, at all, could I request Taakitz, uh, taking a day on the beach (maybe at Merle's old village ? Idrk)

“Krav, stop covering your eyes, you’ve seen me in way less than this plenty times before.”

He only separates his fingers enough to peek between them. If he had blood in his body, it would be on fire right now. “I know that, but–we’re in public, Taako!”

The elf snorts and proceeds with setting up the large umbrella in the sand, seeing as Kravitz is indisposed, and spreads himself out on one of the towels they brought out. “You really must be older than I thought if you think a bikini is bad, babe.”

He is. In fact, Kravitz is already pretty uncomfortable showing so much of his own body, though Taako assured him this is normal and no, your trunks can’t go down to your ankles, let daddy see those calves. It helped when they arrived at the beach and Kravitz saw others wearing garments similar to theirs, but it doesn’t help the fact that it’s also Taako he’s with and that’s different from other strangers wearing it!

Kravitz sits next to Taako on another towel, and the latter immediately scoots over to close the distance between them and presses their sides together. It’s a lot of skin. A lot of warm dark Taako skin against his and if he could blush, his entire body would engulf in flame. Taako notices his behavior and laughs, amping his game up by rolling over to sit on Kravitz’s lap and straddle his hips between his knees.

“C’mon, try and pretend you’re disgusted by all of this,” Taako jokes as he wiggles his eyebrows, and Kravitz can’t help but chuckle.

“I never said disgusted–this is quite possibly the most gorgeous thing on this plane,” he says with an appreciative swipe of his hands up and down Taako’s sides that makes the elf shiver. Taako appears to be conflicted, biting his lip, and is probably regretting taking Kravitz out in public today where he can’t just jump his bones whenever.

Not that it stops them.

I couldn’t fathom how shiny his trunks were. There was only one explanation: they simply weren’t regular posing trunks. The person responsible for tailoring his outrageously posers had clearly used some kind of special, ultra shiny material, not normally used for producing trunks.

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"You're a bitch" + "Don't be fucking rude"

this is inspired by the fact that I suck at putting on sunscreen and am currently Suffering, so I’m going to deal with it by making my fave freckly hockey player suffer too. 

It had seemed like a good idea at the time.

Or… scratch that, it had never seemed like a good idea in Dex’s opinion. But most of the plans his teammates come up with seem like terrible ideas in the first place. They decided to hold a car wash to raise money to support the charity that Jack and his dad decided to start, designed to help educate young athletes about the importance of mental health, and to provide help to those who need it. Dex fully supports the charity and all that, but it’s the car wash thing he’s got an issue with. 

It had gone exactly as he’d expected. Chowder managed to convince the women’s volleyball team to partner with them, and he and Farmer were stationed at the end of the street, scantily clad and waving signs. Ransom and Holster were dressed in speedos (because of course they were) and spent the majority of the time flirting obnoxiously with the “customers”, the volleyball team, and their teammates. There was a lot of suds action and water spraying and screaming. Dex had tried to keep his distance. Bitty had on little short shorts and a tank top tucked in, running around serving lemonade and mini pies to the people waiting for their cars to be washed. Tango and Whiskey were the only ones actually working, dressed like normal humans in swim trunks and SMH t-shirts. Dex himself had gone down that route, donning his faded blue swim trunks and an old Boothbay High School Hockey t-shirt with the sleeves cut off.

And then there was Nursey.

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AU: “Father & Son time
Trunks got a bit to far into the past…

~well, …seems like he dosen’t mind much XD

*oh my, .. i’m pretteh sure this one of my first drawings of Trunks, actually was first drawing Raditz, than Bardock, than Trunks (normal oufit) blablah this came out XD

Beach — I’ll write a drabble of out characters at the beach together.

Isadore’s first thought was relief upon seeing Fabian’s massive trio of scars on right side of his chest. Maybe they wouldn’t question Isadore’s own chest scars then. Anne Marie could be…blunt, and invasive, and they didn’t want to deal with that on this subject.

Their second thought, also about Fabian, was oh my god what in the Cthulu Mythos is he WEARING? And Chrome’s attire was not much better. In fact, it might be worse. Thanks be to Heaven for Delgado and his simple, sensible swim trunks. Normally Isadore advocated the avant-garde, but…but…the phrase time and place came to mind. Also time and place and person. Chrome, okay, but why Fabian? Well, because conventionally speaking, the guy was hot, and he knew it. He made very sure you knew it too. That was perhaps what made this unbearable, even if Isadora was also seldom one to shun self-centeredness.

“HI!” Anne Marie raised in a wildly waving hand in greeting before tackling them in a bone-crunching hug, as was her custom for any acquaintance.

“So, uh,” Isadore wheezed out, “You guys wanna get a corn dog?”


Scuba diving was such an amazing experience. It was plunging into a totally different world. Not just visually, but in other sensory ways as well. The touch of the water all around them, the far more subtle yet somehow ‘thicker’ sounds…it was overwhelming, in a wonderful way. And that was without all the fantastic fish surrounding them!

Isadore jolted when they felt something close around their wrist, very nearly accidentally inhaling through their snorkel. But it was only Anne Marie, as fluid as any similarly muscled sea mammal, tugging on them, guiding them to something. When she pulled them down, they went with it, taking an extra deep breath just in time.

Their compliance paid off. Nestled between the rocks they’d been exploring was a giant clam. Isadore had never thought they’d see one of these outside of a museum. As they reached out to touch it, it began to open…

And then the tentacles shot out.


Generally speaking, the undersea continent of Lemuria, populated by the race known as Deviants, had been a lawful and cooperative nation in modern times under the leadership of Kro.

Generally speaking.

Right now though, it seemed the land was in revolt, under a new rule, and one interested in bringing back the practice of making slaves from surface dwellers—especially those in whom special powers were detected.

Of course, those same powers meant the quintet of mutants could put up much more of a fight than expected. Isadore’s intuition proved useful as well, able to guide them and the others through the “City of Toads” best escape routes. But getting out of the deep-sea land seemed impossible.

Until help arrived.

“Make no mistake,” said Namor the Sub-mariner as he touched down before them on his tiny ankle-wings, “I care not what happens to you surface-dwellers. I merely refuse to have these creatures pilfering my seas.”

Chrome opened his mouth to object to the description of Deviants as creatures simply because of their inhuman appearances, but Fabian, knowing nothing that came out of Chrome’s mouth would help them with the infamously arrogant namor, elbowed him into breathless silence.

Isadore, meawhile, had other concerns.

“Delgado,” they whispered, sidling up to the giant, “Be ready to do something about Anne Marie. I don’t know what, but she’s going to–

Anne Marie leaped at Namor with a battle-cry. He had clearly not recognized the Acolytes as criminals, but she had recognized him. Only a few blows were exchanged, however, before Anne Marie was knocked unconscious, not by Namor but by Delgado. He looked regretfully at her as she fell into his arms, and said to the Atlantean prince,

“I did not want you to hurt her, but, this is only way stop her. You will still take us up?”

“Bah! The savagery of surface-dwellers is no surprise to me,” Namor waved the concern away, “There is one thing I must say first, though.”

He pointed to Chrome and Fabian, “Your attire is unacceptable and an affront to the sea itself.”

He then nodded to Isadore, “Yours is…adequate.”

Isadore flushed slightly. If all they had heard about the cantankerous merman was true, that was quite a compliment.


When they had been returned to the beach and Namor safely back in the waves, Anne Marie began to stir. Delgado laid her on the sand. She opened her eyes, stood up, and said to Isadore,

“When do we get the corn dogs?”

Autosomal Recessive Diseases List
  • Abetalipoproteinemia: decrease ApoB-48, Apo B-100; pigmentary degeneration of retina, acanthocytes, steatorrhea, cerebellar ataxia.
  • Acute Fatty Liver of Pregnancy: microvesicular steatosis in the liver, mitochondrial dysfunction in the oxidation of fatty acids leading to an accumulation in hepatocytes
  • Alkaptonuria: homogentisate oxidase deficiency, increase homogenistic acid, ochronosis, dark blue urine.
  • AcylCoA Dehydrogenase deficiency (MCAD): fasting hypoglycemia, no ketone bodies, dicarboxilic acidemia.
  • Bernard Soulier Sd: gp1b deficiency, prolonged bleeding time
  • Bloom Sd: chromosome 15, Ashkenazi Jews, BLM gene.
  • Carpenter Sd: craniosynostosis, acrocephaly, craniofacial asymmetry, increased ICP, cutaneous syndactyly, polydactily, mild-profound MR.
  • Chediak Higashi Sd: Lyst gene mutation, microtubule polymerization defect, no phagolysosome formation, albinism.
  • Chondrodystrophy: normal-sized trunk and abnormally short limbs and extremities (dwarfism)
  • Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia: 17alpha or 21beta or 11 beta hydroxylase deficiency; enlargemente od adrenal glands due to increase ACTH
  • Congenital Hepatic Fibrosis: hepatic (periporta) fibrosis, irregularly shaped proliferating bile duct, portal hypertension, renal cystic disease.
  • Cystic Fibrosis: CFTR gene, Phe508, defective Chloride channel, chromosome 7.
  • Dubin-Johnson Sd: direct hyperBbnemia, cMOAT deficiency, black liver
  • Endocardial Fibroelastosis: restrictive/infiltrative cardiomyopathy, thick fibroelastic tissue in endocardium of young children, <2yo
  • Familial Mediterranean Fever: chromosome 16, recurrent autoinflammatory disease, characterized by F°, PMN disfx, sudden attacks pain/inflammation (7 types of attacks (abdominal, joints, chest, scrotal, myalgias, erysipeloid, fever). Complication: AA-amyloidosis
  • Fanconi Anemia: genetic loss of DNA crosslink repair, often progresses to AML, short stature, ↑incidence of tumors/leukemia, aplastic anemia
  • Friedreich’s Ataxia: GAA triplet repeat, chromosome 9, neuronal degeneration, progressive gait & limb ataxia, arreflexia, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, axonal sensory neuropathy, kyphoscoliosis, dysarthria, hand clumsiness, loss of sense of position, impaired vibratory sensation.
  • Gaucher’s disease: glucocerebrosidase deficiency, glucocerebroside accumulation, femur necrosis, crumpled paper inclusions in macrophages.
  • Ganzman’s thromboasthenia: gpIIbIIIa deficiency, deficient platelet aggregation.
  • Hartnup Disease: tryptophan deficiency, leads to niacin deficiency, pellagra-like dermatosis
  • Hemochromatosis: HFE gene, C282Y MC mutation, chromosome 6, unrestricted reabsorption of Fe+ in SI, iron deposits in organs, bronze diabetes, DM1, malabsorption, cardiomyopathy, joint degeneration, increased iron, ferritin, TIBC. Complications: liver cirrhosis, hepatocelullar carcinoma
  • Homocystinuria: due to B6 deficiency (defective Cystathionine synthase) or due to B9,B12 deficiency (defective Homocysteine Methyltrasnferase), dislocated lenses (in & down), DVT, stroke, atherosclerosis, MR.
  • Krabbe's Disease: Galactocerebrosidase deficiency, galactocerebroside accumulation, gobloid cells, optic atrophy, peripheral neuropathy.
  • Leukocyte Adhesion Defect (LAD): CD-18+ deficiency, omphalitis in newborns, chronic recurrent bacterial infxs, increase WBC count, no abscess or pus formation.
  • Metachromic Leukodystrophy: Aryl-sulfatase A deficiency, sulfatides accumulation, Demyelination (central & peripheral), Ataxia, Demantia (DAD)
  • Niemann-Pick Disease: sphingomyelinase deficiency, sphingomyelin accumulation, HSM, cherry-red macula, foam cells.
  • Phenylketonuria (PKU): phenylalanine hydroxylase deficiency, Phe accumulation, MR, microcephaly, diet low in Phe!!! also in pregnancy, avoid aspartame, musty odor.
  • Polycystic Kidney Disease (children): ARPKD, rogressive & fatal renal failure, multiple enlarged cysts perpendicualr to renal capsule, association with liver cysts. Bilateral palpable mass.
  • Rotor Sd: direct hyperBbnemia, cMOAT deficiency, no black liver
  • SCID: ADA def. & rag-1, rag-2 def, bubble-boy
  • Shwaman Diamond Sd: exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (2°MCC in children after CF), bone marrow dysfunction, skeletal abnormalities, short stature.
  • Situs inversus: assoc w/ Kartagener sd
  • Sicke Cell Disease and Trait: Hb S, beta globin chain, chromosome 11, position 6, nucleotide codon change (glutamic acid --> valine), vaso-occlusive crisis (pain), autosplenectomy, acute chest pain sd, priapism, hand-foot sd, leg ulcers, aplastic crisis, drepanocytes & Howell-Jolly bodies, hemolytic anemia, jaundice, bone marrow hyperplasia
  • Tay-Sachs Disease: Hexoaminidase A deficiency, GM2 accumulation, cherry-red macula, onion skin lysosomes.
  • Thalasemia: alpha (chromosome 16, gene deletion), beta (chromosome 11, point mutation)
  • Werner Disease: adult progeria
  • Wilson’s Disease: Chromosome 13, WD gene, ATP7B gene (encondes for Copper transporting ATPase), copper accumulation in liver, brain (putamen), eyes (Descemet membrane - Kayser-Fleischer ring), decreased ceruloplasmin.
  • Xeroderma Pigmentosa: defective excision endonuclease, no repair of thymine dymers caused by UV radiation, excessive freckling, multiple skin cancers.

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What are your thoughs about Jellal Fernandes and his character development? I really like your character analysis very much,

Thank you, dear anon! Sorry it took me so long to get this post ready, but I didn’t want to rush through it.

I think of Jellal as a… butterfly.

While other characters progress along a curve, Jellal undergoes metamorphosis.

Like a butterfly going through its life cycle, with distinct stages of development.

At first, Jellal was the Cheerful Child-Slave (I love alliteration, so pardon my shoehorning it in). He was courageous, steady, inspiring, and protective. I think he’s a natural leader, able to motivate a group of people to work towards a common purpose,

Then Urtear got to him.

I’m not going to judge Jellal for succumbing to her brainwashing. He was a kid, in pain, probably angry and afraid, and… he was a kid.

But then he became the (alliteration alert!) Malevolent Maniacal Mastermind.

In eight years, he persuaded his old friends that Erza was the Bad Guy, united them under his vision, completed the Tower of Heaven, grew powerful enough to qualify as a Wizard Saint, created a lifelike thought projection that fooled everyone, and infiltrated the Magic Council.

He may have been a lying, manipulative bastard, but he Got Stuff Done (like I said, leader material!).

While being… kinda crazed (I guess this is what fantacism does to you. Kids, don’t try this at home!). 

He saw people as chess pieces (quite literally) and life as a sort of game. He lied to Erza, killed Simon, was ready to sacrifice his childhood friend—and laughed about it.

It took Natsu wrecking the Tower of Heaven to make him lose his cool.

Now the Fairy Tail way of turning villains back to the good side is to beat the living evil out of them.

Which Natsu proceeded to do (and in his turn, Jellal did the same to the OS. What goes around, comes around.)

When next we meet Jellal, he’s the Anguished Amnesiac. Hooray, his default personality (good) is restored, but he has no idea of who he is and what he’s done. When Erza confronts him with his sins, he breaks down. He wants to kill himself in order to atone.

But Erza’s not ready to let him off the hook so easily. He needs to seek redemption by living, not dying.

Then the Council shows up, and throws Jellal into prison for life.

Jellal regains his memories while in prison,some time during the timeskip. Urtear and Meredy (who have also had the evil beaten out of them) break him out, and the three of them go around eliminating dark guilds.

During the timeskip, Jellal did not mope around and angst. Even though he spent seven years thinking that Erza was dead. Even though he lost the support, love, and kindness she offered him.

No, he forgave Urtear for brainwashing him. He formed a team and a family of sorts with Urtear and Meredy. They worked together towards a common purpose.

And from their few interactions, you know how much the original members of Crime Sorcerie meant to each other. They cared for each other’s happiness. They smiled and laughed together. When Meredy broke down over Urtear’s letter, Jellal held and comforted her. 

Considering how strong he’s been after the prison break, it’s okay for him to show weakness once in while, like he did with Erza before GMG. If he can’t be vulnerable to her, who else can he open up to?

So, while he has a hard time letting go of his guilt, he’s not angsty about it. He’s still Getting Stuff Done, like trying to find the origin of the dark magical energy CS felt during the GMG.

I loved Jellal in GMG, where we got to see different facets of his personality and see him in different situations. There was his determination to fight and win for Fairy Tail’s sake; that awkward, embarrassing end to the fight with Jura; turning up at the water park in his mask and swim trunks; a normal-ish conversation with Erza. 

When things got serious during Eclipse, so did Jellal. He had the good sense to realize they needed Cobra to help fight dragons, and the courage to go to Doranbolt and Lahar about it.

I call his current stage of development the Badasss Boss.

It’s exemplified by this face:

When I saw this, I squealed. Because in Tartaros, we finally see Jellal use the power and confidence he had back at the ToH for good. There’s no guilt and no hesitation. He understands the OS, and he knows what they need in order to be truly free.

Jellal’s one of my favorite FT males. I’m excited to see what he and CS are going to do this arc!

26th & 28th/29th December Show Reports

Okay, I’m going to have to come clean at the start. This is another recap of two performances. One was with the full original cast (which I’ll talk less about, but I will cover the mistakes in it which were plentiful and glorious), which I will refer to as the Boxing Day show when I mention it, and the other was with James Howard as Draco and Morag Cross as McGonagall. The latter is the one for which I was sitting near the front of the stalls, and that’s the one I’ll focus on, because it was better and more interesting. 

(You’ll all be pleased to know I wrote over 2000 words less in this recap than I did my last one. It’s still almost long enough to be a dissertation though so… Sorry about that! I hope you enjoy.)

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He woke to the sound of the driver telling him that they had arrived. He’d been sleeping soundly in the back of the cab since he’d stepped off the train. He’d wanted to sleep on the train itself, but there had just been so much noise and he had found it impossible. Even his noise cancelling headphones couldn’t block it out anymore. It sucked. He paid the driver and climbed out the back, bleary eyed from his interrupted nap. He cringed when he stepped out into the open, the sound of cars going by, people pounding pavement and the rustle of leaves in the trees along the avenue all going at once right in his ears. He cursed under his breath and pulled his backpack out of the trunk. Normally in a new town the first thing he’d do would be to pull out his camera and start taking some shots. But right now his ears were ringing, and his nose flooded with too many smells. He’d gotten used to the stale scent of the cab, but now he was bombarded with too much. He felt the pressure of a headache start to squeeze in his temples, amplified when the cab sped off, leaving him at the curb, “So this is Salem…” He murmured to himself, rubbing at his ear. Now what?

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Tuckington Prompt: Modern AU where Wash tries to teach Tucker to swim. (maybe all the blues at the pool so Church and Carolina can tease Tucker about this)

((I really likes this one, mostly because I will take any chance to write Junior into something. This is Tuckington, but like Pre-Tuckington and 100% fluff and humor. Warning for people who have a fear of drowning since that’s mentioned a few times))

Now, just to make things clear, there is absolutely nothing wrong with water. Water parks are fun, and Junior loves them. Having out at the Gym and splashing around with Junior in the shallow end is fin. Junior loves water, and Tucker would have to be some kind of micromanaging tightwad to not let his kid have a bit of fun every so often.

Letting Church know that he has no idea how to actually move around in deep water was probably a bad idea.

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Alright, after seeing the picture of Adam cole in those green trunks... I understand why the elite collectively said in their periscope q and a that cole has the biggest hog. DAMN ADAM!

My mind has been blown. Like he normally wears trunks but damn Cole you need to get back in those green ones so i can get a better look at your goods!

Cable cable cable!

The trunk line for a stage. But why so many cables for one generator?

An extension cord (a.k.a. a stinger in film speak) is made out of three cables: the ground, the neutral and a hot leg. The hot leg with the neutral produces a 120 volts. 

120 Volts outlet

Pretty much every plug in your house is a 120 Volts. And most lights we use in film are 120 Volts: a hot leg, a neutral and a ground. Easy breezy.

Some homes will have 240 Volts outlets which has two hot legs. 

240 Volts household plugs - note that they have 2 hot legs. 

If you look outside your home, chances are that the power going to your home from the electrical pole will have a metal cable with two black shielded cables coiled around it. The metal cable is actually the neutral and the black shielded cables are two hot legs - the ground is provided by a pole into the ground at your breaker box. Most homes, have 240 Volts available to them. Having a ground, neutral and two hot legs is called single phase.

In film, when using a generator or stage power, you will normally use a 5 piece cable run with three hot cables - this is called three phase.

5 wire ‘banded’ with Cam Lock connectors. Green is ground, White is neutral and the Red, Blue and Black connectors are the hot legs. 

A standard “three phase” run is 5 pieces of cable: the ground (green), the neutral (white), and three hot legs (red, blue, black). Each hot leg with the neutral creates 120Volts and two hot legs together creates 208Volts (not 240 Volts - don’t ask). You never use all three hot legs together FYI. So a three phase cable run gives you a lot of options.

5 wire banded going into a distro box. 100 Amp bates to a lunch pale to a stinger. 

Sometimes you need to run more power than the cable allows or when running a long run you might have issues with line loss (voltage drops over distance). 

4/0 AWG cable! This is heavy back breaking cable. Note that each piece is individual and not ‘banded’ together like the 5 piece ‘banded’ cable shown earlier.

4/0 AWG wire is the thickest (i.e. most copper) cable we have and allows for about 400 Amps at 120Volts (this is how we roughly calculate power in the film world). So if you have three 4/0 AWG hot legs, you could run up to 1200 Amps. Well, sometimes that is not enough as the generator might very well provide more than 1200 Amps of power. And to account for line loss if there is a long run, we often double up the cable. So for a single three phase run you might very well run 9 pieces of cable: 1 ground (you do not need to double this up), 2 neutral, 2 of each of the three hot legs. So a single run of power on a “big show” can get quite large.

The initial run of cable form the source to the set is called the trunk line. Once you get to set, the trunk line normally goes into a “spider box” which splits the run into your more conventional 5 piece cable runs.

A Spider Box. Trunk line comes into the Spider box and splits it into different runs. 

Other solutions to run large amount of power over a long distance with minimal cable is to run a higher voltage run and use step down transformers. This is dangerous stuff and if you don’t know what you are doing, can kill you. When you find yourself at that level, you will be hiring an outside firm or a professionally licensed electrician to help you.

Remember, always hire experienced electricians when running power!!! 

Bts Swimwear
  • Jin: Pink Bikini
  • Namjoon: cave man robe
  • Jhope: Speedo with the the South Korean flag in the front
  • Suga: Normal Clothes
  • Jimin: Swimming Trunks with chocolate chip print
  • Kim Taehyung: ladybug wetsuit with a matching snorkel
  • Jungkook: Floaties in the kiddy Pool
Equestria Girl cars

Sitting here listening to a friend get mad to the point of murdering everything over Sonic & All Stars Racing on expert and started thinking about what the Equestria Girls would drive for whatever reason. So I figured I’d type this up on the spot without putting much thought into it and see what happens.

H-here I go!

2000 Honda Civic
It’ll be her pony color blue except one door that’s primer black. Taped on bumper. Semi-decent custom spoiler. Back seat has some sports stuff and food wrappers. One of the brake lights is out.

1967 Ford pickup
It’s the family car. It’ll be in some kind of rust colored orange with caked on mud around the tires and apple bits and hay scattered around the bed. It’ll make that cliche gear grinding sound when shifted. Also has over 300,000 miles but runs perfectly. She lets Applebloom and her friends sit in it sometimes and pretend to drive. On Halloween Big Mac uses it for hay rides.

1998 VW Beetle
She doesn’t spend much, so she managed to get a semi-decent used car.
It’s in a somewhat darker yellow than her pony color with cheap light pink seat covers on the front two seats and a fuzzy pink steering wheel cover. Just a fairly normal car. Except the trunk full of assorted pet foods for all kinds of animals.

2002 Mustang Convertible
She was also smart with her money. Kind of. She’s still paying off the debt for it.
It’ll be white with a black top. Some kind of blue jewel shaped air freshener hanging from the mirror. Some old clothes she doesn’t wear in the back seat. Fabric and sewing supplies in the trunk. And a glove box full of parking tickets.

1999 Pontiac Grand Prix
Kind of a dark-ish purple. It was a hand-me-down from her mom and re-painted as a present for being the school’s star student. She also has a fuzzy pink steering wheel cover. And the back has a handful of books for no reason. Just books she never took into the house. Sometimes she’ll read in the parking lot before school starts. She’s also one of those extra careful drivers, but still managed to back up into Celestia’s car. So the back bumper has a nice dent.

Her licenses was suspended before she even got her permit.
She skips to places or gets a ride from one of the others and pretends to drive from the passenger seat.

2006 Prius
Light silver. Nice condition. Except a window that had to be replaced thanks to Rainbow kicking a football in the wrong direction and a dented door from Twilight. The back hatch is full of school supplies and snacks.

1998 Camaro Convertible
Midnight blue with a black top and black interior. Her sister helped her get it for her 21st birthday. Some old CD’s on the floor. A couple food wrappers in the back seat. A little moon hanging from the mirror.

Fluffle Puff:
1957 Chevy
Hot pink. White interior. Looks as if it’s brand new. No one knows how she got it. It was in perfect condition until Chrysalis borrowed it one day. Without permission. Or a license. She ran over three mail boxes, a bush, and Sombra.


alright, just a few hours until it gets back to business.

remember the fight between Father Gabriel and Sasha in 5x16? what FG said?

“why wouldn’t you wanna die? you don’t deserve to be here. what you did can never be undone. the dead don’t choose, but the choices you made and you sacrificed your own.”

tell me what’s to sacrifice when everyone got out alive after the hospital scene? we all saw them in 5x09, nobody was missing. naaah ignore the “dead” person Beth, right? 

why would there be a sacrifice, when she got an off-screen burial and everything is done?

Beth was the sacrifice after what happened at the hospital and before 5x09.

sure we see them grieving, but that’s normal after someone died. BUT we shouldn’t forget, that they’re also upset, cause they left her behind.

Because - like i said 27498274987 times already - they were basically forced to leave her behind. everything points to it.

800 walkers for MSF? never seen until this day. they will include a flashback with these 800 walkers and what happened in season 6, trust me.

all this talking about “what happened with Beth” (later they do say she’s “dead” i know)

the look Rick, Glenn, Noah and co. gave the “Beth walker” in the car (who was promoted twice in the promo - a random walker)

remember Maggie scared of opening a trunk? a normal, boring trunk from a car in the middle of nowhere?

and last point: the flashback in 5x09 itself.

Summer Beach Read (Part Four)


- - -

Raven felt the heaviness of Beast Boy’s stare before she actually saw him enter the pool area on the roof. He stood in the doorway for a moment, not quite sure if he should enter the space or not knowing she was there, and there was a quiet, inner-battle inside his mind. A part of him seemed to win whatever the argument was, and he stepped forward onto the cement. Raven lay stretched out in her bikini under an umbrella on one of the loungers that lined the pool. She peeked over the pages of her book to eye his approach.

He wore his normal, black swim trunks and had a towel dangling from one of his arms. His eyes never left her form as he walked around the length of the pool to the lounger directly next to her. He dropped his towel onto the seat and continued to stand there. 

Raven said nothing, and let him stand there and stare. A few seconds of silence ticked by between them before he decided to fill.

“Need help putting on your sunblock?”

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Murderous Intentions // Lucas and Vincent

     The sleek black Mercedes sped down the narrow dirt road, the trees flying past as dust billowed behind the tires.  Lucas sat in the driver’s seat, a satisfied smile on his face as he listened to Mozart.  Everything looked perfectly normal, but inside the trunk laid a bound and gagged Vincent, jostled around roughly by the bumpy road.

     Lucas pulled onto a road that was more like a goat trail and slowed his speed, careful not to damage the undercarriage of his vehicle.  The trail led the two men deep into the forest, up a little hill, down a gulch, and through some twists and turns before finally, Lucas stopped the car in a little clearing when the dirt road had disappeared. 

  The wolf turned off his car, climbed out and popped the trunk, dusting off his suit as he did.  A dark smile crossed his lips when his eyes fell on the utterly helpless boy that lay before him.  As if he weighed nothing, Lucas picked Vincent up and made him stand, ripping off the duct tape that covered his mouth and chuckling to himself.  With a hungry gaze, Lucas looked the smaller boy up and down before arching an eyebrow.  “Was the trip comfortable?”