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Jared Kleinman x Reader: Ditto

OHOHO did i hear you take requests?? Can I maybe have a Jared Kleinman X Fem!Reader where he and reader are childhood friends and Jared confesses to her while they’re hanging out?? >:3cc Btw, love your writing.

A/N: Oh shit!! I wrote something?!! I’m sorry if this is shitty, I really tried but im a little rusty. My requests are open and I’m open to receive criticism 

“Hey, (Y/N), are we still on for tonight?” You hear a familiar voice call out to you from behind as you shove some of you belongings into your bag. 

“Of course! It’s our normal Friday night ritual. Tonight you get to pick the movie, remember?” You say, spinning around to meet his eyes. 

“I know I am, do you think I forget these things so easily?” He quietly gasps, looking offended. “Do you remember what you have to do tonight?” He smirks, cocking his head at you.

You squint your eyes, “ I’m bringing the snacks.” You walk past him. “Do you think I’d forget that?” You tease, moving along to your final class. 

“I don’t know, sometimes I wonder what goes on in that head of yours.” He calls out, walking in the opposite direction that you’re walking in.

“Fuck off, Kleinman!” You yell, a teasing tone evident in your voice.

“Love you too, (Y/L/N)!” He yells back. 

He looks down, pushing his glasses up as he thinks about you. A pink blush, fanning across his cheeks. He couldn’t get his mind off of you, for the past week he’s been waiting for tonight so he can spend time with you. He knew he liked you. He just didn’t want to ruin you ongoing  friendship. He shakes his head slightly, you couldn’t possibly feel the same way. You probably view him as an annoying brother or something. He frowns as he plops down in his seat of his class.

However, on the opposite side of the school. You’re replying that sentence in your head, “Love you too,”… You felt your heart flutter and your cheeks heat up. You tried shrugging off this feel that you had but couldn’t help but replay it over and over in your mind throughout the last class. 

As the bell rings you found yourself making your way to your car in the parking lot, unlocking it and throwing your bag inside. You look up and see four cars down, Jared doing the exact same thing. 

“Hey, Kleinman. What time are you thinking for tonight?” His head snaps up, clearly startled by you. His face flushing pink as he regains his composure. 

“J-Jesus Christ, (Y/N)… How about 8?” He questions. 

“Okay, sounds good. See ya then.” You smile in response, climbing inside your car. You turn on your car and drive out of the school lot and make your way home.

You prepare a “just in case overnight bag”, just in case. You then decide to shower so you’re not stinky or anything, as you get out of your shower your mind suddenly repeats the sentence from earlier.

“Why am I still thinking out that?” You groan, out-loud. You get dressed and start to blow dry your hair and that’s when it hits you.

“Do I like him?” You question, staring at your eyes through the mirror. You think about all of the memories that you’ve shared with this boy over the past 10 years and felt your heart leap within your chest.

“Holy shit. I like Kleinman.” As soon as you admitted that to yourself other thoughts soon flooded your mind. 

How foolish could you be? Him like you?? He probably thinks of you as a sister or something. He’s also too attractive to be with you, what are you even thinking? You groan out in annoyance, running a hand through your damp hair. 

You resume getting ready before leaving your house to go to the store. You walk into the store and make you way over to the chip section. The best thing for you to do is not say anything, he’s your best friend. You cant lose him. You grab a bag of his and your favorite chips and then a common dip that you two both like and set them in the cart. Moving to the sugary candy aisle your eyes scan the shelves as you look for his favorite candy.


You cringe as you remember the first time you witnessed him eating them for the first time. It was one of the first movie nights back in 8th grade, you just so happened to look over at him as he-

“(Y/N)?” A quiet voice knocks you out of your memory. You turn your head and see the anxious boy, Evan, shyly waving at you. “A-Are you getting food for that thing you and Jared do?” He questions, walking up and standing beside you.

“Why yes I am, Evan.” You smile, grabbing 3 bars of kitkats, placing them in the cart then grabbing a good amount of your favorite candy.

“D-Do friends normally do what you two do?” He asks.

You nod, before speaking. “Well, friends who have known each as long as Jared and I have known each other do. Not all friend do them all the time.” You look at him.

“You two must enjoy each others company.” He smiles, looking at you. 

You blush and nod, turning away with your cart. “Y-Yeah. Well, I gotta keep gathering snacks for tonight. I’ll see you on Monday, Evan.” You quickly left the aisle you were in, trying to calm yourself down. 

If just the mention of him makes you blush like crazy, what will happen when your with him in person? You shake your head, trying to forget about it all and continue shopping.

After you finish, you go back to your house and write out a note to your parent(s) just informing them where you’ll be at if anything happens and then make your way over to your best friends house.

After a 10 minute drive you pull up to his house, grabbing your stuff and the bags with snacks and walk up to his front door. Kicking is gently since you hands are somewhat full. A few second later the door opens to reveal a comfy Jared in his pajamas, he quickly takes bags from you as he welcomes you in. 

“Make yourself comfy! I’ll prepare the foods and drinks!” He cheers, moving into the kitchen. You smile and instantly feel comfortable in his home where you’ve spent way too much time in. 

“Did you set the living room up yet?” You ask, walking towards the closet that blankets and extra pillows are stashed in. 

“No, I totally forgot to. You can set that up if you’d like.” He responds, opening the bags of chips and emptying them in separate bowls. You let out a loud but joking sigh as you begin setting the couch up for the hours to come of movie watching.

As you finished and plopped down onto the couch, Jared walked out with everything in his arms and hands. He slowly sets everything down successfully and sits besides you. 

“Let’s get this shizz started!” He grabbed the remote and turned the tv on to show the title screen of what movie you two were going to start with.

“…Kleinman, I’m going to kill you..” You uttered, rubbing your temples as you gaze at the screen.

“The Bee Movie is a classic, (Y/N)!” He laughs, pressing play. Leaning forward towards the table with the snacks placed on it. “You got me kitkats?!” He gasps, as he rips open the wrapper.

“Of course, just don’t eat it th-” You say, turning to look at him as he takes a bite out of all four of them at once. “you monster… I am disgusted.” You spew, cringing at him as he chews.

“Yeah, but you love me.” He states after swallowing. You nearly choked on your spit as you felt your face flush pink. 

“Whoa, hey, you okay??” He places his hand on your back, looking at you worriedly. You try to regain your composure and look at him, finding yourself turning even more red. 

“Dude, you’re so red. Are you sure you’re okay??” You nod in response before looking at the screen.

“I-I’m fine!” You reassure, not looking over at him. Making him sit there and think if he did anything wrong or if it was nothing. And so you two sat, watching the movie in silence.

Awkward silence. 

Suddenly you felt the couch shift beside you and a hand place itself on your knee, you snap your head to look at Jared as he looks at you, with an unreadable expression.

“(Y/N)…” He breaths out, breaking your eye contact. “I gotta tell you something..”

You nod slowly, you mind flooding with all the possible things he could say to you and you grow anxious. “I-I’m listening, Jared.” He knew that you were taking him serious since you never call him by his first name which allowed him to continue.

“I really enjoy hanging out with you a lot, I always have. You make me happy and I’m so grateful to have you in my life, I’ve know you since we were convinced that boy and girls had cooties and I’m happy to still know you today.” He takes in a shaky breath before continuing, “I’m super happy to know you today, you’re amazing and kind and likable and beautiful, wow you’re so beautiful and I guess what I’m trying to get at is ibasicallyreallyreallylikeyouandfeltlikeyouneededtoknow.”

You sit there, soaking everything he had just said in while gazing down at your lap.

“Fuck, i probably messed everything up lets just forget I even said a thi-” You cut him off with a quick kiss.

“Ditto dude.” Was all you could manage to say.

“D-Ditto?! I just confess to you and you say ditto??” He squeaks, face red as he runs his finger over his lips. 

“Y-Yeah! Ditto!” You laugh, leaning forward. “I could said something that means the complete opposite meaning that I don’t reciprocate the same feelings but i did-.” Now was his turn to cut you off, his lips molding to yours as he places his hand on your cheek before pulling away a few seconds after.

“Ditto works for me.”

“Just kiss me, Kleinman.”

“As you wish, babe.” 

More MBTI Questions I Need Answers to

DISCLAIMER: I legit need answers actually hahaha, if you can comment that’d be great because MY CURIOSITY NEEDS TO BE QUENCHEDDD  ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

- how do I adjust your preprogrammed cookie instructions so that I don’t die from coronary heart disease after eating all your cookies? That stick of butter y'all put into them got my arteries going like @.@
- can I have some more cookies pls? I ate all 12 of them in one sitting
- how often would you like to set your ‘it’s normal to feel insecure’ reminder?

- will you come with me to this party 3 weeks from now? I promise to never leave your side and I heard there will be pets there (my attempt at bribery)
- how do you have the best hugs? what is your secret?!?!?!? I MUST KNOWWW
- how are all of you so uniquely artistic? Every INFJ I know does some kind of knitting, oil painting, guitar playing on the side and THEY’RE EXTREMELY GOOD AT WHAT THEY DOO

- How do animals know to approach you for your mystical blessing (i.e. legendary head rub that makes all the animals kneel before you in praise)?
- y'all have such colourful outfits! Can you share your wardrobe with me?
- is there a cap on the number of art forms you dabble in or is it more like all ISFPs gets at least one?

- can I come with you to Thursday’s yoga class? I don’t have a matching yoga mat, but I’ll bring you that soy drink that you’ve been wanting to try
- how is your social media game so on point? TEACH MEH YOUR WAYSSS
- do you ever randomly forget someone’s name while talking to them? Because that happens to me wayyyy more than it should

- is there a daily tears limit or is it more like a you must meet a certain quota by the end of the month?
- how many years are you granted Special Snowflake status? Or do you renew it every 5 years or something?
- do y'all come out of the womb knowing how to make flower crowns or what? THEY’RE TOO PRETTY TO EXIST HOWWW??!?!?!

- on a scale from 1 (“I never do this”)  to 10 (“what does it feel like to not do this?”), how often do you think about world domination?
- is it possible to like puzzles but also suck really badly at them? Because that’s me T__T
- how often do you wonder about whether or not you messed up a social interaction? how often is too often? oh crap, my INTJ just lagged a little bit, DON’T BLUE SCREEEN NOOOOOOOOOO

- Are y'all anti-change or just pro-routine? because there’s a difference apparently *eyes ENTJ*
- HELPPPP my ISTJ is stuck in a loop/routine!! Is this normal?
- From all the mbti types, pick one to clean your house according to your instructions, one to walk your dog, and one who’s house might collapse into itself from the hoarding unless you intervene

- where are y'all at? I don’t know enough ISTPs
- did you have fun last Friday night? 😉
- how do all of you have this sexy smouldering thing going on?!?! I CAN’T NOT FALL IN LOVE WITH ALL OF YOUUUU

- how many hours did you sleep last night? Aim for 8 next time 🙂
- list me your 5 most recent wiki page visits .. I need stuff to do … and researching about a random obscure science thing sounds like a fun Tuesday
- are the science functions pre-installed or is it only calculus that’s pre-installed? How do I upgrade these functions?

- Of all the mbti types, pick one to be your employee, your significant other, and your child
- HOW MANY SUITS DO YOU OWN?!?! Can you lend me one?
- describe your ideal workplace environment (are you turned on by this question?)

- do you get an adrenaline rush when you bulldoze during an argument? because I totally feel that
- what does an ENTJ mating ritual look like? (i.e. how do you act around your crush? or no diff because can’t run StrongFeelings.exe?)
- I think my ENTJ is broken, it keeps running IsolationMode.exe! How do I fix it?!?! T____T

- HEY ESTP! WHERE IS THE PARTY AT!?! Please take me with you, I’ll dance on the porch outside your house if I have to
- how do you feel about manuals? or do you just set them on fire? can we do a group manual burning? *ISTJs are probably having a heart attack*
- Pick one mbti type to kiss, one to marry, and one to have casual sex with

- name me ONE project you’ve ever finished that wasn’t for school/work (y'all get so excited when you start a new project but the old projects feel neglected AF y'know)
- Since you’re the Meme Lord(ess), if you marry a commoner, are they Duchess of Memes or Lady Meme? or Lord Meme? (just throwing that in real quick before the I see pitchforks outside mah house)
- how do y'all have so much air to debate for as long as you do? do ENTPs have unique genetic mutations that allow for larger lung capacity? do y'all double as Olympic swimmers too?

- where do all of our secrets go after we tell them to you? do you have a personalized file on each of us that you flip through from time to time as a bedtime story or what?
- why do all of you want me to reveal my emotional wounds? Is that the equivalent of foreplay or something?
- how do I install PersonalSpace.exe onto my ENFJ?

- how do you have sooooooo many tabs open?!?!?
- do pets come to you or do you come to pets?
- will you take me with you on your next spontaneous surprise trip to Tokyo? All my bags are already packed, just tell me what day we’re going

- why do y'all always smell nice? can I bottle your scent or something?
- do you take dance lessons or is dancing well just a feature of all ESFPs?
- have you seen my butt? Because you’re sexy AF and I’d like to give you permission to dance within 2 ft of it


A/N: When I started writing this it was not supposed to end up this way, I prefer it though lol

Pairing: Theo Raeken X Reader

Summary: Reader fell in love with Theo way before she knew who he really was, he has just come back and she realises that he can’t know about how she really feels about him.

Warnings: Swearing, angst, fluff

Word count: 2.7K

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The Way I Could (Part 2)

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Thanks to everyone who read part one! I really appreciate it, and if you have any questions, requests, or just wanna talk, I’m all ears. Here’s Part One if you missed it. Thanks again! xx - L

Warnings: smut-ish?

Word Count: 2,610

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His (C.H.)

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A/N: This imagine (and the next couple of parts following this) are based on text post that some bloggers that I follow reblog. This will most likely have three parts to it (including this one). Sorry that I haven’t written in a long time. I didn’t have much inspiration. I hope you enjoy this though :)

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“I’d be his if he asked.”


I turned away from my locker to see one of my very few friends making her way towards me. I smiled as she got closer. “Hey, Pheebs. What’s up?”

“You’re not doing anything tonight, are you?” She asked.

I turned back to my locker. “Just studying, per usual. Why?”

“You’re not going to the game?”

I shook my head as I shut my locker. “No.”

“You’re really going to miss the game to study on a Friday night instead?” She asked me incredulously.

I clutched my books to my chest. “You know I don’t do well in crowds.”

She raised an eyebrow at me. “Not even for a Calum Hood?”

I flushed. “He doesn’t even know that I exist.”

She rolled her eyes. “You two have gone to the same school since the fifth grade and practically had almost the same classes since freshman year. How could he not know that you exist?”

I shrugged. “I’m a nobody.”


“What? It’s true. I’m shy, I barely have any friends, I keep quiet in class, and the only club I’m active in is the music club.”

“But that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t know you.”

I sighed. “If I just say yes to going tonight, will you drop the whole ‘Calum knows I exist thing?’”

She smiled triumphantly. “Good. I’ll pick you up at six.”

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Dustin’s Christmas Party(the 25 days of steve imagines: day 4)

Steve Harrington x Reader


25 days of steve concept: party throws a Christmas party and Steve gets the reader for secret Santa and he gets them a really cute gift and they have a mistletoe moment ??



“We are throwing a Christmas party!” Dustin declared that night in the Wheeler’s basement. “Friday, December 21st!”

“Who’s invited,” you inquired, knowing full well that all of your brother’s friends were sitting in this room.

“Me, Mike, Lucas, Will, El, Max, You, and Steve,” he listed, and sure enough, it was everyone in the basement at that moment.

“So I normal Friday night?” Steve asked, his arm wrapped comfortably around your waist.

“Yeah, But we’ll do christmassy things! Like secret Santa, which we have to do now,” he rushed, looking over at mike, “we’ll be right back!” They said in unison, bolting up the stairs.

Your relationship with Steve was strange. You guys weren’t together, but everyone always thought you were. You guys had always been best friends, but drifted apart after high school started. Once Will was missing for a week, your friendship was rekindled. After the demise of his relationship with Nancy, the relationship had a more romantic connotation, whether it was an arm around your waist or holding hands at every possible moment, yet neither of you ever said anything about it. After your brother left, Steve’s arm shifted to being behind your shoulders and you tilted your head to be snuggled into the crook of his neck. He raised his eyebrows at you. “You’re warm,” you replied to his gaze.

You both stayed like that for a while as Max, El, Will, and Lucas played some card game.

It was the day of the party and Dustin refused to tell you any details about it. Your secret Santa was Dustin, ironically enough, so you got him a new hat. It was simple and functional.

“Y/N we’re going to be late to my party!” Dustin yelled from the living room as you finished putting on your lipgloss. You walked out into the living room with you’re wrapped gift, careful to cover it so Dustin wouldn’t recognize it later.

“You ready?” You asked Dustin. He just exhaled loudly and started towards the car.

When you got there, everyone else was already there. You walked into the warm house and descended the stairs into the basement. “Hey Guys,” You said to the group.

“Look who finally decided to show up,” Steve said, wandering over, placing his hand around your waist. You rolled your eyes and admired the decorations that were hung all around the room. There were lights and paper snowflakes. There was also a green piece of paper taped to the wall that was cut in the shape of a Christmas tree, with presents surrounding it. You couldn’t help but laugh, these kids had ingenuity. You walked over, placed your gift down, and returned to your spot in Steve’s arms.

“You excited for secret Santa?” You asked.

“You have no idea,” Steve replied, a grin forming on his face

“Alright losers listen up!” Dustin called, standing up beside Mike as the rest of the group sat on the couch and floor.

“We’re starting the secret Santa! I’ll call your name and give you the present, you open it, then after we’ll all guess!”

“Lucas,” Dustin said, passing the box over to the boy. He hesitated for a moment, but than ripped it open, it was 5 dollars in quarters with a note that said, for the arcade, and everyone giggled a little.

“I have an idea,” Lucas said, shooting a glance over to Max.

“Will” Mike said, and the process continued until everybody had a gift. Yours was last.

“Y/N” Dustin said, passing a huge bag in your direction. You peered in the bag to see a big stuffed bear.

“He’s so cute!” You exclaimed as you pulled the bear out of the bag. After you got a good look at the bear you noticed it. There was something silver shimmering from around the neck of the bear. It was a silver necklace with a small shining star on it. There was also a small tag attached to it at the shoulder of the bear, you’re my shining star. You put your hand over your mouth and looked over at Steve, who had his eyes fixed on you.

“Alright, let’s go around the room and guess, just say no if it isn’t you, don’t come forward it if was you yet!” Mike explained, pointing to Lucas for his guess. Everyone guessed their person first try. Max had Lucas, Lucas had Mike, Mike had El, El had Max, You had Dustin, Dustin had Steve, and Steve had you. After everyone had left their spots to talk to whoever gave them their gift, you were standing in the corner with Steve.

“You’re insane, you know that right?” you said fiddling with the necklace around the bear’s neck.

“You’re beautiful, you know that right?” Steve asked, making your face turn a bright shade of red. “Here, let me help,” Steve said, snatching the necklace from your fingers, prompting you to turn around, and clasping it around your neck.

You laughed, and looked around the room to make sure no one was paying to much attention. You were about to speak when Steve started, pointing up at the wall,”Hey look, mistletoe?” As if it were a question.

There was another piece of paper taped to the wall, instead of being a shape, it simply said, Mistletoe, with a drawing of some leaves below it.

“Well I guess we can’t argue with that?” You said matter of factly. Slowly, Steve’s hand made its way to your cheek, leaving the other on your hip. You moved your hands to his hair, and his lips were on yours, sweetly, as if he had been awaiting this moment for a while, but knew he could do what he really wanted to here.

When you broke apart, you turned to see the kids looking in your direction, you started to turn pink until Dustin broke the silence.

“Finally! I can’t believe it took THIS ENTIRE PLAN to make it happen!” Everyone laughed and went back to playing a card game, leaving you and Steve in the corner.


I HO HO HOPE YOU ENJOYED!!! This has been day 3 of the 25 days of Steve Imagines!!! If you have any ideas, like this lovely human, feel free to drop it in my ask box(link in my bio) and if your wanna read anything else I’ve written, feel free to check out my masterlist(link in my bio!!) have a lovey day:)

















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Advice for University Freshman


While you still have time, enjoy the last free days before the beginning of your first semester at university! This is probably the last free summer that you will have, because after your freshman year, you will be looking for job and internship opportunities. You should also be preparing for moving to university (if you have to), shopping for your dorm and packing. It’s exciting, so enjoy it!


Orientation or freshers, is a week before the beginning of classes at university, where new students are welcomed! It lasts from a few days to a full week and is full of different activities, events and meetings for incoming freshman students. My advice is to not worry about school, classes, etc. because all of your questions will be answered during orientation and if not, at least there will be people you can ask. Also, keep in mind that during orientation you will be introduced to a lot of people, especially new students who may potentially become your friends. However, you don’t have to stay friends with everyone you meet and chances are that further down your first semester you may not even be talking to the people you met during orientation. That’s ok too! Just socialize, introduce yourself and have fun! Fun fact, I made 4 friends during orientation and they became my closest friends in college (that didn’t happen to everyone!). 


is going to be hard. The day before your classes start, I would recommend taking your schedule (with building names and class room numbers) and walking around campus figuring out where your lectures will be, how far away you will have to walk (depending on the campus), how much time it will take for you to get there. It will ensure that you will not get lost on the first day. I would also recommend bringing only a pen and some paper, because during the first week of classes professors only hand out syllabi and talk about what you can/can’t do in class (they will say whether they will allow students to use laptops), etc. Also, professors are aware of incoming freshman, so I wouldn’t worry too much about lectures. The first week is tough because you’re still adjusting, but don’t be ashamed of your feelings, as you don’t have to enjoy university from day one. 


is also hard. Mostly because by the end of first month at university people have gotten used to the idea of being away from home, attending university, homework load, socializing, etc. Some may still struggle with homesickness, but that’s ok, because everyone is different. The adjustment period is hard, but it does get better afterwards! Stay focused and remind yourself that this too shall pass. 


Please attend all of your lectures, labs, tutorials etc. You’re paying a lot of money to attend university in the first place, so don’t waste money on sleeping in! Depending on whether you’re a morning person or not, you can often choose the times when you would like to go to class. 8 am lectures aren’t a bad idea if you’re a morning person. 6 pm lectures are also great! I should also mention that you should always, ALWAYS check your student e-mail (I would even add it to my phone and turn on notifications for it), because you never know when a lecture is cancelled or if you need to bring something last minute. Professors like to e-mail students last minute if there are any changes! So read your e-mails!


This is the key to balancing school and life. I recommend buying a planner (sometimes university’s have their own) and during the first week of classes transferring everything from your syllabi to the planner/agenda. That should include homework, assignments, papers, tests, quizzes, exams, etc. I would also add life events, extra curricular acitivities and anything else you have to do. I used to color coordinate my planner, by assigning different colors to the different lectures, so I knew when I should do homework and for which class. A planner will also help you stay on track with assignments, so you will be able to work on them earlier. Just get a planner, it’s a wonderful way to stay organized!


Is a great way to make friends. However, if you take school seriously, you may not have as much time to hang out with your roommates or friends and that’s ok. Also, don’t give into pressure of attending parties all the time. I went to my first one at a night club during orientation week, I witnessed a bunch of horny children doing crazy things they normally wouldn’t do, I didn’t want to go again. So I didn’t. Instead, I would spend my Friday nights productively, doing homework, which helped me get A’s. C’s get degrees, but I managed to get A’s and have a social life. I just chose different ways to spend time with friends than partying, like hanging out in the dorms watching movies, going to a bar instead of a club, eating out, etc. 


Depending on whether you can, I would highly recommend joining clubs and organizations! Getting involved will give you something other than school work to do, it’s also a great way to meet new people sharing similar interests and it helps you feel more welcome on campus. During my freshman year, I joined a psychology major club, which allowed me to meet upperclassmen in my major. It was nice because they gave me advice about lectures, professors, etc. You could also look for volunteering or research opportunities or get a job on campus. 


May feel like death. Just because you have tests, assignments, quizzes, presentations, etc. in all of your lectures, so this is where time-management skills will save your life. I would suggest working on papers as early as possible, before they’re due, so that you could dedicate studying time for exams. Also, usually mid-terms and finals make up a big percentage of your final grade, so it’s important to study for these exams. Don’t worry, you’ll get through it! 


The sooner you can develop a routine, the easier it will be to survive your first year at university! It’s nice to sleep and wake up at the same time throughout the week, I always made sure I got 8 hours of sleep. It’s also good to regularly eat, drink water, dedicate time for studying and excercising. A routine will make life easier. 


When are we not worried about grades? The truth is, your grades and GPA may drop, or stay high. If it drops, research ways to improve your studying techniques, so that you can get higher grades and improve your GPA next semester. It’s possible to improve your grades and overall GPA, but you have to care about it and have the motivation to improve. 


Freshman year is so exciting! I wish I could do it again! The reality is that time flies at university, so before you know it, you will be graduating! Make it count! I wish you all the best! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me! 

I hope this post helped answer some of your concerns and was useful. I wish I had written it after my freshman year at university, maybe it would have been more original! Check out my other blog posts HERE for more back to school advice! 


First off, don’t you dare say that about your English, because it is perfect. You speak English very well. :) 

Second off, I really hope you like and I am so sorry that I am posting it so late, but to be honest, I’ve barely written anything that hasn’t had to do with school since the summer. But I really hope that I will be able to write more frequently now. :)

Your POV:

It’s one thing being a teenage girl. But being a time-travelling teenage girl is hard and complicated on a whole different level. Normal girls go out with their friends on Friday nights. I get transported to The Middle Ages. Normal girls talk about their crushes to their friends. I got to talk about mine to the Fourth King of the Fourth King, Prince Ahkmenrah, in Ancient Egypt. Normal girls go on dates in restaurants with the boys they like. I got to have King Arthur teach me how to fight with a sword.

That having been said, I wasn’t really all that surprised when I ended up under a tree in a thick forest with no memory of how I had gotten there. In some ways I guess I shouldn’t be complaining. I’m living a fictional life. Something you would either see in movies or books. But hey, it’s not all that fine and dandy to find yourself stranded in unknown places in an unknown part of the timeline with no memory of how long you’d been there or how you’d gotten there.

I stood up and dusted myself off. It was time to check out where I was. And when.

After a brief walk forward I started hearing the sound of voices from the direction in which I was headed. I slowed down my pace just in case. It had taken one too many encounters for me to realize that not everyone in my escapades would be friendly. I peaked over the edge of the bushes that were hiding me from view, awaiting what I would see. To my surprise, it wasn’t what I had been expecting. There was a big building in front of me with a baseball field to the side of it. It was a… high school.

I mentally breathed out a sigh of relief. It was definitely a step up from my last adventure when I’d ended up squat in the middle of the Boston Tea Party and had gotten thrown overboard along with the tea. Long story short, I’d had a bit of explaining to do about the fact that I had materialized out of thin air and the fact that I was wearing ‘funny clothes’ after the incident.

Just as I was making sure that the coast was clear and that it was safe to emerge from my hiding place I saw something at the corner of my eye. I turned to see a small white circle getting bigger. At the time I didn’t know what it was, but then it hit me. Well, almost. I ducked just in time, but not without uttering a pretty loud, “What the hell?!”

“Are you okay?” I heard a voice from behind the bushes.

“Why the hell would you do that? Can’t you watch where you’re throwing your baseballs? Some of us think that the bushes are a safe place to be, but then people like you come and make us think otherw-” I stopped mid-sentence as the figure emerged from the bushes and into full view.

He was gorgeous. Absolutely unforgivably this-should-be-illegal gorgeous.

He had the most stunning chocolate brown eyes that I had ever seen in my entire life. I could absolutely melt in them just like the chocolate-y color that they were. His hair was slightly disheveled, but it was the kind of disheveled that looks really good on boys and makes you want to run your hands through it. My eyes traveled down his shirt to what I assumed to be a pretty toned body. I wondered what he would look like shirtless. Probably pretty good and-

Stop it, (Y/N). He could probably be your grandfather.

“I’m sorry?”

Oops! I had said it out loud.

“Who could be your grandfather?” he asked, suddenly flashing me a blinding ten-million-karat grin. Whoa! Suddenly that made him ten times more attractive. As if I wasn’t already looking at him with a jaw-hits-floor type of face expression.

Suddenly the smile faltered. He puckered his lips in a worried manner. “Hey, are you sure you’re okay? Maybe the ball hit you on the head or something? You’re kind of not making any sense. Do you want to go to the nurse’s office?”

I shook my head vigorously. There was no reason to attract more attention than was absolutely necessary. Especially not if there was someone who could question me about my life and where I had come from and all that. There was no way I could know how long I would be staying. It was always different. I didn’t want to spend my time, however much I had, here in jail or in a court or something. Exaggerations aside, I didn’t want any trouble.

“No, no. I’m fine. Don’t worry.” I tried to smile as convincingly as possible.

He still didn’t seem entirely convinced, but he let me have my way. “I don’t think we’ve met. I’m James. Do you go to this school?” He motioned to the school behind us.

The gears in my brain started working. I was used to this. Quick. Create a story. Simple, but not too simple. Nothing with holes in it that could produce questions you would not be able to answer without telling them the truth. The truth was most definitely not an option. It had never been. I had tried it once. I almost got burned at the stake. True, that was probably the wrong time frame to pick for that. Thankfully, life seems to love me and got me out of there before they proclaimed that I was a witch or something.

“I’m (Y/N). Technically, I don’t go to this school yet. I’m new in town. This is the school I’ll be going to, so I thought I’d come check it out before I get enrolled sometime this week.” Hmm… Pretty good, (Y/N).

“From behind the bushes?” Shoot. Hole.

“Well, I’m not that good at social conduct.” Social conduct? What?

Surprisingly, he laughed. “Social conduct. Interesting way to put it. But I get what you mean.” Phew. “It’s not always easy to talk to people. They can be judgmental sometimes. Especially to, uh…” He rubbed the back of his neck with his hand nervously, looking me over. “Different people.” he said lightly.

I looked down at my outfit. Black leggings. Combat boots. Olive green jacket that I had decorated to kind of resemble armor. I touched my hair with my hand. Yup, the braid. And of course, the bow and arrow safely secured to my back. The memory had already flashed back by then. The moment I had gotten transported back in time I had been at a costume party. Dressed as Katniss Everdeen.

I looked over his outfit. Flannel shirt over white T-Shirt. High-waisted jeans. 90’s. I was in the 90’s. The Hunger Games hadn’t even been written yet let alone filmed. I probably looked like a weirdo.

“Let’s get you some new clothes, huh?” he asked, a careful lilt to his voice. He was probably trying not to offend what seemed to be my strange fashion taste.

I smiled to reassure him. “Sure.”

He seemed to relax. “Alright, come on.”

“Don’t you have class or something?” I asked after a while of us walking and chatting to each other.

He smirked. “Technically. But it’s my last period. Sometimes you have to make a choice. Do you hang out with a pretty stranger you’ve never met in your life or do you go to your Home Ec class?”

I blushed at his words. I was the pretty stranger.

I could certainly see his logic, though. It’s not like I hadn’t ditched class before too. True, my reasons tended to be of the “Excuse me for being 30 minutes late to your Algebra class, but I got transported to Victorian times.” type, but still. It sort of counts. Also, I probably would have picked to hang out with a pretty stranger too. I kind of had in this case. Him. He was my pretty stranger. Even though I usually tried to lay low on all of my time-related adventures most of the time it didn’t end up that way. Somehow I always ended up making friends with someone from a different era or getting involved in something one way or another.

“You take Home Ec?” I asked, hiding a smile.

“Extra credit.” He shrugged. “Plus it’s not that bad. It can be pretty fun too. Also, it’s ditchable.” He smirked.

“How are you going to get your extra credit if you keep ditching the class?” I laughed.

“I’ll figure that out later.” he said with a grin. “Now it’s time to get you… in style!” he said dramatically, leading me to the clothing store that was just looming into view.

In Style was the name of the store. Smooth. Sort of.

I walked into the store and the fresh-clothing smell that every boutique hit my nostrils, sending a wave of pleasant emotions through me. I think that would be mostly every girl’s reaction. Unfortunately, that was always the only wave of pleasantness for me when it came to shopping. When it came to the looking for and trying on and all that stuff, well, let’s just say I wasn’t a very big fan. I tended to go into a store, grab whatever it was that I needed or whatever I had previously decided I wanted to own, and get the hell out of there.

Walking up to the first rack, I picked out a simple longer black T-shirt to go with my black leggings and turned toward James.

He just raised his eyebrows at me and asked, “That?”

I looked down at the T-shirt and pouted slightly. “Yeah?”

He gave me a smug smile. “Wait here.”

After five minutes he had come back with a pile of clothes in his arms and placed it in mine, ushering me into the dressing room.

“I thought boys weren’t supposed to know about fashion.” I said with a laugh as I tried on a black high-waisted skirt paired with a white dress shirt that he had picked out for me.

“Such outdated thoughts.” he tutted. “I am a man of many talents.” he laughed.

I chuckled and rolled my eyes as I threw the curtain open. He looked me over and nodded.

“It looks great. But try some more on. This should also be a fun experience.”

I groaned. “Can’t I just get this one? I hate shopping.”

James looked back at me with what seemed to be a genuine look of bafflement. “I thought girls were supposed to love shopping.”

“Such outdated thoughts.” I tutted, repeating his previous remark. I heard him laugh as I closed the curtain behind me, and I couldn’t help but think about how melodic his laugh sounded.

“Come on. If you do this I’ll treat you to some ice cream. It’s an adventure. It’s good for you.”

Oh, if he only knew of the type of adventures I had on a daily basis.

Four outfits later and I was strutting around the store like I was on some sort of catwalk with some of the most ridiculous combinations that were available in the store. James watched me showing off the colorful high socks ridiculously paired with a high-waisted leather skirt and bright orange T-shirt and laughed again. “See? I told you this could be fun. Plus you’re a natural born model.” he said teasingly as I almost tripped over my own feet.

I stuck my tongue out at him and giggled, walking back into the dressing room. I picked up what was my last outfit to try on. A pair of high-waisted jeans, a plain black T-shirt and a jean vest. To be honest, I quite liked the combination. It suited my style. I shimmied into the jeans and put the shirt on. I put the vest on top of it and walked out of the dressing room.

James gave me the once-over and smiled approvingly.

“I think we have a winner.” I commented enthusiastically.

“It’s ice-cream time!” he replied, matching my enthusiastic tone. I rolled my eyes and he laughed again. I couldn’t help but notice how much fun I was having with him. In all honesty, I didn’t want this day to end and I’d only met him about 2 hours ago. But I knew that eventually I’d have to leave without a trace, possibly never to return. I dreaded the feeling of regret the thought left as residue. That wasn’t good news. It’s hard maintaining friendships as it is let alone ones that are from different time-frames. Pushing the thought to the farthest part of my mind, I walked with him to the counter. As long as I was here I could enjoy it.

“We’ll be buying everything she’s currently wearing.” James told the lady behind the counter, pointing to me. “And if you could put these,” he said, handing her the clothes I’d been wearing beforehand, “in a bag that would be lovely.”

The cashier nodded and gave him a little smile. She placed the clothes in a bag and handed them to me. “That will be $30,75.”

The smile faded from my face. There was one little important detail that I hadn’t considered. I didn’t have any money. Apparently I hadn’t thought this through.

“Uh, um, I just realized…” I started, my cheeks flushing to a pink color. “I, um, don’t-”

“Don’t worry. I’ve got it. It’s my treat.” James said, handing the cashier the money and quickly ushering me out of the store before I could protest anymore apart from the “But-” I’d managed to utter during the whole exchange.

“You didn’t have to do that.” I said, looking at the pavement as we walked down the street, my cheeks still flushed from embarrassment.

“It’s no big deal.” he said simply as if he had bought me gum and not a whole outfit.

“You just wasted $30 on me.”

“Pretty strangers get special treatment.”

I sneaked a glance up at him then, and I saw him smiling at me. Our eyes locked and we spent a moment just looking at each other before I looked away. I suddenly felt awkward. And I knew exactly why even though I didn’t want to admit it to myself.

“Hey, what do you say we ditch the ice-cream and go see a movie?” he asked after a few moments of silent walking.

“Really? You’d like to spend more money on me?” I laughed.

“Hey, you’ll treat me next time.” he shrugged, giving me a smile. “Let’s go see a movie? I really want to see a movie.” he said, fake-pouting and trying to look cute.

Spending 2 hours in a dark theater right next to him? Sign me up.

“Fine.” I said, hiding a content smile under my brow. “What movie are we going to see?”


“Oh, awesome! An old classic. I love those.” I accidentally blurted out.

“An old classic? What are you talking about? It just came out this year.” He looked at me quizzically.

“Uh, I meant, it’s an old classic because, uh…” Think, (Y/N), think! “It’s based on Jane Austen’s Emma?” I answered unconvincingly, biting my lower lip nervously.

“Uh-huh.” he said, narrowing his eyes suspiciously, but he didn’t push it. Instead he changed the subject. “So, what’s your favorite movie?”

I was about to say The Matrix and go into my usual narrative about how and why it was my favorite and about the possibility of the actual world we live in being our “matrix” and the general Tumblr approved material, but I stopped myself in the exact right moment, remembering that The Matrix wouldn’t be out for four more years.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” I said, thinking quick. “I just… really like Audrey Hepburn.” I added lamely. “She was great in Roman Holiday as well.” I rambled on.

“Oh, nice. You like the classics.”

You have no idea.

“Yours?” I asked, reciprocating the question.

Jaws. Steven Spielberg is amazing.”

“I liked Back to the Future a lot better. I loved the-” I abruptly stopped myself before I said the words 'special they did with Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd on The Jimmy Kimmel Show.’ “hover boards.” I replaced quickly.

I scolded myself for forgetting when and where I was. I didn’t like this. I was so comfortable with him that I kept forgetting that he was not, in fact, one of my friends at home and that I had to be careful when talking to him. But what was it about him that made me lose my cool? Was it the dark ebony hair? The sparkling brown eyes? The smile that made your heart race? Oh, Jeez! What was happening? This wasn’t supposed to happen.

We chatted along the way to the cinema and I couldn’t help but smiling a little too much at all his little quirky comments and laughing a bit too much at all his little jokes and anecdotes. He told me about his friends and about the time when they’d gotten locked in a classroom at the end of the school day and had to spend the night at school. I told him about all the things about myself that wouldn’t give away too much about which timeline I was from even though it was strictly against my rules to reveal too much about myself to any of my 'time comrades’ as I liked to call them. But by the time we sat down in our seats at the cinema James knew about my dislike toward anything Math-related if I didn’t understand it and was laughing about the time I accidentally set the toaster on fire anyway. And instead of worrying about the repercussions as I probably should have done, I just smiled widely and slightly enjoyed the feeling of my heart beating a few paces too fast.

I doubt that we would have quieted down if the rest of the audience hadn’t shushed us when the movie was beginning. We managed to spend 20 minutes in mute silence, but then came the nudges and secret smiles and giggles shared between us as if we’d been friends for a lifetime. And somehow that’s how it felt. I’d only known him for a day and this was by no chance a permanent friendship - or a permanent anything, really - but something was blossoming and I still wasn’t sure if I should just enjoy it or if I should be worried about it.

In a moment of silence I felt James’s hand slide over the arm rest slightly and cover my own hand. I felt my heart pick up speed due to the tingling feeling his touch left on my skin and a smile tugged at the corners of my lips. Ah, screw worrying.

He suddenly leaned toward me. “Remember when I bought you that outfit and you told me I was wasting money on you?” he whispered, his warm breath tickling my skin. I could smell his cologne and to be frank, it was giving me butterflies. But the good kind. The kind I liked. The kind that lifted you up on their wings and made you feel like you were floating.

I nodded slowly, not trusting myself to speak right at that moment.

“Well, I just wanted to tell you that whatever I give you is never going to be something I will consider to be wasted.” He paused for a moment. Our eyes met in the dim lighting and I could see a twinkle in his. “I’m hoping that you’ll let me kiss you now.”

Even though it was strictly against my personal time-travelling rules, I found myself nodding. The next thing I knew I could feel the touch of his lips against my own. I smiled mid-kiss, feeling a rush of ecstasy and euphoria along with the movement of our lips.

“I hope you know that I will never regret giving that kiss away.” he said, as we slowly pulled away from each other.

I chuckled slightly, but the lingering feeling of euphoria was cut short by a different feeling. There it was. The sudden feeling that something was shifting, that something was changing… I knew that I had approximately ten more seconds left and then I would be gone. Gone far away, maybe never to return. But I couldn’t accept that.

I turned to James quickly, a determined look on my face. “We will see each other again some day.”

He looked confused, but I didn’t let him say anything. I didn’t have much time.

“Promise me that you will remember me until then. Promise that you won’t forget about this. About us.”

I wasn’t seeing clearly anymore. His figure was distorted in front of me and the sounds of the cinema were starting to fade.


“Just promise me!”

He looked genuinely puzzled, but nodded vigorously anyway. “I promise.”

I leaned in, using my last second to give him a quick peck on the lips. And then as fast it had come, the kiss was gone. And so was the cinema. And so was he. But I knew. I knew I’d see him again someday.

So, that was that! I have ideas for a part two of this, so if you want one feel free to request it. ^_^

Or if you have any other requests, my ask box is always open! :)

P.S. I know that Akhmenrah didn’t actually exist, but I just couldn’t resist. I love Night at the Museum, okay? xD Also, King Arthur technically did exist, but not in the same time frame as the actual legend, so yeah… That sort of makes sense. :D

Let me love you  Part 2

Part 1

A/N: I never planned on writing a part 2 for this imagine but it was requested. It is short but I still hope you like it!

Requests:  “Hey it’s the anon that asked for the fp smut 🙋 I don’t know if anyone’s told you this but you’re so FUCKING good at writing smut! I’m so damn impressed with what you can do! I feel bad for leaving it so long to tell you you’re amazing, truly! If it’s not too much to ask can you maybe do a part 2 to it with smut? Like y/n walks in the bar wearing a short black dress and starts teasing fp from far away maybe? That would hot 😍”

“Hey I’m the person that asked for the ‘part 2’ of the fp smut? I’m sure I’ve replied I don’t know if it went through?! But the smut I previously requested was the one where you’re seeing fp behind all your friends back and I asked for a quick part 2!!”

“Heyyy it’s the anon who has requested for a part 2 on the fp smut!!! I’m talking about the one where y/n is seeing fp behind everyone’s back and it’s a secret! I hope this is any help to you 💖💖💖”

It was Friday night and FP said he had some club business to take care of. Everyone else was doing their own thing so I decided to play a little dirty tonight. 

It had been exactly one month since I lost my virginity to FP and we have been going at it like rabbits ever since. 

I slipped on a skin tight black dress, that exposed a little more cleavage than I would normally show. I matched it with a black leather jacket and black pumps. I put on some deep red lipstick to pull the whole look together. I glanced at myself one more time in the mirror before giving myself a wink and a smile as I walked out the door. 

I arrived outside the Whyte Wyrm just as my nerves hit. I immediately wanted to turn around and head back but I stuck to my game. Wolf whistles and catcalls came from the mouths of the different Serpents I passed. I gave them a small smile or a nod before continuing to make my way to the bar.

Once, I reached the bar, I ordered myself a beer. I took a seat on a bar stool as I began to look for FP. I found him right away, sitting on one of the old leather couches talking to other Serpents. 

Our eyes locked instantly, my plan coming into play. 

I winked at him as his eyes traveled up and down my body with a mouth watering look. I began uncrossing and recrossing my legs to tease him. FP’s eyes never leaving my body. I began to lick the rim of the beer bottle in a teasing motion, while FP shifted in his seat. I knew his pants had started to become tight. 

Giggling to myself, I stood up before making a motioning gesture to him. FP followed me like a lost puppy to his dorm. Forgetting all about his club business and his Serpent brothers. 

Walking into his dorm room, I pushed it shut before making my way over to my Serpent. 

“Baby girl, do you know the things you’re doing to me while standing in this dress?” FP questioned putting his hands onto my hips. I looked up at him through my lashes before taking his hands and putting them back to his sides. 

“Tonight.” I began while pushing FP backward. “I’m in charge.” I pushed FP back onto the bed before climbing on top of him. I could feel FP become harder by the moment. 

“Fuck baby, where is this coming from?” I just shrugged my shoulders before reaching down and pulling FP’s flannel open as buttons flew across the room. FP growled before leaning up and pushing his lips to mine. 

Our lips connected in anger and just plain sexual frustration. I pushed FP’s jacket off along with his flannel. FP reached up and pushed off my jacket. I began to rub myself onto his bulge. Groans left his lips, we pulled away from the kiss. Our lips red and puffy from our roughness. 

“You can be on top baby, hell you can be the dominant one. I don’t care! The only thing I care about is that my cock is in that pussy in less than ten seconds.” I giggled before pretending to think for a moment.

“Hmm, I think I can make that happen.” FP smiled as I reached to remove my dress. FP stopped me before I could take it off. 

“No baby, leave it on,” I smirked before nodding my head, I reached down, unbuttoning his jeans and belt. I pulled his jeans and boxers half way down to his thighs. 

I went to put his cock inside of me when he stopped me. 

“Baby, we need a condom,” I smirked again before speaking up.

“I got on the pill a few days ago and I know you’re clean. I’m obviously clean because I only slept with you.” FP’s eyes filled with lust and excitement as I put him inside of me. 

I began bouncing up and down on his cock. FP gripped my hips in pleasure, lifting me up and down he slammed his hips into mine with so much force and pleasure I began to see stars. 

I clawed at his shoulders while repeatedly moaning his name.

“Fuck FP! I’m so fucking close!” I screamed out as thrust faster, if that was even possible. He reached between our body’s before pulling my dress down, exposing my breasts. FP took one breast in one hand and the other in his mouth. He began sucking on my breast, bringing me closer to my release.

“OH FUCK FP! I’M C-C-COMING!” I screamed out in pure bliss. My pussy tightened around his cock bringing him closer to his release. FP’s thrusts began to become sloppy before he slammed into my once more. Releasing his hot cum inside of me. He slowly slid out of me as I fell to his side.

“God, baby. I love you.” I looked up to FP before pressing my lips to his. 

“And I love you,” I said as we pulled away. 

Even though, my friends didn’t know the truth. I still loved the fact that FP Jones was my dirty little secret.

KBBQ Owner!Hoshi

A/N: This might be a new AU I’m starting idk but I got this idea from an interview where the members told the interviewer what jobs they’d do if they weren’t an idol. Maybe this might turn into a Odd Jobs!Seventeen??

Originally posted by pabospoiler

  • Ok remember that interview when Soonyoung said he’d be a Korean BBQ owner if he wasn’t an idol? 
  • Bc I do
  • Quit his previous job and decided to open his business on a whim
  • “Don’t worry, guys, I can feel it in my bones!”
  • Proceeds to use every single penny in his bank account to open up a Korean BBQ shop
  • It’s a humble shop just on a corner of a street
  • It’s the traditional type; one with the open entrance and where you can smell the scent of beef grilling over a griller from miles away
  • Also one where people get drunk and have drunken fights all the time but we’ll get to that later ;)
  • Anyways
  • The customers like him a lot bc he’s so nice and friendly and so fun to be around and has such a nice face to look at tbh
  • Also because Soonyoung likes to impulsively treat the whole restaurant to a free round of beer on a Friday night high at 10:10
  • *cue everyone cheering*
  • Cries over his bank account the next morning lol
  • But they like him because he’d be that guy who sites next to a customer on the booth and listens as they drunkenly ramble and cry
  • ^then proceeds to call a taxi to get the customer home safely when they’re done awww
  • And tbh his business is running mostly thanks to that one guy (Seokmin??) who always comes after dark and orders by randomly shouting “PORK BELLY,” out of nowhere while throwing his hands up
  • It’s a sight to behold
  • Basically Seokmin is Soonyoung’s loyal patron now
  • Honestly if it wasn’t for Seokmin, Soonyoung would’ve been broke a long time ago
  • Soonyoung hangs around Seokmin whenever he’s in the shop, neglecting his duties
  • They’d joke around a lot and they like being lOUD
  • Sometimes Soonyoung forgets he’s not a customer lmao
  • Soonyoung does all the work; cashier, waitress, everything.
  • Even though, he never complains bc he actually enjoys running his business
  • He never told anyone how exhausted he always feels despite his easy-going demeanor
  • How he always stay late, serving then cleaning up the shop by himself at wee hours into the morning
  • How he sometimes struggles to pay the bills
  • And how he sometimes wishes he has a someone by his side to support him
  • So you’re actually one of his good friends
  • And one day you had enough bc a literal child is actually running a business??
  • Someone needs to be the responsible one in here
  • So one day you came up to him at the cashier and said
  • “Soonyoung, I had enough of watching you working yourself to the ground and treating people beer when you obviously can’t afford it >:( Move out of the way.”
  • And you literally shoved him aside and took his position on the cashier stool as The Cashier™
  • On one side he was offended bc you literally just dethroned him but at the same time he felt Blessed
  • Bc you literally just dropped everything to help him in the shop??
  • And that’s the story on how you became his manager
  • You’re basically the brake Soonyoung needed
  • You help him stop from blowing the budget
  • You take care of the cash book, weekly expenditures and how much Soonyoung spends treating people to free beers
  • The customers were disappointed bc they’re getting free beers no more but thought you guys look cute together lmao
  • You could say you guys bicker like an old married couple??
  • “Soonyoung, that beef is for the customer.”
  • “Buh mm hngghry.”
  • “Please, chew before you talk.”
  • You suspect some of the customers came just for the show but they live for it tbh
  • But there were days when you both just let loose
  • “Y/N, doesn’t these samgyeopsal look like Minghao’s hair??”
  • “IT DOES!!!”
  • And you both laughed so hard that it made the drunk customers really confused???
  • Bc they’re the ones supposed to be drunk?? Not you two
  • It was inevitable that you eventually became close friends with Seokmin, too
  • Like, it’s so amusing to watch them do their dumb s***
  • You don’t need a TV or anything; they’re entertaining enough
  • And you don’t think you had ever laughed so much in your life until now?? And you just feel so happy at where you are now despite the struggle??
  • You admit to yourself that being with Kwon Soonyoung made you feel the happiest you’ve ever been in your life
  • With his tenacious energy and passion plus that sMILE you just can’t help but have a little crush on him
  • But you kept those thoughts to yourself
  • Bc you’ve seen how he already had his plate full with all his responsibilities
  • You don’t want to burden him :(
  • Little did you know…
  • Soonyoung felt like a huge weight was lifted off his shoulders when you swooped in like the hero that you are
  • You’re literally his savior??
  • You decided to drop everything to come and help him in the shop and he had never had anybody do such selfless thing for him
  • And to say he was grateful was an understatement
  • Because he would literally give you the world
  • But he couldn’t afford the world
  • So he gave you the next best thing that he has
  • His heart
  • fU**
  • From the first day that you literally kicked him out of his stool until now, his heart just grew larger and larger for you
  • And sometimes he just watches you with a fond smile as you serve customers bc ‘wow, I’m so lucky.’
  • Bc what did he ever do to deserve such a sweet and selfless person as you???
  • At this point, everybody who goes there ship you guys lol
  • And some of the customers would flirt with you just to see Soonyoung get riled up
  • And honestly you let it happen bc frustrated Soonyoung is cute Soonyoung
  • “I’ll shove this coal up your ass so high and make sure that gochunjang isn’t going to be the only thing burning in there.”
  • And they knew that’s where they had to stop bc he’s not called Kwon Fire for no reason
  • But ofc they know he’s just joking and everything’s for good fun
  • Well, at least it was, until one night
  • Remember when I told you that drunken fights sometimes happen in the shop?
  • That night, a group of men were having a drink after a long day at work
  • It’s pretty normal for people to get drunk on a Friday night like this
  • So you were just doing your job, tending to the customers when one of the men started flirting with you
  • Now, you’re okay if it’s just for laughs, but he seemed adamant about asking you out
  • And you started to feel very uncomfortable and as if he sensed your distress, Soonyoung came out of the kitchen
  • And imagine his surprise when he saw this punk trying to forcefully hit on you when you’re obviously not interested and bothered
  • So he went all Kwon Fire on the guy
  • “What do you think you’re doing?!”
  • “Asking what such a pretty thing doing in a place like this.” the man slurred, gesturing towards you
  • Sonyoung’s heart grew a little heavy as if agreeing; ‘they deserve so much more than this tiny cramped up place.’
  • “You better stay away. Before you regret it.”
  • “Why should I?” the guy slurred
  • “Because they’re mine.” Soonyoung glared
  • And you guessed when someone hadn’t had proper sleep in a week they would look pretty scary when angered so that’s why the guy looked like he might’ve peed in his pants in front of everyone the next second if he hadn’t scurry our of the shop before Soonyoung do that himself
  • It was over, but you were still pretty shook bc did he really just?? 
  • Your heart broke a little thinking that it might just be an act
  • When you met his eyes, you’re ready to compliment on his acting but he caught you off-guard by taking your hands into his large ones
  • “What I said earlier? It was all true. I care about you. I like you, a lot. And I don’t care if you don’t like me back because I understand that I’m not–”
  • You cut him off with a hug and were like “I like you a lot, too.”
  • And Soonyoung’s speechless bc
  • W hat. They like me back!
  • And neither of you made any move that would indicate that you’d break the hug anytime soon
  • And the customers were really stunned
  • Bc whoop, the grill isn’t the only thing getting hot in here, let’s  l e a v e
  • You both didn’t even realize the customers started leaving bc you’re too wrapped up in each other’s embrace
  • And a soft trot music from the cd shop across the street played in the background
  • And you guys were tired and sweaty and you both smelled like grilled meat but you don’t mind
  • And Soonyoung swore to himself he’d make you the happiest person in the whole wide world
  • Even though he felt as if he did not have much thing to offer
  • But you wouldn’t trade it for the world
  • Because you know
  • Here, in the humble corner barbeque shop, struggling to make ends meet at times
  • But this is where you belong
Sneaking Out || Dan Howell

A/N: Another request! yeahy! i didn’t expect this to get so long but it somehow did? I guess I just really liked the idea 

Word Count: 2.1K

POV: Reader


Originally posted by exisentialdan

“Run!” Dan shouted as he came sprinting towards me. He took me by my arm and dragged me along with him. I didn’t know who or what we were running from I just followed my boyfriend’s commands.  

He seemed to be in a real hurry and kept hectically looking back over his shoulder to check if anybody was following us. Luckily the school corridor was empty since most people were in the cafeteria for lunch break.

“Dan?! Why exactly are we doing this again?” shouted at him after we had taken at least 3 turns and ended up in another empty hallway that lead to our school’s gym.

Dan slowed down his pace until we finally came to a halt. I held my left side that hurt every time I gasped for air. As soon as he had caught his breath, Dan started to mischievously grin at me from ear to ear.

“What…?” I asked, shaking my head while smiling at him. I had seen that exact grin before and let me tell you, I already knew that this certainly meant nothing good.

“There might have been a little uhhhh… ‘paint explosion’ in the cafeteria.” Dan explained, searching for the right words to explain his newest prank.

He started laughing loudly at the thought of it.

“You should have seen it” Dan added as he wiped away tears of joy.

“No way! Oh my god, Dan.”

I didn’t know whether I should laugh, be impressed or scold him. So I just giggled and shook my head at him.

Dan was known for being the prankster of our school. Now that he was a senior and knew that he would leave soon anyway, there was nothing that could hold him back. He talked back to his teachers, told his best jokes and even managed to paint everyone in the cafeteria all colours of the rainbow.

“I’m gonna be in so much trouble if they catch me.” Dan said, still with a smirk on his face.

“Well that’s for sure, Mr Howell.”

I had a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach as I slowly turned around. It was the deep voice of our headmaster Mr Travis who was approaching us with a stern and angry look on his face.

“Mr Howell, Miss Y/L/N, my office. NOW!”

I shot Dan a nervous look as we followed the elder man to his office and sat down in front of his big desk.

Before Mr Travis could even say something Dan had already opened his mouth.

“It was all me, Y/N had nothing to do with it.” He nearly shouted.

I was a straight A student and I had never been in trouble before so that didn’t sound too farfetched.

Mr Travis eyed us both intensely.

“Well this may be the first time that I actually believe you, Mr Howell.” He said before he turned his head to look at me.

“Miss Y/L/N I’ll have to call your parents but other than that I can let you off with a warning.” The headmaster explained as his facial expression softened a little bit and I felt myself relax.

Dan on the other hand got a few weeks of detention and was lucky that he didn’t get suspended, but he was used to that. He didn’t seem to mind at all, no he was just happy that I wasn’t punished for something I didn’t even do.

But once I got home there was no use in explaining to my parents that I didn’t do anything. All they cared about was that the headmaster called home and that was apparently the worst thing that could have ever happened.

“We didn’t raise you like this, young lady! Do you even know how disappointed I was when I got that call telling me that you got in trouble?”

I opened my mouth to protest but before I could even say something my dad continued, speaking over me with finality in his voice.

“You’re grounded, Miss. 2 weeks, no phone. Understood?”

I stormed up to my room with my head hanging low and slammed the door shut behind me. Well that was it then.

This was how I would have to spend the next two weeks: getting up, going to school, coming home, spending the day alone in my room, no friends, no going out, no phone. And the worst: no dates with Dan, I’d only be able to see him in school and we didn’t even have a lot of classes together since he was a grade above me.

At least I had plenty of time to do my homework now, right?

‘Oh c’mon Y/N, there’s nothing that can make this sound good.’ I thought to myself as I fell down onto my bed with a sigh.  

“I’m so stupid. This is all my fault, I’m so sorry.” Dan apologised and kissed the top of my head as soon as I told him that I was grounded in school the next day. He seemed to be extremely mad at himself.

“I shouldn’t have dragged you into this, baby.” He said with a pout.

“All we did was go for a run together, as far as I know there’s nothing wrong about that.” I riposted and even laughed a little.

“Your parents suck.” Dan muttered underneath his breath but it was still loud enough for me to hear it.

“Hey!” I started to protest but stopped myself mid-sentence. “Yeah.. you’re kinda right.” I admitted quietly, making Dan laugh and throw his arm around me.

A week into being grounded I was desperately waiting for this horror to end. This was so unfair, I missed hanging out with my friends and doing things besides going to school. But my parents wouldn’t let me go no matter how much I defended myself or complained.

Today was Friday, normally I’d be at Dan’s place for a movie night but since I couldn’t leave the house I just decided to go to bed early for once.

It was around 1 am when I heard a slight tapping sound that woke me up. At first I just switched my sleeping position and tried to fall asleep again, but then it happened again and again.

I groaned as I got out of bed and walked towards my window where the noise was coming from. I pushed the curtain out of the way and to my surprise I saw Dan standing in our garden and his black car in our drive way.

The weird noise I heard was actually him throwing little rocks at the glass. I couldn’t help but smile happily as I yanked the window open.

“What are you doing here?!” I whisper-shouted, as he smirked up at me.

“I’m here to rescue you, baby.”  He answered a little bit too loud, considering the fact that my parents were asleep in the room below mine.

“Psst! I don’t want you to wake up mum and dad.” I warned him.

“I almost forgot, sorry..” Dan apologized, scratching the back of his head.

We kept smiling at each other, glad to be able to see each other again. God, did I miss him.

“So are you coming?” Dan asked with a cheeky grin.

“Wait- what?” I stuttered in confusion.

“We’re going on an adventure! You’ve been locked up in your room for way too long now and I miss my amazing girlfriend.”

His words sounded perfect but I was still unsure. If my parents caught us I would be totally screwed. Dan could tell that I was hesitant.

“C’mon! Live a little.” Dan tried his best not to shout.

I nervously bit my lip before I nodded determinately.

“You’re right!” I agreed and quickly threw on a few clothes over my pyjamas.

I really needed to take more risks, I couldn’t just say no to an adventure just because I was a ‘good girl’. There was a whole life out there that was waiting for me to fully live it.

I tiptoed down the stairs to the front door, trying to make as little noise as possible. It was so awfully quiet that even my breathing sounded loud to me.

When I got outside, Dan was already waiting for me in his car. I quickly hopped in and let go of a breath I didn’t know I was holding.

“Oh my god, I’m sneaking out.” I gasped and couldn’t help but giggle at my sudden ‘boldness’.

“It’s so nice to see you again. I’m so proud of you, princess.” Dan whispered and winked shortly before he kissed me as a hello.

He started the engine and slowly made his way out of my drive way and onto the road. It was heavenly to spend some alone time with him again.  

“So… where are we going?” I asked him after we had been driving for a while.

“Anywhere and everywhere.”

After about 20 minutes we had reached the centre of the city. There were lights, neon signs, crowds of people and music sounded from a few bars and clubs. The city was still buzzing with live unlike the little street that I lived in. There were still quite a few people out and about, it was a Friday night after all.

Dan and I decided to go for a little sightseeing trip. We drove to all of the famous spots and tourist attractions our own city could offer. It was weird visiting them at night when there were no tourists around but there was something so unique about it that for a few hours it felt like time had stopped.

Dan I took selfies in front of a big fountain, an odd sculpture that was located in a park, a museum that we had never been to, a skyscraper that looked pretty and even in front of the local football club’s stadium.

We giggled like kids each time we hopped out of the car and took our phones out, just to take a really silly picture of ourselves.

Afterwards we just drove through random streets and even though Dan and I grew up in this city, we still discovered so many places that we had never seen before.

“What about some pizza?” Dan suggested with enthusiasm as he spotted a little pizza shop that was still open.

15 minutes later Dan had driven us up a little hill so we had a nice view of the city from above. There were two pizza cartons balanced on my lap and I handed one to my boyfriend as soon as he had turned off the car engine.

The sight was just purely beautiful and I was overwhelmed by all of the city lights.

One of Dan and I’s favourite CD was playing and the pizza tasted delicious.

I couldn’t even remember the last time I had so much fun.

“Thank you for taking me on this adventure, Dan.” I said once we were both full and just enjoying the view together.

“Anything for you, babygirl.” He said and placed a kiss onto my lips.

I automatically started running my fingers through his brown hair as I felt his hands travelling to my hips.

“Have I ever told you how beautiful you are?” Dan whispered against my lips as he pulled me into him more.

Even though he had told me a million times I still blushed.

I carefully climbed onto his lap as he moved his seat back so we had more space between us and the steering wheel.

Dan’s warm breath fanned my neck as he started to lightly suck on my soft skin.

I slowly traced his chest with my hand earning a deep groan of his once my hands had reached his crotch.

“Backseat?” was all he managed to say while his hands roamed my body and he was already pulling on my shirt, eager to take it off…

Dan was the first one to wake up after we had fallen asleep together.

“Y/N… the sun is rising.” He said, tapping my shoulder.

I stared out of the car window and was amazed by the sight. There were pastel colours everywhere and the sun was a deep orange that coloured the city.

“Wow it’s so pretty” I whispered still lying in Dan’s arms.  

“Well it is, but that’s not what I meant. We need to get you home before your parents are up.”

Suddenly I was fully awake again and my eyes widened in shock. We quickly got dressed and headed back home as fast as possible.

Just to be careful Dan parked on the side of the road a few houses down the street and we walked the rest. As I took as quick glance through our kitchen window I could see that my parents were already up and ate breakfast. My heart sank to my knees. This was it, I was totally screwed.

“Shit, what am I gonna do?” I panicked and looked at Dan for help.

“Well…you’re room has a window, right?”

yikesyikesyikes I saw my private teacher on my friends snapchat story doing normal nonmusic things that adults usually do on Friday nights and I am truly disgusted call 999 I’m having a heart attack

Woman - Pink Series pt. 4

Here’s part four! I’m having so much fun with this and can’t believe it’s almost halfway done already! I hope you enjoy, this one’s pretty painful, but love makes us do crazy things, I suppose. 

Word Count: ~5k

Enjoy! .xx -M

Harry doesn’t know why he does it, he really has no idea. Whether he understands it or not though, he still finds himself driving to Vincent’s at 8 o’clock on Friday night. He’d called earlier too, really planning this out, and asked for a table towards the back with a little privacy. It’s not creepy, he keeps telling himself. It’s totally normal to follow your best friend while she goes on a first date. Totally normal and okay. He tries to convince himself that he’s doing it to make sure she’s okay, that this Connor guy isn’t a total creep, that he takes care of her and isn’t rude. And if he is, Harry will be there to diffuse the situation, to make sure Y/N is safe, and protected. Really, he’s doing her a favor, isn’t he?

When he arrives, he heads straight towards the back, a lovely waitress leading him on his way and looking far too nervous, but he seems to have that effect on people. When he takes his seat, he thanks his lucky stars that this position is perfect and gives him an amazing view of the entire restaurant. He tries to distract himself with his phone, trying to force himself to ignore the fact that he’s being a complete weirdo by doing this. He’s never been so desperate, head over heels for someone that he’s become obsessive. He’s seemingly got the entire world at his feet, any number of impossibly beautiful people ready and willing to be with him, and yet, he’s caught up on you, the person who he thinks is the most wonderful in the world, but that many don’t pay a passing glance. And maybe that’s what drives him so wild, how excessively underappreciated you are by the rest of the world. Sure, the girls who get so much attention are lovely, but to him, they pale in comparison with you, and the attention they receive is so over-the-top, he doesn’t understand it at all. You exist in this world, so sweet, and kind, and beautiful, and talented, and compassionate, caring, the list goes on, and yet you struggle just to get some random dude from work to pay you attention. If only you knew what you meant to him, Harry thinks, but pushes the thought from his mind. He’s in no place to think about winning you over right now, he understands that. He can’t risk everything the two of you have, just on the off-chance that you’ll feel the same way. He might want you more than he’s ever wanted anything, but he’s not an idiot, he can do a simple risk versus reward calculation and come to the conclusion that having you in his life in this capacity is worth more to him than anything and he’s not willing to jeopardize that. Then why the fuck was he here, spying on your date?

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Barely Enough

OKAY. YOU ASKED FOR IT, I WANNA READ IT, SO LETS REQUEST SOME WHISKEY SMUT! I don’t even know what to request, but Agent Whiskey is clearly a very self assured, cocky dude. So maybe Whiskey x female reader who he meets at a bar, they bond over rope and whip innuendo and he takes her back to his place for ropes and whips galore!

A/N: Being from Kentucky, I had such pride watching this movie. Just saying. Also, I am so sorry this thing is so long! I got carried away. Enjoy!

The bar wasn’t as lively as it normally was on a Friday night. You had just gotten back from a horse show, your lasso sitting beside you in another bar stool. After a tough loss, a strong alcoholic drink would hit the spot.

“Now, what’s a pretty girl like you-”

“Doing in a place like this? C'mon, honey, find a better line. This ain’t mommas first rodeo.”

“Obviously not. I can tell by the lasso sitting beside you. It’s a little worn down, kinda like you. Can I buy you a drink to make up for my terrible, yet fantastic, pickup line.”

“It might makeup for something.”

“What’ll you get, darlin’?” He asked.

You thought, then smirked. “Gimme a Whiskey.”

An hour later and several shots of whiskey later, you learned a lot about him. His girlfriend and unborn son had died during a robbery between two meth heads and a convenient store, caught in the crossfire. His name was Jack Daniels (How fitting), an agent for the Statesmen. He went by the code name Agent Whiskey.

“So, Whiskey,” you said. “You play with a lasso and a whip?”

“Well, sweetheart, it’s one of my many talents. You’re a rodeo gal, you rope horses. Mm. I don’t know what it is about ladies and ropes, but I like it.”

“What made you get started in the Statesman?”

“Obviously, the whip, darlin’. It’s my pride and joy.”

“What all can you do with that whip, Whiskey?” You challenged, bringing your glass to your lips.

Whiskey moved closer, a smirk crossing his lips. “Id have to get you alone for that, sweetheart. Holler at me anytime, I can give you a show. Don’t make me have to come get you now.”

You leaned toward him, the alcohol buzzing through you making you brave. You nibbled his ear. “Don’t threaten me with a good time, honey.”

He chucked lowly. “I won’t have to threaten you, darling, cause you’ll be begging before the night is over.”

You smirked at him, using your lasso to bring him closer. “You’re pretty arrogant, Whiskey. Why don’t you put that smart mouth to good use and make me beg.”

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you. C'mon, sweetness. Let me show you a good time.”

Moments later, you were in his vehicle, leaning over the console nibbling and kiss his neck. You just wanted to drive him crazy a little. His hands gripped the steering while as you moaned intentionally into his neck.

“You’re gonna be in some major trouble, little lady. You better cut the games,” he said, his voice strained. You rubbed his hand across his chest, trailing down his stomach.

“Mm, I’d like you to punish me, Whiskey.”

That’s when Whiskey pulled the vehicle onto the side of the road. Putting it in park, he leaned across the the console, taking your mouth in a heated kiss. He placed one of your legs over the console, the other spreading where it was positioned in the floor. He rubbed your clothes clit furiously, causing you to moan and whimper. He kissed down your neck, reaching your chest, rubbing harder. You felt pure pleasure and then nothing as Whiskey pulled away. He put the vehicle in drive, pulling back onto the road.

“I hate you,” you said, panting.

“Thats what you get. I told you to cut the games, darlin’ and you didn’t. You don’t wanna test me.”

You sat in silence, feeling torture between your legs. You looked over at Whiskey, he looked fairly calm but the erection that strained against his jeans told you otherwise.

“I think I’d like to test you, Whiskey.”

He threw you a glance, taking a deep breath. You continued.“I would like to see how you could torture my body. I’d like to see you sweat, see you go down on me. Would you like that, Jack?”

He hummed, trying not to pay any attention to you. You leaned back up to his ear. “Would you like use that whip of yours against me?” You whispered. “Would you like to tie me up with your lasso?”

“Sweetheart, you’re gonna be into a world of trouble if you don’t stop running that pretty mouth of yours,” he leaned his head over, keeping his eyes on the road, taking your mouth again. Pulling away, he slid you back over to other side.

Once you had made it to Whiskey’s house, he parked the vehicle and opened the door for you. He escorted you to the front door without so much as laying a finger on you.

You looked around at the inside, your breath taken as you noticed how posh and tidy everything seemed to be. You instantly walked toward the balcony that was lined with white lights. Whiskey took of his jacket, eyeing you as you opened the glass doors and stepping out.

You completely forgot about what you had came back to Whiskey’s house for. You stared out into the fields that lay in front of you, seeing a very small portion of the Statesman headquarters.

Whiskey pressed his chest against your back. His hands trapping you as he placed them against the bannister. “Beautiful, isn’t it?”

“Very. It’s incredible, Jack.” You turned to face him, still trapped by his arms. “You know, I’ve never met anyone like you, Whiskey.”

“Me neither,” he said, his face inches from yours. “I’m quite the catch, darlin’.”

You rolled your eyes. “What did your girlfriend think of that behavior?”

With that, Whiskey took your mouth in his, passion radiating through his body. He cupped your face with one hand, using the other to grip your hip and bring you closer to him. You wrapped your hands around his neck, kissing him hard.

You moaned, panting when you pulled away just enough to feel his breath on your face.

“You know how you said that I was going to be in a world of trouble?”

He nodded, still panting slightly.

“Does that offer still stand?”

Whiskey smirked, trying to figure out what kind of woman he was working with. He placed you up on his hips, taking you into his house. He peppered your neck with open mouthed kisses as he walked up the stairs. Your gasped as he bit down onto you.

He sat you down once inside his bedroom. Whiskey let his hands trace down your curves, wanting to feel the fire beneath his fingers. You brought your fingers to his button up, desperately wanting to see him without it.

You attacked his chest, wanting to taste every inch of him. You slowly began moving down to his navel. Whiskey tossed his head back, letting out a soft sigh, his hands gripped your hips harder.

Whiskey pushed you back, making you fall onto the bed. He ripped your shirt from the middle, making you thrust your chest up to him. He kissed the top of your breasts, taking off your bra. You raked your fingers through his hair.

You whimpered as he took your nipple into his mouth, swirling his tongue, using his hand to grip the other. Pushing himself away from you, he grabbed his lasso from the floor, wrapping it around the bedpost to where you were bound to it.

“Whiskey,” your whimpered.

“Shhh, darlin’,” he ran the butt of the handle of the whip down your stomach. “I told you you’re in a world of trouble.”

He hooked his fingers around your jeans and pulled them down, ripping your panties like he had with your shirt. You groaned at the sounds. Whiskey held down your hips, shoving himself between your legs before shoving his tongue inside. You squirmed at the sensation.

Whiskey never would have told you but he was insane for you too. He hadn’t felt this way about a woman since he girlfriend died. He sucked against your folds just to hear those soft moans coming from your mouth. He could feel you grinding your hips, your body trembling against his. He pulled back, giving a bite to your inner thigh.

He crawled back up to you, laying on his side beside you, taking his index finger and running it down the valley of your chest, down your naval, between your legs and back up. “Tell me what you want, sweetheart. I know I can give it to you. All you gotta do is tell old Whiskey what you want him to do,”

He latched his lips to your neck, sucking and blowing on the spots he began. He gripped your breast again. Whiskey placed his mouth to your face, you were able to feel his breath against you, his member against your leg.

“Just tell me what you want.”

What Whiskey didn’t know was that the knots in the lasso were loose and you had been able to wiggle your wrists out of it. You lunged at him, taking him to the floor. You both rolled on the ground, wanting dominance against the other. You pinned him, only because he let you.

Your lips roamed his chest, his neck, grinding your hips as you did. You grabbed both sides of his face, licking s kissing every inch of it. Nothing felt more satisfying than hearing him moan beneath you. You noticed he had relaxed, so you moved down his legs to the jeans he still had on. You slowly unbuckled them, feeling his hips jerk against your hands. You slid them down and off, his underwear to follow.

You smirked at his expression, his hooded eyes, shallow breathing. You licked a stripe up his member, kissing the tip. You gently messaged the base, taking the rest into your mouth. You hollowed your cheeks, upping your speed as you heard him moan your name like a broken record. He placed his hand onto your back, rubbing circles, giving your bottom a sharp slap. When you felt him twitch against you, you pulled away. He moved your hair from your face.

He roughly grabbed your arm. “You think you’re funny, don’t ya, darlin’?”

You smirked at him. “Wipe that grin off your face. I’d say your in more trouble than what you started with. Lay on your back, don’t make me tell you twice.”

You felt nothing but a pure burning passion flaring up in your core. You did as he said, laying on the floor. You couldn’t tell what he was doing since your body was laying in the different direction, but you knew exactly what was going to happen when you felt that whip slither down your back and over your legs.

“I think you deserve a little whippin’, don’t you? You’ve been awful rude to me, sweetheart, and I just wanted to see what you wanted me to do. Maybe if I run this whip across this beautiful behind if yours, you might shapen up a little bit.”

Needless to say, you weren’t prepared for the sharp sting that flooded your backside. You yelped, your hips going up. Whiskey gave three whips, each snap and sting harder than the rest. Your whole bottom throbbed, tears slid down your face. As much as you were aroused, you were also fairly sore.

Whiskey sensed this. He wrapped his arms around you, placing you into his arms. He held your trembling body as he kissed down it again. He picked you up, laying you on the bed.

“I didn’t mean to hurt you, darlin,” he whispered. “I’m going to lay you down now, no ropes, no whips, just me making the most passionate love to you.”

He spread your legs, kissing your inner thigh, messaging the calves. He kissed your hips, licking your navel. You wanted to do nothing but moan his name. This man was driving you insane. He placed both legs around his hips as he slowly began thrusting into you.

You arched your hips, hissing at the contact. “Whiskey, please. Please.”

There it was. The begging Whiskey had predicted. He smirked at you, driving his pelvis into yours. You felt like heaven to him, beneath him, moaning for him, your body entangled with his. When you finally asked him to go faster, he leveled himself over you, his hands resting just above your head so his head could bury into your neck.

His hips felt as though they could break, his let out a strangled moan as he felt you clench around him. You wrapped your limbs around his body, your nails digging into his shoulders. Your core was flooded with pleasure, pure fire as you trusted your hips to meet his as you finally spilled over.

Whiskey continued his sloppy thrusts as he held you tight to him. He moaned your name several times, sweat coating his forehead as he finally felt release.

He leaned over you, kissing your face, your neck, your chest again before finally pulling out and laying beside you. He ran his hands up and down the curve of your body.

You saw him smirk; you knew why. “I told you I could get you to beg, sweetheart.”

“Yeah, Whiskey, you did. What’s your prize?”

He chucked. “I already got her, but I am gonna have to take care of those whip marks I left. We need to get cleaned up. You can give me my prize in the shower.”

You got up and followed him. But just before shutting the door, you gave him a quick slap to his backside. Hey, two could play at that game.

Take notes, sweetheart

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#41 from the prompt list that I re-blogged 

Your Pov: 

It was a normal Friday night. Josh and Tyler just got done playing a concert and we were all chilling on the tour bus. The boys were playing video games and Jenna and I were just chit-chatting about random things. Sometimes Jenna and I would stop our conversation and join in with the boy’s cheering. 

Josh and Ty were neck and neck in the one race they were playing and kept interrupting our conversation so Jenna and I decided to cheer along with them. 

“How do you guys do so well?” I asked them as Tyler won crossing the finish line. 

They laughed. 

“Lots and lots of practice.” Josh said while throwing the controller down on the ground in defeat. 

“Do you think you could teach me?” I asked him shyly. 

At my question he lifted his head. 

“Sure I can babe.” He said. “Here come over here. Ty move over for the queen.” He added while pushing him. 

Tyler just rolled his eyes and went over to sit by Jenna. 

I sat up from my spot on the couch and made my way next to Josh. 

“This should be interesting.” Tyler said with a laugh while wrapping his arm around Jenna. 

“Shut up Ty.” I told him while taking the controller that from Josh’s hands. 

“Before I start you better take notes sweetheart. Josh said with a laugh. 

I laughed along with him. “Oh believe me I will be.” 

Josh went on explaining the basics of the controller and what each of the buttons did. It was confusing at first but after Josh explaining it a couple of times I was ready to play. 

“Are you ready to loose baby.” Josh said to me while pressing start on the game. 

“Haha I think the question is “Are you ready to loose?” I fired back at him.

“In your dreams babe.” He said while concentrating on the game. 

It’s been about five minutes into the game and Josh and I were neck and neck. The game that we were playing was a racing game and whoever got to the finish line first won. It was really intense. 

Josh and I were on the last turn before the finish line and we were yelling at the top of our lungs. Jenna and Tyler were also yelling. Tyler cheering for Josh,of course, and Jenna cheering for me. Josh and I turned the corner and were racing towards the finish line. In the end I ended up beating Josh. 

“I can’t believe you beat me.” Josh sighed after all the yelling stopped. 

“Neither can I.” I replied to him as I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed his cheek lovingly. 

“I can believe it.” Jenna stated while laughing. 

We all laughed at her comment. 

“Yeah Josh, How does it feel to get beat by your own girlfriend?” He asked Josh while laughing. Jenna and I joined in laughing with him. 

“Oh shut up Ty.” Josh snapped back. “At least my girlfriend doesn’t beat me at Mario Kart every time she plays me.” 

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Winter Idol // m.y 1

Member: Min Yoongi

Chapter One

Genre: a bit of everything

Summary: working with one of your best friends of years shouldn’t come with so much hatred. With your career sky rocketing along side his everything should run smoothly until jealousy and rumors take place.

Originally posted by tearsavi


I’ve always been one to read stories about how one person loves the other a little too much and how they can’t be together…. And some come together at the end while the others don’t. We have always been the friends who really enjoyed fall and winter times. I call it winter meanwhile he calls it fall. He always finds humor in correcting me when I say they’re the same thing but he wants to be all scientific with it. We are truly on odd pair.

I met Yoongi back in 2013 again he says it was 2012, technically it was, late December was when I met him, along side Namjoon. At the time I didn’t know who they were or what they did, just a normal Friday night at the underground tunnels shooting shows. That’s what I do. I also didn’t know what kind of things they were about to get me into, and how my life alongside theirs would change for the better in the years to come. Fast forward to today. 2017 was the best year for BTS.

“Y/N? Are you on board or are we taking up too much of your time?” I look up and Lay is looking at me with humor laced in his voice.

“We go through the same stuff every tour ya know but yes I am don’t worry.” I send him a smile and he rolls his eyes as the guys all laugh at my statement.

Currently we are at the BigHit offices working on ways to improve and plan the next tour for BTS the public’s reactions have risen so much and the fan base has risen so much. I question myself how I got so lucky to be in this position but if it weren’t for yoongi believing in my talent I wouldn’t have been here. I’m in charge of all art forms for BigHit Entertainment that’s including video, media, press, concert visuals, and most importantly photography. I’ve always had a passion for it and I think that’s what made me and yoongi so attached, loving the same things. I moved to Korea not really by choice, well I lie kind of my choice and I’m glad I did or else I would’ve never met the people I know today.

“Yo y/n are you coming back to the dorms with us or what.” Everyone is packing up and I look towards hoseok with his beaming smile. I don’t even get a chance to answer because Lay clears his throat quite loudly.

“Sorry but me and y/n have something to do tonight you guys go ahead.” I fake a small smile and that gets them to leave without any questions. Hoseok comes to hug goodbye as the rest wave walking out the door.

“y/n we’ve been through this already.” Lay sighs.

“Lay I really am not doing anything wrong, you act like I’m walking down the aisle with them.” I roll my eyes as I look at their manager.

“And I believe you but the media has increased their eyes on the boys and you know the fans have increased we just don’t want any dating rumors surfacing.”

“Dating rumors? You have got to be kidding me.”

“No I am not. You have always been seen with them hugging and laughing and holding hands and-“

“Oh my god! Once! Holding hands once! And that was because I tripped so yoongi had to help me up at the airport where they were getting mobbed might I add.” I can’t believe he was saying this shit honestly.

“Listen y/n I’m not saying stop hanging out with them okay. I’m just saying please be careful if anything happens I wouldn’t forgive myself. The guys have worked so hard in everything and you have as well. I don’t want a little mistake to ruin it all. Okay?” Lay places his hands on my shoulders and I nod my head. “I’m gonna grab my stuff you don’t have to wait okay?”

Walking to your place isn’t far from the building. You pass multiple little shops and restaurants making a quick stop inside one of them. Living in a foreign country by yourself is lonely. The only friends you have are the guys and of course some other idols, but they’re super busy it being comeback season for most of them. Getting home was the best feeling because you can just lay there and enjoy some snacks. It was October. The weather in Korea was quickly changing dropping degrees and you couldn’t be happier. Walking inside the kitchen you put the kettle onto the stove to boil some water for tea. Walking to the living room you switched on the t.v and turned a candle on as well. The doorbell rang and you didn’t really know what to expect since you didn’t agree to meet with anyone. You walked to the door and see him with two bags of food and his hair tucked inside his beanie. You open the door and his eyes meet yours startled.

“Yoongi? What are you doing here?” He looks so beautiful his face is covered in a mask and you can see his eyes only. His eyes are your favorite, by the way they close together you know he’s smiling.

“I brought food and I wanted to come see you.” You see he’s switching his stance from one foot to the other.

“That’s sweet bub” bub? Wtf y/n “come on in it’s freezing out in these halls.”

Yoongi makes his way into your apartment removing his shoes by the entrance, as you do the same. You take a bag of the food from him and make your way into the kitchen where the kettle started to ring. As you remove it you see yoongi shrug off his coat and place it onto the hanger, he makes his way into the kitchen taking the face mask off and taking his beanie off.

“Oh my god…. You’re blue!!!” You gasp as you see the bright shade of blue on his head. It suits him so good. It brings out his pale smooth skin and brightens his smile way more.

“Oh um y-yeah… stylist Mina noona said that they wanted to dye it before the comeback photos and videos.” He starred down at his hands which were being preoccupied with his beanie as he fidgeted around with it.

Walking towards him to be in front of him, your eyes are wide. You couldn’t believe that they would change their hair color without letting you know, now all that’s running through your head is not only how cute he actually looks but changing the damn concept again. You bring your hand to the top of his and run your fingers through it.

“I like it. It suits you.” Yoongi meets your eyes and you give him a smile before grabbing some mugs for the tea.

We sat on the couch until two in the morning. We had schedules that morning at seven, but we always had to leave at around five in the morning giving us about two hours of sleep. I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer so I grabbed some blankets and crashed on the couch once yoongi left my apartment. Winter was here and the busy schedules were on their way and I couldn’t be happier.


Request from contest winner: Ashton getting hella jealous, so maybe like, cuddling up to Calum or smth just cuz he’s a good friend and Ash gets all jealous and y'all fuck in the other room and he tries to get you to be as loud as possible.

Requested by: @asshatoftheeast

A/N: Hey guys I’m excited to post this smut as a response to a request by one of my contest winner! @asshatoftheeast gave me the whole idea and I hope they like it! I would really appreciate it if you reblogged this smut if you liked it or maybe some of my other posts i’m really trying to get to 200 followers and would be so appreciative! As always  I hope you guys like it but that you understand that is very graphic and sexual in nature. Therefore if you are not comfortable with that please do not read. Thanks you all so much, enjoy!

As I pull up to my friend Calum’s house you see that my boyfriend Ashton and other friends Luke and Mike are already there. Hanging around and watching some movies together was a normal friday night thing for all of us but Ashton had been acting weird all day. It first started when I woke up before going to work to give him a call. He had already been at his work for hour working on an important project and maybe he was just stressed but he was super short with me and seemed almost bothered by the fact I called. Then at lunch I texted him to confirm the plans for tonight and he only responded with the word yes. It may not seem like a huge deal to other people but Ashton not being his giggly sweet self worries me. I try to shake the thought from my head as you get out of my car and walk up to the door. Having been there several times and knowing all of them well I let myself in.

“Hello?” I call out hearing them somewhere else in the house.

Luke calls back to me. “In the kitchen!”

I kick off my shoes and hang up my heavy coat I was wearing due to the harsh winter breeze. Making my way into the kitchen I hope Ashton will be in a better mood.

“Hey guys!” I smile and looking over at Ashton. He barely smiles and my stomach turns. What’s going on with him?

We all talk for a little while and order the pizza for the movie. Deciding on X-Men  and the pizza quickly arriving we all settle on the couch. Ashton, although he has barely spoken to me the entire night, he sits to my left and Calum sits to my right. After finishing a few slices I lean over to get closer to Ashton who sighs. Taken back by this I shift my weight again towards Calum. I have to admit now I’m extremely worried and slightly pissed.

“You okay?” Calum asks above a whisper.

I nod and say, “I’m fine I’m just chilly.”

Calum takes the blanket off his lap and lays it over me. “We can share, come here.” He says opening his arms.

This didn’t seem strange to me, all of us were friends before you and Ashton started dating. I’ve cuddled with all of them and even kissed Mike in like the tenth grade. However Ashton shoots me a dirty look. I’m mad now. He’s been an ass all day and now he wants to be mad at me? “This is ridiculous.” I think to myself.

The movie is over soon and we all clean up. Ashton is now complete mute towards me. Everyone says their goodbyes and I quickly storm out the door. I hear footsteps following me but ignore them. That is until I get to my car and suddenly the footsteps are right behind me. I know it’s Ashton and I go to open the car door but he shuts it quickly and turns me around to face him.  For a moment I just stand there waiting for him to say something.

“Are you going to say something?!” I suddenly ask feeling uncomfortable and angry and most of all confused.

“You are mine….” He whispers gruffly. “Get in my car.”

I look at him shocked. “No way!”

“I wasn’t asking you, just get in my car.” He says walking away and getting in his car himself.

Something makes me follow him and do as he says. “Fuck you.” I mumble buckling my seat belt. We drive in silence but when we pull up to his house her rushes to get my car door for me and then leads me inside.

“I had a bad day and I treated you like shit and I shouldn’t have… I’m sorry… but you are mine.” He says as he backs me into his front door. “Mine…. Not Calum’s… not anyone else’s…. Mine. I love you and I’m sorry.”

I nod my breathing unsteady as I feel his hands caress my hips and pulling me close. “I-I’m still pissed at you.” I stutter out. “But I love you too…”

Ashton rests his forehead against mine and smiles a little. “You better.” His one hand then moves up to my cheek and caresses lightly before kissing me roughly. “Now let me remind how mine you truly are…”

Nodding he swoops me up and walks us to the bedroom. The whole way there we keep kissing roughly and passionately. Ashton kicks the door open and tosses me onto his bed. He then slowly and agonizingly lifts off his shirt revealing his toned chest and abdomen. I got to take off my clothes but he grabs my hands. “Let me.” He says just above a whisper. I lay back on the bed and slowly he starts undressing me. “Fuck…. I swear you somehow get more beautiful every day….”

I giggle as he leaves teasing kisses on my stomach. “I’m still pissed.”

“Keep telling yourself that baby girl.” He says leaving me now only in my underwear before stripping himself. He undresses slowly and teasingly and by the end he has me so worked up that I’m practically drooling. I reach out to touch him and he grabs my hand. “I said let me.” He says growling a little under his breath. He lets my hand go and pushes me back on my back before climbing over my figure and leaning down to kiss me surprisingly soft.

“Ashton….” I mumble a little under my breath.

He smirks as he kisses at the delicate skin on my neck and chest. “Was that a moan my darling?” I nod at little and then whimper as he bites into my flesh to mark me his. “Answer me baby… did you just moan? Huh?” He asks again as he continues down my body with his lips and his bites.

“Y-yes….” I whisper watching him as he slowly tugs on the band of my underwear. Ashton chuckles and starts softly kissing my thighs and hips and everywhere except where I need him the most. “Please Ash…” I mutter out running a hand through his soft messy curls.

“Be patient or we’ll stop.” He snaps a little and I groan as he continues to tease. He pushes me further by fanning his breath over my heat and ‘accidently’ bumping my clit with his nose as he changes thighs. However finally he lays a soft kiss on my center. Starting to kitten lick me Ashton grabs my hips to keep me steady. I moan out for him a little which makes him smile against me. “Let me hear you, let the neighbors know your mine, scream so loud fucking Calum can hear you across town.”

“Ashton….” I moan louder as he works me up and causes me to start to squirm with his tongue. “Fuck please don’t stop.”

“Trust me I won’t, cum for me baby girl, come on.” He says quickly before returning to the task at hand… or mouth rather. My legs start to shake and soon I’m writhing beneath him. I know I’m moaning and calling out for him but I can’t hear it through my orgasm. My chest heavy I start to come down from my high but Ashton suddenly slams his lips against my mine passionately. “I could do that all fucking day…” Breathlessly I reach down for him but again he denies me and pushes me back onto my back. “How many times do I have to tell you, let me… let me…”

“Ashton please, I want you.” I whimper looking up at him desperately as he slowly strokes his cock a few times. “Please…”

“Fuck you are so beautiful…” He groans. “Say my name just like that again, whimper it for me.” He asks and of course I do because with every flick of his wrist and every second I don’t have him I find myself getting more and more needy. “Good girl, now remember what I said, let me hear you.”

Slowly he leans down and hovers over me before slowly sliding into me. Instantly I moan for his and find my fingers raking. He groans and kisses me hard. Almost immediately he starts rocking in and out out of me establishing a good pace. We are both moaning and groaning and I’m tugging lightly at his hair with one hand while the other stays trying to keep him close to me. He then reaches down and starts rubbing my clit with his fingers.

“Oh fuck Ash!” I whimper and bite into his shoulder.

He grunts and starts thrusting harder. “Don’t muffle yourself, I’ll fucking stop I swear, let it out.” He command and I throw my head back moaning his name loudly. Kissing my neck and jaw line he starts whispering in my ear. “I can feel how badly you want to cum again… I can feel you fucking clenching already, tell me baby are you close?”

“Yes Ash fuck…. Oh god.” I whimper the last part as he goes harder and faster suddenly. “Don’t stop… fuck…”

“Then cum for me baby, I’m so close baby but I’m not cuming until you do….” He groans and I moan again super loud as I arch my back and he again goes quicker and harder driving me to my orgasm. “That’s it baby, fuck…. Fuck Y/N…” Ashton says orgasming as well.

As I come down from my second high and Ashton’s first he holds me close. “I love you so much.” He whispers breathlessly. “I was an ass… I know, I had myself all worked up today over something…. Something I’ve been wanting to ask you….and seeing you cuddle into Calum just made me so…. infuriated.”

I stare up at him confused. “What do you want to ask me?”

He smiles but his cheeks redden. “I wanted to know if… you… wanted to move in with me?” He asks softly. “I love you so much, and that apartment of yours makes me worried, and if you live here, we could do that whenever we wanted…”

Blushing up at him I nod and giggle a little. “Yes, I’ll move in with you.” He eyes light up but after I kiss him I whisper. “However with the reaction you had tonight…. I might cuddle with Calum more often.”

We both laugh knowing I’m only joking and then lay there together peacefully in love never wanting the moment to end.

PS. - Another Daddy!Ashton and a Neighbor!Ashton smuts coming soon 

“Too Long” Sam x Reader

Words: 1,145

Sam x Reader

Summary: Sam and Dean show up in the reader’s life again after a few years, and reader realizes she still has feelings for Sam.

Warnings: Alcohol, implied smut


There was so traffic in New York City. You roll your eyes, looking out the window of your taxi cab. The city was quite beautiful at night.

‘At least it’s Friday, and I don’t have to do this for another two days.’ you thought to yourself.

You moved out to New York a few years ago, after a hunting accident went bad. You had been hunting a Djinn with your dad and your two friends, The Winchester boys, when that thing got ahold of your father and killed him. You gave up hunting after that, and decided live the normal life.

You finished college, and you now have a high paying job working as a secretary. It’s boring, but there was something about that that screamed comfort to you. No one was getting killed, no one was turning into demons- it was just plain.

“Pay up.” Your taxi driver turns around and grumbles at you. You look outside to see your apartment building, and pull a fifty out of your wallet.

“Keep the change.”

You took your purse and stepped outside, enjoying the cool air that hit your face. You eventually reach the door to your apartment and head inside.

“Home sweet home.” You smile to yourself, and begin to take off your heels.

“Not too homey feeling, if you ask me.” A voice says from your couch.

You scream louder than you think you ever have in your life.

“Woah, woah, relax. It’s just us.” A different voice says. The two men come into the light, and you recognize them immediately.

“Sam? Dean?” You whisper. You hadn’t seen them since that horrible day your dad died.

“It’s us.” Sam said, stepping closer. You become suspicious- why would they show up here, after this long?

You eye your kitchen, looking at your silver knifes. You lunge for one, grabbing the smallest one near you, and holding it in front of you.

“Don’t mind if I check then, huh?” You say, with the sternest voice you could say. They hold out their arms for you, letting you check.

“Sorry.” You mumble, setting the knife down.

“I thought you didn’t hunt anymore?” Dean asked you, opening your fridge.

“There’s beer in the bottom drawer,” You mention to him. “But, no. I don’t.”

“Yeah…” Sam trailed off. “Sorry we broke in.”

“Why did you, anyways?”

“Well, you see,” Sam began. You notice him fiddling with his fingers, something he used to do all the time. You smile slightly, remembering how close you two used to be. There was definitely something there, but you two never got the chance to explore that.

“We need a place to stay. We’re hunting… Something. We’re not sure yet. But we knew you lived here, and hoped that you would let us stay?”

“You couldn’t call?” You teased. “Of course you can stay. I have an extra bedroom and a blow up mattress. Or a couch. You guys can figure it out.”

“Thanks, Y/N.” Sam smiled at you.

“Damn, it’s been too long.” Dean walks over to you guys, plopping himself on your couch.

“Yeah, we should catch up. How long will you be in town?” You ask.

“A few days, tops.”

“If you want, we can go out tonight or something. There’s a bar a few blocks over. I’ll just have to go get changed.” You shrug.

“Sounds like a plan.” Dean says, taking another sip of his beer. You laugh- he hasn’t changed one bit.

You go into your closet and decide on dressing casual, going with skinny jeans and a v-neck sweater, with ankle boots. You already had your hair and makeup done from being at work all day.

“Let’s go,” You tell the boys, grabbing your coat and purse.

“Why can’t we just take a cab?” Dean complained as you three walked down the street. It was chilly outside, being that it was winter, but you still tried to walk everywhere to save money.

“Dean, it’s literally two blocks down. Besides, I see the way you eat. If you want to keep that body of yours, maybe this walking is good for you.” You laugh. Dean just makes a face at you, while Sam laughs.

We reach the bar quickly and we all take a seat, enjoying how warm this place was.

“What can I get you?” The bartender asks. Your jaw dropped slightly, but you tried to hide it. He was beautiful.

“9 shots.” You tell him, sliding him cash. The boys look at you weirdly, but don’t say anything.

“What? Three for each of us.” You tell then

“You haven’t changed a bit, Y/N.” Dean laughs, shaking his head slightly. When you had first met them, you had just finished your first year of college, so you were very into partying.

“Hey, I never get to do this anymore. This is, like, the first time I’ve gone out with friends since I moved here.” You admit, downing the first shot.

“Gotta love a girl who can drink.” The bartender winks at you. You seem Sam’s face change when he says that, almost a look of anger, and he does his first shot.

At the end of the night, you were all drunk, and laughing about stupid memories you three had together. The walk back to the apartment was a challenge, but you somehow made it without any real problems.

“Remember that one time that we caught Y/N sneaking back into the house, drunk as all hell?” Dean cracked up, leaning on the wall.

“I do! It wasss bad, I thought you guys were going to get me in trouble, since I was underage.” You laugh with them, trying to sit on the couch seat next to Sam but ending up accidentally sitting on his lap. You tried to get up and move yourself but he just pulled you closer.

“M’ going to bed, see you guys tomorrow” Dean disappears into the bedroom.

“You know, Y/N, you’re beautiful,” Sam slurs, kissing your shoulder.

“Thanks Sammy!” You giggle. “You’re beautifuller.”

“I love you,” he says, turning you over so you’re facing him. “Like, I’m in love with you.”

You gasp, not sure how to respond. You suddenly find yourself wishing you were sober so you could fully enjoy this moment.

“An, and I didn’t even realize it until tonight when I saw you flirting with that jerk bartender. I always liked you, but-“ He continues, but you cut him off by kissing him.

It’s a sloppy, drunk kiss, but it’s something you’ve been waiting for forever.

“You know, if you want, you can sleep in my room tonight.” You suggest, smirking. You could feel his hardness pressing up against your stomach.

“Yeah,” He says, picking you up and leading you to your bed.

“Hey, Sam?” You say as he begins to undress you.


“I love you too.”

Originally posted by lovershub

anonymous asked:

so I just read this cute thing and can you make a thing where reader and a member (of your choice) have been dating for a while and they live together and everything. And they just do a bunch of cute and stupid shit together and it's like adorable ? Pls and thank you doll :)

Genre: Drabble, Fluff, Couple Life! SVT, Fiancé! SVT

Word Count: 1000+

|| Admin Angel

WARNING/NOTES: The scenario is in the neighbor’s point of view! 

They had been a regular couple, two young adults in their early twenties; working constantly, leaving when the sun rose and returning back to the condo adjacent to mine when the sun was setting. I remember hearing the loud chatter from my open window as her fiancé returned, his friends who gave him a lift back once in a while playing music quite loudly in the hushed neighborhood of large condominiums. And later, when she pulled into our shared driveway, the squeal of her brakes sounding and her car door slamming shut as per usual, he had always been there. No matter how late she had gotten back, he always seemed to be sitting on the steps in front of their door, waiting for her return. There were times when I watched unknowingly as I sat on my bed, gazing through the open as he jumped from off the step and towards the driver side of her car that had yet to be shut off. He’d open the door for her and as she stepped out he welcomed her with a hug and ask for a kiss. And after helping her grab any belongings, he’d wrap his arm around her shoulder and ask her how her day had been. 

They had shared many kisses, not that I had seen, but heard mostly. I’d be closing my bedroom window when they both shared their goodbye kisses, his tone sleepy as he walked her out to her car. Once in a while, you’d be able to hear her giggle as her fiancé leaned down to kiss her through the opened car window. And a “drive safely babe, have fun at work” followed by a kiss as soon as she finished. 

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