normal that everyone actually calls her princess


TBT – Red Rock Relay: Dixie. 08 March 2014.

KC’s sister-in-law (Princess Jamie*) sent me a bunch of photos from the race last weekend! 

  1. Princess Jamie wanted a “couples” photo. I gagged.
  2. I eventually folded. I can, on occasion, tolerate to be seen with KC.
  3. Joey (KC’s brother) & Princess Jamie. Our fearless leaders! They are the only ones that brought food (aside from the apples + trail mix I brought for myself) or water. lolwut
  5. Jaynie (KC’s bestie) & Kim (another friend of KC’s).
  6. I’m getting my calf muscles back! Also, it makes me really happy that my form is so good here, because this was at the end one of my legs.
  7. Jaynie had her first baby (who is the best behaved baby I’ve ever met, FYI) three months ago. THREE MONTHS. I want to be like her when I grow up, except without the baby.
  8. Team photo! Our name was Childs Play. GET IT? It made more sense last year when I was the only non-Childs, I guess. Whatever. Tradition!

While I was running my first leg, Princess Jamie told KC that I am one of her favorite people. My reaction: SWOON. KC’s reaction: “What about me?!” Shhhh, KC. It’s okay. Everyone in your family likes me better. It’s only natural.

I lost my medal. They didn’t have bibs (homegrown sort of relay – they wrote our team number on our calves). Oh! I have a t-shirt. But even if I didn’t, not having normal race swag wouldn’t phase me. So much fun. Genuine smiles all around. Memories and whatnot.

Anyway, I am so sincerely grateful to have such high quality humans (whom I have clearly completely appropriated from KC) in my life.