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Re: Arranged royal marriage AU - I love the chow being incredibly loyal to Jyn. Imagine the entire household knowing that Cassian is a good man for the princess because the dog instantly likes him. Cassian doesn't have a clue that the dog is normally suspicious of everyone around Jyn and just thinks it's really friendly. Jyn pretends not to notice at first, because she's still not ready to accept she's married to the best and kindest man after her father.

The dog likes Cassian before Jyn does, actually, and she’s put off that the Chow–let’s call him Stormy–almost seems to favor Cassian over her as soon as they are married. Stormy sits in his lap, eats out of his hand, and growls at Kay, which Jyn would like to do herself but she can’t–she is the royal princess and there is still some protocol to which she adheres.

When Jyn and Cassian do finally come together, when they admit to one another that they have fallen in love, Stormy is a good little guard dog and stands at his master and mistress’s door and keeps away any staff that might interrupt the lovebirds from their precious private time together.

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TBT – Red Rock Relay: Dixie. 08 March 2014.

KC’s sister-in-law (Princess Jamie*) sent me a bunch of photos from the race last weekend! 

  1. Princess Jamie wanted a “couples” photo. I gagged.
  2. I eventually folded. I can, on occasion, tolerate to be seen with KC.
  3. Joey (KC’s brother) & Princess Jamie. Our fearless leaders! They are the only ones that brought food (aside from the apples + trail mix I brought for myself) or water. lolwut
  5. Jaynie (KC’s bestie) & Kim (another friend of KC’s).
  6. I’m getting my calf muscles back! Also, it makes me really happy that my form is so good here, because this was at the end one of my legs.
  7. Jaynie had her first baby (who is the best behaved baby I’ve ever met, FYI) three months ago. THREE MONTHS. I want to be like her when I grow up, except without the baby.
  8. Team photo! Our name was Childs Play. GET IT? It made more sense last year when I was the only non-Childs, I guess. Whatever. Tradition!

While I was running my first leg, Princess Jamie told KC that I am one of her favorite people. My reaction: SWOON. KC’s reaction: “What about me?!” Shhhh, KC. It’s okay. Everyone in your family likes me better. It’s only natural.

I lost my medal. They didn’t have bibs (homegrown sort of relay – they wrote our team number on our calves). Oh! I have a t-shirt. But even if I didn’t, not having normal race swag wouldn’t phase me. So much fun. Genuine smiles all around. Memories and whatnot.

Anyway, I am so sincerely grateful to have such high quality humans (whom I have clearly completely appropriated from KC) in my life.


  • how is sean bean a bee.  like…. caine is a dog, so he has dog senses and kind of looks like a dog.  but sean bee is just… sean bee.  he lives with bees?? does he make honey.  is he poisonous.  how is he a bee
  • is sean bee’s daughter dying or did i miss exposition also how does sean bee have a daughter what is sean bee’s backstory why does he live on earth what does he pretend to do for a living did his daughter’s mom know she was a bee IS HIS DAUGHTER ALSO A BEE
  • why bees generally
  • bees have nothing to do with any of the rest of this story no one else is a bee there are no more bees why do bees = royalty
  • so caine is a dog… with bird wings….  oh my god karen you can’t just ask dogs why they have wings
  • jupiter is royalty because she’s all the mom jeans showing up in the right order and yet she is somehow herself and not their mom but she still is their relative and inherits stuff?
  • why does everyone want to fuck their mom
  • if humans are just life-crops what are all these other alien races and what are they doing and why is their economy also based on humans trying to live forever
  • so they harvest……….. what exactly, from people…….. souls….. skin…. genes… time….
  • earth is the most valuable world because…. plot?
  • if everyone has genetic recurrences why do they need to live forever
  • does anyone ever die this seems like it would get crowded
  • why didn’t eddie redmayne and his brother generic ya love interest just team up and kill jupiter together and THEN have a slapfight about who gets earth leaving jupiter in the mix just makes it more complicated for everyone
  • why was their sister like ‘wevs i got a cool waterfall palace and everlasting life i’m good’ if she’s good why are the boys so fuckin pissed off abt jupiter is it just a fuck ur mom thing are there no bi people in space
  • why did caine not grab all the other magic spacesuits he knocked like fifteen magic spacesuits into space and then just…. let them drift away that’s like three more hours of air??? what’s wrong w u
  • why is the army made up of dog and bee people and are there just dog and bee people or are there like… elephant people 
  • what do the dinosaurs have to do with anything (are they the ACTUAL dinosaurs or are they space dinosaurs)
  • how did humanity not notice the giant space warehouse inside jupiter
  • sean bee betrayed them because…. i missed that but i think they told us.  but then he’s okay?  because… i don’t think they told us that.  because he’s sean bee.  
  • they kept being like U DON’T KNOW WHAT CAINE DID TO GET KICKED OUT OF THE SPACE MARINES………… and then they never told us what it was i’m worried what if he just like goes apeshit one day and rips jupiters throat out
  • so is jupiter going to live for fifty thousand years now or what
  • is jupiter just not worried about all the other harvesting planets like now that earth’s okay the space people economy can just go on as usual wevs mass genocide on the daily i’m gonna go on a flying date with my dog boyfriend
  • caine was hired by generic ya love interest… but then he stopped being that… because he… did………… 
  • were the other bounty hunters dating or what 
  • did sean bee actually say 'beeswax’ right before he got shot or did i hallucinate that out of sheer what-the-fuck-is-this-movie-stoned joy
  • why does no one else have cool hoverskates
  • jupiter has a rich socialite friend…….. how.  who is this person. how did they meet.  is she chill with jupiter stealing her name.  what is this relationship.
  • did caine actually kill the flying dinosaur at the end or is he just stuck hanging there for eternity
  • jupiter saves the world and just goes back to her normal life???? nah bullshit i totally call bs on that u don’t learn ur literally a space princess and then just go back to ur life cleaning houses idfc how much you love your family you go to the space spa at least u fill ur life with space clothes and space food and space technology TREAT UR SPACE
  • why was everyone on the spaceship super loyal to caine did i miss this are they a ragtag bunch of misfits and i just missed the intro theme song or what
  • i’m so fucking confused this movie makes no fucking sense at all i want to see it a million times