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Her Intimates - The Silk Panties

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Escort missions were Sasuke’s personal version of hell. He hated them more than paperwork (which was like a chidori through the shoulder). Why should he protect rich civilians in the name of Konoha, anyway? He didn’t care if they could afford S Class nin. His team were better than swamp crawling and small talk.

But it was peace time and Kakashi said they had to live.

Naruto suggested the onsen first and Sakura was quick to agree. He stayed quiet. Sasuke didn’t want to travel like this either – he felt caked in sweat and dirt.

The woman behind the counter looked at the three of them strangely when they asked for one suite. Normally they could afford two, or used the public springs with adjacent hotel, but this was a small bed and breakfast with private facilities. Team 7 pitched in and got a room with a shower. Attached to the room was the hot spring they craved. Sasuke imagined he would fight with Naruto over the bed later.

It had been hours since they arrived and Sasuke was starting to be ok with this situation. Naruto disappeared to get ramen about an hour ago and it had been peaceful ever since

“Do you think Naruto will bring some back for us?” Sakura asked absently as she stretched in the hot spring. She leaned back, arms stretched out along the edge of the pool. Her head lolled back and steam billowed around her. Sakura laughed quietly to herself. Sasuke could see her towel beneath the surface as well as her heated pinking skin.

She laughed to herself, “I don’t think he will.”

“When has Naruto brought dinner before?” He replied.

Sakura nodded, “Exactly. Meaning we should probably get out of soon unless we want to get pruney and stay hungry. This is a small town, Sasuke-kun, everything closes early.”

He grunted an, “I suppose.” Then he rose from the heated depths and muttered a few words about getting dressed.

The water sloshed behind him and settled again. The towel was wet and heavy against his skin, while the tile was cool against his warm feet. Sakura didn’t follow.

His clothes were hung over a chair beside the bed, while Sakura’s were on the floor nearby, right where she had left them. Sasuke itched to fold the red outfit but disliked that she’d know he was cleaning up after her again; that was a slippery slope with team mates like his.

He noticed her underwear last, sitting on the end of the bed. Sasuke became unintentionally focussed. The red and white panties stuck out, inappropriately reminding him of his family symbol. The heart in the middle was white and sat below a little white bow. The tips of his ears were red with blood and now his heart beat much faster than before. Sasuke felt his embarrassment mixing with interest and he had an overwhelming urge to touch the silk.

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Lemon for Chloe - normally doesn’t suit everyone’s taste by itself, but with the right combination of fruits and ingredients, it can be sweet too? That and the colour scheme matched well. :-)

Normal food x tiny human beans

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Otayuri headcanons #2

- Otabek’s grandmother knows how to knit the most beautiful clothes, and once she finds out that her grandson has finally befriended the boy he’s been talking about for the past five years, she decides to knit the pretty Russian boy a dark red sweater with a cat paw on it. She insists Otabek give it to Yuri on his birthday.

- When Otabek gives the sweater to Yuri, all blushing and red ears, he says: “And this is from my nan…she says hi…,” and Yuri can’t contain his excitement.

- He immediately tries it on, despite it not at all suiting his normal choice of clothes, but it is warm and fluffy and he won’t take it off anymore for the rest of the evening. The next day, he writes a lengthy mail to thank Beka’s gradma, but then he realises he can’t speak a word of Kazakh

- He asks Beka to help him translate and only then he realises how often he mentions Beka in the mail and how often he says how freaking amazing he thinks Beka is and how much he wants to come visit Beka’s family. He mentions Beka’s name almost in every sentence.

- Otabeks translates the cheesy parts without even bating an eyelash, although next to him Yuri dies from embarrassment. However, more often than not, Beka’s elbow brushes gently against his and when they finally send the mail, Beka’s hand squeezes his and he just says quietly: “She’s gonna be happy to hear from you.”

- Although Yuri is an exceptional figure skater, his grades are suffering from his excessive training. His parents are mildly worried about that and tell him to go and get a personal tutor. Yuri couldn’t be less enthusiastic about the idea as he tells Beka that night as they Skype.

- Beka looks at him for a moment and then he crooks a smile and says: “Well, I could fly over and help you with your studies.” Yuri loves the idea and nearly knocks his laptop over as he jumps up to ask his parents

- Yuri’s parents already view Beka like a family member and when Yuri tells Beka he’ll come pick him up from the airport, his friend looks at him for a moment, before he turns to look out the window and still Yuri can see the massive blush spreading over his usually so stoic face.

- Yuri’s heart starts squeezing pleasantly inside his chest and he starts counting the days toward Beka’s arrival in St. Petersburg

- Yuri’s parents don’t necessarily have a big house, so Yuri offers Beka to sleep in his room, and he’d instead sleep in the living room, as Beka is the guest. Beka just frowns at him and says: “Don’t be silly,” and that’s it.

- They put an airbed next to Yuri’s bed, a blanket and a pillow and Beka doesn’t mind the makeshift bed one bit. Yuri repeatedly asks him if it’s ok and if he’s really comfortable sleeping on the floor – Yuri has never had a friend sleep over at his place, not only because they really have not much space, but mostly because he isn’t close enough to anyone to offer them to come sleep at their house. But with Beka it’s different.

- Yuri repeatedly offers Beka to sleep in his bed and he sleeps on the floor and Beka has had enough. His hand comes up to ruffle Yuri’s silky blond hair and he just quietly says: “You’re the reason I came here. Not your bed. I’m here with you, I don’t need anything extra.”

- When he says that Yuri’s eyes fill with tears because he never would’ve believed that he’d ever have someone who likes him enough to come help him study without asking anything in return.

- Yuri turns away from Beka’s touch because he doesn’t want to let the boy see that he cries because he never, ever would’ve thought that he’d ever find a friend who wants to be with him – just for Yuri being Yuri.

- Beka knows that Yuri needs a few moments to calm down, and he lets him have as much space as he needs. He goes to play with Yuri’s cat and at some point, a few minutes later; he feels a light weight lean against his shoulder.

- He doesn’t look up, but he starts to smile. Yuri snuffles a little. He says: “I like sleeping in.”

- “That’s good. Me too.”

HWTR to accidentally seeing you naked

And you’re not together. 



“[name], come on, have you put on that stupid suit yet?” Joji knocks on the door, slightly annoyed that you were taking so long to put one of those spandex suits he normally wears in his videos. You agreed to help him with this idea he had and he really hoped you didn’t change your mind. He needed you. Or rather, he was dying to see you in those tight suits. He always wondered how you’d look like…

And he was a very curious person.

“N-Not yet!” you shout out and he can hear struggle in your tone of voice. He frowns, hand on the doorknob.

“Are you ok in there? Do you need—“ he twists the knob and opens the door.

“No, don’t come in, Joji!!” you shout.

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friend: i like you for your personality

me and my personality disorder: lol