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there was a long thought process when I first watched this scene that eventually led to “what if Jay had that teddy bear when he was born” and so this happened

bonus flashback! pls don’t judge me I can’t draw babies?



This excellent Morgona was done by the superb and lovely @pkritsu

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a long post about the message of the blurryface era

all the blurryface music videos (and heathens) seem to be pretty different from the rest but all of them have the same theme, which is that connection with friends is the best way to cope, and no one is really alone.

heathens/heavydirtysoul - these two music videos parallel each other closely as i talked about in my last post. both start with tyler in a dark and unfamiliar place. he is sad and withdrawn. then, he sees josh. josh is drumming furiously and doesn’t notice tyler. 

in both music videos tyler is represented by dark motifs (rooms, clothes, etc.) while josh’s motifs are glowing and bright. heathens - he’s drumming on a glowing box, which eventually becomes the stage on which he and tyler play. heavydirtysoul - his drums spark flames with every hit; they grow larger and eventually consume tyler as well. 

both videos reach a climax in which tyler and josh interact with each other for the first time. the light (heathens) and flame (hds) grows to a blinding maximum and the two are rocking out together. josh is no longer ignoring tyler. tyler is no longer withdrawn; he is interacting with josh and for the moment his anxiety is gone. it’s a release but it’s not a painful one. he is coping. 

and then in the end everything is back to normal - no yellow suit, no light, no flames. tyler is still there alone. blurryface is as present as ever. and the implication is that he has imagined josh. this is why josh didn’t notice tyler both times. he was merely an attempt for tyler to find someone to relate to. a cathartic figment of imagination. an imagination of light that tyler hasn’t found yet. 

and what these songs mean in relation to the videos is clear. “all my friends are heathens” - there are so many people here going through the same thing as me, and while the general public considers us freaks, we are all here together and ready to stay that way. “can you save my heavydirtysoul” - implies desperately trying to find a way out of the situation. imagining salvation so fervently that it manifests as almost reality. salvation, here, is josh and the flames. 

lane boy - this one is kind of similar to heathens and heavydirtysoul in that it starts with tyler, alone and contemplating, in the dark. but this time he’s worried about what he has done to become successful, and whether it’s good enough, and whether fame will change him and limit him. all these worries are new to the band, because they’re at the beginning of their rise to fame at this point. and in the video the dark road in the woods symbolizes that they’re in the dark and they’re being careful. stay low they say. 

and then they’re playing on a stage, and everything is forgotten, and they REFUSE to stay low. if you notice in the video the moment tyler sees josh on stage, that is the moment he breaks his silence and starts to dance. to me this video represents that even though not everyone in the crowd might like what the band is doing, and even though there are critics behind that stage and out in that world, being able to play in front of thousands, together, tyler and josh, is worth it. at the end of this video is the realization that having each other means much more than success. 

stressed out - i think this video illustrates the point the most obviously, but it does a great job handling the dichotomy between wanting to grow up and not wanting to grow up. obviously tyler and josh would rather hang out with each other, with no responsibilities, and make music without having to worry about how it is going to be received. and part of the music video is the deliberate denial of reality, and the fantasy of regressing into teenagerhood. but the last part? that’s the acknowledgement that they’re not always going to be kids and life will not be easy. tyler is walking down the street, alone, and without the backpack and the tricycle. this is a sign he’s maturing. and blurryface, he’s there too. i think that entire scene is representative of coming of age.

ride/fairly local - like heathens and heavydirtysoul, i think there’s strong evidence these videos parallel each other. both take place in an isolated location and make use of very polarized (no pun intended) environments. ride - the daytime and the nighttime. fairly local - the icy house and the red hallway. 

so in ride, i think it’s really important that the verses and the bridge take place at night. this is where tyler is doing all his worrying. he doesn’t know what his place in life is and what his relationship to others is. who would you live for, who would you die for, would you ever kill? he’s overanalyzing. he’s in the dark, both literally and metaphorically, about everything. and he doesn’t know where he stands with anyone. he can’t see. he’s wearing dark glasses at night. josh is nowhere to be seen. and then the chorus is where he lets up. he acknowledges that there is a lot to worry about and a lot to analyze over, but he can still enjoy his life. even though he’s hurling through the unfamiliar course of life he can still take the time to look at the things that he loves. and the light comes on, and he can look at the beauty that’s around him, and he can see that there are people and things that mean a lot to him even though he’s questioning it all. 

and then we have fairly local, where the majority of the video takes place in an icy house. the whole video seems very disconnected from the rest of the world. it’s freezing and desolate, both tyler and josh seem to ignore each other, and their demeanor is cold and apathetic. they’re trying very hard to remain unemotional, closed off, unable to see the damage they do to themselves and others. but that denial of their own feelings - that’s where blurryface manifests. he’s what’s causing their isolation, he’s there in the red hallway, changing into something darker and darker as tyler and josh continue to distance themselves.

and a thing i like about fairly local is that the quiet and desolate atmosphere of the video completely contradicts the lyrics of the song. “im fairly local, ive been around, ive seen the streets, youre walking down.” “the few, the proud, and the emotional.” he’s talking about the fanbase, and josh, and jenna, and everyone he’s been able to connect with. and the sense of group mentality and empathy are completely antithetical to the cold, quiet video that they represent breaking out of that atmosphere. 

tear in my heart - this one is an oddball. all the music videos from this era have the common thread of using human connection as a symbol of coping with blurryface. most videos choose to represent that with the relationship between tyler and josh, but this video uses tyler and jenna instead. i think the content of the video is pretty straightforward, and a lot of people have dived into this theory, but the scene in which jenna beats up tyler is important. a common interpretation is that this scene actually represents jenna beating up blurryface. blurryface doesn’t give up without a fight, of course. wrestling with such a character, such a deeply rooted part of your thoughts, is going to cause some distress. there is pain involved in battling your own mind, but the pain is a sign that you are able to fight, that you’re doing it. sometimes you gotta bleed to know that you’re alive and have a soul. but it takes someone to come around and show you how. jenna and tyler’s love for each other is what gives tyler the power to challenge blurryface, but he won’t be able to do that without some pain involved. 

and now i think i understand why blurryface is the name of this strange part of everyone’s brain. the literal opposite of the word blurryface is of course clear face. as in being able to see people’s faces clearly. blurryface is the opposite of seeing people for who they truly are. blurryface is the opposite of joining people who are fighting the same battles as you and really connecting with them. the opposite of blurryface is friendship and truth, and we must always find comfort in the fact that we are not alone. there are always people out there for you. and that’s how you defeat a demon. 

Things Cas does that Dean complains about but secretly loves

- He stays in bed with Dean after they have sex and watches him though the night. During the day Dean keeos insisting it’s creepy, but when he closes his eyes, he’ll still ask, “Stay?”

- When Dean falls asleep in the kitchen or the library, Cas carries him to bed bridal style. Dean always complains while he buries his head in the crook of Cas’ neck.

- Cas has tried to cook for Dean several times. The problem is that he still doesn’t taste anything except molecules, so his concoctions always end up either way too salty or way too sweet. Dean roles his eyes every time, but deep down he’s touched that Cas is trying to learn a new skill just for him.

- Cas has taken to taking long walks through the countryside around the bunker. He does it during all hours of the day, so there had been several instances where a case had suddenly come up and Dean had to search for up to an hour to find him. Of course, he could pray for Cas to come home, but he loves to witness the expression of contentment and peace on Cas’ feature when he is experiencing nature.

- Cas tends to suddenly lose his ability to clean their bodies with a touch whenever he’s in the mood for shower-sex. On hunts, this is more of a bother to Sam than Dean, who was at least generous enough to buy his brother noise-canceling headphones.

- Dean will never admit it, but he likes being the little spoon. He’s still more then happy to hold Cas whenever his waking nightmares threaten to overwhelm him though.

- Since Cas has moved into the bunker permanently, he’s been the target of a lot of small pranks. It didn’t take him long to catch on though and now he gives as good as he gets. One day, Dean walks into the garage and let’s out a deafening shreak, the likes of which have not been heard in the bunker since people had still been tortured in it’s dungeon. The Impala is bright pink. It turns out to just be a glamour charm after all, but Dean still doesn’t speak to Cas for the rest of the day. He only confesses it to the Impala as he cleans her, but he is secretly relieved that Cas finally feels comfortable enough in their relationship to pull a stint like that.

- Cas has finally watched all existing episodes of Dr. Sexy. He tries to engage Dean in speculation over possible endings and relationship end-games, but Dean always shushes him when Sam is nearby. This provokes matching eye rolls in Sam and Cas each and everytime.

- Cas tends to talk about Claire as if she were their daughter and the way she comes to them for help suggests that she seems to feel the same way. Sometimes, it terrifies Dean. He’s already messed enough people up, no need for him to screw up Claire, too. But then again, he’s always wanted a family of his own and if his “wife” turns out to be a traumatised semi-angel in a male vessel with weird opinions about his favourite soap-opera and an equally traumatised almost grown up hunter in training who is also his boyfriend’s ex-vessel, well, he was never suited for “normal” anyway.

- Cas tells Dean he loves him at least twice a day. The first time, when Dean wakes up in the morning and the second time when he closes his eyes at night. Dean always gets flustered in his patented “I am a grumpy hunter and the most emotionally available person in my life growing up was Bobby Singer”-kind of way, but the mumbled “love you, too” still never ceases to make Cas smile.

Harry styles ask game

1. Favorite outfit

 2. Favorite Harry era 

3. Favorite Harry solo 

4. Favorite hair style 

 5. Favorite Interview

 6. Favorite car 

7. Favorite friendship

 8. Favorite ring 

9. London or L.A. Harry 

10. Favorite flowy shirt 

11. Favorite color on Harry 

12. Favorite ship 

13. Favorite tattoo 

14. Favorite sunglasses 

15. Rockstar or cuddly Harry 

16. White, black, or blue jeans 

17. Boots or tennis shoes 

18. Bun or no bun 

19. Dom or sub Harry 

20. Performer or actor

 21. Dad or Daddy Harry 

22. Mad or pouty 

23. Best performance 

 24. Serious or funny 

 25. Favorite bromance 

 26. Favorite picture 

 27. Best Harry fanfiction 

 28. Dodgeball of carpool

 29. YSL or Gucci 

 30. Quiet or talkative 

 31. Harry’s best quote 

 32. The moment where he was the nicest 

33. Older lady loving Harry or dad loving Harry 

34. Funniest joke 

35. Floral suits or normal suits 

36. Dimple or smile 

37. Poutine or pizza rant

38. Rolling Stone or Another Man

39.Favorite photo from Another Man

40. Sign of the Times or Ever Since New York

41. Favorite SNL skit

42. Favorite new fact about Harry

43. Solo Harry or Band Harry

44. Facial hair or no facial hair

Okay so warning about the voltron spoilers!

But I saw plenty of people discuss that this season was not our Shiro but a clone.
And it makes so much sense and I have so much thoughts on it.

But first: Why is he on a galra ship and more important. Why isn’t he more watched? Shiro had escaped on time, it was somehow clear that he could escape a second time and no one really looked at him. He’s the leader of voltron?! He faced a bunch of galra soldiers AND YET HIS ARMS (ESPECIALLY THE RIGHT ONE) WASN’T CUFFED. And If I would be an evil mind I WOULD LET THERE BE A WHOLE ARMY STAND IN THE SAME ROOM WHERE I WOULD HOLD HIM DOWN WITH CHAINS OR SOMETHING? WTF???

And isn’t it funny that Shiro has a flashback on his first imprisonment? And sees himself (or more original!Shiro) in a third person perspective, when he ALWAYS has flashbacks from his point of view? Like in the very beginning of the same episode. Could it be that the long haired Shiro was still on the ship where the original!Shiro was held captive? I’m sure it wasn’t coincidence that fake!Shiro was still there and that we saw this little glimpse. Black wouldn’t transport Shiro to the the ship he was imprisoned the first time.They were too far away. And also Black didn’t “knew” Shiro back then.

What leads us to another question. Why wasn’t Shiro held captive in the main ship then? Allura was and I am sure Shiro, if he would be the original, would be as precious as Allura since (I know I repeat myself) he is the leader. He is important for the team and every other would knew that.

And okay, another though. If original!Shiro really was the captive why didn’t Lotor know? I know Hagger doesn’t trust Lotor, but honestly Lotor would know. And Lotor didn’t know Shiro was held captive. Because Lotor knew that the paladins weren’t the same one because he studied them - he studied which lion where was last seen and realized that the black lion wasn’t somewhere. And he assumed that it would be the same paladins that attacked his father when they attacked him, till he saw that they were fully out of order. So it couldn’t be original!Shiro, cause Lotor would know it. Like Allura said: “He is always a step further.”

Back to Hagger. Honestly if original!Shiro would be somewhere where she could reach him. Shiro would be dead for hurting Zarkon that much ._. 

Okay but also back to fake!Shiro. The hair is too long? Shiro had to be imprisoned for more than a year to get such long hair - he didn’t had so long hair after he escaped the first time … after a year. And now his hair should have grown 30 cm in pfff let it be two weeks? Cause there is some time that flew by. But not a year… maybe some weeks or even less. 

But okay there would also be no way that his undercut wouldn’t outgrown after a year. Except the galra’s have cut it… 
So if we assume the galra has cut it, so original!Shiro can fight as champion, cause hair isn’t good in a fight… why cut the clone’s hair? They didn’t need the clone right now. The hair would grow. 

Also it feels wrong. An episode before “Shiro” returns to the paladins we got the parallel universe with Sven and for me, I wasn’t sure half the next episode if this long haired Shiro is our Shiro. It felt wrong and strange right from the start of this episode and I am sure the writers knew what they would do. They gave us three different Shiro’s in three episodes. It’s strange and rushed. And it was on purpose. Because now Keith has to struggle with a Shiro that wants to lead Voltron again and with commands Keith can’t really get behind. 

The thing is where is original!Shiro then? Is he really with Matt? Like we saw them together on the screenshot some months ago? Maybe. Because we saw Matt again in the first episode the same episode Shiro was freshly missing and both Pidge and Keith searched for them. Maybe it is foreshadowing. We all know the writers love it. Give us little hints and then smash all at us.

Or will they just reunited later?

Or is Shiro really dead? WHAT NO ONE WANTS!! THEY SHOOT SVEN WHO LOOKS LIKE 80!Shiro and a younger version of Keith’s dad THAT’S ENOUGH!

Also why should Shiro wear a new outfit? He went missing in his suit.. his normal outfit probably lays around somewhere? AND WHERE IS HIS SUIT?! And why is his prisoner outfit again so used. Are all prisoner outfits that used?

But it’s also strange that fake!Shiro has memories between his first captive and the second. Like if he had some kind of connection with the original!Shiro and woke up after original!Shiro disappeared. Maybe the connection has broke up after the battle with Zarkon? So now he doesn’t know he is a clone?

And again. Isn’t it strange that fake!Shiro had only memories of the other paladins, Allura and Coran all after the first escape. But not a single one before he got captured the first time? There was no Matt in his memories or maybe how he meet Keith really? It was the first interaction with Keith after his first escape. But we know from season 2 that Shiro and KEith knew each other before. Why didn’t he had a flashback back there? It wouldn’t be strange since we got a whole lot of flashbacks from Allura when she was a child. Why not this time witH Shiro then? Also the flashbacks where again in the third person perspective with original!Shiro. Fake!Shiro didn’t saw them in first perspective like he didn with Ulaz right in the beginning of this episode.

I mean it could be our Shiro. And the memory thing could just be a thing the writers didn’t think of. BUT A CLONE or something that isn’t right with the current (fake)Shiro makes sense and would perhaps explain a bit.

And I won’t start with the part where fake!Shiro tried to pilot black again and couldn’t.

Shiro is either really back but it is very strange or he is a clone and feels like our Shiro but on the same hand doesn’t feel like our Shiro.



Good Catch

Good Catch
Ship: Baseball!Jimin | Mascot!Reader
Description: Jimin had a crush on you, the team mascot, for as long as you started working with him, though he was always too shy to confess to you. But maybe the tedious kiss cams can help this batter make a good catch for a change.
Warning: Fluff, Intercourse, Blowjob, Oral, Pretty Fucking Tame Compared to my Other Sin Works
Word Count: 5,229
A/N: OK, so I’ve been dying for Jimin to be in a baseball uniform, and just… what’s cuter than a Baseball player and a Mascot? I wanted something fluffy instead of just straight up sin but I hope you enjoyed the change of this compared to others! I found it sweet.

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“Blue Velvet” - Digital Oil Painting

I wanted to do a painting to commemorate the recent premiere of David Tennant’s latest film, Mad To Be Normal, featuring one of his favorite fashion statements: the velvet suit. I know he took home at least one of the suits he filmed in, LOL.

If you enjoy my art, please consider subscribing to my Patreon! I am saving to buy a wheelchair lift.

-Kinetic Abilities Prompt List F Edition

Ferrokinesis - Control Metal

  • The only reason my car’s still running in this wasteland is because if it breaks, I don’t have to go hunting down parts to fix it.
  • The only reason I’m able to 3-D print in metal without a smelter is because I can just make it go from solid to liquid and back in a second.
  • I may not be able to walk by myself, but this metal suit I made and can control allows me to live a normal life, as normal as wearing a suit of armor every day can be.

Ferrikinesis - Control Iron

  • “Your iron recreations of the blood vessels and organs is wonderful, yes, but how did you make it?”
  • It’s fun you brought guns. Shame you forgot I could take them apart.
  • But didn’t you take in your surroundings? This whole place is made of iron! Let’s see how well you fight against it.

Figurakinesis - Control Shape

  • No no no, haven’t you taken a studio art class? Shape is 2D! I can’t make something 3D.
  • It may not be impressive, but my papercraft/origami creations are really good.
  • I can just render your bullets useless by making them into the shape of cups. Cups don’t fly very fast.

Filukinesis - Control Thread

  • I can finally make the clothes I want. All I need is the right kind of thread.
  • There’s no way I’d be able to do my hair this fast without my powers.
  • I’ve had it with people. Break me out of this cocoon in a decade. 

Florakinesis - Control Flowers

  • No no no, I only deal in angiosperms. Can’t help you with the attacking fir tree.
  • My life out here in the woods is anything but dark and dreary. Every inch is packed with beautiful flowering plants.
  • Having cats has made having all these plants so much more fun. Plus, some of the plants retract into the dirt when the cat wants to play with them. Can’t have them eating lilies.

Flyrokinesis - Control Force Fields

  • I’m terrified of anything bad happening to my house, so I put a force field around it.
  • I’ve gotten pretty good with making quick force fields. Last week I dropped a sandwich and caught it before it hit the floor.
  • I made force field armor for you. No it doesn’t weigh anything, just put it on!

Fragokinesis - Control Explosions

  • One more crack like that and I’ll start exploding the bones in your feet one by one.
  • I think the only good, non-lethal use for my powers was attaching dye packs to all my stuff that I can explode into a bright indicator of who’s got my phone.
  • When I said I was going out with a bang, I meant it.

Frigokinesis - Control Snow

  • I keep all my enemies frozen and on display in my home as a testament to my triumph. 
  • My ice sculptures are the best in the world. I just won’t show you how I make them.
  • To get to me, you’ll have to trek through a mile of white-out conditions.

Fungokinesis - Control Fungi

  • Sometimes, all that’s needed to stop the heroes is athlete’s foot.
  • I make a killing off of my beer distillery.
  • Please, like poison could affect me.




“Don’t mess with me. Because I will kill you and everyone you love.”

It all started because he wanted to prove to Mr. Stark that he was good enough to be an Avenger. That he could save the world just like the heroes he wanted to be like. Peter should have stayed at Liz’s party that night with Ned and [Y/N] But, instead he decided to venture off into the night to see what that blast of light came from. And if he had stayed? Then maybe he wouldn’t be in the situation he was in now. 

Her screams were like poison. It was slowly killing him from the inside out. He couldn’t think straight because all could focus on was her pained sobs and terrified shrieks. 

His body was aching, burning even. What he would give to have his suit back with Karen directing him. But, he had to go and be an idiot. He risked lives and all he could do was just wallow in the failure he was. 

On top of Tony taking away the suit, he caused Aunt May to panic, and then the final blow. [Y/N]. She was the reason he got up in the mornings prior to becoming Spider-Man. [Y/N] had been the strength he needed on days he felt like had none. And with him bailing for the millionth time to be a hero that she had no clue about, she walked away from. Leaving him in the wake of destruction. Peter was broken

So why wouldn’t he go after The Vulture. Why would he make himself suffer by watching [Y/N] dance with their friends in that beautiful baby blue dress? Why put himself through more misery in watching the girl who had been there for him through everything act like there was nothing ever there between them? Looking back on it now, it would have been a lot less painful than what was happening at this very moment.  

“What’s the matter, Pete?” Adrian bellowed as he hovered over the boy who was struggling to breathe to get back to fight. “Not going to come save the girl?” 

It took every bit of strength he had to pull himself to his knees. The sand burned his eyes, his body pulsating with painful tremors. Looking up into Adrian’s dark eyes, he muttered out. “Just let her go.” 

Adrian flickered a look over towards the girl who had passed out in the sand and who also regrettably reminded him of his daughter Liz. He had seen the girl once or twice over at the house, she was such a sweetheart, that he could remember. Shaking the guilt of having kidnapped his daughter’s classmate and friend, he yanked the girl from the sand and floated higher into the air. “I warned you, Peter. I warned you stay the hell away from me or else I’d kill everyone you loved.” He dug his talons into [Y/N]’s shoulder, causing her to wake and scream out in pain. “It pays to have a daughter that knows you so well. You see, it only took a few minutes to learn who you’ve got left in this world.” Clenching his talons into [Y/N] some more, he growled. “I’m going to start with your first love and then I’m going to rip apart that aunt of yours all while I make you watch and then have you beg for your life as I drain every last ounce of blood in your body.” 

Panic was an understatement of what he was feeling. His heart was beating loud, blood racing, causing his head to spin. “Please, just let her go.” Tears were brimming his eyes, [Y/N] was never supposed to get caught up in this. He never wanted this to happen. That was the whole point of not telling her about his secret. The whole point he risked the integrity of their relationship. “Please. Don’t hurt her anymore. If you’re going to kill anyone, it’s me. Please. Leave them out of it. They don’t know about me. Please!” 

“Desperation isn’t a good look for you, Pete.” Adrian snickered. He floated a little bit higher, “You know, I’m having a hard of hearing, could you repeat yourself?” 

Peter shouted, “Let her go!” 

Smirking, “Oh? Let her go? If you insist.” 

“NO!” Peter screamed as he pushed himself up off the sand and towards the plummeting body of his girlfriend. He had no leverage, he couldn’t relieve the speed at which she was falling. Bracing himself, he cushioned her fall. Grunting and groaning from the impact, he scrambled up. Ignoring every fiber that was screaming inside of him. 

Flipping [Y/N] over, he examined her. Tears started to fall, she was hurt, badly. Her soft blue dress was stained red, her shoulder was shredded to the point that Peter wasn’t sure if she would be able to move her arm, and blood was just oozing from everywhere. 

“[Y/N], hey, hey, look at me, hey, [Y/N].” Peter was begging for her to make a sound. Instead, she stiffly moved her head with her eyes fluttering. She needed a hospital and there was nothing he could do about it. “[Y/N]” He sobbed, “Look at me, please. Baby, look at me.” 

“Enough with the waterworks, boy.” Adrian yelled as he dropped to the ground and yanked Peter off of [Y/N]. 

“No, stop!” Peter cried out. Crawling back towards [Y/N], he watched as she started to regain consciousness. His heart was thumping louder in his chest as she tried to sit up. He could tell she was in pain and beyond confused. 

[Y/N] whimpered as she used her free hand to put pressure on her wounded shoulder. It felt like she had been hit by a truck.  Looking around her, she shielded her eyes from the smoke billowing from around her. She locked eyes with Peter, “Peter?” 

Swallowing hard, he tried to form words. Because the way things were going, this was probably going to be last time he would ever see her. “[Y/N]….” 

Wincing, she coughed from the smoke filling her lungs. “Where am I?” Her memory of the night was fuzzy. One minute she remembered having somewhat a decent time at the dance and then the next she being kidnapped in the girls bathroom and thrown into a van. 

“Enough chit-chat.” Adrian snarled as he grabbed Peter and yanked him onto his back. “Sorry to do this to you but I’m really not sorry. Looks like I’m gonna have to kill you first.” 

“Peter!”[Y/N] screamed. Her eyes widened as she finally caught sight of his attire. Squinting her eyes against the smoke, she gasped. “Peter?!” What he was wearing was the same exact thing that the Spider-Man wore in the beginning. She’d be an idiot not to notice, she had spent hours studying the videos people caught of him. 

In a way, [Y/N] had become secretly infatuated with him. She kept it to herself because she didn’t want Peter thinking that she was insane. Plus, she wasn’t in love with Spider-Man, she was just intrigued by the idea of him. 

It all started to make sense. She thought it was incredibly weird that Tony Stark would have chosen Peter for the Stark Internship considering he wasn’t even eligible to register for it. And then the last minute cancellations on the nights that their neighborhood Spider-Man would make a grand appearance in stopping bank robberies and breaks ins? How in the hell did she miss that? 

“Oh my god.” [Y/N] whispered. He wasn’t wearing his normal suit which meant the ferry incident resulted in something bad. And if Peter’s Spider-Man then that also meant he bailed on her for the millionth time because he had a job to do. “I’m a fucking idiot.” She breathed as she looked around her for something she could throw. The Vulture’s suit was malfunctioning and even through the smoke and her sand irritated eyes, she knew if she just had something to throw into the exposed wires, she could allow Peter a few seconds to get away. 

Hissing out in pain from her shoulder, she started to crawl on her knees to look through the rubble of broken parts. Whimpering from her pain, she forced herself to keep searching. Looking back,  she started to panic as Peter started to defend himself less. “Come on, come one.” She muttered and then following quickly a yelp from an electrical shock of what she would have guessed that belonged to a panel of some sort. 

Closing her eyes, she mustered up all the strength she had left. Gritting through the painful surges of electricity, she picked it up and let it sail in the air and right into the open wings. Just as she had hoped, it created a minor short circuit. “Peter, run!” She screamed as she picked herself up and started to run towards the towering flames on the sand. 

Coughing, she shielded her eyes as she ventured further into the fire. Weaving in and out of burning debris, she gasped for air. [Y/N] could feel her lungs filling with smoke and for a minute, she wasn’t sure what hurt worse. Her shoulder or the fact that she couldn’t breathe. 

[Y/N] yelped out when an explosion behind her went off, turning her head, she only hoped that Peter took her distraction and ran.  All she needed was to make a few more steps and she’d reach the pier full of people that would no doubt help her. Just a few more feet, [Y/N] thought as she trudged through the thick sand. Her vision started to blur as her head got fuzzy. I must have lost a lot of blood. [Y/N] fell to her knees, whimpering because she was so close to help, she could taste it. 

“[Y/N]!” Peter yelled as he watched her fall. Forcing himself through all the torturous pain, he ran up to her. Kneeling down, he gently scooped her up in his arms. Tears rushed to his eyes as her eyes fluttered open, “[Y/N], stay with me, please. I’m getting help.” 

“Peter?” She asked, she was beginning to feel loopy. Coughing, she gripped his arm, “What are you doing here?” 

Biting his lip, he pressed a kiss to her head. “I’m getting help, baby. I’m getting help.” Standing up, he trudged the rest of the way up.