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A few people have asked me to draw something I want for a change. So I thought I’d give myself a little break from celebrities and jokes and just draw whatever came into my head which so happened to be this bird guy. I hope you like him.

Normal service to be resumed shortly.


We’ve reached the end of our trip. Paul had a quick half day trip to Yokohama. Normal service of pictures of Rebecca and Johanna will resume shortly.

I don’t usually smile but… - AbbyCatsUK

I don’t like my smile, when I do it shows off my big chin, chipmunk cheeks and the fact my jaw doesn’t close right is obvious, at least to me. Anyway I do try and take some photos of me smiling and they generally get deleted quite quickly. However, tonight I found an okay and managed to snap this one which wasn’t too bad. Thankfully you can’t make out my crows feet, my 35 years do show, so that’s a plus :P

Don’t expect many more like this, normal service will be resuming shortly.