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Anti-Trump protesters risk 60 years in jail.  Is dissent a crime?
More than 200 people who were arrested on Trump’s inauguration day risk up to 60 years of jail. Meanwhile, the white supremacists in Charlottesville walk free
By Eirik Cheverud

On the morning of President Trump’s inauguration, police trapped and arrested more than 230 people. Some were anti-Trump demonstrators; some were not. The next day, federal prosecutors charged them all with “felony rioting”, a nonexistent crime in Washington DC. The prosecution then launched a sweeping investigation into the defendants’ lives, demanding vast amounts of online information through secret warrants.

Prosecutors eventually dropped a few defendants, like journalists and legal observers, but simultaneously increased the charges against everyone else. The most recent indictment collectively charged more than 200 people with felony rioting, felony incitement to riot, conspiracy to riot, and five property-damage crimes – all from broken windows.

Each defendant is facing over 60 years in prison.

The prosecution next obtained warrants focused on anti-Trump organizers. One sought a list of all visitors to a website that organizers used to promote Inauguration Day protests. A second sought information on all Facebook friends and related communications of two organizers, the host of a coalition Facebook page, and those who simply “liked” that page.

Despite legal challenges, a court recently decided to enforce the warrants, requiring only that personally identifiable information be redacted for “irrelevant” material. This unprecedented prosecution follows a drastic change in local law enforcement’s response to protest.

The DC Office of Police Complaints issued a report critical of the mass arrest, noting the departure from standard operating procedure and the likelihood that police lacked individualized probable cause to arrest everyone. This is exactly the type of action new policies and statutes enacted in DC were meant to avoid, following a 2002 mass arrest that caused the District to pay over $10m in settlements.

Compare this crackdown with the government’s response to the pre-planned, armed violence and rioting by white supremacists and private militia groups in Charlottesville, Virginia.

There was no sweeping online dragnet to identify organizers who conspired to plan, promote, and carry out violence in Charlottesville – violence against people, not property.

Nor were all the participants in Charlottesville rounded up and charged with felony conspiracy to commit rioting – or charged as accessories to Heather Heyer’s murder. Instead, federal prosecutors have done little to nothing.

Online activists exposed the identities of a few white supremacists, leading to charges from local law enforcement due to public pressure. But there have been no felony rioting charges, no charges of guilt-by-association, no police raids, no sweeping investigation.

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Also:  US government demands details on all visitors to anti-Trump protest website

Cartoon by Jen Sorensen -

me: *takes a deep breath*


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Do you know where that JD AH comment you just reblogged is from?

it’s from an article from the black mass premiere in toronto in 2015 when she was being her abusive and manipulative self:

Here’s the article

At the Sept. 14 premiere of Johnny Depp‘s new film Black Mass at the Toronto International Film Festival, photographers captured the passion on the red carpet between the star and his wife, Amber Heard, who kissed and cuddled for the cameras.

But away from the shutterbugs, a source says, the newlyweds got hot and bothered in a different way. Amber, 29, hovered near her hubby as he schmoozed, and when she saw him chatting with a young woman, the source says, “she stormed over and tried to butt in.”

When Johnny, 52, continued the conversation, she “looked livid” and quickly pulled him aside. The source says, “She talked to him like a child. Johnny smiled awkwardly and seemed to calm her down, because the next minute they were holding hands again and she was all smiles.”

According to the insider, this volatility is nothing new for the couple, who wed in February and bicker about everything from his female fans to Johnny’s recent weight gain. She’s bothered so much that Amber has begun dictating his diet. “She says he looks like a mess now,” says the source.

“Amber is very loving toward Johnny — but if things aren’t the way she wants, all hell breaks loose,” the insider says.

Friends who’ve witnessed the actor bend to Amber’s controlling ways are wondering what happened to his rebellious spirit. “He’s blinded by love,” the source says. “He’ll do anything she wants — and she knows it.”

there are more stories like this example: at the lone ranger premiere in disneyland she was super rude to everyone basically, she pulled him away from fans at the airport in tokyo in 2015, when they were on their honeymoon, at the Hollywood Film awards in 2015, she hits him multiple times during that stupid Overhaulin’ episode he did specially for her

combine this with Doug Stanhope’s statement: 

We’d watched it build like this since before they were married. We’d watched her manipulate and f— with him for years. We didn’t say a word. To each other, yes, but never to him. When your friend is in an awful, abusive relationship — man or woman — …

and here abusing her ex-wife:

And lots of cuts and bruises all over his face and body

and the statements from his bodyguards and the police:

normally she was the one who had to be physically pulled off of Johnny. Reportedly she would throw bottles, scream and “charge” at him. The guards will testify during the restraining order hearing in June.

On May 21, 2016, officers responded to a domestic incident radio call…” LAPD Sgt. Marlon Marrache says. “The person reporting the crime [Heard] did not insist on a report and no report was warranted. There was no evidence of any crime. A crime did not occur so the officers left the scene and left a business card.”Marrache adds that if there had been any signs of abuse, officers would have conducted an investigation, regardless of what Heard said had happened.

and his evidence list:

We find that Amber Heard is a multiple abuser and deserves nothing!

i’m disgusted and sorry because this post was not respectful for his privacy, but i can’t stand an abuser being glorified simply because she is a woman


(This is part of the bigger article from earlier, but with so much news coming out and all the updates that were posted there, we thought it better to start a new post with the current facts)

The Seoul Metropolitan Police have just made a statement regarding T.O.P’s current condition. According their statement, T.O.P’s current state is not as severe as the Korean media has made it seem. A representative from the Seoul Metropolitan Police has just stated, “Yesterday T.O.P was waiting at his platoon headquarters when he took his usual medication prescribed for anxiety and insomnia at 10pm. This morning at 7:30am, he was fast asleep and when we tried to wake him up for breakfast, his eyes opened for a second before falling back asleep, so we just thought he was really tired and let him continue sleeping.”

The police representative continues with the timeline, saying, “Around noon he started sweating profusely and couldn’t wake up, so we brought him to the local emergency room where he received blood, urine, and CT tests and there was nothing out of the ordinary. When we called his name or poked him, he showed some response, and when he was brought to the hospital, we did not carry him, we helped him walk.”

The representative then reassured the press, “T.O.P is not currently in a dangerous state, he’s just sleeping deeply due to the hypnotic component in his medicine. Once the medicine works its way out of his system in a day or two, he’ll be back to normal.”

Finally, the police representative stated, “According to the physician’s diagnosis, it seems that T.O.P overdosed his usual medication. We cannot know based on the examination results how much he took.”

The police force representative again emphasized to the media that T.O.P did not seek out the medication randomly, but that it is normally prescribed to him.

According to this police statement, T.O.P is not unconscious but rather in a very, very deep sleep. Based on this statement it seems like the BIG BANG member will be fine in a few days, but YG Entertainment has yet to make an official statement on this most recent update, so stay tuned for details.


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You're salty. I thought this episode was great.

Okay, well - off the top of my head -

  • I didn’t like a police officer saying he’d go ahead and kill the suspect because that’s not what the police is for, and I didn’t like Dean approving of this plan - yay for the Wild West theme, but, really, we’ve got courts for that, and presumption of innocence. And policemen aren’t supposed to ignore the law just because the victim was someone they cared about. That’s a dangerous message to put out there and support, especially with all the shit that’s going down in the US rn.
  • I don’t understand why Cas hid behind a car instead of fighting the ghoul - we’ve been told he’s got his powers back, and even if he didn’t, he’s still an angel, and a gun can’t hurt him. Allowing a shootout to take place was dangerous for everyone involved, and did result in a death that could have been avoided (but I guess we needed a reason other than ‘meh’ for Jack to disappear, so, whatever).
  • I’m all for the hilariously thick layer of subtext, but it’s still out of character that Dean shouldn’t care about his mother at all - now Cas is back, it’s like everything is alright in the world - suddenly, he even trusts Jack and considers him part of TFW, which, to me, is simply not believable - and that’s exactly what I meant when I said keeping this thing in the subtext hurts the show.
  • I’m annoyed beyond belief by the fact we now know for sure Dean and Sam didn’t know what happens to angels and demons after death - especially because, to Cas, it seemed to be everyday information. I mean - I understand they’ve got a day job and clothes to steal and a Bunker to vacuum, but you’d think having a library of secret information and a seraph sitting right there would make them slightly curious about this sort of things? Really, I’m just fed up with this kind of ‘Hey so we’re friends with an immortal creature but I never asked him any questions at all because it’s more fun to play beer pong together’ narratives.
  • Also, they’re using Jack to scale back the gay, which is yet another example of doublespeak (‘Hello, Jack’, shoulder touches, fake son/fake parent love can pierce through the veil of death and save the day?).
  • And speaking of the gay - I can’t believe they’re comparing themselves with Brokeback Mountain. Seriously, I don’t even know where to start there, so I won’t.

And finally - you say I’m salty - so far, the most successful post about this episode that’s crossed my dash was gushing not about what actually happened in Tombstone, but about what was confirmed to go on offscreen - and, I’m sorry, but that’s not how TV is supposed to work? It’s possible we’ve all been in this fandom so long we’ve probably forgotten about this, but usually we derive enjoyment from a story because of what happens textually - we’re not supposed to watch stuff frame by frame and crawl through the subtitles and draw up elaborate cross-reference charts to guess at what could possibly maybe probably go down between episodes. The fact we all do that, the fact many of us like it, and the fact we’re actively hostile to anyone who doesn’t want to do it (like you are, for instance) - well - seeing that does make me slightly salty, yes. Guess that means I’m not a demon yet? 

how can you claim to care about racism in the nhl when a player openly supporting a movement that normalizes police brutality isn’t a deal breaker for you lol

Stolen Heart: Part 3

Prompt: Can you do a Damian Wayne Imagine where the reader is Catwoman’s protogé and they have a relationship just like Bruce and Selina but the mentors don’t approve?

AN: I am rocking it today!!!

Words: 850

Part One, Part Two

You had never really been one for small towns. You’d spent your entire life in Gotham, and then you’d moved to New York City. Small town life had simply never appealed to you, but after three years, you could admit it had grown on you. Sliding the heels from your feet you sigh at the feeling of the hardwood. Tossing the shoes to the side you move farther into the house.

          You hear the footsteps before you hear the call. Widening your stance, you brace for impact. Gideon rounds the corner, a smile on his face, as he dives into your arms. At seven years old he’s getting almost too big to do the hug and dive. It won’t be long before he’s knocking you over.

          You ruffle his hair, as he starts talking about his day. You listen as you move towards the kitchen, the smell of papaya wafting towards you nose. You smile at Damian, who gives you a quick kiss, before handing you a glass of wine.

          He’s still dressed in his sheriff’s uniform, a towel tossed over his shoulder. The two of you listen as Gideon continues to talk, before he runs off towards his room to play. There’s a moment of silence before Damian says, “I have no idea where he learned to talk for that long. It’s not like either of us come from a family of talkers.”

          You smirk, “I suppose that’s what happens when you live the normal life.”

          Damian scoffs, “Normal.”

          Your smirk widens, “I know. You despise that word.”

          He turns to stare at you, before moving towards you, and caging you against the table with his arms. His voice lowers to a whisper, “You are a former international burglar, and I was trained by the League of Assassins before becoming a superhero vigilante at the age of ten. Normal is an insult.”

          You lean up and kiss his jaw. “I kind of like it. No bad guys, no mortal wounds, no discussion of what’s right or wrong. Just a normal librarian married to a normal police sheriff, with their normal son. It’s quiet and different than what we’re used to, but I love it here. Gideon loves it here.”

          “What if we didn’t have to stay?” He asks quietly.

          “We’re being chased by an unknown organization that wants to kill me and our son. We’re safe here, why would we move?”

          “Because I’ve secretly had the League working on identifying the group, and taking care of our problem. And as of three months ago, that goal was accomplished.”

          You take a deep breath, “So your father knows …”

          He nods, “Yes. He’s invited us back to Gotham.  Offered me a place at the company, wants to train me to take over the family business.”

          You frown, “You’re not talking about just Wayne Enterprises are you?”

          Damian shakes his head, “He’s getting old. He can’t keep it up anymore. He needs me to take over.”

          “He has four other sons, Damian.”

          Damian finally pushes away from the table, “All of whom have their own identities and territories. I’m the logical choice. I put in my notice at the department today. We’ll be back in Gotham by the end of the month.”

          You shake your head, and he stares at you. You can feel your voice going raw as you speak, “You’ll be in Gotham by the end of the month, but Gideon and I are staying.”

He looks at you in disbelief, “We’re a family.”

You shake your head “A family would have discussed this. A family would have taken Gideon into consideration.”

“He’d be in one of the top private schools in the world.”

“And taken away from all his friends and the only home he knows.”

“The Manor …”

“The Manor is not a home, it’s a place where soldiers are trained. And Gotham is the place they fight. I won’t allow my son to become that.”

“Our son.”

You just look Damian in the eye and say, “Right now, he’s my son.” And without another word you leave the kitchen. You go to your room, and make sure to lock the door. With a scream you collapse on the bed, and for the first time in four years you feel like that nineteen-year-old who had left that city behind.

When you wake up the next morning it’s to Damian, sitting down beside you. You’re not all that surprised to see him, the locks on the doors are amateur hour. To be completely honest you hadn’t expected him to wait this long.

The next words out of his mouth shock you to your core, “I told my father no. We can stay here. We can be normal.”

wanna-one scenario (fluff)

wanna-one reactions to cuddling on the couch (fluff)

Jisung- lots of him whining so you could cuddle and once he got you to sit with him he would just wrap his arms around you and hold you like you were the most precious little fragile flower :”)

Sungwoon- would chase you around that house giggling (like this until he caught you and would pick you up and drag you to the couch where he would proceed to tickle you.

Seongwoo- would pretend to draw 3 freckles on your cheek and be like “now if you ever miss me just think of the 3 freckles i drew on your cheek’ and you be like aww then he’d be like “then remember i belong to Daniel” and you’d laugh and like hit his chest and he’d be like “iM just jOking- it was to make you laugH- I’m yours”.

Minhyun- so smiley would literally melt your soul by that cute smile he makes (every time he sees Seonhobeiafbeu) and he would just stare at you with the most adorable puppy eyes with his arms wrapped around your waist ahhgreunwgjre

Jaehwan- would literally be lying with you with his hands wrapped around your waist and say the strangest things like “do you think normal dogs see police dogs and think ‘oh god its a cop’?” and you would both lay there contemplating life.

Daniel- would see you lying on the couch and literally fall on you and snuggle you and like just say the cute things and his lil eyes would turn into little moons gbrejkgreng

Jihoon- baCKhugs all of a sudden you’d be watching tv then all of a sudden Jihoon would be behind you with his arms wrapped around your neck and next thing you know you’d be cuddling.

Woojin- probably cuddling in the corner of the couch while watching a soppy romantic movie and Woojin would burst out in tears and you would be there like about tot cry but he would totally switch your mood and you would end up hysterically laughing.

Jinyoung- would see you asleep on the couch and would just lay down next to you and he would rest his chin on your head and wrap his arms around you and sleep with you.

Daehwi- would smother you and just squish you and hold you like you’re the most precious thing to him and would always remind you how much he loves you ‘with all of my soul from my left ear to my right pinky toe’ and you’d be like ‘what about your hair?? does it not love me??’ and he’d be like ‘oF CouRse iT dOes’ and smother you again.

Guanlin- oK so muCh sMile legit that gummy smile he makes when he’s rlly happy ? that one. then lots of laughing and happiness and him resting his head in the crook of your neck jsjdjdjsk


This is WHY Black folks do not trust police. Our deaths are so normalized that the police officer used black death as a tactic to comfort a white women.

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It’s Complicated - Theo Raeken

Summary: Based of one of my favorite songs Bad Things by MGK ft. Camila Cabello. Takes place during season 6.

Theo Raeken x Reader

Word Count: 2,976

Author’s Note: Second imagine! Wooo! I was never really a Theo girl. I couldn’t understand the appeal since he was evil. But I love this song and I thought it’d be great for Theo. I know the song is called Bad Things, but it could have easily been called it’s complicated. Also, I’m still not 100% sure what Cody’s eye color is. It looks blueish but sorta greenish. Idk. If you know, tell me please. 

It’s late but it’s still Teen Wolf Tuesday

P.S. Some of the words are lyrics to the song. I wish I could take credit, then I could pay off some of this college debt. In other words, I don’t own them.

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Mrs. Douglas was going on about some science experiment she was going to have the class do. But you were too busy staring out the window to pay attention. There was going to be a full moon tonight. Which meant another night you were going to wolf-out. It’s been 3 months since Theo got dragged to wherever the hell he was, which meant it was going to be the 3rd time you’d get chained up at Lydia’s lake house. Theo was your anchor, and with him gone you had no one to think of to calm you.

Some would say you were out of your mind to be in love with Theo Raeken. Some being Stiles. You couldn’t really explained why you fell for the original chimera.

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Brilliant (Dick Grayson X Reader)

love ur work! if it’s not too much to ask a dick x reader fanfic where dick introduces the reader to the batfam for the first time?? Thanks!!💕💕

A/N: Thank you!! I hope this is up to par!

‘Oh, god, no I can’t do this,’ you thought to yourself, knees buckling as you walked up the stairs towards the huge front door. Your palms were sweating endlessly as your heart raced with anxiety.

This was it.

After almost a year of dating, this was the first time you’d meet Dick Grayson’s family. It wasn’t even just any normal family, it was the Waynes - one of the richest households in the world. You didn’t even know Dick was Bruce Wayne’s adopted son until a few weeks ago; you just assumed he was a normal Bludhaven police officer who happened to be interested in you.

Needless to say, when he told you who his father was, you felt a bit of your soul die.

In the midst of your internal panic session, you were pulled back into reality by the front door opening. There stood a well-dressed old man whose face lit up when he saw you.

“Ah, you must be Miss (Y/N)!” He said, offering to shake your hand. You returned the gesture, smiling through your nerves. “I must say I’ve been very excited to meet you, please come in!”

“It’s great to meet you, too,” you replied before entering the huge manor. Your anxiety tripled when you noticed the entire family sitting by the dinning table, all of them staring at you as you walked in.


“(Y/N)!” Dick stood up and ran towards you. He wrapped an arm around you and pulled you to his chest before kissing you sweetly; a groan could be heard from the dinner table. “Don’t be nervous, babe,” he whispered before leading you over to the table.

The first person who stood up to greet you was Bruce Wayne himself. He gave you a warm handshake and said, “we’ve heard a lot of great things about you-”

“Too much.” The youngest boy of the family piped up, earning a glare from his father. You simply smiled nervously.

“- anyways, we’re glad you could make it tonight. Please, make yourself at home.”

“Thank you, Mr Wayne, it’s a pleasure to finally meet Dick’s family,” you replied, sincerely but with a tinge of anxiousness. You swore you could hear your heartbeat at the rate it was going.

“The pleasure’s all mine; and please, call me Bruce.”

Oh god Bruce Wayne just told you to call him Bruce. Holy. Fuck.

Dick then pulled out the seat beside him for you and you gracefully sat down. He then introduced you to all his brothers.

First, there was Jason who looked rather intimidating. But for some reason, you could see a certain tenderness in his eyes.

Then there was Tim who looked extremely tired. He looked away with a blush every time you caught him staring at you.

Lastly, there was Damian who wouldn’t stop glaring at you for some reason.

A moment after, the butler, whom you learned was named Alfred, served dinner and oh god the food was amazing. You had to consciously stop yourself from scarfing down everything that was handed to you.

During the amazing meal, Dick’s family members bombarded you with questions.

“How did you two meet?”

“We were both assigned to the same case in Bludhaven-”

“- she was my superior and requested for me to join her-”

“- no I didn’t-”

“- don’t lie honey, your pants will catch on fire.”

“When did you realise that you liked this loser?”

“He took a bullet for me during a robbery gone wrong-”

“- totally worth it.”

“Did you two have sex-”

“JasON NO.”

As time passed by, you found yourself become more comfortable with his family. They were exceptionally kind and funny people. Occasionally you’d catch your boyfriend smiling at you from the corner of your eye; every time, your heart skipped a beat.

You could get used to this.

A while later, you excused yourself to the bathroom. It was only after you left the dining area that you realised you had no idea where the bathroom was. Being too awkward to go back and ask, you decided to look around yourself. A house as big as this probably had many bathrooms, it shouldn’t be too hard to find one.

Just a moment after, you found yourself stumbling across a place that made your jaw drop.

The moment you were out of the vicinity, everyone at the table stared at Dick expectedly.

“What?” He asked, mouth half full of food.

“Does she know?” Bruce asked under his breath. Dick glanced around and realised everyone else silently asked the same question.

“No,” he said, noticing that everyone generally had the same disappointed reaction. “I want to make sure she’s the one before I tell her.”

“From the looks of it,” Damian commented, “she is the one for you.” Everyone else nodded in agreement.

Inside, Dick knew it, too. He knew it the moment he instinctively took the bullet for you that you were someone he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

“You have that stupid love-struck look on your face every time you look at her,” Jason added, “and you look at her pretty much all the time so that’s basically your neutral expression now.”

“Miss (Y/N) is rather special,” Alfred said, a loving smile on his face, “I can tell she makes you very happy, Master Dick.”

“She does. Being with (Y/N) makes me the happiest I’ve ever been.”


“She also takes a long time to go to the bathroom, doesn’t she?”

You walked around the lair, looking at everything but was careful enough not to touch anything. You knew that if this were some cliche spy movie, you’d be killed the moment you were caught but oh god, it’ll be worth it.

The futuristic technology; the weapons held in display cases; the suits hung on the walls; everything was fantastic.

You knew what this meant, of course. Your boyfriend had a family of vigilantes; which meant that Dick, too, was most likely one of them. This revelation was shocking but in a wonderful way, it was exhilarating.

As you looked up at the costume of Nightwing, you wondered if this meant that you’d have to be killed in order for their identities to remain a secret. Before you could think too much about it, many sets of running footsteps approached you.

You turned around and spotted the entire family looking at you, their eyes all wide open. Their expressions all said “oh fuck”.

“I know I shouldn’t be saying this but,” you said, breaking the silence that had formed between you and the others, “this is really amazing.”

Everyone could see how your eyes shone with admiration as you spoke, how you spoke with great sincerity.

“I’m sorry… You’re gonna have to kill me now, aren’t you?” You asked, your voice quivered nervously. Their lack of a response had caused a great deal of anxiety to wash over you.

The saddened tone of your voice instantly triggered something in Dick as he immediately walked over to you and pulled you into a hug.

“No, don’t be silly, (Y/N),” he said, rubbing your back gently. He could feel your heart beating fast against his chest. “I’ve been meaning to tell you, anyways… But now that you know,” he pulled you away from his chest but still kept his arms around you as he looked into your eyes, “what’d you think?”

“I think it’s brilliant.” You looked at his family, “I think you’re all brilliant,” you said, a huge smile on your face. A smile that warmed all their hearts instantaneously.

“Marry her right now, Grayson.”

Ordinary #11

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Word count: 1191

Warnings: Angst, violence, use of drugs, nothing too serious yet

Author’s note: Omg I do not know why I am doing this to myself but that is probably the only way to satisfy all of you since I got the request three time with different people :D Please tell me if you liked it my lovely anons ♥

Also @twitchysmiles @lovingkittyobject @deltablue202 hope this is to your satisfaction as well! Thanks for showing interest ♥

I would like to make this a longer thing if you want to so go ahead and request ;)

P.S.: I am not so content with the headline so I may change it… now I stop bothering you. Happy reading :D

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Request: For the Drabble game can I request taehyung (bts) with the mafia with numbers 6&16??? love yew

Bts Yoongi Mafia au with 6 & 16 pls?✨🌙             

Can I request a drabble with EXO’s Chanyeol, mafia #6 and #16?? Anyway, I love your blog!!😍😍             

6: “Look at me when I’m fucking talking to you”

16: “Looks like I’m going to have to punish you, babydoll”

What if a handsome gang leader, a smart assassin and an admirable drug dealer were head over heels for one girl. A girl which was called “ordinary” so often that no one would ever believe their intentions could be real. But they were and the girl we just talked about, is you. 

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LafLams – Halloween Fun~!

Request -  “Write the kinkiest LafLams smut you can come up with I believe in u ” from @professionalfangirl3000 :3

Summary - Halloween. Obviously, you’d dress up, go trick-or-treating, go to parties. But, Lafayette and Alex probably went a little bit too far. Yes, they wore costumes ( rather kinky ones) with John, but, Lafayette decided to step it up a bit. In a kinky manner. John would have to go to the party with some sex toys up in him! If he makes it through the night, he’ll get a reward. Will he get it, or not?

Timeline - Present Day :3

Word Count - 4,457 :3 okay, maybe I went a little overboard xD

Trigger Warnings - INTENSE SMUT, daddy kinks, sex toys, lots of profanity.

NOTE - This is horribly long, so I’m sorry– CREDIT GOES TO THE ARTIST OF THE FANART USED DOWN BELOW!!!

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A logical reason behind #TeamIronMan

Although the writers tried their best, the Civil War narrative was slightly biased towards Captain America’s side.

The resistance were, maybe unintentionally, portrayed as the good guys more often than not. 

On the other hand, with the death of Goliath and the Negative Zone fiasco, pro- registration appeared worse than they actually were.

I personally thought the pro registration side was the better side.

They were the only ones who were approaching the matter in a mature way, in a way that would benefit everyone.

The ’superpowered police’ argument given by Tony Stark was bang on target, despite of which it wasn’t given much importance in the series.

Policemen have to go through training.
Firemen have to go through training. 
EMTs have to go through training.

Then why not metahumans?

The anti registration side argued that they didn’t choose to have superpowers.
To be frank, it was a weak argument.

First of all, a lot of heroes did choose to have superpowers viś Tony Stark and Steve Rogers.
Other metahumans didn’t have a choice, but they had a choice of whether or not they wanted to serve humanity with their superpowers.

Spidey got superpowers as an accident, but the society didn’t ask him to be a vigilante. Fighting crime and becoming a superhero was a choice.
Just like normal humans have a choice whether or not they want to join the police force and fight for the good.

A metahuman with no sense of responsibility and uncontrollabe powers? I would choose a normal police officer any day.

Simply speaking, I wouldn’t want to be around an unprofessional and untrained metahuman that has the power of leveling everything within a mile’s radius.

Also, what we fail to realize is that all the other comic book arcs are shown through a rose tinted glass.
If metahumans existed in real world, the governments would want to go the registration way more often than not.

And that’s perfectly logical.

All that destruction you saw in Man of Steel. Do you know who paid for it?

You and me.

It’s the common man’s tax money that pays for all that.

Making metahumans a little more accountable for their actions is in everyone’s interest.

I know the act had certain loopholes. But, then again, name me a law that doesn’t.

As long as there are humans, there will be corruption.
As long as there are humans, there will be bad humans.

Nothing is foolproof.

Laws, just like life, evolve over a period of time.

And considering Reed Richards and Tony Stark were in charge of the registration act (in a way), chances of things going wrong were very very slim.

Captain America was fighting just for the sake of exactly that, fighting. Despite of his huge ego and negative character, Tony is NOT an idiot. He entered MIT at 15, runs a multi-billion dollar Conglomerate that has estimated sales of $20.3 billion along with being a superhero and most important of all, is a pure genius backed up with his phenomenal research work. While, Captain America, besides being a goody-goody a.k.a stereotypical superhero, is just an experiment.

No human is above law. And metahumans, with all their fancy superpowers, are still humans.

Hence, I believe Tony Stark was right all along. And Captain America was fighting for the wrong cause.

A Little Part of Me ; Draco Malfoy (AU)

“Perfect” by Ed Sheeran would be nice to hear with this short dribble  // Inspired by my favourite blog!

I ran my finger along his jaw, feeling the sticky liquorice drink on the top of my pointer. He’s beautiful, really - with his eyes as blue as the ocean, his golden blonde hair reflecting on the pool surface, his smile so widely spread.

“You’re hopelessly romantic,” he whispered, and I laughed. One - he is indeed, right. Two, his voice sounded croaky from the alcoholic beverages and I like him like that; careless. The boy who I fall in love with.

He looked amazing when I first saw him at the field: The captain of the football team of Beverly High, what with his dark blue letterman jacket on, his hair sticking messily but still managing to look handsome.

He gave me a sly smirk and I swooned to my friends, knowing this was precisely the problem -

This boy, who mom warned me about.
This boy, who will break my heart soon.
This boy, who isn’t afraid to let go of me.
This boy, who think of this as a fling.

I leaned up from his lap and straightened my blouse, tossing my black hair to one side and giving him my best smile, “Are you hungry?”

The feeling of him leaving me to the darkness of this world engulfed me as I wrapped my cardigan around me, as if it would protect me from that. From the nightmare that can bring me down completely in a matter of seconds.

The normal siren of the police cars rang throughout the city as we stayed beside each other’s comfort. The warmth radiating from his body warmed me from the cold atmosphere of New York City in mid December, another reason to love staying up on top of an old building with him at 3 in the morning.

“Do you want to run away?”

His voice wasn’t a whisper. It wasn’t a loud one, either. Too soft. It sounded real, like he really wanted it.

“Draco, I’m-” I stared into his eyes, because I could feel the eagerness in those eyes, and I was afraid. Afraid of the possibilities. Afraid of the consequences.

He grabbed both of my hands in his and plastered them with warm kisses, and I held my breath. This boy, who I’d give anything for.

Okay,” I whispered back, and his frown disappeared into a smile. The widely grin I always admire. “Please tell me you’re joking.”

“I’m so joking,” he poked me, and a laugh escaped from me, filling the empty air with the sound of choking and laughing combined.

That was when he leaned toward me, and our foreheads touched. “Please don’t leave me,” he said, and I closed my eyes swiftly.

“I won’t,” I replied back, to which he planted a kiss on my cold lips.

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My dad was once a magistrate judge before he retired, so I asked his take on the legal aspects of what happened.  He never worked in California and since things differ from state to state, he couldn’t tell me the specifics of procedure, but he still knows more than I do.

I told him that the pap and the girl filed private citizen arrests and he said that’s normal because the police didn’t directly see the incident.  Basically, you have to go to the police, give them your side of the story, and request a warrant for the person to be arrested.  That’s probably why it took 3 hours for Louis to get arrested.  The person hearing your claim only listens to your side, so it’s not like real evidence has to be produced.

My dad said in a case like this with a high profile person, he would have been wary and probably issued a criminal summons rather than an arrest warrant, but unfortunately my dad isn’t the one running things in California.  Celebrities tend to get more accusations against them just because of their money and visibility.

Basically, for anyone to have gotten in trouble with what happened at the airport, someone else there had to request a warrant.  The fact that the girls didn’t get arrested means that Eleanor and Louis never requested a warrant. For Louis that makes sense because he can’t really go after “fans” without looking even worse and Eleanor was the main victim.  I don’t know why Eleanor hasn’t requested a warrant.

My dad also said that he thinks a $20,000 bail is ridiculously high for a misdemeanor and that whoever set it probably wanted publicity for the case. However, it might just be a difference in cost in the different states since the bail was set by statute.  I’m not entirely sure how setting bail by statute works, so it’s still possible that there was a normal range and someone chose the highest amount in that range.

Since Louis left without having to actually pay bail, it has to have been bail without a bond.  Don’t take this part too seriously because I may have accidentally forgotten the term my dad used.  It’s bail without something, but “bond” might be the wrong word.  It doesn’t seem right because Louis was released on his own recognizance rather than paying bail or needing to get a bond to cover his bail.

My dad also said that it’s unlikely Louis will end up with legal consequences if he has a good lawyer (which he does), but the pap and girl might have requested a warrant on Louis simply to make him look bad, sell a better story to the papers for more money, and/or set a better foundation for a civil suit.