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(This is part of the bigger article from earlier, but with so much news coming out and all the updates that were posted there, we thought it better to start a new post with the current facts)

The Seoul Metropolitan Police have just made a statement regarding T.O.P’s current condition. According their statement, T.O.P’s current state is not as severe as the Korean media has made it seem. A representative from the Seoul Metropolitan Police has just stated, “Yesterday T.O.P was waiting at his platoon headquarters when he took his usual medication prescribed for anxiety and insomnia at 10pm. This morning at 7:30am, he was fast asleep and when we tried to wake him up for breakfast, his eyes opened for a second before falling back asleep, so we just thought he was really tired and let him continue sleeping.”

The police representative continues with the timeline, saying, “Around noon he started sweating profusely and couldn’t wake up, so we brought him to the local emergency room where he received blood, urine, and CT tests and there was nothing out of the ordinary. When we called his name or poked him, he showed some response, and when he was brought to the hospital, we did not carry him, we helped him walk.”

The representative then reassured the press, “T.O.P is not currently in a dangerous state, he’s just sleeping deeply due to the hypnotic component in his medicine. Once the medicine works its way out of his system in a day or two, he’ll be back to normal.”

Finally, the police representative stated, “According to the physician’s diagnosis, it seems that T.O.P overdosed his usual medication. We cannot know based on the examination results how much he took.”

The police force representative again emphasized to the media that T.O.P did not seek out the medication randomly, but that it is normally prescribed to him.

According to this police statement, T.O.P is not unconscious but rather in a very, very deep sleep. Based on this statement it seems like the BIG BANG member will be fine in a few days, but YG Entertainment has yet to make an official statement on this most recent update, so stay tuned for details.


how can you claim to care about racism in the nhl when a player openly supporting a movement that normalizes police brutality isn’t a deal breaker for you lol

Stolen Heart: Part 3

Prompt: Can you do a Damian Wayne Imagine where the reader is Catwoman’s protogé and they have a relationship just like Bruce and Selina but the mentors don’t approve?

AN: I am rocking it today!!!

Words: 850

Part One, Part Two

You had never really been one for small towns. You’d spent your entire life in Gotham, and then you’d moved to New York City. Small town life had simply never appealed to you, but after three years, you could admit it had grown on you. Sliding the heels from your feet you sigh at the feeling of the hardwood. Tossing the shoes to the side you move farther into the house.

          You hear the footsteps before you hear the call. Widening your stance, you brace for impact. Gideon rounds the corner, a smile on his face, as he dives into your arms. At seven years old he’s getting almost too big to do the hug and dive. It won’t be long before he’s knocking you over.

          You ruffle his hair, as he starts talking about his day. You listen as you move towards the kitchen, the smell of papaya wafting towards you nose. You smile at Damian, who gives you a quick kiss, before handing you a glass of wine.

          He’s still dressed in his sheriff’s uniform, a towel tossed over his shoulder. The two of you listen as Gideon continues to talk, before he runs off towards his room to play. There’s a moment of silence before Damian says, “I have no idea where he learned to talk for that long. It’s not like either of us come from a family of talkers.”

          You smirk, “I suppose that’s what happens when you live the normal life.”

          Damian scoffs, “Normal.”

          Your smirk widens, “I know. You despise that word.”

          He turns to stare at you, before moving towards you, and caging you against the table with his arms. His voice lowers to a whisper, “You are a former international burglar, and I was trained by the League of Assassins before becoming a superhero vigilante at the age of ten. Normal is an insult.”

          You lean up and kiss his jaw. “I kind of like it. No bad guys, no mortal wounds, no discussion of what’s right or wrong. Just a normal librarian married to a normal police sheriff, with their normal son. It’s quiet and different than what we’re used to, but I love it here. Gideon loves it here.”

          “What if we didn’t have to stay?” He asks quietly.

          “We’re being chased by an unknown organization that wants to kill me and our son. We’re safe here, why would we move?”

          “Because I’ve secretly had the League working on identifying the group, and taking care of our problem. And as of three months ago, that goal was accomplished.”

          You take a deep breath, “So your father knows …”

          He nods, “Yes. He’s invited us back to Gotham.  Offered me a place at the company, wants to train me to take over the family business.”

          You frown, “You’re not talking about just Wayne Enterprises are you?”

          Damian shakes his head, “He’s getting old. He can’t keep it up anymore. He needs me to take over.”

          “He has four other sons, Damian.”

          Damian finally pushes away from the table, “All of whom have their own identities and territories. I’m the logical choice. I put in my notice at the department today. We’ll be back in Gotham by the end of the month.”

          You shake your head, and he stares at you. You can feel your voice going raw as you speak, “You’ll be in Gotham by the end of the month, but Gideon and I are staying.”

He looks at you in disbelief, “We’re a family.”

You shake your head “A family would have discussed this. A family would have taken Gideon into consideration.”

“He’d be in one of the top private schools in the world.”

“And taken away from all his friends and the only home he knows.”

“The Manor …”

“The Manor is not a home, it’s a place where soldiers are trained. And Gotham is the place they fight. I won’t allow my son to become that.”

“Our son.”

You just look Damian in the eye and say, “Right now, he’s my son.” And without another word you leave the kitchen. You go to your room, and make sure to lock the door. With a scream you collapse on the bed, and for the first time in four years you feel like that nineteen-year-old who had left that city behind.

When you wake up the next morning it’s to Damian, sitting down beside you. You’re not all that surprised to see him, the locks on the doors are amateur hour. To be completely honest you hadn’t expected him to wait this long.

The next words out of his mouth shock you to your core, “I told my father no. We can stay here. We can be normal.”

It’s Complicated - Theo Raeken

Summary: Based of one of my favorite songs Bad Things by MGK ft. Camila Cabello. Takes place during season 6.

Theo Raeken x Reader

Word Count: 2,976

Author’s Note: Second imagine! Wooo! I was never really a Theo girl. I couldn’t understand the appeal since he was evil. But I love this song and I thought it’d be great for Theo. I know the song is called Bad Things, but it could have easily been called it’s complicated. Also, I’m still not 100% sure what Cody’s eye color is. It looks blueish but sorta greenish. Idk. If you know, tell me please. 

It’s late but it’s still Teen Wolf Tuesday

P.S. Some of the words are lyrics to the song. I wish I could take credit, then I could pay off some of this college debt. In other words, I don’t own them.

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Mrs. Douglas was going on about some science experiment she was going to have the class do. But you were too busy staring out the window to pay attention. There was going to be a full moon tonight. Which meant another night you were going to wolf-out. It’s been 3 months since Theo got dragged to wherever the hell he was, which meant it was going to be the 3rd time you’d get chained up at Lydia’s lake house. Theo was your anchor, and with him gone you had no one to think of to calm you.

Some would say you were out of your mind to be in love with Theo Raeken. Some being Stiles. You couldn’t really explained why you fell for the original chimera.

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My dad was once a magistrate judge before he retired, so I asked his take on the legal aspects of what happened.  He never worked in California and since things differ from state to state, he couldn’t tell me the specifics of procedure, but he still knows more than I do.

I told him that the pap and the girl filed private citizen arrests and he said that’s normal because the police didn’t directly see the incident.  Basically, you have to go to the police, give them your side of the story, and request a warrant for the person to be arrested.  That’s probably why it took 3 hours for Louis to get arrested.  The person hearing your claim only listens to your side, so it’s not like real evidence has to be produced.

My dad said in a case like this with a high profile person, he would have been wary and probably issued a criminal summons rather than an arrest warrant, but unfortunately my dad isn’t the one running things in California.  Celebrities tend to get more accusations against them just because of their money and visibility.

Basically, for anyone to have gotten in trouble with what happened at the airport, someone else there had to request a warrant.  The fact that the girls didn’t get arrested means that Eleanor and Louis never requested a warrant. For Louis that makes sense because he can’t really go after “fans” without looking even worse and Eleanor was the main victim.  I don’t know why Eleanor hasn’t requested a warrant.

My dad also said that he thinks a $20,000 bail is ridiculously high for a misdemeanor and that whoever set it probably wanted publicity for the case. However, it might just be a difference in cost in the different states since the bail was set by statute.  I’m not entirely sure how setting bail by statute works, so it’s still possible that there was a normal range and someone chose the highest amount in that range.

Since Louis left without having to actually pay bail, it has to have been bail without a bond.  Don’t take this part too seriously because I may have accidentally forgotten the term my dad used.  It’s bail without something, but “bond” might be the wrong word.  It doesn’t seem right because Louis was released on his own recognizance rather than paying bail or needing to get a bond to cover his bail.

My dad also said that it’s unlikely Louis will end up with legal consequences if he has a good lawyer (which he does), but the pap and girl might have requested a warrant on Louis simply to make him look bad, sell a better story to the papers for more money, and/or set a better foundation for a civil suit.

The Way Home Pt. 1

Reader x Namjoon

Genre: Smut, angst, fluff, humor - vampire!au

Warnings: swearing, explicit sexual content, blood and gore, violence, mentions of physical abuse, kidnapping

A/n: If any of the mentioned might be triggering please do not read my story or know that you are reading at own risk. It is my story but I cannot control how my audience receives it.

Rated: M

Summary: Namjoon remembers Y/n as a seven year old girl that hid behind her father’s leg and didn’t dare say hi to the older boy. He remembers her when she was fourteen caught in the awkward stages of puberty, the poor girl even wore braces. After that he doesn’t remember more, she stopped coming to the fundraiser and important dinners with her parents when she entered the rebellious teenage stage. He hadn’t seen her for years, but one day her face was all over the news. At nineteen, the girl had been kidnapped while out with a friend celebrating her birthday. No one had been able to find her. Namjoon didn’t pay much attention to the case only hearing about it from his detective friend. His father had died some weeks prior to the kidnapping and he was busy taking over his father’s law firm at the age of twenty three. His father’s lawyers daughter’s kidnapping had nothing to do with him. Except it does now, two years later. Namjoon’s firm is thriving and he’s getting richer by the hour when Mr. Lee himself visits Namjoon and tells him Y/n is alive. Namjoon doesn’t know why that has anything to do with him but he’ll find out sooner or later won’t he?


A/n: The main character’s family name is: “Lee”,  this is because it simply makes my writing process easier. It is still written as a reader x Namjoon story though,  so don’t worry yourselves.  <3.


noun  vam·pire \ˈvam-ˌpī(-ə)r\

(in Eastern European folklore) a corpse, animated by an undeparted soul or demon, that periodically leaves the grave and sucks the blood of the living, until it is exhumed and impaled or burned.

Chapter 1

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A logical reason behind #TeamIronMan

Although the writers tried their best, the Civil War narrative was slightly biased towards Captain America’s side.

The resistance were, maybe unintentionally, portrayed as the good guys more often than not. 

On the other hand, with the death of Goliath and the Negative Zone fiasco, pro- registration appeared worse than they actually were.

I personally thought the pro registration side was the better side.

They were the only ones who were approaching the matter in a mature way, in a way that would benefit everyone.

The ’superpowered police’ argument given by Tony Stark was bang on target, despite of which it wasn’t given much importance in the series.

Policemen have to go through training.
Firemen have to go through training. 
EMTs have to go through training.

Then why not metahumans?

The anti registration side argued that they didn’t choose to have superpowers.
To be frank, it was a weak argument.

First of all, a lot of heroes did choose to have superpowers viś Tony Stark and Steve Rogers.
Other metahumans didn’t have a choice, but they had a choice of whether or not they wanted to serve humanity with their superpowers.

Spidey got superpowers as an accident, but the society didn’t ask him to be a vigilante. Fighting crime and becoming a superhero was a choice.
Just like normal humans have a choice whether or not they want to join the police force and fight for the good.

A metahuman with no sense of responsibility and uncontrollabe powers? I would choose a normal police officer any day.

Simply speaking, I wouldn’t want to be around an unprofessional and untrained metahuman that has the power of leveling everything within a mile’s radius.

Also, what we fail to realize is that all the other comic book arcs are shown through a rose tinted glass.
If metahumans existed in real world, the governments would want to go the registration way more often than not.

And that’s perfectly logical.

All that destruction you saw in Man of Steel. Do you know who paid for it?

You and me.

It’s the common man’s tax money that pays for all that.

Making metahumans a little more accountable for their actions is in everyone’s interest.

I know the act had certain loopholes. But, then again, name me a law that doesn’t.

As long as there are humans, there will be corruption.
As long as there are humans, there will be bad humans.

Nothing is foolproof.

Laws, just like life, evolve over a period of time.

And considering Reed Richards and Tony Stark were in charge of the registration act (in a way), chances of things going wrong were very very slim.

Captain America was fighting just for the sake of exactly that, fighting. Despite of his huge ego and negative character, Tony is NOT an idiot. He entered MIT at 15, runs a multi-billion dollar Conglomerate that has estimated sales of $20.3 billion along with being a superhero and most important of all, is a pure genius backed up with his phenomenal research work. While, Captain America, besides being a goody-goody a.k.a stereotypical superhero, is just an experiment.

No human is above law. And metahumans, with all their fancy superpowers, are still humans.

Hence, I believe Tony Stark was right all along. And Captain America was fighting for the wrong cause.

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Imagine Avengers AU: The Avengers are normal police officers and you're the new girl on the block. Eventually after working with Bucky for a few months (and teasing him relentlessly) there's enough sexual tension in the air to cut with a knife. One day after a really stressful day Bucky parks the car and pulls you onto his lap with a quick "fuck it" before he fucks you senseless

oh man… I dont want to reveal my kinks because you guys hahahahhaha but I’m just going to say YES 

Sinful Sunday™

About the title of chapter 118

The title of this chapter is called “A Good Story”. I guess it’s obvious, but I find it very fitting to the contents of this chapter. This chpaters begin with Furuta once again playing a role in front of an audience. He feeds a false story to this audience which gets them excited. I thinks it pretty messed up how this qrotesgue display of, who were basically just children, cutting down people in front of them, lead to this almost animal like excited screaming from the audience.

We then cut to cafe :re where people are discussing the news. The info that the CCG has released is false. They are manipulating the information they are letting out. Basically what they are doing is information warfare as Nishiki points out, and it is very effective against ghouls since they really don’t have any sort of platform to defend themslves.

I think it was also a cool call back to CCG’s previous mentality, where everything was classfied and shrouded in secrecy. In the Void novel the co-operation between the normal police officers and the CCG folks was hard, since CCG was very reluctant to share their information. Furuta seems to be changin that.

So to sum it up, the CCG (probably mainly Fruit-chan) is creating “A Good Story” via manipulaiting information.

Translation: “Owari no Seraph: Glen Ichinose, the Fall at 16″ Chapter 01 - Translation Summary [Part 2 of 2] (Spoilers!!)

Continued from Part 01:

Glen realizes that the seal is the former technique of the excommunicated Hina family and thinks “The one who would still inherit something like this is…” as he bites his thumb and attempts to write over the seal with his blood.  Just then, the body (with a demon face) comes alive and grabs him around the throat.  It starts screaming “Stop it!  Don’t touch me! If you touch me, you’ll suffer divine punishment!”  The police start freaking out that the corpse is talking as it tries to kill Glen, but he then grabs it by the mask and smashes it against the wall.  He asks if it’s a god, and it replies that it is a god of vengeance.   It says that it gives prideful humans divine punishment just as a large gross hand comes out of its mouth.  For a moment it looks as if it has grabbed Glen, but suddenly he’s behind it.  He says “ugly technique” and rips the hand thing out of the god’s mouth.  It screams and returns to normal.  The police wonder what that was, and the reply is “This is the Onmyouji, the crafter of the “Mikado no Tsuki”…”  Shigure asks him if he knows who the crafter is and he replies that there were clues, but that for now, he will destroy the barrier that the person is trying to make around the city.  He rubs his thumb across and tells the curse to return back to the crafter and go to the grave.  In a house, we see a black stream enter the eye of a girl wearing a fox mask.  She screams “Stop!” and grabs her head.

Glen is looking at the eye of the dead girl, and says “It must have been terrible to die by a curse.  My religion doesn’t believe in an afterlife, but if there is one, rest in peace” and everyone pays their respects.  He then says “let’s go” to the girls.  Meanwhile, Aoyama is walking angrily down the street and complains that the Mikado no Tsuki is a false religion that was eating the town.  But then he realizes that the strange things in town didn’t just start, which is why he left home 10 years ago.  We see him as a kid being thrown into a wall by his dad.  His dad says that “brats should listen to what their parents say!”  His little sister holds him and cries “Big Brother Daigo” and he says “This is strange, dad, why did you start drinking so much after mom died…”  He then says that his dad has been deceived by that strange religion and was ripped off by it.  His dad tells him to shut up, that Mikado no Tsuki will bring his wife back, and Daigo begs his dad to open his eyes.  His dad swings at him.  Time passes, and we see Daigo telling Misuna (his little sister) that he’s going.  She begs him not to leave her there and he says he’ll return so he can take care of her and save her.  We see her crying in the distance as he thinks “I said that and ran away.  I left my little sister.”

We see him looking at the Aoyama house as he opens the door and says “I’m home!”.  A young lady peeks around the corner and asks who’s there so late.  When she recognizes him, she embraces him excitedly (she even says she remembers his smell).  She says “You reall came back” but he says “…no” and that he was just running away after fighting with their dad.  She says she’s happy he came back and he says he’s sorry.  He asks where their father is, and she say’s he’s out.  Daigo asks if he’s still with the Mikado no Tsuki religion and she says she doesn’t talk much with father anymore.  He looks around the house and asks if it’s always so dark, and she says that since she’s always alone, it became a habit.  He asks her why she’s stayling so close to him and she says that it’s been so long (anyone getting weird vibes by now?).  He tells her that when their dad gets home, he’s going to tell him that he is taking her with him and he bought a house in order to do so.  She says “you remembered your promise”.

Later on they are sleeping and she climbs on top of him and says “Hug me, big brother” (with her clothes coming off, btw).  He says “What the hell are you saying?” and she says “people who love each other hug, right?  I guess I’m not attractive enough” and he replies “love each other…we’re siblings!”  She says “And?  Are you unable to hug me because I’m unclean?”  He asks her what she means by that, and what their father did to her.  She says he was too late coming back, and we see a flashback.  Her father comes in with someone and says that the crafter of the Mikado no Tsuki is finally bringing back her mother.  She tries to say that such a thing can’t happen, and asks who it is.  The dad says his name is Tenkon, and that “You and I can birth your mother, Hina-san will help us.”  He grabs her and tells her to get undressed and birth mom.  She resists but he rips her clothes.  She runs away but he says “If your mom comes back, everything will be alright, that’s what Hina-san said!”  She says “No, no!”  He grabs her from behind and she says “Brother, hel-“  We see her swing around and she cuts his throat.  Tenkon just says “oh my” and asks her what she’s going to do (as she sits there in shock and covered in blood).  He says “if you obey me, I can do something.  Even bring back your parents and give you back your former happiness.  But how far would you go for that?”  He gives her a fox’s mask and says “Without sacrifice, there can be no value.  Will you present value in order to obtain happiness?”  She takes the mask and says “So that I can live with my big brother again…” and puts it on “I’ll do anything.”

Back in the present, she asks him to hold her, and that everything will be okay if he sleeps with her.  “Tenkon said we can give birth to father and mother.”  He tells her to get a grip, and wants to know who told her such a thing.  “Was it Mikado no Tsuki, that damned cult…” but he’s cut off as she passionately kisses him. He cries and says that it’s his fault for running away.  She says it’s okay, because he came back.  “Comfort me, unclean as I am”.  Just then Glen opens the door and says “Sorry if your aroused right now, but it’s over.”  He then says “Sorcery of a corrupted relative…it’s prohibited to invoke that here.”  Glen pulls his sword and Daigo shields Misuna.  Glen knocks Daigo against the wall and says “I’ve come, just as I promised.  To end you.”  But once again, Daigo grabs Glen and tells Misuna to run, saying “This time I’ll be the one to stay, so you…”  Then he sees that she has put on the mask and is changing into a monster.  She says “you’re in my way…” and Glen kicks Daigo away and they start to fight.  Daigo says “Misuna, that’s…” and she says “Don’t look at me, brother…at this terrible form…”  She says “I want to die, I want to die already.  That’s why” but then the demon takes over and says “I’ll kill youuuu!”  Glen fends it off with his sword and asks Daigo “hey, civilian, is this your little sister?”  He replies yes, and Glen asks “do you want to save her?” and he asks “You can save her!?”  Glen says it’s impossible for him, that he can only kill her at this point…but he if he can use Daigo, he can do it.  He tells him to “Curse her to live”.  That no matter how corrupt or how ugly, curse her to live.  Daigo asks if that will bring her back to normal, and he replies that he’s not a god, he’s only a sorceror, and that the only thing he can do is curse.  Glen tells him to decide to curse her or kill her.  Daigo says “I want her with me!” and Glen says “I’ll accept that curse” and throws a seal on Daigo.  Glen’s sword crackles and he says “I’ll curse you with real magic” and cuts the ogre away from Misuna.  There’s a rain of blood and Daigo frantically looks for Misuna, who gently floats into Glen’s arms as he stares at a bloody mask on the floor.

Several days later, Daigo finds Glent practicing his sword out next to a river.  They talk a bit about the monster, then Glen asks about his sister.  Daigo says she’s in a Mikado no Tsuki-run hospital and that she awoke from her coma today.  He says that he heard that the person who cursed his sister wasn’t Mikado no Tsuki, that he had been excommunicated decades ago.  Daigo apologizes for accusing Glen and that he came to give his thanks for saving his sister, but Glen says “I didn’t do it for your sake.  The curses in this area are my jurisdiction.  The person who cursed your sister is captured and the incident is over.  Get lost, you’re interrupting my training.”  Daigo asks “for someone like you with status, prestige and power, what do you want from getting stronger?”

Then there’s voiceover over some flashback scenes of Glen’s youth: “That’s what I asked Glen Ichinose on that day.  The world still wasn’t destroyed yet.  On that day.  No matter what it seemed like he had.  But that kind of person wasn’t supposed to exist.  Everyone grasps onto weakness, everyone is frustrated by something, cries and screams.  Despite that, they believe in the future and continue forward.  Even still, it’s not good…and they curse someone-

It is said that a person carries as much burden as they have strength, the stronger we become the larger the reaction, He who hurts another hurts himself.  This is a tale of destruction.

The tale of Glen Ichinose, whose sadness and deep despair caused the downfall of the world, and his own destruction

That’s all for this month.  I will try to continue doing these summaries since Noragami is on hiatus.  As usual, sorry for any typos or mistakes.  Thanks!

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*whispers* you should write where Simon gets in trouble (with the cops or something) and Raphael bails him out of trouble

The thing about Raphael Santiago is that he’s not a very nice person, especially to the people he doesn’t know or care about, yet he finds himself walking towards a rusting old van with too much graffiti on it, flocked by several police officers.

Normally he wouldn’t care but said incident is occurring in the parking lot of the hotel he runs.

“Good evening officers” he greeted with a charming smile.

“G'night Mr Santiago” one of the police said and the others turned nodded towards him.

“What’s going?”

“Some kid, says he’s waiting for someone, told him parking lots for guest only” The police spoke as Raphael walked up to the driver side of the van.

One look at the boy in the van sent Raphael’s heart racing, the scared frown and the glasses that slipped down his nose and the messy hair and before he knew it, he’s taking the boys side.

“Oh, um babe” Raphael quickly composed himself and smiled at the boy whom was now gaping at him “why didn’t you call, and I told you to take my car” Raphael shook his head and turned to the police “I’m sorry officers, his is my boyfriend”

“Yeah b-boyfriend, told you I was waiting for someone”

“Why didn’t you say it was Mr Santiago” the police said and waved the other two officers off before following.

“Come babe, we’re already late for dinner” Raphael gestured for the boy to step out of the van.

“Wait what?” The boy questioned but shut the van off anyways.

“If you don’t leave with me right now, they’ll know it’s a lie” Raphael said in a hushed voice.

“B-but I’m waiting for a friend” the boy said as he followed Raphael to his Camaro.

“Who’s your friend, can’t you call and let them know to take a cab?”

“He’s kinda in a meeting, Alec Lightwood” the boy and added and Raphael snorted.

“Don’t worry he’s a little preoccupied with Magnus” Raphael said “where too?” He asked when they sat in the car “I do have dinner reservations if you’d like to join me um?”


“Well would you like to join me Simon?”

“Yeah sure, you just saved me from another parking ticket”

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hey~ could you please tell us more about different species of your wizardtooru au?

since their kingdom is a human kingdom, they are mostly surrounded by humans (not every human has magical power, but following instructions, everyone can do simple spells).

There are the ‘beast’ families, like Kyoutani’s (his is a wolf family but there are other types like bears, lions and such)

A lot of magical creatures from the forest come to their kingdom to trade stuff or get help from wizards. You’ll see some trolls, gnomes, and a bunch of creatures no one is quite sure what they are hahaha

they can also train normal animals to do simple tasks. Some birds help the normal police force watch the streets, some rats are used to gather info,etc!

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This is officer Nygma, you are under arrest for disgusting sin. I’m now gonna put these handcuffs on you and the more you restrain the more painful it will be for you. This baton can be used for so much more than normal amount of police duties.

Yes yes, let’s all mock the fact that yet another kink has reared its ugly head. I really need to stop being so damn attracted to EVERY FUCKING THING.

Seven Days

A/N: this is based off the idea of the ring movies

Characters: reader, readers friend (Brooke), Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester.

Readers age: 18

Word count: 3493

Warnings: swearing, underage drinking, death, angst


“Y/N, come on let’s watch this” Brooke shouted from her living room as you made the popcorn in the kitchen.

“Brooke, I told you I’m not watching that video!” You laughed. Brooke came in the kitchen to talk to you.

“Please Y/N!” She begged, grabbing your arm.

“Have you heard what happens to people who watch that video?” You asked as you took the popcorn off the hob.

“What’s the matter, scared?” She said in an intimidating voice.

“Not scared-” you said as you poured the popcorn into a bowl, “-just concerned”.

“Fine, I’ll watch it by myself” she smiled as she walked out of the kitchen.

“Don’t blame me if you get killed by a crazy bitch with long, black hair in 7 days” you shouted from the kitchen. Of course you didn’t believe in that crazy, old myth. Monsters and ghosts and all that shit aren’t real, but the thought of it scared you.

“It’s literally on for about 2 minutes” she said as you walked into the living room and placed the popcorn bowl on her little coffee table.

“Call me when it’s over, I’ll be in the kitchen getting us a drink”. You went into her fridge and pulled out two bottles of beer. You opened yours and took a swig before opening Brooke’s for her. You heard her shout that the video was over and returned to the living room.

“See, it’s over. And no phone call, the myth is complete bullshit” Brooke laughed. As soon as she finished her sentence, her cell phone rang. You both jumped and looked at it on her coffee table. You looked at her concerned, she was too but tried to hide it. “Come on it’s just a coincidence” she answered the call and put it on speaker, “hello?” She said.

“Seven days” a shaky voice replied on he other line, then the line went blank. Brooke looked at you with worry in her eyes. She tried to laugh it off, saying it was probably one of the guys from your school.

“It could have been Ethan, or Adam. Come on that’s something Adam would do.. Isn’t it?” She asked as if she was trying to convince herself, not you.

“That wasn’t Adam’s or Ethan’s voice… It was a girls voice” you swallowed thickly.

“Then maybe it was Maya, or Piper?” She asked again.

“How would they know that you just watched the video? Brooke I’m scared, are your parents home?” You asked as if you were a child again.

“Y/N, your 18 years old! You don’t have to worry about parents being here okay? But if it makes you feel any better, yes. They’re upstairs sleeping.“ She sighed.

“I’m sure it’s nothing!” You say reassuringly as you take another swig of your beer. “I mean come on the myth is that you get a call from a little girl that died, I know we’re crazy… but ghosts?” You laughed, “ghosts aren’t real!”

Brooke laughed, “you’re right! I mean it probably was Maya or Piper, they just had really good timing!”. You both convinced yourselves that it was a prank call. You sat up a little longer and decided to watch ‘the notebook’ until you both fell asleep on the couch.

*next Friday*

“Hey, you guys seen Brooke today?” You asked your friends.

“Uh, no sorry Y/N” Adam replied.

You went about your whole day at school, thinking about Brooke, wondering where she was. Then it hit you, ‘seven days’.

It was seven days after the phone call, and no one had any idea where Brooke was. Thoughts started running through your head about all the terrible things that could have happened to Brooke.

As soon as you got out of school, you drove to Brooke’s house. When you showed up, there was police tape all around the house, 3 police cars and one black 1967 Chevy Impala.

You tried to run into the house but before you could a police officer stopped you. Brooke’s mother saw you and told him it was okay for you to come in. You came in and asked her what was going on.

“Oh Y/N,” she cried, “it was awful! I woke up and found her at the bottom of the stairs and her face was.. It was..” She tried to get it out but she was crying hysterically.

“It’s okay Linda” Brooke’s dad told her as he stroked her back.

“She’s dead?” You asked as tears filled your eyes.

Her mother was only able to nod. You wanted to cry but you held yourself together ‘It has something to do with that video’ you thought to yourself’. A policeman, a small guy with ginger hair, wanted to ask you about Brooke. He wanted to know if she had enemies who could have been after her, or if you had seen her with anyone she wouldn’t normally hang out with. Normal police questions. You broke into tears while talking to the police, you just couldn’t believe that she was dead. You found out some stuff too, turned out that 4 girls the same age as Brooke had been killed in the same way in the last 3 weeks.

When it came to the FBI, they asked some not very normal questions. Their names where Agent Gabriel and Agent Collins. Agent Gabriel was very tall, with hazel eyes and long, brown hair. Agent Collins was tall but a little shorter than the other agent, he had dirty blond hair and green eyes. “Hi you’re Y/N, right? Brooke’s best friend?” You nodded. “Would it be okay if we ask you some questions about Brooke?”

“I just talked to the police” you told them.

“We know but the FBI need to hear what you have to say too, it won’t take long” Agent Collins said. You stood in Brooke’s house with police moving around you, her mother talking to them. Some of them taking some of her personal belongings for DNA or something like that.

“Did Brooke have any enemies that you know of, someone that might have wanted to hurt her?” Agent Gabriel asked.

“Uh no. Well I mean she got in a few fights but, who hasn’t you know?” Your nose was stuffy from you crying so your voice was slightly different.

“How about the other victims, was she friends with them? Did you know the other victims?” Agent Gabriel asked quickly.

“No, Brooke didn’t either”

“How about any funny smells when you were around her? Or any cold spots?” Agent Collins asked.

“No, why?” These were strange questions.

“Just procedure questions” Agent Gabriel smiled. “Did you ever see any black smoke, maybe someone appear and disappear?” He asked.

Appear and disappear? Like a ghost would, like the ghost from the myth of the video she watched. “Why would you ask that?”

The Agents looked at each other, “about the black smoke?” Agent Collins asked.

“No the second thing you said” you were curious to know if these guys knew something.

“Why, did that happen?” Agent Gabriel asked.

“No, I’m just curious as to why you would ask that…" you thought for a second, they must know some thing. “Have you guys ever heard of ‘The Curse Of Belle?” You asked, waiting for their reaction.

Now both of their eyes widened, “what’s that?”

“An old myth, it’s probably nothing” you sighed, playing it cool.

“Tell us anyway” Agent Collins said sternly.

“You know something, don’t you? Something you’re not telling me” you kept your arms crossed over your chest.

“Maybe we know something, seems like you do to” the taller one said.

“Wait until the police have cleared out.. Then we’ll talk.” You told them as you walked away, out into Brooke’s front garden.


After the police had finally left, the agents hung around to get their answers out of you. You stood outside of Brooke’s house, deciding not to bother her mother by staying inside her house for longer.

“So.. This curse-” the shorter one said.

“I wanna know something first” you said, cutting him off from his question. “You’re not really FBI agents are you?”. They both shook their heads. “Who are you?”

The taller one sighed, “my name is Sam, this is my brother Dean, were hunters”


“We hunt monsters, and we stop them before they can hurt anyone else” Dean told you.

“And you’re here because you think this was a monster” you said as a statement and not a question. “Oh my god.. It really was the video” you said to yourself.

“What? What video?” Sam asked you.

“The Curse Of Belle!” You told him. “There’s this video, it’s only two minutes long. And the myth is, you watch this video and you get a phone call from a young girl that died in a well over 100 years ago. Her name was Belle. And when you watch this video, she calls you and says ‘7 days’. And when your 7 days are up, she kills you. I slept over Brooke’s house and she watched the video, and she got a phone call after saying ‘seven days’. We thought it was just a prank.”

“And you’re only mentioning this now because?” Dean asked.

“What? You think if I told the police that my friend was killed by a little girl who’s actually a ghost who’s over 100 years old because she called her after she watched a cursed video that they would believe me?” You said sarcastically.

“I suppose if you put it that way-” Dean started but was cut off by Sam.

“So this girl.. Belle. You know where she’s buried?” Sam asked you.

“They never found her body, she’s still in that well… that’s what the myth says… Wait why do you wanna know where her body is?” You still didn’t understand most of this ‘hunter’ thing.

“We burn her bones, her ghost dies” Dean told you.

“Well good luck burning a body that’s at the bottom of a 100m well, you can’t burn a body that is in water!”

“Thank you captain obvious” Dean said sarcastically and rolled his eyes.

“Where is this well? Dean and I will take care of it” Sam said as if him and Dean were about to take off.

“I’m coming with you!” You told them, you didn’t ask.

“Not this again” Dean shouted.

“You’re not coming with us” Sam told you.

“You wanna know where that well is?” Sam nodded, “Then I’m coming with you” you said, walking over to their car. You climbed in and they did the same. As Dean drove, you directed him to the well.


“This is it, this is the well” You told them as you climbed out of the car and walked towards the old, smoky well. It was surrounded by trees, you could barley see anything else but the well and millions of trees. The trees looked white because the area was so foggy and smoky.

You walked over to the well and looked down into it, seeing if there was anything there. Sam quickly ran to you and pulled you back. “You’ve gotta be careful, we don’t know what this ghost is capable of” he said angrily through a whisper.

“Jeez, sorry dad” you said sarcastically. He went back to the back of the car and him and Dean pulled out some guns. “You’re gonna shoot a ghost?”

“Their rock salt bullets, salt is like a poison to ghosts” Dean told you. “You know how to use a gun?” He asked as you walked over and he passed you one.

You picked it up and cocked the gun, you held it perfectly and then rested the barrel on your shoulder. “No I have no idea” you said sarcastically, earning another eye roll from Dean.

“I’ll check over here, you stay with Sam ok?” Dean asked, but he was telling you you had to, it wasn’t a choice.

“Ok” you nodded. You and Sam stood waiting for a sign of something happening, anything happening. You stayed near the well, but Sam made sure you stood a little further from it than he did to make sure you didn’t get hurt. “So you and your brother-” you started a conversation to end the awkward silence, “-you do this for a living?”

“Yeah” Sam replied, not adding much to the conversation.

“Do you ever wish you could change it?” You asked trying not to be to rude.

“What do you mean?” Sam asked, you thought he seemed a little angry.

“I don’t mean to pry!” You quickly defended.

“I know, I just don’t know what you mean” he said, this time not seeming bothered by the question.

“Do you ever wish you had a normal life is what I mean, like a normal job?” You asked, he looked down at his gun then back at you.

“Well, sometimes I suppose yeah I do. But I love saving people” he smiled.

“Yeah, you’re pretty awesome” you smiled back.

“Really?” He asked sounding honoured that someone had complimented the fact of him being a hunter.

You smiled, “Of course, I mean.. I wake up in the morning every day and make myself breakfast. You wake up every morning and save the world, that’s pretty awesome to me”. Sam smiled and looked down at the ground. Before you could carry on talking, your conversation was interrupted by a strange noise coming from the well.

“That was her” you whispered.

“What? How do you know?”

“That’s the same voice that spoke to Brooke over the phone”. You and Sam slowly stalked towards the well, Sam looked down and saw nothing but dirty water. “Be careful that well is 100m deep!” You told him. You knew he was a professional and knew what he was doing but you didn’t want him to get hurt.

“I can’t see her, just murky water” he looked down, getting closer to the well. He turned around to look at you, he was about to talk when you realised the girl with black hair covering her face crawling out of the well.

“Sam!” You screamed at the top of your lungs. He instantly turned around and saw the girl, she grabbed him and threw him to the side.

“You silly, silly girl” she whispered as she walked towards you. You pulled the trigger and shot a salt filled bullet at her, she disappeared in the air. You saw Dean running out of the trees towards you and Sam. Sam stood up and looked around.

“What do we do now?” You asked them both. You were still in shock, the fear covering your face.

“We’ve gotta burn her body!” Dean said, him and Sam still holding their guns up to be prepared for when she came back again.

“Dean how are we gonna get her body?” Sam asked, “her body is all the way at the bottom of this well”.

“I’ll do it!” You said, causing both their heads to whip around quickly to you. “I’ll swim to the bottom of the well and get her body” you put your gun down on the floor and took your jacket off, you needed less weight.

“Woah hey kid, I know you wanna help-” Dean started.

“I’m the lightest out of all of us ok? I’m the smallest, which means less weight while bringing the body back up!” You said now untying your shoe laces and taking your shoes off.

“Maybe she’s right” Sam said.

“Are you crazy? We’re gonna ask a kid to swim to the bottom of this 100m well” Dean shouted.

“I’m not a kid, and I can do it ok? I wanna help, please just let me do this” you begged him.

“If you die, that’s blood on our hands” he said worryingly.

“Good thing I’m not gonna die then isn’t it?” You said with a smile, but deep down you were terrified. “This water is dirty so I won’t be able to see the body, I’ll just have to swim until I feel the bottom of the well, then I’ll feel around for her body” you said as you climbed to sit on the side of the well. “You keep her distracted while I’m down there ok?”

“This is reckless and stupid, you sure you wanna do this?” Dean asked you again, making sure you were ok with this.

“I’m sure Dean, I’ll be fine” you said before you jumped down into the well. The water was cold, but not freezing. It had the kind of warm feeling like there was something other than water in the well, but you didn’t wanna think about that. You took a big breath before you swam down head first and kicked your legs rapidly. The well seemed to feel shorter than you thought it would be. When you reached the bottom, you felt around for a body. You really felt the need to breath, you weren’t sure how long you had been holding your breath for. You literally felt like your head was going to explode when you finally felt the body underneath some rocks. You moved the rocks and gripped onto the body tight and let yourself float up with the body still in your hands. You lost consciousness on the way up, letting yourself and the body float to the top.

*Deans POV*

Me and Sam kept an eye out for Belle to show again, we heard noises but we never saw her. I kept watch on the well and saw Y/N float up with the body in her hands. Sam grabbed the body, and I realised Y/N wasn’t swimming, or moving, I wasn’t sure if she was even breathing. “Y/N?” I shouted as I grabbed her and pulled her out of the well. I laid her down on the ground and looked over her body. She looked pale, she looked… Dead. “Sammy!” I shouted to my brother.

Sam wasn’t listening to me, he was throwing salt and gas over Belle’s body, getting ready to burn her. I started doing CPR on Y/N, but nothing was happening. I pressed on her chest, trying to get her to breathe again, but she stayed still. I crashed my lips in hers and blew air into her lungs, she shot up and coughed loudly.

*Readers POV*

You woke up to Deans lips pressed against yours, you could feel him blowing air into your lungs. You shot straight up and coughed all the water out of your lungs. You were still coughing and spluttering after a few minutes. You felt Deans hand hitting your back to help you get the water out and then he rubbed your back to comfort you. “Did I do it?” You asked, moving your wet hair from your face.

“Yeah you got the body, you passed out on the way up” Dean told you, his hand moving away from your back and now on your hand.

“Yeah.. Last thing I remember is grabbing the body and feeling like my head was gonna explode from the lack of oxygen" you sighed. You sat there for a moment, getting your breath back. You heard flames go up behind you as Sam burned the body. When Sam burned the body, Belle’s ghost appeared and then disappeared into the air. She screamed as she went out, she looked like her ghost was on fire as well as her body.


Dean drove you back to your apartment, he insisted on walking you up to your door. Sam waited in the car as you and Dean walked. “So you living her with your parents?” He asked you as you walked along the hallway to your apartment.

“Uh no, I moved out when I was 17 so I could be closer to my friends and school” you smiled. You arrived at your door and stood outside of it so you could continue to talk to Dean.

“If anything like this comes up again, you call us okay?” He passed you a business card. “You were real brave today, never seen someone so eager to help kill a ghost”

“Yeah well, bitch killed my best friend. I would have done a lot more than that to make sure she was gone forever and that she can’t hurt anyone else” you smiled, taking the card and putting it in your pocket.

Dean smiled back and reached out to hug you. You hugged him back, you held each other for a while before he kissed the side of your head. “Stay safe ok?” He asked you.

“I will, you too” you smiled before letting him go and you watched him walk away. You walked into your apartment and looked out of your window, watching Dean walk to his car. He looked up at your window and noticed you, he smiled and waved goodbye. You smiled back and waved too, and you watched the impala drive until you couldn’t see it anymore.

I can’t believe I’m so thirsty I wrote this. Please,,, let me die,,,

Title: ??? Haven’t thought of one yet
Chaper: 1
Words: 2,458

When you lose your job in Celadon City, you decide to make use of a timeshare you bought in the Alolan region before you’re forced to sell it. What you weren’t expecting was a deserted town, a bunch of creepy looking pokemon, and the assistance of a certain cynical man.

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kate-dammit-run mentioned you on a post “Blindspot Fans?

also @gypsyscarfwoman​ might have a male’s opinion to share here…

That only makes me sound slightly transgendered, LOL!

Ahem, fully female here, but I do watch with my husband. He started watching last summer while he was traveling for work, mostly because I wouldn’t shut up about it, but also because Jaimie Alexander, duh.

My husband was in the US Army and is not normally into police procedurals because they usually get too many things wrong and it just yanks him out of the story. But he says Blindspot must have good weapons and fighting advisors, because most of that stuff is pretty accurate. (It really bugs him when small women are supposed to be firing heavy guns without holding them properly or bracing at all against recoil, etc.) He’s also a computer geek, so he loves the puzzles (and Patterson!!) as much as I do. (And Eileen. He loved Eileen in the finale.) 

And he totally ships Jeller, which is kind of adorable. He watched the finale (twice!) while he was traveling last week, got home Friday night at 10pm, and wanted to watch it again with me. We’re already debating what the hell’s happening in S3. And looking forward to watching Married!Jeller on the screen. (Marriage is great, but it’s also a lotta hard work, and I don’t glow in the dark or disappear to climb mountains in Nepal, which I would imagine makes it even more challenging, lol.)

So yes, Blindspot does appeal to men, too. Husband describes it as, “Riveting. And thoroughly entertaining.” 

He doesn’t eat nearly as much chocolate during the episodes as I do, though.