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Hey Cap! If it's not too much to ask, could you write something about Alex or Kara getting migraines/massive sensory overload and Maggie helping them deal with it? I'm home from work today because of a horrible migraine and I feel achey and useless and bummed out. one of those ones where everything is just a shade too much and where you want to go curl into a huge pile of pillows and never leave.

She can’t fly – not like this – so for once, she actually does take the bus.

Turns out, the bus doesn’t help.

Because the bus itself is almost as loud as weaving through National City’s wind tunnels, and because on the bus, people touch you – even by accident – and people talk loudly and babies cry and the bus swerves and it squeaks when it makes a sudden stop and Rao, she should have just flown, because this migraine is starting to blur her vision but at least the overload from sound, from scent, from touch, from everything, might have been less in the air, alone, alone, alone…

Except she doesn’t want to be alone.

She wants to be with the only person who’s ever understood her overloads, her migraines, her panic attacks from too much, too much, too much.

So she nearly vomits with relief when the bus finally slams to a stop a block from her big sister’s apartment.

She doesn’t know how she makes it up the stairs and into Alex’s apartment, but she knows immediately – because the only heartbeat in the apartment isn’t Alex’s, is slightly higher than Alex’s – that Alex isn’t home.

“Hey, Little Danvers,” Maggie looks up from the couch, a newspaper lowered as she looks up at her, her legs bare until the very tops of her thighs where her boxers end.

Her sister’s girlfriend starts talking, but immediately stops with one look at Kara.

She nods and she tosses aside the paper and she stands.

“Come sit,” is all she says, her voice softer than her initial greeting, and Kara doesn’t ask how she knows, doesn’t ask if she’s mad at the intrusion, doesn’t ask anything at all.

Kara stumbles to the couch and sits, and before she can wish desperately that Maggie would turn off the jazz she has playing through the entire apartment, Maggie switches it off, in the same motion that she strides over to switch off all the lights.

She says nothing as she pads up the step into Alex’s bedroom and returns with the entire comforter – because she’s noticed how much Kara loves that thing – and manages to wrap Kara up without once touching her skin.

She says nothing as she slips into Alex’s bathroom, then into her kitchen, and returns to press a pill from a bottle labeled “Kara’s Aspirin” and a glass of water into Kara’s hands, gently, gently, gently.

Kara accepts them docilely, swallowing the pill, the water, in slow, shaky gulps.

“Can I snuggle on you?” she asks in a small voice after a few long, long moments of silence, of Maggie sitting on the opposite end of the couch, waiting patiently, waiting quietly.

“Come here, Kid Danvers,” Maggie whispers, and Kara all but topples over to Maggie in her massive buffer of Alex’s massive comforter.

Maggie would normally swipe her thumbs in circular patterns on Kara’s back, but today, she keeps her hands still. She would normally pepper her hair with random kisses, but today, she barely moves.

Because today, Kara needs the contact, but Rao, does she need the stillness just as badly.

And Maggie is happy to provide.

She lets her own head tilt back on the edge of the couch as Kara snuggles into her chest, and when she hears Kara’s breathing slow, when she feels Kara’s body lose its tension, she lets her own breathing slow, lets her own body relax.

She doesn’t realize she’s fallen asleep until the front door opens and a crack of light seeps into the apartment.

Maggie’s eyes open immediately, but she realizes who woke her before her body has the chance to tense up.

“I think she got overwhelmed and had a migraine,” Maggie whispers softly, so softly, before Alex has the chance to ask.

Alex slips off her boots and pads over to the other side of the couch quickly, kneeling in front of Kara and smoothing the hair gently out of her face, kissing her forehead and feeling it with the back of her hand like she’s checking for feverishness.

“You gave her aspirin?”

Maggie nods.

“And she drank water? And no music, and no lights, and no movement, and no talking?”

Maggie nods at each need, a soft smile on her face, loving Alex for the way she loves her sister, for how hard she loves her, for how fully she loves her.

Alex blinks, and Alex stares, and Maggie gets the distinct impression that Alex would throw herself at her and kiss her senseless if her little sister wasn’t out like a light in her lap.

“Thank you,” is all Alex says, but she injects it with all the love, all the passion, all the disbelieving gratitude, that she’s ever had.

“Anything for my Danvers girls. Anything at all.”

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Hi there, can you do headcanons for how the paladins like to cuddle with their s/o? Good luck with your blog, I hope you have a great day! ~Vol-tronscenarios

Hi! thank you for the request✨ i hope this is alright jsjsjs


- prolly the most comfortable out of all the paladins
- his s/o would adore his cuddles
- he’s just so warm and so fluffy
- could cuddle anywhere and anytime
- he’s probably ramble on about things and his s/o would listen till you fall asleep
- he’ll kiss your forehead and whisper “sweet dreams” before drifting of to sleep with you

- he looks really lanky but i bet he’s vvv cuddle material
- he’d just squish next you pushing anyone whose sitting next to s/o and wrap his arms around his s/o
- he’d nuzzle his head into his s/o s neck and his s/o’ll giggle
- the rest of the paladins would just leave them to it because he’s not going of his s/o anytime soon

- would only cuddle if no one is watching
- but of course he’ll get caught by mostly Lance, and keith will go bright red
- once he gets comfortable with his s/o, he’ll initiate cuddles more
- lazy and tired cuddles
- his s/o forcing him to cuddle when he’s frustrated just because it’ll calm him down

- Pidge is koala
- she’s more cligy than Lance lmao
- she’s hold on to his s/o so tight, too tight sometimes that her s/o kinda chokes
- wont initiate cuddles tho
- likes it more intimate, she doesnt like it when people are looking

- As cuddly as Shiro
- Prolly sleeps first while cuddling
- It’ll start with something casual, like a normal hug
- Peppers your face with kisses
- He’s just so cheesy while cuddling tbh

Conversation with Flying Devil Oil

Concerns about posting spirit conversations

Request a conjuring for a conversation

I place my Flying Devil Oil within the conjure circle, on top of a cloth. It leaks constantly, I do not know how the sealed jar can constantly spurt forth spicy oils. I call forth its spirit. A devil, made of translucent, fiery oils, steps forth. He sits on the jar, gently dripping down on to the cloth. He croaks with a toady voice that crackles like fire. He has a small humanoid body and large bat wings. He has an animalistic head with large horns protruding from his brow.

“I am here, mage!” although he does not say ‘mage’, he uses my real name. “Yes, I am here, hot as fire, hot as the sun; I am here to run after devils and eat them up! I am here to chase them away, as far as the day, I am here to eat.” I ask if he would like any kind of foods. “I eat spirits! I eat them up, and on their flesh I do sup.” I say, that is quite violent. “Violent, violent, I do say – are you here to eat or play?”

I say, I am here to talk. “Talk away, little mage.” He again uses my real name. “I guess I am here to play!” I ask how he may protect someone.

“Protect, protect, how boring it is! We are here to eat. Let me show you how.” There is an astral person in my vision with termites or parasites upon them. The devil steps forth, but surrounding him are many tiny devils, the size of red pepper flakes. Like piranha they fall upon the parasites, consuming them wholly. I say, I was under the impression that Flying Devil Oil was meant to chase away little devils; not that they were themselves flying devils who came to eat things.

“Wrong, wrong! The mage is wrong. We are here to eat and here to stay. Observe.” I now see the astral person, surrounded by little red devils. As soon as any malicious or malific energy comes towards them, the tiny devils swarm upon it, consuming it. I ask why the devils do not feed upon the person themselves. “Do not bite the hand that feeds!” screeches the devil. “The master draws food and we feed, yet if the master was food for feed where would we be? Without any good devils to eat.” I ask if there is ever any danger that Flying Devil Oil will turn upon its master. “No, no.” He says this softly. “We have no quarrel with humans.” I get a feeling or vision that the devils secretly like humans, and would not hurt them, or for some other reason are bound to protect humans.

I ask how Flying Devil Oil may be used to break a hex, since it cannot be applied to the skin or a bath as many other hexbreaker ingredients are. “You need not disturb our home at all,” says the devil. “Shake us up, good and fast, and soon we will fly out and feed. Like a genie in a bottle are we! Only disturb us a little and here we will be. Tell us your trouble and ailments all, and we shall go to feast on them all.” I say, you should not rhyme “all” with “all”, it is cheating. He screeches a rude word at me, then turns his back to me. I have hurt his feelings.

In apology I ask if he would like some whiskey. “Yes,” he says softly in his toady voice. “We would like that.” I place a cap-full of whiskey on the conjure circle and he sips it delicately. I ask how he likes it here in my room. “It is nice enough,” he says. I ask if he must feed regularly. “No, we sleep much. Only when we are awaken do we fly forth. But if you awaken us regularly with no food we will grow hungry, so you must feed us lots of eggs.” I ask if he would like raw or cooked eggs. “Raw is best, and leave the egg in the shell. Only crack it open, and we will come to eat it and be very satisfied. Only do not feed us before an attack, or we will be full and have no desire to eat the devils that plague you.” I note that he has stopped rhyming, but I do not mention this. I do compliment his previous rhymes, saying that they were very unique. He is pleased and ruffles his wings. “I like to rhyme,” he says softly. I take this to be a personal hobby or habit of his; something that he enjoys. I feel badly for calling him out. I say I would enjoy to hear more of his pleasant rhymes. “No, no,” he says. “We must practice more.” I feel extra bad.

I ask if he is well combined with another formula such as War Water. “We do not like War Water,” says the devil. His cup is empty and I fill it with more Whiskey. “They slice away at the enemy so quickly that we can hardly get a bite to eat, and we are not carrion eaters.” I ask if he would like a raw egg now. “We are full,” he says. “You feed us every time we are awake.” I ask about his use during a candle spell. “You do not need to use a candle for us, only shake the jar, as I have said.” I ask, what if the devils must be sent far away to do a task in another area. “Use your taglock with the candle and we will go swiftly to whomever is there, and we will eat all the poison off of them.” I ask if there is any physical symptoms to the human, as capsicum is quite spicy and hurts our skin. “It only hurts when you rub it on your face,” he says. Earlier I accidentally rubbed some on my face when it leaked from the bottle. It does indeed hurt, as I use superhot peppers in my Flying Devil Oil mix. I ask him if the hotter peppers do a better job. “The hotter peppers are more vicious and fearless, and will hunt down the enemy for a longer time before they give up. But my good red peppers will do the job admirably, they are like loyal hounds.” Still feeling badly about my insult to his rhymes, I try to think of questions that he will enjoy. I ask if he likes to work with flame.

“Flame is different than us, although it is hot it is not quite the same kind of hot. You do not need both the devils and the flame, that is too much/overkill.” I ask why the peppers must be put in oil, and would a plain pepper spirit not do just as well. “The oil makes us one,” he says. “A pepper spirit may do the same job, if you ask politely and give the dog some offerings.” I am surprised that he calls normal peppers “dogs”. “But when we are in the oil we are reborn in to Devil Oil, constrained to our task of feeding, and we require no offerings.” I ask about the mysterious process that seems to turn individual ingredients in to one unique oil or water. “I do not know about that,” he says. “I only know that one day I awoke, fully formed, and saw you from my watery/oily jar, through a haze of red. And I said, 'there is my Mother, I am bound to protect her.'” I say, I am honored to take that role, and I did not know that I was considered his mother. “Yes, you created me, and I am bound to help you.” Astrally I see myself spontaneously reaching towards him, and with his kobold-like nose he nuzzles my hand. Astrally, my hand sizzles a little, although there is no physical pain. I ask if he likes his fate. “Yes, we like it. We are a simple spirit, we like to fly and feed. That is our duty and our role. You are also a good Mistress/Mother, you keep us out of the sun, and let us out regularly to eat. This is a good life and we are happy for it.” I asked how his nature changed when I added the superhot peppers to his mix; originally he was just red pizza pepper flakes. “It did not change me, for I am Spirit,” he says. “But the hounds under my control became multiplied, and as I said, the hottest peppers are the most vicious. So this increased our/my ability to fight for you.”

I ask if I may do anything in his honor. I see a brief vision of a candle flame. “No, no,” he says. I say, I will light a candle for him. He behaves quite shyly. I take a tea light and light the wick. It burns with no effect, so I dedicate it to the devil. “For my child, the flying devil,” I say. He seems terribly shy and hides behind his hands and wings, but I can tell he is very pleased. The small flame warms him and he looks at it. “Thank you, Mother,” he says. I say that it is my pleasure to light the candle for him. I ask if there is any circumstance in which he may die or perish. “If Mother is tired of me, only empty out all the oil, and I will be abandoned.” This seems quite harsh. I ask what will happen to him. “I will exist, constrained to be with my pepper-hounds, and I will become lost.” I say that this is not a proper fate. I ask if he may be returned to a greater spirit, to dwell in peace. “If you wish it, you may take the jar of oil and dedicate it to a god of Fire, or a goddess of peppers and gardening. And then I will be able to go to them, and dwell among their spirits, and that will be a good resting place for me until I die.” I ask how he could die. “I do not know,” he says. “I only know it would be more pleasant for me if I was not abandoned and constrained to fade away in the wilderness.”

I ask if other jars or oils should be released with respect as he wishes. “I do not know,” he says again. “It seems cruel to create a spirit and abandon it, but we are nothing but loyal servants; you may do with us what you wish.” I say, if ever a time comes when I do not need him, I will surely dedicate him to a beautiful goddess so he may live out his final days in peace. “You are kind, Mother,” he says.

I ask if he may have any other uses besides feeding, such as being a spy. “I may go look at things for you, but it is my instinct to eat them,” he says. “I do not prefer to be a spy, I like to stay close with my hounds/brothers, and rest in the oil, where I can watch you.” I ask if he watches me often. “I care for your safety, so I do watch you; and I ensure that if there is any evil some of my hounds will slip out.” I ask him if that is why his jar is always leaking. “I will not be held prisoner by a jar, Madam, if you are in danger; but it is dangerous for me if you leave the top off, as I may spill and be lost.” I ask if I am often in danger. “Your spirits take care of much danger which you never realize,” he says. I ask if this is the proper way of things, or if I need to pay more attention. “You are doing the proper way of things, for you have many spirits about you which care for you and protect you. And you have good protections up, and we are all safe here. It is our job to take care of the little tasks, and you organize us well for the big ones.”

I ask him if he has a name. “[redacted],” he tells me. I think this is a fine and pleasing name. “I chose it!” he chirps in his unusual voice. I say, I know he chose it, because I know the spirit to whom it originally belongs. “This is a good being of fire,” he tells me.

I say the time for our formal conversation is done, but he may stay and enjoy the candle flame for as long as he likes. I offer to put him on my desk. He seems to be very pleased with this idea. “I will stay and watch over you,” he says. My desk is now full of crystals and other conjures which wish to stay with me.

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What's your Bonk! limit? How much of the stuff can you handle at one time?

“Depends. I can only chug one in an hour. Two in an hour makes me hurl. Over a day I can probably do like, maybe five or six? If I really push it. Ya know, I tried testin’ all’a that over a week once-”

She looks to the distance. An unspoken ‘we don’t talk about that day’ or perhaps a ‘never again’.

Sparkling green

Harry Styles - 1636 words (Requested)

I nervously rub my sweat coated hands on the side of my jeans, eyes darting over all of the different colors of lingerie this store has to offer for my special night, tonight. I had no idea what all these things were, I only owned the standard bra’s in a few colors and never in a million years I thought I would cave and enter a lingerie store with an excited but nervous skip in my step. I’m too awkward to ask one of the salespeople for help, because seriously who in her right mind would want another woman helping them squeeze into a bra and comment on if their boobs fit or not?

“Can I help you?” I know I took too long to decide on a color, a size or anything. A friendly, blonde haired woman smiles at me from my right and I give her a stupid, awkward grin back, shrugging my shoulders before I let my gaze fall back onto the red skimpy thing right in front of me.
“I don’t know,” I sigh, caving into the pressure and deciding to let her help me, “It’s for a special occasion and honestly have no idea.” The girl lets a chuckle past her lips and crosses her arms over her chest. I raise an eyebrow as I gaze at her through the corner of my eyes, waiting what she is about to propose.

“Would you like a push up or something that makes them look bigger or?” She states, her fingers skimming through the rack, momentarily stopping to let her gaze fall onto my breast area before she starts skimming again. “More natural, I suppose?”
She grabs a few different colors and guides me to a secluded booth, winking at me as she hands me the different sets.


“I liked the green the best, to be honest.” I sway from side to side as I look at the emerald blue bra, giving myself a once over in the mirror. “I like this one too. Why the green?”
“It reminds me of my boyfriend’s eyes.” I sigh out, dreamily thinking of the sparkling green eyes I fell in love with the first time I laid eyes on him. The girl sighs out as well, a soft smile on her lips. “Then the choice is made, no?” I nod my head, a stupid grin once more gracing my lips as my fingers curl around the curtain to pull it closed. I’m glad it’s over. But somehow I understand why girls like picking nice stuff like this out for their boyfriends.

I walk back out, fully dressed, thick coat covered with a large black and white scarf, the blonde lady still waiting for me. She grabs the set I’m about to buy as she walks me to the register. “Can I be nosy and ask what the special occasion is? Anniversary?” I feel the blush of shame already raise to my cheeks, awkwardly fumbling with a thread on my coat as I look around the store.
“Uh well – “ The girl stops behind the register and takes off the tags before her eyes widen. “Oh.”
“Yeah” I awkwardly chuckle and she winks again. “A pretty lady like you, you’ll string him in no time!”

I giggle and thank her whole heartedly, handing her the cash for the bra and matching knickers before she bags it. “I’m sure he’ll love it. The best of luck, miss.”
“Thank you.” I smile again as I take the bag from her hands and swiftly walk out of the store before someone sees the girlfriend of Harry Styles in a lingerie shop.


Underneath my regular clothes is the bright green that seemed to match Harry’s eyes perfectly. It doesn’t make me less nervous, if all I think these nervous butterflies became worse and worse when I gazed at myself through the mirror – isn’t it too much?

“What’s up with you today? You’re totally out of it.” Harry grins as he presses his lips to my cheek forcefully, a loud smack resonating through the air and pulling me out of my trance. “Huh?”
“See, that’s what I meant. Are you alright?” Harry comes back, his hand cupping my cheek as his eyes dart between my own, trying to see if there is something wrong.
“I had a weird day, that’s all. And I’m tired.” I smile, pressing my lips to his shortly to diminish his wandering thoughts, wrapping my arms around him to hug him close to me.

“Then we should head to bed, no?” Harry smiles as his arms wrap around my shoulders, lips gently pressing to my forehead and I can feel those same butterflies erupt again. Although these are mixed with adoration and not only nervousness. “Yeah, maybe we should.” I let a tiny, weird looking smile grace my lips and Harry furrows his eyebrows but shrugs it off as me being tired. “Come on then.”

“I – uhm – have a, a present for you.” I stutter out, my fingers fiddling with the hem of my shirt as I try to avoid Harry’s wandering gaze. “Oh? What is it?” I can hear the smile on Harry’s lips through his words and I lift my shirt over my head before turning towards my boyfriend who by now is already shirtless before he turns his head towards me. His mouth falls open as I merely stares at me. “Y/n, what – I mean – “ Harry stumbles over his words himself. Of course he had seen me in my undergarments already, I’ve spent the night here multiple times, but never this provoking and with this feeling lingering in the air.

My fingers are still fiddling with one another, Harry hadn’t said anything about him appreciating me will to do that, and I am getting more nervous by every passing second on the clock. “If you want, I’m ready for it.” Harry walks over towards me without saying a word still, his fingers threading through my hair before he presses his lips forcefully to mine. I almost believe it is out of relief and longing, and it makes my heart flutter. “Are you sure?” I hum out, a smile on my lips as Harry grins and presses our lips back together.

Slowly, ever so slowly, Harry begins to undress me, leaving me bare to his watchful eye before he rids himself of his jeans and boxer shorts. We crawl into bed, just lying there, kissing and feeling one another before Harry makes a move to hover above me, lips still pressed together to ease the nerves I am feeling and the tension that has settled in my muscles.

“Don’t be nervous, please.” Harry sighs out, lips pressing once more to my forehead as I let my eyelids flutter closed. I don’t know why I am this nervous, I mean, it is Harry and I know he loves me to bits, and wouldn’t never in a million years intentionally hurt me. So I nod my head as I let my eyelids slowly open again, catching Harry’s warm gaze as I bite my lip. Harry grins as he lowers himself, his member brushing between my legs and I let out a low moan at the contact, I never knew it could feel like this. “Like that already?” Harry chuckles drily and I slap his biceps, a loud smack resonating through the otherwise silent bedroom as I groan. “Don’t make fun of me.” I breathe, keeping my eyes closed as I feel the tip press against my folds.

“I love it that you like it, so not really laughing at you.” Harry sighs. “Ready?” I hum in response and I feel a bit of pressure down there, the tip slowly sliding in and stretching me as I huff, a low buzzing pain coursing through my lower half. “Okay?” I nod my head, biting the inside of my cheek as I squeeze my eyes closed. I know it might hurt in the beginning, but it will subside after a while so pleasure can take its place and I am very willing to go straight to that place and not stalling this pain any longer. “Please move.” I huff out, throwing my head back as I let my fingers thread through Harry’s curly locks.

Harry picks up his movements again and slowly rocks in and out of me, his breath fanning against my forehead before he presses his lips against the smooth skin. “I don’t think I might last long.”
I let a weird, gargling noise leave my lips, hopefully he takes it as a ‘I don’t mind’ and I let my hands roam over his bare back, his arms and back over his back to his bum. Harry moans against my skin, picking up his pace slightly as I feel the pain reside and pleasure take over my body, tingles searing throughout my whole body as I moan out at Harry’s movements.

I can already feel Harry’s hips start to shudder as he tries his best to keep going, but with a simple squeeze of his biceps I let him know that it is okay. Never would I even thought it could feel this good, feeling even more loved by the man that I think about every free second of the day. Harry stills and groans into my neck, dropping his whole body weight onto my fragile body as he hugs me close to him. I never thought either that he would be this loving and caring, not only because I made him wait for quite some time before giving myself to him. “I love you.” I whisper against his shoulder while I soothingly stroke his back, feeling his breathing go back to normal while he peppers my neck with kisses before catching his lips with mine.

Lots of love,
L. xox

The Domestication of Chuuya - Saturday Mornings

A new plotless drabble mini series in which Chuuya figures out this whole domestic thing. because I can’t control my thirst

Pairing: Chuuya x Reader
Part [1/?]

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“Choose your teams,” Pepper said, pulling out the cards and setting the buzzer out in the center of the table.

“I choose Petey!” Wade yelped, and lunged across the table for Peter’s head, upon which he placed a sloppy kiss.

“Of course you do,” Tony said in a deadpan. He blinked before continuing with, “I call Pepper.”

Pepper gave Tony an indulgent smile.

“I’ll take Barton,” Natasha said, before shooting Clint an evil smile.

“We’re all doomed,” Wade said in a low voice. “Doomed, I say! Doomed!”

Clint nodded. “Oh definitely.”

“I guess that means I’m with Steve,” Bruce said, and settled across the table from his teammate.

“Too bad Thor’s missing out,” Steve said as he too settled into his seat.

Peter shrugged. “I’m sure he’d enjoy it, but then we’d have an uneven number, and you’ve got to have even numbers to play Taboo.”

“I still don’t see why we couldn’t have just played Heads Up,” Tony complained. “It’s the same thing, only with actual technology.” He scoffed at the paper cards.

Pepper rolled her eyes. “We have Taboo, so we’re playing Taboo.”

“Plus there are actual rules,” Bruce added, “and a bigger deck.”

“Fine!” Tony threw his hands into the air, “We’ll play your primitive word-guessing game.”

“Can we go first?” Wade screeched. “Please? We’re definitely going first.” He lunged over the table again to grab Peter’s hand. “Don’t you want to go first, Petey-pie? We’re going to go first and win.”

Natasha lifted a single eyebrow. “Are you saying that you’re so unsure of your abilities that you need to go first in order to rack up points first?” she asked in her coolest voice.

Wade made a high-pitched screeching noise and went to pull out his katana, but Peter grabbed him by his collar.

“Pretty much,” Peter said, ignoring Wade’s flailing. “That’s why Wade grabbed me for his team so fast, it’s because he knows he sucks at games.”

Wade gasped. “I’ve been betrayed!”

“If you shut up,” Tony said, “we’ll let you go first.”

Wade whooped and settled back into his seat. He drummed his fingers against the tabletop.

“Rules?” Bruce asked.

“Alright,” Pepper said and cleared her throat, “every card has a word that you need to make your teammate guess. You can say anything to describe the word, but you can’t say the word in a different language, or use rhyming words. You obviously can’t say the word, and you also can’t say any of these taboo words below the word.” She picked a card from the deck and pointed to the word on the top, “So you’d have to make your partner guess ‘CEO’ without saying any of these words,” she moved her finger down to a list of five words in a smaller font lower on the card.

“Tony,” Steve said, leaning forward, “you’re name is one of the Taboo words.”

Tony grinned. “I’m Taboo, eh?”

“Must be an old edition,” Bruce said, “I bet newer editions have Pepper’s name instead.

Tony scowled at him and Bruce beamed back beatifically.

“Let’s play,” Wade whined.

“Do you understand the rules?” Peter asked.

Wade rolled his eyes. “Yes! Now let’s go.”

“Pushy pushy,” Clint said.

“Do you want to ask first?” Peter asked, “Or should I?”

“I wanna go!” Wade said.

Peter rolled his eyes. “Alright.”

Pepper pushed the deck towards Wade. “Ready?” she asked, and at Wade’s sharp nod flipped the hourglass (minute-long hourglass? Minuteglass?) timer over.

Wade viciously ripped the top card from the deck and then shot Peter a ferocious look. Peter rested his head nonchalantly on his hand, his elbow propped on the table.

“Alright, Petey, hold onto your pants!”

“Time is happening,” Peter pointed out and nodded to the sand quickly sifting downward in the hourglass.

“Fine,” Wade grumbled, “You get this way when I talk to Dawna.”

Peter frowned. “Uh, hungry?”

“No! You get this…” he scanned the taboo words, “feeling, in your heart, when I talk to Dawna and not you.”

Peter’s expression cleared. “Jealous? And no I don’t.”

“You do!” Wade insisted and tossed the card over his shoulder before grabbing a new one. “Ok! You wear this on the top of your…uh, on your top.”

“A shirt?”



“Monarchy!” Wade shouted.

Peter winced a little at the suddenly loud noise. “A tiara?” Wade shook his head. “A crown?”

Wade tossed the card over his shoulder and grabbed a new one. “Treasure! That is what you are. Honey, you’re my golden…” he paused.

Peter scratched his head. “Star?”

Wade tossed the card over his shoulder. “I once broke into the…”

Peter blinked. “Babe, that’s, like, a lot of places.”

Wade narrowed his eyes at the card. “Uh, not a bank, not the w—hm…one less than six?”

Peter cocked his head to the side. “Five?”

Wade made a ‘go-on’ motion with his hand.

“Uh,” Peter started tapping his foot rhythmically on the floor, “Abraham Lincoln?”

“Long shot,” Tony said in a sing-song.

“No no no!” Wade said, and eyed the hourglass nervously. The sand was almost out. “Ok, think president, think state secrets, think last August!”

“Oh!” Peter exclaimed, his expression relaxing. “The Pentagon?”

“Yes!” Wade shrieked.

A buzzing noise caught Wade off-guard and he fell onto the floor. Peter turned to see Natasha holding her hand down on the buzzer. “Time’s up,” she explained.

“Does that mean we get four points?” Peter asked.

“Yes,” Pepper said, making a note on a piece of paper. “You earned one point each for Jealous, Crown, Star, and Pentagon. No points off. Good job, Wade, you didn’t use any of the taboo words.”

Wade pumped his fist into the air. And then, as if that wasn’t enough, he jumped to his feet and made a running jump towards the window. And then through the window. Glass shattered around him and he made a loud whooping noise as he fell farther down, the wind whipping his voice away.

Peter had jumped to his feet when he realized that Wade wasn’t going to stop at the glass. He looked down through the shattered window and saw the vaguely red outline of his fiancé on the ground below.

“What the fuck?” Tony asked.

Peter turned to see that the other Avengers crowded around him. “Uh,” Peter said, feeling too casual for having just seen his boyfriend jump through a window and fall over thirty floors to his death. Temporary death, but still.

“That’s not normal,” Pepper said, “right?”

“Hopefully,” Bruce said.

“Should we be worried?” Steve asked.

Peter sighed. “No, he was just excited we did so well.”

“Four points?” Clint asked skeptically.

Peter shrugged. “Like I said. He’s not so good with games, not even team games.”

There was a beat of silence, and then Tony spoke. “I’m a bit upset that a suicide was committed before I even got my turn.”

“Well, we can’t play with a member missing,” Bruce chided

The elevator dinged, and Peter turned to see Wade, bloody and limping, hobble through the doors.

Peter quirked a smile at his mildy mutilated lover. “Ready for someone else’s round?” he asked Wade.

Wade nodded and shuffled forward, dragging a probably broken leg behind him, and took a seat at the table. There was a half second when no one moved, and no one spoke, before Wade turned to the group in obvious annoyance. “Well? Are we playing or not? Who’s next? Stark? Or is it Clinty-poo?”

The others, out of their element, let Peter take the lead, and followed when Peter returned to the table as if there had never been an interruption. They continued playing, ignoring the wind rattling through the broken window, and also ignoring when Wade, in his excitement over guessing five out of seven words correctly during Peter’s turn, threw himself out the window again.

For the @deadpoolweekly prompt: Team. I diggity love these prompts. Also, I’m sorry for any grammatical errors, I’m a little tired :D

“We were crass little bastards to be honest, later we grew up, and thank goodness people didn’t write us off at that point. But he (John) made it easy, he made it fun, he was such a student of music and arrangements. I just needed to show him the tiniest idea of a song, like I’ve got this verse, I’ve got this little melody, and he’d be like, ‘Great, come in the backyard and let’s finish it.’ Somehow that barrier of him being a fan of the band didn’t exist, it washed away the second we shook hands and went and played.” Anthony Kiedis talking about John Frusciante, Fandemonium, New York City, 2014.

An Overview of the Languages of The Thedas Language Project

As with any world, the world of Thedas is populated by hundreds, if not thousands, of languages. The lands of which we’ve seen so far are filled with 19 dominant languages, each of which are most likely broken down into varying dialects throughout their regions. Not all of these languages are a living language, but they are still spoken in some large form - even if only for ceremonial purposes, or sprinkled through common speech as a sign of intelligence (such as with Ancient Tevene in Tevinter).

The following are the list of languages that I believe exist in Thedas to some extent. Mind you, remember that this list concerns the Thedas Language Project. This is by no means canon, but rather my own guesses (some educated, and some entire shots in the dark) as to the languages and their areas of influence.

Included in this list is a description of the language, its real world language (if any), the people who speak it, and the area of its influence. 

Addendum: I was asked to add Ciriane here, as well as make some edits to differentiate between what is canon and what is supposition on the part of the Thedas Language Project. Everything in bold italic is canon. Everything else is fan supposition, or outright headcanon.

  • Alamarri
    About: The language of the Alamarri tribes, including the Avvar, the Chasind, and the Clayne.
    Nature: Fan Conlang, based upon Old English, Proto-Germanic and other older Germanic languages
    Spoken In: Parts of Ferelden (Clayne), The Kocari Wilds (Chasind), The Frostback Mountains (Avvar)
  • Alsahiria
    About: The native language of Seheron. Mostly a dying language as it is being replaced by Modern Tevene, Common, and Qunlat.
    Nature: Real world language: Arabic
    Spoken In: Seheron, Parts of Tevinter, Parts of Par Vollen
  • Andersche
    About: The native language of the Ander people living in the Anderfels. The dominant language of the Anderfels. The Language is also known as Orsche, but Andersche is more common. Likewise, Orthland and Anderfellen are both accepted terms for the nation in the Ander language, but Anderfellen is far more common.
    Nature: Real world language: German and bits of Dutch
    Spoken In: The Anderfels, Parts of the Donarks
  • Antivan
    About: The native language of Antiva.
    Nature: Unsure. Either Spanish or Italian. Possibly both. More information is needed.
    Spoken In: Antiva, Parts of Nevarra, and Parts of Rivain
  • Common
    About: The common lingua franca of Thedas, commonly known as The Trade Tongue, or The King’s Tongue.
    Nature: Real world language: Whatever language the game or other canon material is localized in.
    Spoken In: Everywhere that international trade takes place, to varying degrees. 
  • Ciriane
    About: The original language of the Ciriane people, and the original native language of Orlais. The original Chant of Light was written in Ciriane.
    Nature: Unknown. Clearly a precurser to Orlesian, so possibly either the real world language of Frankish or Old French.
    Spoken In: Nowhere. Ciriane is a dead language, most likely only used in scholarly uses throughout Orlais.
  • Donarsk
    About: The native language of the Donars, the Ander peoples who kept moving Northward and eventually settled within the Donarks.
    Nature: Real world language: Norwegian
    Spoken In: The Donarks, The Weathered Pass and Wandering Hills regions of The Anderfels.
  • Dwarvish
    About: Originaly the native language of the Dwarvish peoples, and was separated into dozens of different dialects and sub-dialects. Nowadays, Dwarvish is a dead language and is mostly a ceremonial language used in the last few surviving Dwarven cities, such as Orzammar, Kal-Sharok, and Kal’Hirol.
    Nature: Unknown. Most likely a cipher created by Bioware. A conlang will not be created because Dwarvish is the basis of Common. Creating a conlang would compromise the fact that Common is supposed to be whatever language the material is localized in.
    Spoken In: The last surviving Dwarven Thaigs, mostly in ceremonial use only, or sprinkled throughout common speech.
  • Elvhen
    About: The native language of the Elvhen people of Elvhenan. It was a dead language, but the Dalish Elves have revived it and it has become a living language once more.
    Nature: Officially, and canonically a cipher. Thedas Language Project has turned this into a Fan Conlang with Project Elvhen.
    Spoken In: Dalish clans, scattered throughout Thedas. 
  • Fereldan
    About: The native language of Ferelden. 
    Nature: Real world language: English
    Spoken In: Ferelden, and The Free Marches
  • Gaeilge
    About: One of the two dominant native languages of The Free Marches
    Nature: Real world language: Gaeilge (Irish)
    Spoken In: The coastal regions of The Free Marches, such as the cities of Kirkwall, Markham, Wycome, and Ostwick.
  • Gàidhlig
    About: One of the two dominant native languages of The Free Marches.
    Nature: Real world language: Gàidhlig (Scots Gaelic)
    Spoken In: The inner dales regions of The Free Marches, mostly along the regions of the Minanter River, such as Starkhaven, Ansburg, and Tantervale.
  • Lingua Tevene 
    About: Ancient Tevene was originally the native language of Tevinter. It is now a dead language.
    Nature: Real world language: Latin, with creative license and manipulation by Bioware
    Spoken In: Tevinter, and other parts of Thedas, but only with ceremonial or scholarly use. Often peppered throughout normal speech by the people of Tevinter as a sign of intelligence and education.
  • Modern Tevene
    About: The current native language of Tevinter.
    Nature: Unknown. Most likely either the real world language of Italian, or a dialect of Common that is heavily influenced by Ancient Tevene.
    Spoken In: Tevinter, Parts of Seheron, Parts of Nevarra
  • Nevarran
    About: The current dominant language of Nevarra.
    Nature: A lingua franca that evolved from a mixture of Orlesian, Antivan, Ferelden, and Modern Tevene.
    Spoken In: Nevarra
  • Névikós
    About: The original native language of Nevarra.
    Nature: Real world language: Greek
    Spoken In: A dying language, and spoken in Nevarra mostly as a ceremonial language. Still spoken as a living language by a small, yet dwindling, population of native Nevarrans.
  • Orlesian
    About: The native language of Orlais
    Nature: Real world language: French
    Spoken In: Orlais, Parts of Nevarra
  • Orthska
    About: The native language of the Orth people of The Anderfels.
    Nature: Real world language: Swedish
    Spoken In: The Wandering Hills region of The Anderfels, Parts of the Donarks
  • Qunlat
    About: The native language of the Qunari
    Nature: Most likely a cipher, canonically. Will eventually become a Fan Conlang with Project Qunlat.
    Spoken In: Par Vollen, Parts of Seheron, Parts of Rivain, Parts of the Donarks
  • Rivaini
    About: The native language of Rivain.
    Nature: Unknown. Could be a cipher, could be Spanish, Portuguese, another romance language, or even a middle eastern language. More information is needed.
    Spoken In: Rivain, Parts of Antiva, Parts of Nevarra
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Prompt: Misha finds out a secret you’ve been hiding, and he’s there to help you through it.

Pairing: Misha x Reader

Warnings: self harm (nondescriptive), depression, negative thoughts (very little description)

Words: 2367

You knew you weren’t great at anything. The only thing you exceeded at, really, was acting, and even then you were unsure about your talents. You couldn’t draw - the best you could draw was a stick figure waving. You certainly couldn’t sing - at best you sounded like a cat whose tail has been yanked. You tripped over your own feet when dancing and your jokes were nothing but cheesy puns you read on the internet. You had always told yourself you weren’t good at anything, and you took a shot at acting. Turns out, you were good enough to land a spot on Supernatural back in season three. Now they don’t want to get rid of you. And don’t even get started on your love life.

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Bertoldt and Ymir

The candid talk between Ymir and Bertoldt in chapter 47 is when I began to love both characters as individuals and also to have respect for their unique dynamic.

Bertoldt’s quiet nature and unassuming personality enabled Ymir to let her guard down. She speaks to him without the insults and jabs that normally pepper her conversation. They aren’t friends. They aren’t enemies. But their shared history unites them. The conversation about the moment they became titan shifters is a painful one, but it centers on forgiveness - forgiving each other, forgiving themselves. 

For reasons known only to her, Ymir sides with Bertoldt and Reiner as they attempt to escape the Survey Corps. Resting atop the walls of Shiganshina after the battle, the conversation continues. 

Bert asks Ymir why she rescued him. She replies “Maybe it’s because I heard your voice.” She goes on to thank him for freeing her from her endless nightmare. She cryptically adds, “I’m the same way… I was hopeless on my own.”

I don’t know exactly what she means, but Bert looks like he’s going to be sick. He quietly apologizes and thanks her.

I don’t expect the canon story to ever give Ymir and Bertoldt another opportunity to talk so freely, but I’m grateful it was there. 

SnK Ship Appreciation/8 of ??

Iron's daughter Part 4

Iron’s daughter Part 3

Summary:  Time goes on and Tony Stark’s daughter (Y/N) is getting the best junior assistant he could imagine. He finds himself feeling comfortable in his role of being a Dad.

Warnings: None

“I’m on the hiiiighway to hell” I loudly sang along with the music in the background while I repaired the circuit of the suits extremities, just the way Tony had shown me how to do it. I don’t know what happened to the completely damaged suit, but there were dents and scratches all over it. Body parts were burned, hit by bullets, or they were just missing.

We had spent most of the time in his lab, building robotic applications, repairing whatever needed to be repaired and tried everything to upgrade his new suit.  He had had some problems with the stability of the suit that flew together with the help of microchips implants in his body and we tried to think of a way how to fix that. And finally, after many days, we were extremely close to solve it.

“Ahh…shit.” Tony grunted annoyed and stopped working. “(Y/N)?” “Yeah?” I replied absent minded, while I soldered a small computer-chip into the Iron Man helmet. “Can you come over for a sec, I need a pair of tiny hands.”

“Mute” I said and the music stopped immediately. I shoved the goggles up my head, which protected me from the bright light and took a deep sigh. I had just finished welding and soldering pieces of the titanium body parts and he just sat there for an hour, fiddling with some wires and tools.

I jumped off the table and took a close look at his work.

“I should stop making things unreachable small.” He said with the pocket lamb between his teeth and I removed the mass of wires to see what he was pointing at.

“You have to find the red wire. Try to connect it with the main energy transmitter.” He said in a monotone voice and I moved my hand forward into the hole. It was automatically, almost natural for me to find the exact right spot and to connect the wire to the power resource. I turned it around at forty-five degrees. “Okay, let’s try it.” I said and he took a few steps back until he reached the platform where he had been standing before.

Tony aimed with his arm towards the metal, but nothing happened and we both frowned. “I don’t understand. It should have worked!” he muttered under his breath. “It must be the fault of the changed control algorithm.” “Have you tried Accio Suit?” I suggested and he let out a dry laugh.

"Try again!” “What do you think I am doing all the time (Y/N)? It’s not working.” Tony stopped trying to activate the impulse out of the suit’s main body parts with gestures.

“Stupid, worthless-“ I sighed in frustration and punched the metal on the table, but then the realisation hit me and I knew how to solve it.

"What are you doing?” Tony asked, as I stood up and ran to the next computer screen. “Wait.” I simply said and started to type in codes, complicated formulas to trick the algorithm.

"I think that’ll help.” I said and pressed enter and suddenly all lights broke down.

“Great (Y/N), really great.” He said sarcastically into the darkness and let his arms fall to his side.

But then the lights went back on and suddenly the suit’s drives began to blow steam. I gave him a ‘told you’ look. Tony laughed as he noticed he was able to activate the micro chips and immediately let them fly into the air. It gently fitted on Tony’s shoulders.   “You’re really getting good at this (Y/N).” “I’m the best.” I replied in an arrogant tone and lifted one corner of my lip.

But my eyes went wide as the other body parts flew together one by one in full equipment and in the end, the Iron Man everybody knows stood in front of me.  Tony winked at me and smiled before the visor of his helmet completed his armour.  It looked incredible cool and I was proud being a part of it.

I cheered and started to jump around and clap my hands. “We did it!” I hugged him happily. His suit wasn’t really comfortable to hug, but I didn’t care. My face pressed at the cold, red and gold metal. “No, (Y/N). We did it.” He replied with his mechanic voice. I was so proud. “Thanks Dad.” I stiffened. I wasn’t sure, if I should have said that and now it was too late to take it back, but he looked at me with the glowing slits of his eyes and chuckled under his mask. He ran his metal hand trough my hair.


Being his assistant was the best thing I ever done in my life, but it was exhausting. It had been an exciting day, I had learned so much about engineering and now it was almost midnight and we just kept on working. At least no one was telling me to go to bed in time. I massaged the bridge of my nose and took a sip out of my Coca-Cola bottle.

2 a.m.

I stared holes into the air, picked up Turtle and yawned. I was wondering why Tony wasn’t tired. I can’t remember he had slept at all since my arriving.

My eyes were almost closed and my head almost slid away under my hand. I glanced at the clock. “Must.stay.awake.” I muttered under my breath. I didn’t want to sleep, this was way too exiting. I smiled tiredly and rubbed my eyes, laid my head to rest on the table next to the computer screen. Just for one minute, I wanted to close my eyes before I could start running new simulations for the suit. And before I noticed, I drifted away and fell asleep.


Tony stretched his back and crack his knuckles before he glanced over to the little girl that was supposed to watch the simulations. He wondered why she stopped talking, though she never did. First, he enjoyed the silence, but after quite a while, he felt like he was missing something. He turned around and saw her eyes were closed and her head rest in both her arms to make it more comfortable. Fast asleep with a screwdriver in her hand.

He felt bad he had let her stay up for this long and swore to himself it won’t happen again, although she wouldn’t like it at all.

He walked towards her and carefully lifted her tiny body in his arms and she immediately laid her head onto his shoulder. “C’mon, time to go to bed.” He said softly, but she just made a hollow sound in her sleep that made his heart light up a little. He never thought he could feel this way, but he was totally sure he had completely lost his heart to this girl. She cuddled her arms and legs around him and said something like ‘force feedback motor’ in her sleep.

Tony made his way through the lab and he slowly carried (Y/N) upstairs.

He carefully laid her down the bed and covered her with blankets as tight as he could; He placed a soft kiss on her forehead and silently wanted to leave again, as he felt something was holding him back. (Y/N) wouldn’t let him go, she cuddled into his chest in her sleep and forced him to stay down. Tony didn’t plan to stay by his daughter, he had work to do. But a smile showed up his lips. He finally let himself defeat by his tiredness and laid his chin on top of her head, closed his eyes and fell asleep.

“Well this is cute.” Someone chuckled and I slowly opened my eyes to see Pepper standing in front the bed, looking perfectly as always, smiling happily.  

I didn’t know how I got here; I could only remember falling asleep behind the computer and now I woke up after a night full of dreams about building robots, covered with blankets and pillows.

Stretching out my feet, I felt something hairy between my toes. Tony’s face. I literally lay across him. He grunted sleepy and I saw him lifting one eye. “Ugh, gross.” He muttered and pushed my foot out of his face. Pepper lay down next to us and let out a silent giggle. “This is the first time I see you two not working.” “Yeah, actually. I don’t feel like cutting wires today, let’s just stay in bed.” Tony suggested and pulled Pepper closer to him. She smiled and then they kissed. “Ugh, gross!” It was my turn to say and I covered my eyes with both my hands.

We spend all morning in bed, telling stories, playing cards or counting clouds in the sky over the sapphire-blue ocean.

“Who’s hungry?” Tony asked finally and I suddenly noticed my stomach ached for something to eat. “I am.” Pepper responded.

“I could make some baked eggs.” I said with a sarcastic grin as we entered the kitchen and Tony turned around on his heel with a horrified expression on his face. “No eggs.” He pointed with his finger at me, while he continued collecting random ingredients.

“This can’t be that hard, doesn’t it?” Tony said staring at the ingredients and started to pull some milk to the sugar. “See? Easy.” But Pepper frowned unconvinced.  I grabbed my fingers around the edge of the counter to see what was happening and lifted an eyebrow.

“What are you actually trying to do?” “Waffles.” He said grinning, whilst stirring the dough that was way too fluent. “Gluten free.”

“Is that normal?” I asked Pepper and dipped my finger into the dough. “Tony usually never cooks. And if, it’s burned or still raw.”  She replied anxiously and leaned against the only part of the counter that wasn’t covered with dough.

"Take that back!” He said with a fake-offended expression on his face that made me giggle. But Pepper stretched out her tongue and didn’t seem like she wanted to.

So he dipped his fingers into the white powder and threw it at her. Now her whole face was covered with flour and her jaw dropped in shock. Her expensive dress was ruined and there was a moment of awkward silence between the three of us. I held my breath, thinking she’d get mad and already started praying for Tony, but in the next moment she threw a hand back at him, grinning like a kid.

I started to laugh, but was suddenly interrupted by a mass of powdery flour all over my body, that Tony had thrown over my head. I coughed, just to put my whole hand into the whipped cream.  This calls for revenge.

Tony tried to escape, but I had already pushed it in his face and we burst into laughing. The flour-and whipped cream-fight became more and more intense, until we all were covered with sticky grease. Pepper and I screamed and I ran away as fast as I could, but he grabbed my legs and threw me over his shoulder. I desperately kicked my legs through the air, but I couldn’t do anything but laugh. “Let gooo!” I screamed, as he started running and spinning me around.  “I will teach you being this cruel to your old man!”

"Peppie- Help me!” I whined with the brightest grin I had and was abruptly interrupted by a heavy hiccup. Tony laughed at me and didn’t made serious actions letting me down. “I can’t hear you; I have cream in my ears.” He said and tickled me, while Pepper tried to free my turtle from dough. Poor thing. “No stopitstop*hiccup*, itstopit! Let *hiccup* me go.”

He laughed, but suddenly stopped as we heard an amused chuckle behind us. I couldn’t see who it was, though he kept me hanging over his shoulder. My side hurt and I had tears in my eyes. “Uhm…the door was open.” I knew that voice. “Mum?” I asked and finally Tony let me down. “Hey, darling.” She kneeled as I ran towards her and hesitated hugging me, kept me on distance, because I was covered over and over with flour. Just like the two adult persons behind me, who were watching us. “(Y/M/N)” Tony said surprised.

"I’m gonna go and uhm…” Pepper pointed at nothing special behind her and started to leave the room. “Check the…uhm. Thing.”

Mum smiled shyly and cleared her throat. “Good to see you Tony.” She fiddled with her keys. “Good to see you face to face.” He replied with a smile and remembered her driving away as fast as she could, leaving me and a letter to him.  Mum breathed in the air between her teeth. “Yeah, sorry about that.” She said guiltily. “Is it already end of the summer? I don’t wanna go!” I whined and grabbed my Dad’s hand. I didn’t notice time went on so fast, though I finally started to feel at home. He squeezed my hand a bit tighter.

But all my protests and moans didn’t help, but it came as it had to come. We had to say goodbye. At least we had time to take a shower before and collect my stuff that was spread all over the place.

Pepper laid her soft hand on my cheek, gave me my backpack and placed a kiss on my hair. “I hope we’ll see each other soon (Y/N). You can come back and stay whenever you want.” “You know how to hack my security system.” Tony added and pretended like letting Mum take me with her wouldn’t be a big deal. But he couldn’t trick me; I saw the sadness in his eyes. Truth was he didn’t want me to go. He kneeled down and stroke a strain of hair behind my ear.

“I made you something.” I said and pulled out a piece of paper and laid it into his hands. He grinned as he saw the drawing I had made of me and him. Iron Man, holding a little girl by the hand that seemed to be the luckiest kid on earth. “I know it’s not perfect.” I sighed a little, but I saw he was grinning brightly at the childish drawing. “It’s perfect.” He said and swallowed.

“You’re a great Dad.” I said and I really meant it. “I guess you’re not that bad either kiddo. I wished we had met earlier. I’m sorry.” He cupped my cheek in his hand. “I will miss you.” My voice started to shake a bit and I knew I would miss him badly. Him and Pepper, and even Dummy.

I sadly threw my backpack over my shoulder and put Turtle into my pocket, before Mum and I walked towards our car. But it only took a few steps before I turned around and ran back to him and without a word, I jumped in his spread arms and hugged him for a last time. He sighed deeply into my hair.

Until he had to let me go.

I looked back at him and Pepper. “Dad?” “Yeah?” I smiled. “My birthday is in two weeks. Will you come?” “How about a big birthday party for my special girl?” He replied and made me jump in anticipation. “Oh, oh.” Pepper said, knowing something that I didn’t.

I couldn’t wait until that day and I was so happy, it made me step into Mum’s car easier.  I waved at him through the window as the car slowly started to drive away and let Turtle blow kisses to them.

Tony waved back and smiled, but he felt lost, as he watched them driving away and disappear around the corner. It was only five weeks ago he didn’t even know he had a daughter, didn’t want to have a kid, but it turned out he couldn’t imagine life without her. Maybe, he thought, someday she would want to live here with him and he could watch her grow up and enjoy the beautiful moments of life. With Pepper and (Y/N), he had finally found a family, he could protect and love.

The End.

queengallaghr  asked:

Bucky/Wanda for the ship ask?

Ooooooooooh, this became A LOT. So many new headcanons and ngl, I kind of went a little extra with the writing but when do I not get carried away? Thank you so much !! 

psssst @scarletwitchyrps. I did a thing ;-)


Gives nose/forehead kisses:


She realized early on that Bucky absolutely loved affection but never dared asked for it. He craves it. Whether it be Steve squeezing his shoulder, or Sam patting his back - she recognized how much at ease he is throughout the day when he was on the receiving end of those small touches. 

When his head is in her lap or when he’s finally letting his feet rest after a draining mission. She just casually leans over and presses a kiss to his forehead then goes on with her mission report. 

Bucky has to duck his head every time to hide his smile.

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