normal parkinson

Body Shots

Pairing: Harry Potter x Pansy Parkinson

AU: Chaos Theory Verse

Word Count: 910

Written For: je-suis-le-soleil-lui-ne-l-a-pas

College is—


Having a Starbucks in the lobby of her dorm stops being cool after she takes her first Political Economies midterm and realizes that studying with glitter pens and flashcards and gingerbread lattes like she had in high school is probably not going to work anymore, and even though the parties are technically more abundant and socially diverse and at least partially legal depending on the ratio of seniors to freshman—they’re not really different.

College is basically all the shitty parts of high school turned up to Bose-level decibels of deafening and all the fun parts just kind of…slightly rearranged.

And Pansy had had expectations, okay? She had prepared herself for pulling all-nighters during finals and drinking tequila straight from the bottle on otherwise unremarkable Wednesday afternoons and piling laughingly into taxis with good-naturedly bemused drivers who would chuckle and commiserate and take selfies with her and—

She hasn’t done any of those things.

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