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my favorite line from ep34 of Adventure Zone
  • Travis: Yeah! We legit won!
  • Clint: Cuz that doesn't happen all the time!
  • Justin: Normally a much better equipped woman has to come in and save us. That's typically the way we do it.

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the shadowman x jester, the ed x jack and the felix x marco ship had me craving fanfiction. im so sad that most of them died though :/

Me too??????? I’ve been searching the ends of the internet for fan fiction and I’ve only found a Kyle x Ed one shot (but I LOVE them together so it’s all good). I literally ship everyone so it’s always pain when I have nothing to read with them. I’m actually thinking about maybe writing some fan fiction ??? (Some ship stuff and maybe a post end thing????)

BUT if anyone has any fanfiction please share so me and anon don’t have to be sad in our ship struggles!!!

How Justin’s entire face lights up whenever he’s around Brian, even when they’re broken up.  (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧


Brian Justin Crum performing I’m Alive in Next to Normal. With the gorgeous optional high note.

Huge Argument (REQUEST)

“You insulted my family, how dare you tell me to not be mad!” I screamed at the top of my lungs.

Justin and I had gone to visit my parents for the first time in a while, our schedules had been crazy and we just wanted some downtime. Things were going smoothly, until my dad decided it would be fun to roast him.

It was nothing more than a harmless joke, since my father was very fond of him, but of course, Justin didn’t see it that way. He had a short temper, I’d learned, but nothing my dad said deserved the disrespect he had just received.

“I was being humiliated, (Y/N)! I’m not just going to sit there and fucking take it!”

Normally when Justin was angry, I’d give him some space, but not this time. I’d dragged him out of my parents’ house before he could
say anymore, because believe me, I had enough to say as it is.

His face was harsh and his jaw was clenched.

“The names you called my father were completely unacceptable and uncalled for, Justin! You’re such an asshole! Can’t you take a fucking joke?”

He scoffed and shook his head, “And you think what your dad said to me was okay?”

“He was having a laugh, you should know how he is, by now! I don’t get it – it’s okay for you to be absolutely slaughtered on INTERNATIONAL TV by celebrities, but as soon as he makes a small joke it’s wrong? Make up your mind!”

“I’m not having this discussion.” He spat, turning to walk away from me.

“Don’t you even think about leaving!” I yelled, “How do you think that made me look, Justin? How do you think it made me look!”

He stared at me.

“I am embarrassed that you have a mouth on you like you do,” He looked down, “I am embarrassed that you cannot control yourself, but I am ashamed that you think it’s okay to talk to my family like that!”

“If it was anyone else you’d be on my side.”

“Not if they were joking, and DEFINITELY not if you call them out like you just did.”

Justin was still pissed off and I was infuriated.

“So what does this mean? For us?”

“I need some space, because I can’t even bare to look at you.” I announced, shoving past him and walking up the stairs to collect some things.