normal is whatever works for you otp

batjokes 👏 is 👏 the 👏 least 👏 healthy👏ship 👏

all these batjokes shippers like “i bet bruce loves when joker gets all blushy and stutters” like have you fucking met these characters like once in your fucking life

(i mean, enjoy shipping things the way you want to, far be it from me to tell you how to do your thing)

i just don’t understand it. how can you normalize this ship so bad you can utilize standard otp tropes??

JOKER IS A MASS MURDERER and i just get really frustrated because treating him like a nekoboy uke or whatever feels?? like it trivializes??? mass murder????

like dude, in-universe he is a scary-ass dude and just because he’s white doesn’t make him any less a terrorist

(unless you’re working with a B:TAS or lego canon, thats cool.)

like you can have your fluff just dont forget to think critically about it.

((also i’m a batjokes shipper and i don’t mean for this to be an anti post, just an in-ship criticism to adjust the ship’s course))

What’s normal
                  is whatever
                              works for you.

People are still reblogging my last AU set which has made me unbelievably happy, so I figured maybe you peeps might like some more?  I wrote this when I started thinking about AUs with Powers because goodness superpowers are fun!  Not all of them are super power AUs but like half of them are and those that aren’t could probably be made to be super powered AUs and those that are could easily be modified to not be superpower AUs.  I hope all y'all find these to be at least in some way useful.  I tried to make AUs that could accommodate any kind of OTP or OT#.

AUs to consider for your OTP:

Single Parents of Powered Children AU - Your OTP / OT# are single parents with children, how they came to be the parent of that child is up to you (biological, adopted, dead sibling / family member, etc).  One day the children up and develops a mutant power, but your OTP / OT# unfortunately does not have powers and is not prepared to raise a child with such.  Obviously they go to some sort of support group for parents and meet.  Cue (over) protective parent-ness and “my child’s powers are better than your child’s” and play dates / sleepovers / group activities.  Just, domestic fluff and single parents helping other single parents out and falling in love in the process.  Alternatively they could be the children who meet via parents who met at the single parents of mutants support group.

Powered Police AU - Your OTP / OT# as partners on a team of police or whatever government agency you desire.  The catch?  Nobody on the team has a super useful power or if they do it has weird limitations (i.e. a person with plant powers can only grow certain kinds of plants, fire powers that can only get so hot, wings that can’t actually sustain flight but do allow for gliding, sporadic visions that tend to show up when they are least useful and cannot be controlled, etc …).  What brings OTPs / OT#s together better than solving cases?

Powered Small Town AU - One person OTP / OT# owns a family / their own business and then the other member(s) of your OTP / OT# move into town.  This town has a majority of residents having powers of some kind.  Things to consider, powers that do not directly correlate to their job (i.e. an empath being a singer instead of a therapist, a person with plant powers as an engineer, architect, or toy maker instead of owning a cafe or gardener, a person with telekinesis as a politician, the sheriff as a person with elemental powers like ice or fire or whatever, the English / any-subject-except-music teacher with the ability to control sound, a PI who can teleport, doctors with the power of telepathy, paramedics who can speak with the dead, shape-shifters who work as tailors instead of models, etc…) or are used in unexpected ways.

Powered Criminals AU - In a world where all powered people are criminals your OTP / OT# decide to embrace their status instead of fight it!  Instead of lame presents like chocolates or flowers your OTP / OT# sends things body parts of enemies and fancy but super useful weapons as courting gifts.  Over time as their violent courtship gains momentum, they begin to team up and perhaps even form a team or an organization.  Alternatively they could be members of rivaling crime groups that they are fanatically devoted to.  Despite this devotion (or maybe because of it) they are in love, and have a long standing agreement that the only one allowed to murder the other is themselves.

Historical Powered AU - Who doesn’t love a good period piece with all the fancy costuming and etiquette with 9000% less of a chance for the real life phenomenon of things like racism and classism and heterosexism getting in the way of your OTP / OT#?  You know you want to write about Royalty who can literally speak to animals falling in love with people who can control metal and are consequently blacksmiths, or whatever your favorite time period and power set is, etc, etc, etc.  Things to consider - Going on Quests together!  Secret Royalty who have been engaged since they were babies for the good of the kingdom who run away and meet each other under assumed names and fall in love (bonus if they are both trying to hide that they are royalty and failing miserably at it but think they’re being super sneaky)!  Soldiers fighting wars together!  Traveling to distant lands together!  POLTICS!  Flappers and grifters!  Greasers!

Theatre AU - Theatre.  Painting.  Set Building.  Acting.  Singing.  Costuming.  Competition for parts.  Theatre is the best.  It’s also something that can be applied no matter how old your OTP / OT# is.  Want to write kids / teenagers? it’s for school.  Writing older peeps? Community theatre or Broadway depending on their times and motivations.  Personal fave OTP format for this prompt?  Instead of your OTP being in opposing roles (i.e. romantic leads that are a bit too convincing) one person in your OTP is an actor, but the other person is a director who is super hands on and the actor just can’t get the blocking quite right.  Cue the director coming up and physically moving them into position.  Bonus if the actor figures this out and begins to get their blocking slightly wrong on purpose so that the director will put their hands on them.

Wedding AU - Your OTP / OT# has friends that are getting married, however these friends decide that they want your OTP / OT# to plan the wedding instead of hiring somebody, because they are too busy with other things to do it themselves and really their friends know them better than strangers.  Cue your OTP being bigger bride-zillas (sorry I couldn’t think of a gender neutral term to use here) than the potential bride or groom or future-married-person themselves.

Sports AU - Imagine your OTP being professionals in a sport, but not just any sport, an undervalued sport.  Cue arguments that, yes being a professional roller skater is totally a thing.  And that Ballet is most definitely a sport, shush your mouth.  Also “my totally real sport is better than your sport”.  Even better if it’s an OT# and the other member(s) have a normal sports team job like football or whatever and they’re unanimously banned from this conversation.

Celebrity AU - Your OTP / OT# are fans of one another’s work when their respective agent tells them oh by the way you are going to be working together.  This can get angsty if you must with broken pedestals and all that jazz, but this particular post is a happiness and sunshine zone, okay?  It would be funny if one was an author and when they wrote that character / song / whatever they were actually picturing the other member(s) of your OTP / OT#.

Cursed AU - Your OTP / OT# gets cursed to have to live through genre tropes of your choice.  Musical?  Every time they feel a strong emotion, any strong emotion, they must burst into song and dance (if the people around them get roped into singing and dancing or it’s just them is up to you).  Rom Com?  All the bad romance clichés!  Fairytales?  Rules and symbolism and things not making sense everywhere.  Kids TV show?  No naughty content (especially funny if the cursed person or couple is inclined to be less than family friendly).  If you can think of a genre, use it.  Maybe they have to work together to solve the curse.  Perhaps they’re looking for an alternative solution because everybody else tells them that they need true love’s kiss, and they are not in love, shush.

So that’s that.  Hope y’all find something that inspires you.