normal human faces

I had a dream where a girl was smiling at me, though normally the human face has a limit to how much you can smile, this girl just continued to…I guess progressively smile until her face was so contorted and beyond recognition it was super unnerving.

Theme Week: Fluff--Friday (Loki Laufeyson)

Note: Mentions of freezing people, self-loathing, and fluff!

Pairing: Jotun!Loki x Reader

Words: 1205

Loki was never usually one who was frightened easily, normally it was him who was doing the frightening to another person. However, after today’s mission everything made him on edge since they managed to escape that Hydra base that had captured them. They were all on the Quinjet is silence, because Loki was the reason they were able to get out of there. One of them had stabbed Loki in the neck with something and now he’s been shifting from his normal form and his Jotun form. Loki was currently in the back away from everyone, afraid that if they’d touch him they too would freeze like the Hydra agents. “How are you doing, Loki?” A soft voice asked as Loki looked to see (Y/N).

“I’ve-I’ve been better.” He stuttered, trembling with nerves and from actually being cold for once in his life. “Is there anything I can get you?” She asked, reaching out to brush his hair back when he jerked back from her. “You should get away from me. I’m more of a danger than I ever was before. I have no control… I don’t want to freeze you to death.” He whispered as her expression softened. “I know you won’t hurt me.” She spoke softly as he pulls the blanket that was resting on his shoulders closer. “Please (Y/N). I don’t want to hurt you.” His eyes held such fear and pain as (Y/N) slowly stepped back. “Okay, if it doesn’t get better please come to me.” She whispered softly.

After the Quinjet landed, Loki excused himself from the debriefing and went straight to his floor without a second thought. He was trembling as his breath fogged out in front of him while he laid on his bed under about four blankets. “What is the matter with me?” He asked, running his fingers that were tinted blue through his hair. He had been trying to rest ever since they arrived back at the tower, because he thought it would help him. Sadly every time he finally managed to doze off a nightmare would appear and force him to awaken. Loki, at this point, had no idea what in the world to do, because he was about three seconds away from pulling his hair out from pure frustration.

He stood up on shaky legs as he walked towards the elevator, seeing as it was about two in the morning he could only think of one person to go to. He pressed the button once inside the elevator as he held the blanket around his shoulder closer to his body. There was a loud ding as the doors slid open to reveal (Y/N)’s apartment that she always kept nice and neat. Loki’s eyes were slightly blurred as he started shuffling towards her room when his knees grew weaker by the moment. “(Y-Y/N)…” He called out. He didn’t think she heard him, who knows if she’s even in the apartment right now, but then the bedroom door opened. “Loki?” (Y/N) asked before she stood froze in place.

“Help me.” He whispered, half of his face was blue with crimson eyes and the other have was his normal human face with green eyes swirling with fear. “Oh my god!” She exclaims running over to him as he fell to his knees. She helped him stand up as he held the blanket so she couldn’t touch his skin. She helped him lay down before looking at him in utter shock and worry as panic bubble within her chest. “Okay, what should I do?” She asked as Loki looks at her with a dazed expression. “I… I don’t know, but… (Y/N)… (Y/N), I’m scared.” He finally admitted it. “I’m sorry, but I did not know who else to turn to.” He felt tears burning his eyes at the thought that he might actually be dying.

“It’s okay Loki. I’m here.” She reached out as he jerked his face away. “And here I thought I was a monster before.” He murmured before letting out a bitter laugh that made (Y/N)’s heart clench. “Loki, you were never a monster. You still aren’t.” She said as he looked to her with an angered expression. “You can look me in the eyes and tell me who don’t see a monster.” He snapped when suddenly her hand was on his face as his eyes widened, but nothing happened. Not like before when the moment someone touched him they screamed and turned into ice. Loki blinked in shock before suddenly her other hand was placed onto his cheek as she ran her thumb through the blue skin.

“I can look you in the eyes and tell you that you are not a monster. You are a man who’s went through hell and back.” She said before she moved closer as his hands slowly crept up and took her wrists into his hands. “I can see so much more than you think I do. For Loki you are something magnificent in my eyes. You are something more for me.” She whispered, leaning down as her lips brush against his own. “You are Loki, the God of Mischief, you are… amazing.” She whispered before her lips sealed over his own as his eyes fluttered shut before suddenly he kissed her back. His hand slid up to her cheek before running through her hair as he pulls her closer to him.

Suddenly there was this burst of warmth flooding through Loki’s chest. It felt like there was a fire that was lit within him as it coursed through his entire body, warming what was once cold. He pulled back, gasping for breath as the blue skin began to fade back to their pale color. “I… How?” He asked, looking at his own skin in bewilderment before looking to (Y/N) who smiles to him. “You just needed a little help is all. I told you to come to me.” She whispered as Loki frowns softly. “I… Thank you.” He whispered, sitting up. He actually felt better when she smiles, rubbing the back of her neck. “You’ll probably be heading back to your room now.” She laughs softly before sitting back on her knees.

“Do you want me to?” Loki asked, tilting his head. “No, no! I just thought because now that you’re better..” She mumbled. “(Y/N), I hope you don’t just kiss anyone.” He said as her face heats up. “That-that was…” She stuttered before trailing off. “If you say that it was nothing then you are an even bigger liar than I am.” He said as she swallows. “I never said I didn’t love you back. I did kiss you back.” He said when she nods. “Say it.” She whispered. “I love you.” He said causing her to smile as she leans down on top of him, hugging him tightly. “I love you too.” She whispered. “Stay with me?” She asked. “I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.” He whispered running his fingers through her hair. He felt safe with her as he pulled the covers over both of them before they fell asleep only to be discovered by the others in the morning.

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Angels- Mino

basically inspired by the drama goblin

At some point in life a fallen angel is placed with an angel. These angels are to decide the fate of each other. Will the fallen angel ask for redemption? Or will the angel sin and become one of the fallen? Once redeemed, a fallen angel can decide to remain immortal and save their current bloodline from being a fallen, or put their spirit to rest and forget the horrors of their past. The second option sounds more selfish than the other as they cannot save their family, but most fallen angels suffer harsh punishments through the sins of their ancestors. If an angel sins by the control of a fallen angel, their present and future bloodline must live their afterlife as a fallen angel with no luck of redemption. The fallen angel on the other hand can put their spirit to rest with no reminisce of their past, but just like the angel their living family suffers burden placed upon them with no redemption.

Gaining redemption seemed to be the only positive in your life, until you saw the angel you were paired with. She was breathtaking, the problem was she despised you. The words she uses to describe you hurt, but she has a reason for her hate. When her eyes aren’t glaring into the depths of your soul she is truly an angel. Y/N’s complexion, her personality, her voice they all portray an angel. To her you were evil, her mood gradually worsens when she feels the presences of you. You didn’t enjoy being a fallen angel, constantly watching the deaths of innocent people, yet you couldn’t save them. You only declared the fates of the sinners, and the single angel you were placed with. The only way to gain your redemption is to become close to angel, to prove your worthiness. Fallen angels are known as manipulative and condescending, very few earn their redemption. Your family was cursed as fallen angels from an ancestors past, so you promised yourself that you will be saved from a constant life of hell.

When paired with an angel you must be around them at all times, Y/N wasn’t really fond of that idea. What made it worst for her was that you two had to live in the same apartment. You didn’t mind this at all, no matter how much Y/N disliked and avoided you, you still admired her. Not only that, but the apartment was beautiful it would be more enjoyable if you two could get along. So far you’ve been stuck with her for around 4 months and no progress in communication has been made. It sucked, your attempts of small talk only angered her more, possibly her fear of becoming a fallen angel like you. Yet, if she only talked to you she would know you wanted to change your future for the better.

You’ve heard multiple stories of angels being stuck together for centuries, and that’s not going to be you two.

A basic day for you was nothing spectacular. You weren’t hidden by a fake identity, so you didn’t have a job or human friends. Life was pretty easy, you earned money for doing nothing. Your friends were other fallen angels with the same goal as you. You were also placed in the country you grew up in, so you were quite happy for such an evil soul.

Today you woke up at 4 in the morning, you had to tell a sinner their inevitable fate. This case was nothing new as you were faced with it many times, a person murdered another and than killed themselves. Any normal human wouldn’t want to face a duty like this, but this was your job. You had to force pain into sinners, the pain of everyone they affected. Before you left, you heard the opening of the apartment door.

“Hello? Y/N is that you?” You asked.

You heard a hiccup, “Yes, it is I, Mr. Song Minhooo.” Y/N replied with no stability in her voice or her body.

“Where were you? It’s 4 am.” You said. It slightly surprised you that she responded back.

“Well, I was partying with some friends and they gave me really tasty juice, it was so good so I drank a ton. No one ever told me that there’s a thing called ‘too much’ juice.” She walked towards the couch in the living area and plopped down. “Also, I got some message that some guy killed some innocent person. So I gotta help one of them out, the problem is my legs just can’t move right now.” She has never talked to you so openly these past 4 months and you were shocked. You wish she wasn’t inebriated, and you could talk to her like this normally.

“I got the same message too, but for the murderer.” You told her.

“I guess we should go together, you need to help me walk though. A lot of juice must affect your physical capabilities. I’m not drinking juice again.” She did a small burp, which made you laugh, she is so unaware. “Minho, stop talking bout juice we got to give some dead people news.”

Just like humans, angels could get drunk too. Y/N seemed to be uneducated on alcohol and her friends must’ve thought it’d be funny to get her drunk. As amusing as it was, it’s bad being drunk when you have to deal with a dead person. It’s not ethical. Luckily, you had medicine to end her intoxication. She wasn’t blackout drunk, so she’d be able to remember the conversation that just took place.

“Y/N I have medicine that will take away the effects of ‘juice.’ I can give it to you if you’d like? You have to be presentable for the dead you know, you’re an angel.” She nodded her head for the medicine and you gave it to her. The pill is known to work right away, once she takes it she should be completely sober. Within the matter of seconds, Y/N looks up at you apologetically but she became tense.

“Sorry,” she said looking at the ground, “we should get going.” She got right up and walked out the door and you followed right behind her.

The walk was slow and completely silent. You’ve experienced silence when talking to her before so you thought you would try once again. “So, what kind of ‘juice’ did you drink with your friends?” You were afraid you were going to laugh when asking her this. How could she be so naive, even children know what alcohol is.

“Why do you want to know?” She asked suspiciously.

“No specific reason, just want to have a conversation. If you don’t want to talk to me you don’t have to, I just thought 4 months of silence was enough.” You told her honestly.

“You sure are eager to talk to me. If I told you want I drank, you could give it to me and make me sin.” She replied.

“You’re overthinking, Y/N. I asked you a simple question, but that sounds like a great plan if I wanted to remain a fallen angel. You wouldn’t know that because you don’t talk to me.” You responded a bit aggravated.

“How am I supposed to trust a fallen angel? Maybe you’re not thinking enough.” She retorted. It was hard for you to make her understand, she must’ve been brought up believing that your kind was evil.

“I’m not asking you to trust me, at least communicate with me. Communication can lead to trust. Please just know I don’t enjoy this afterlife I have, I get harsh punishments from one of my ancestors sins. I did nothing wrong when I was alive, yet my whole bloodline will suffer if I don’t gain redemption. You’re an angel, there should be a little sympathy in you for me, understand where I come from. Don’t judge me because I’m an ‘evil’ angel, I never asked to be one. You might be thinking, why is he blabbing on or where did all of this come from? I’ve been a fallen angel for 400 odd years, I was so happy to be paired with you. It was the only time I was happy during these 400 years, but you constantly neglect me. I can only tell you how much I despise this afterlife I live, because only you can rid of it for me. You get to give dead souls a meaningful afterlife, I send dead souls to hell I force pain into them, indescribable pain. No human, no angel would be able to live through such pain. I’m only slightly glad to be a fallen angel, you will see me put a man in hell today, he isn’t going to be a fallen angel like me. He will go crazy, he will never become immune to the pain that will be forced into him. His family chain that is currently alive now will all become fallen angels once they die. Their punishment will be based off the sin this man committed, which is murder and suicide. I’m not a fallen angel that wants you to sin, I want a better afterlife for myself. I apologize for my rant, but you’ve never given me the chance to express myself. I thought this was the best opportunity to do so.” It felt so great to release your feelings, but you knew she’d still be suspicious of you.

“You sure do talk a lot…” She said finally looking into your eyes, “and I will take everything that you said tonight to heart. I believe that you don’t want to be evil anymore, just take into consideration an angels perception of a fallen angel. Anyways, we’ve been letting these souls wait to long so we better hurry and get to them.”

You both picked up your pace to get to the exact location of the dead bodies. It may sound wrong that you had a sliver of hope for your future, when you are minutes away from sending a person to hell. But soon enough this won’t be your job, you could finally be an angel…


my first mino scenario, so please enjoy :)

for the anon who requested this to be long and waited so long, i apologize. BUT, i plan on making this a short series, so hopefully you wont be so mad. and the ending is kind of rushed, and for that i apologize as well.

i also keep forgetting but THANK YOU FOR 273 FOLLOWERS, i was supposed to say that 73 people ago but my memory aint so great because of stress. y'all some nice people for following me, luvvv u :)) <3

NaNoWriMo Check-In: Day Seven

Good lord - it’s the end of the first week. I feel like time is slipping away from me.

As I write this, I’m a tiny bit behind. My graph is nearly there but my brain is done for the night! For anyone who might be interested in my progress, my read-through has brought me to the end of Chapter Three. In true can’t-leave-it-alone form, though, I’ll be reading over these last few scenes again tomorrow morning. At this point (and especially with my early chapters) I’m seeing my editing process more and more like running a fine comb through everything. My novel is still full of pesky lice. :’)

I’m also finding that I’m deleting a lot more than I’m adding. Doing a lot of rephrasing, making things simpler and more fluid. As always, culling SUDDENLYs and JUSTs all over the place. I’m real happy with my first chapter now and will probably re-post it again soon! It’s looking extra shiny.

I hope that all of this has made sense - I’ve worked all day and also have the NaNo-fatigue. Hopefully I can get two solid hours of editing in tomorrow, around work. (For some reason, I keep having the urge to flex my muscles and make a HYAH! noise…)

I know what Mace did at the end of the ep is a self sacrificing and heroic move

But can we talk about the scene where he tackled Shockley?

Mace was the first to react and his instinct wasn’t to duck and hide, he ran right into the line of fire and tackled Shockley in order to protect everyone else - he wasn’t on the serum, he had no powers, no protections, just a normal human, and when faced with a threat to his people, he had no qualms about putting his own life on the line

I know Mace keeps saying he doesn’t feel like a hero or he isn’t a hero or he wants to prove himself to be a hero, but in that moment he just proved that he’s ALREADY A HERO and he didn’t need powers to be one - the powers didn’t make him The Patriot, it’s what’s already in his heart

Shockley was a live grenade and Mace threw himself on it to shield everyone else, just like Steve Rogers did

truscum-truth reblogged your post and added: “Very few things in the world are limitless”


That would be because I didn’t debunk you, @truscum-truth​, I don’t need to do that when it’s already been done for me. All that was needed here was a clear explanation of the ways in which you’re wrong.

But what the hell, let’s tear into what you’ve said and see if we can find something interesting to talk about here.

You know how people talk about how TERFs aren’t able to accept it when science says that their grade school biology education says they’re wrong about biological sex? That’s pretty much the exact same behavior you’re engaging in. And apparently I touched off a nerve since you felt the need to go all caps on me. So, yeah, great job aligning yourself with TERFs there, bucko.

Anyways, back to the point, being transgender is not a mutation or unnatural. Human beings are sexually dimorphic, which means our biology evolved towards the idea of creating two primary configurations of sex traits. Turns out that’s actually fairly complicated in terms of biology, so what happened is that our biology for handling sex differentiation generated a spectrum of different configurations and then just pushed to make sure that a good 90% or more of those wound up being what we think of as typically male or typically female. That’s where we get the prevalence of cis men and cis women from, the system is trying to produce more of them than anything else.

But the mechanism is also…lossy. Imprecise. Not rigorously exacting. And so we get a differentiation method where you get two different hormone baths, one of which activates your sex traits and the other of which defines your gender, and it’s pretty easy for that process to get interrupted. Doesn’t matter though, as long as we meet that production quota for cis people. This is why human beings exist along a spectrum of gender, because our systems just don’t care very much as long as we produce enough cis people to make reproduction easy for the species as a whole. And we know that’s the case because one of the easiest ways to tell a disordered development from an ordered one is to look at the number of people affected by a given condition. Disordered development occurs at an extremely low rate, one in several thousand at least, because if they occurred any more frequently then there would be a stronger selective pressure working against them.

Trans people occur somewhere between 1 out of every 200 and 3 out of every 100 births. So that’s a pretty normal rate, just rare and atypical. It’s probably the easiest way to debunk everything you’re saying, I’d suggest looking into it.

Also, what you’re ranting about with demedicalization is also a bunch of horseshit. First off, the word you’re looking for is pathologizing, because the ‘medicalization’ that you’re talking about is inherently tied to portraying trans people as mentally ill. You might have convinced yourself that it’s about treating transgender people as having a medical condition, but that’s not what the reality is. If trans = medical condition then trans people = mentally ill, which summarizes most of the 20th century’s approach to transgender health.

Second, our greatest gains in terms of social recognition and medical support have come about because of the move away from pathologizing transgender people. The DSM-V doesn’t recognize trans people as being medically disordered, the Endocrine Society affirms that being transgender is a normal biological state and that our medical health care is a necessity, and pretty much the entire medical community is getting on our side when it comes to recognizing that we are normal human beings who face tremendous disadvantage from a society that treats us like we’re a disorder or an illness.

Your problem is that you’re afraid. You might be afraid of losing access to transition related health care, you might be afraid that other trans people invalidate your own identity and sense of gender, I don’t know. But your fear makes you a threat because you’re willing to hurt other people to make yourself feel safe. If you wrap yourself up in this shield of truscum ideology, you think it’ll keep you safe.

It won’t.

Only people like me, people who are going to keep demanding that all trans people, including you, are respected and receive the care we need, will keep you safe. Because I’m here keeping myself safe by fighting for me and mine and I’m not going to abandon you just because you abandon others. And there’s a legion of people who feel like I do who aren’t going to stop until we’re all safe.

No one is coming to save us so we have to save ourselves. We can’t do that by sacrificing people from our own community.

In summary, it sounds like I’m not the one with a problem being transphobic, although I’ll grant you it sounds like you’ve got a hell of a problem with internalized transphobia. I’d get to work on that before you hurt someone else.

9 August 2017

[Home Farm with Rebecca and Lawrence]

*Bad Camera Effects Alert*

LAWRENCE: *Dreams about Ronnie getting out of the Plot* *Wishes he could join him*

REBECCA: Dad, what are you doing down here?

LAWRENCE: *Talks about Toast* (FANDOM: Look, Larry, Toast is Aaron’s thing okay!)

REBECCA: Have you been drinking again?

LAWRENCE: It’s the only thing that gets me through, but I swear I only had one.

REBECCA: Like you only had one yesterday when you were involved in that super lame car crash? The fans were not impressed.

LAWRENCE: Neither was I. Didn’t exactly get the result I wanted.

REBECCA: Dad, we need to think about your health!

LAWRENCE: I don’t know what for. Just let me go. The grim reaper is getting seriously impatient and so am I. Oh and the Plot wants me to set up you explaining where Chrissie has disappeared to.

REBECCA: Yeah, she came by to check on just me because she still hates you. She took Lachlan away for a bit. The fans are really hoping that he comes back with murderous tendencies. #LetSerialKillerLachlanRise

LAWRENCE: Me too, though perhaps they’ve gone for good. (FANDOM: We’d mostly be okay with that. Would you two like to join them?) I would like to join them actually. Who cares about my health. No one cares about me anymore anyway. #SpeakingForTheFandom

REBECCA: I care! I’m here for you in this Plot, Dad.

LAWRENCE: But you’ve got your own Plot. You’re pregnant, in case you or the audience has forgotten. You really should be concentrating on your own troubles.

REBECCA: Far too logical. You’re my number one priority here! Just do me a favor and stop all of this.

LAWRENCE: *I’m trying to Face*

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I’ve noticed a pattern with the Ultra Beasts, their faces are weird

  • Nihilego doesn’t have a face
  • Xerkitree doesn’t have a face
  • Buzzwole has an insectoid face which, as fanart shows, a lot of people have difficulty interpreting.
  • Celesteela has a face, but its head is so small in relation to its body you could easily miss it entirely and I’m not sure it has eyes.
  • Kartana’s head is an origami fortune teller so its only facial feature is a four-lobed fold.
  • Guzzlord has a face….on its torso: Its “true” head appears to be the horned spike on top. So it has four eyes and a matryoshka doll of mouths.
  • The only Ultra Beast to have a “normal”, recognizable-to-humans face is Pheromosa, which makes it stand out if anything.
Jacked Up [G/t story]

Hey, a story! Based off a drawing I did a while back of giant!Jacksepticeye :3

I really hope i got rid of all the coding from it being posted on deviantart xD Anyways, shoutout to @bittykimmy for proofreading!! Enjoy, everyone!

“Okay, I think everythin’s set up. Face-cam… Go-Pro… That’s hooked up ta the wall… Perfect!” Jack grinned to himself, steadying the cameras he had hooked to his head. He’d had weirder setups. Probably.

Turning on his camera, he put on a charming smile. “Tap’a’tha mornin’ to ya, laddies! My name is Jacksepticeye, and welcome to a game called 3D Island Simulator! It’s a game I found at a convention and I-I don’t know much about it… but I thought I’d try it out! I just gotta step through this portal. This is either gonna be badass as fuck- or it’s gonna be shite.” He laughed lightly.

The portal on the wall swirled inside itself, letting off a light blue glow and humming sounds. Jack stuck an arm through the portal, though quickly withdrew it. “Don’t rush me!” He huffed at the camera.

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Another day, another problem.

Stephen, once the great Sorcerer Supreme, had passed on from that life when he started dabbling in magic his gifted saviors did not deem to be the holiest when it came to his methods. Now on his own with only a few spell books and whatever he remembered from his years in Tibet, he was on his own, making house calls to whatever demonic presence, or not, that normal humans were facing. Dabbling in the dark arts was no different than the mystic ones, they just required a bit more giving than worshiping eternal gods on the heavenly plane.

His style was definitely less elegant from the Cloak of Levitation and the previous garb now down to jeans, aviators, and a bomber jacket he never let out of his sight. Stephen also had tattoos from nearly every practices on his body, with the symbol of the Vishanti now on his ankle to still show he respected the practice of his Tibetean brothers who now shunned him. It was a heavy thought process to leave, but it was also in consideration once the dabbling didn’t stop, to be kicked as the Protector of Magic. Once all his options were laid out, overall, there was nothing wrong with using the dark arts as long as you had a happy medium with the types of magic you used.  Demonic magic was the worst and he hated using it so it was avoided as much as possible.

But, he had gotten called not by some random Joe who thought there was a ghost in his closet, but by the Council of Magic, the one he used to serve on , ordered by Billy Kaplan, former student and now Sorcerer Supreme. When arriving, he was brought with distaste and shoved a job to catch Shadow Man, aka Malik Ataman. He had been spotted in Manhattan recently, so he needed to be brought to justice for his crimes against the French.

Being the little lap dog he had now become with nothing to go off of, he headed back to his apartment to dig up information on the Ataman family and their practices. A family of witches, they went back as far as all the other lines, nothing really special, but Malik liked to thieve and was the main cause of the Crimean War with the Turkish empire. Figures. But upon further research, Malik had someone gained ‘immortality’ and has been around since the Egyptian era, spawning children and his own tree. Stephen couldn’t find any recent children from Malik, so it had to be him.

Setting up a tracking spell that involved hound’s blood and a lock of elf hair, a flamed ignited over the map by using what the Council had given him as one of Malik’s toys that he stored his energy in over time.He found out that he was somewhere hiding in Central Park at the time, but with such a big city, he would definitely move. The tracking spell stayed on into the night, where around 1 am, the flame on the map darted out of the map to the Upper East Side. Stephen’s apartment was now in Hell’s Kitchen, so he could get there by teleporting.

Once there with the map in hand, armed with chalk and anti-witch paraphernalia, he lit a cigarette and walked on to his target’s location. Stephen whistled as he put an enchantment circle to seal him in (he was hundreds of years old, he could be a demon) and for added measures, he put the string of stones and the witch bottle in the middle of the circle. Now, hiding in the alley, map in hand with the flame coming in his direction, he smirked with excitement. “Come on ya son of a bitch…” Once the flame got to the the trap, he smiled.

From the other side of the corner, he heard the witch’s bottle shatter. Yup, something of darkness was definitely running. Hopefully, it was Malik.


Writing Creepy: Perverting the Normal

Take dolls for example. If you go to a store and see a doll, you probably won’t look at it and consider it scary, right? But put the doll in a horror movie with a knife in its head (physical) or give it a criminal conscious (story), then it becomes a little more disturbing, and if done well, you might feel uncomfortable whenever you see a doll.

Sometimes, making something normal creepy is more powerful than creating something foreign and outlandish.

After I read The Hunger Games trilogy, I couldn’t look at roses the same way for months. Every time I saw a rose it reminded me of President Snow, him poisoning people, killing children, and his constant, omniscient presence in Panem. He, and by extension his roses, became creepy.

But perhaps more unnerving were the genetically engineered, human-animal hybrids. In the first novel, the Capitol mixes dogs with the DNA of dead tributes. They unleash the creatures on Katniss in the arena.

Here is some concept art from the movie. As you can see, the mutts were toned down a lot in the final product.

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goresbypurrvis  asked:

I've been absolutely obsessed with your Splatoon art, it's amazing, especially the way you draw them little squid kids! So I was wondering... ever planned on doing a tutorial on how you draw Inklings and their anatomy? You've inspired me to create and draw my own Splatoon characters, but I feel like I can never get the anatomy just right.

I get this question a lot so I suppose I can put together a very quick… Whatever this is.

First! You might want to consider the fact that inklings in game and in official art are a bit different in body proportions.

Inklings were drawn as 17-years-old while in game they are 14 and they are quite short. They also have larger heads, hands and feet in game. Their heads are also very oval shaped.

It’s not a big deal but you might want to consider these facts and think how you want to draw your inklings. Very close to their in game models? Or the official art? or your own style? Mine is my own but it’s closer to official art style and older inklings.

As any other anatomy part… Inklings are just like humans. Except they have pointy ears, tentacle hair and masks.

I draw them like any humans but I add these details in.

Nothing really fancy to be honest. practice humans and you can draw inklings fine. But take advantage of their unique features. Make their ears go up and down depending their mood. Female inklings also have longer tentacles! Use them to show emotion too.

 One thing I remember people asking was about the mask.

Change the mask shape depending of the mood too. If you look at normal human face, you can see we have the mask shape too.

The mask helps figuring out expressions and the placing the eyebrows. I’m just happy that with inklings I get to keep the mask, hahah!

Hope these… what ever these were were helpful. 

"My partner/friend/family member is a therian! What is a mental shift? What do I do?"

This post is about what do if you live with a therian who experiences strong mental shifts and they want to be able to shift in your presence. I guess this guide could also apply somewhat to theriomythics/animalistic otherkin.

“What the hell are you talking about?”

Therian = a person who on an integral level identifies as a non-human animal. Some would say they have the soul, spirit, personality and/or mentality of an animal. Therians are obviously still physically human, no matter what their psychological/spiritual experiences are.

Mental shift = when the therian thinks more like their animal side (theriotype) than normally. This state of mind often reflect on their behaviour as well, so they might act more like animal too. Mental shifts can be subtle or intense, short or long. They vary a lot. Not all therians experience mental shifts, some have a constant level of animal mentality that doesn’t change.

Talk, talk, talk. Questions to discuss with your therian friend:

  • What animal do you identify as?
  • How often do you experience mental shifts?
  • Does it ever occur that you forget how to speak during shifts?
  • Or even lose the ability to understand human language?
  • Do you have any mental shift “triggers”?
  • What would you like me to do to make you comfortable? (such as, leaving you alone, staying by your side, touching, talking, etc)
  • What should I avoid doing?
  • Should I stop you from doing stuff that might embarrass you later?

You might also want to read up on the animal’s behaviour and body language. For common domestic animals, such as dogs, cats and horses, there are plenty of youtube videos explaining how these animals signal discomfort/stress, play, how to pet them etc. You don’t have to watch them all. Find a good resource to get a general idea about the animal’s “language”. For more exotic animals, it may be difficult to find a video guide, but you could check at least wikipedia, and ask your friend about important vocalisations or visual signals to recognise.

When your friend/lover/whatever shifts, you do what they asked you to do. It may be just staying by their side, or taking them to a more private place if in public, or leaving them alone for a moment… Remember everything you talked about.

Some personal stories!

I’m a wolf therian. I experience mental shifts regularly, about 1-2 a week, and some minor fluctuations that I don’t really count as shifts even more often. I’ve been told by a friend that when I shift slightly, or am beginning to shift but trying to hide it, my facial expressions lessen. Instead of doing these normal human things with my face that I never think about (smiling or whatever)… my face goes blank, and I turn my head more towards different sounds, instead of just focusing on human speech. (I had to ask, since I wasn’t aware of this myself)

During very strong mental shifts, I forget how to speak, I might have bad balance on my hind legs, and I behave pretty much like a socialised/tamed wolf. I like being close to my boyfriend and best friend, since I know that they are safe, but I avoid everyone else. I communicate via body language, animal vocalisations etc. I like having a friend with me, if I shift outdoors (like in a park or such) because then they can tell me if I’m embarrassing myself in front of other people or not. I’m not always aware of human social codes, or even care about if some stranger can see me, when in that mindset.

I have found that when I start to come out of a strong mental shift, the process can be speeded up by someone asking me about very human things. Math, or about the plot of a tv show, etc. This moves my mindset away from the instinctual, and more towards learned behaviour.

I’ve also “taken care of” by boyfriend (cheetah therian) when he is mental shifts. I recognise him being in a shift by a change in posture, facial expression and movement, and that he doesn’t seem to care about what I’m talking about. He communicates via vocalisations such as purring and chirping, and he likes to be petted by me.

tl;dr: talk to your therian partner before. With each mental shift you see them going through, you will become better at recognising it and learning their animal way of communication.

KHR drabble 8 (more timetravel, feat. Simon)


What happens when you put together one part of the Trinisette, one ring of unknown but great power, the Vindice’s special teleport Flames, seven objects containing the memories of an entire friendship – including the Pacifier that creates the aforementioned Flames – two teenagers of special bloodlines, and the ghost of one man who just doesn’t know when to give up?

Time travel. The answer is time travel.


Tsuna dearly, desperately wishes it wasn’t. He hates time travel, passionately. His last wonderful time travel adventure was actually horrible, and he doesn’t think going in the opposite direction is going to be any better.

But there they are – him, Enma, and Daemon Spade’s ghost. And there they are – Giotto, Cozarto, G, and a whole lot of thugs with weapons and the killing intent to use them. 

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urgod  asked:

i wish i have d body of a vfery boofy dog so i can bring things w my mouth and look cute like that ú__ù

when u say body do u mean only the body. what if u just had the body of the dog n ur normal human face. if i saw u bring something to me in ur mouth like that id scream n start running