normal hill

“why are you crying”


“I’M GONNE DIE!!!;m;!!”

“you’re not gonna die.”

“oh okay thanks ayano <3″

she does this everyday.

Better Than The Alternative (Universe)

Technically late, but this is the Sterek fic I promised for day 2 of my Last 30 of 30 original content spree. It went and grew multiple POVs, so this is part 1 of 2, with part 2 to be posted tomorrow! Dedicated to @artemis69 and @dancinkatie who gave me the “Sheriff and Derek are BFFs/Sheriff Ships It” feelings (and said super lovely things to me and generally made me smile a whole bunch) 


Stiles isn’t sure how it happened, but he’s pretty sure he’s being replaced.

He’d only been at school for a couple weeks when Derek had returned to Beacon Hills, and as hard as it was to acknowledge that he’d once again missed a chance to turn their something into something more, the weirdest part was that out of all the dramatic and admittedly ridiculous alternate universes that he imagined being reunited with Derek in, he never imagined it would be in his own kitchen.

And that possibility was looking more and more likely.

Every time Stiles spoke to his dad these days, a significant amount of time was spent with John recounting his latest home improvement adventure with Derek. Or the ball game he and Derek watched. Or how Derek has really “settled into himself” now. And as much as Stiles really wanted to know all these things, it stung a little that his dad had so easily put another person in what used to be his place in his dad’s life.

It hurt even more that he was only hearing these stories from John. In all of the Big Reunion scenarios Stiles let himself imagine, Derek was always just as breathlessly  happy to see Stiles as Stiles was to see him. And now, a little over six weeks into his first semester and a month after Derek’s return home, Stiles has barely heard a peep beyond the first “Back in BH. I heard you were enjoying college, you deserve it” text.

The silence was driving him crazy, and he’s pretty sure his dad knows now, because he may have snapped a little when John mentioned Derek on their last phone call. He could only hope that he was imagining the “Derek Hale is my BFF” vibe his dad was giving off, and that by the time he went to visit at the end of the month everything would be back to normal.

Or at least what passes for normal in Beacon Hills.


John took a deep sip from his mug and sighed happily, surveying the newly painted walls with a satisfied smirk. “You were right about this color, son. It really brightens up the place,” he takes another sip and ignores the soft, pleased smile Derek still gets at the endearment. “You’re right about this fancy coffee, too. You’ve ruined me for store brand though.”

“As much of the stuff as you drink, you deserve the good stuff. Plus, I figured Stiles would appreciate knowing you’re safe from an ulcer from that glorified burnt acid you have at the station.”

John chuckles and doesn’t miss the wistful look Derek gets when he mentions Stiles. “Probably right about that, too.” After a beat of silence, he decides to start the conversation he and Derek have been avoiding at every shared meal, every trip to Home Depot and subsequent project, and especially every time Derek politely busies himself whenever he’s there when Stiles calls. It’s been an unspoken arrangement of their friendship, but after his conversation with Stiles earlier that day, and Derek’s umpteenth curious but restrained “How’s he doing?” it was time to bring it up.

“Have you talked to him, yet?”

Derek looks down at the mug he has cradled in his hands and takes a deep breath before meeting John’s eyes, a pensive crease on his brow. “I, uh. I’m not sure that that’s a good idea, John.”

John tilts his head slightly, waiting. In the time they’ve been spending together, he’s learned that often Derek needs the quiet to settle around him before he can fill it. A moment later, he does.

“Leaving Beacon Hills was the best decision I could have made at the time, but… But leaving Stiles-leaving all of them, was not easy. With Stiles there was always something there. I mean,” Derek looks away, back down at his now lukewarm coffee and rolls the mug between his palms. He huffs and shakes his head, looking up from under his lashes, head angled, “This is a hell of a thing to be talking about with you, you know,” and John waves it off, looking at him expectantly.

Derek laughs, light and humorlessly. “There was always something between us. We never really even talked about it, and I swear we never- there was no. I mean, he’s five years younger and he was a mi-”

“Derek,” John interrupts, “Slow down, son, jeeze. I believe you, alright? You sure did pick up a few things from Stiles,” he adds with a brief teasing grin.

“I. Maybe.” Derek rubs the back of his neck and gives up on his coffee, pushing it toward the center of the table. “We never talked about it, but it was always there. That whole thing in Mexico, and when I left with Braeden, it was close to the surface then, but it felt wrong to say anything about it then; it felt unfair. But it was… louder. My only regret leaving was that I had to leave him behind. Now, he’s out, even if it’s not as crazy here as it was, I don’t need to drag him back into this place and it’s craziness.”

John is hit by a new wave of fondness for the man across from him, and is surprised to find himself thinking of ways to get Derek and Stiles’ something to be less theoretical.

“Plus, I’m not sure if he still wants to talk to me. Not after I left him. I tried to stay in touch, but it always felt like there was more and more that I couldn’t say, and then I just. Stopped. And he stopped. I don’t know if that’s fixable. If he’d want to, even.”

John sighs, long and long-suffering, and rolls his eyes toward the ceiling. These two idiots will be the death of me. “Aw, hell, son. The two of you deserve each other! Neither one of you can manage to not ask about the other, but you run away from the conversation so fast after you could give a guy whiplash.” A pink flush rushes across Derek’s face and settles in his ears, and John feels strangely accomplished. Under the clear embarrassment, Derek looks hopeful, and John is reminded that even though they’re friends, Derek is also still mostly a kid; a kid who didn’t get much time to be one.

“Listen, Derek. I’m a pretty decent detective. Got a badge and everything,” Derek rolls his eyes at that and John thinks There’s another thing he can match Stiles at. “If you think I didn’t know about you and Stiles, that i couldn’t see the way you two always looked at each other, looked after each other, then you’re not as smart as I thought. Neither of you. That you care for each other is plain as day. And if the way he bit my head off earlier when I mentioned you is any indication, that hasn’t gone away. You just gotta decide if you’re going to make an effort to see what that something might be.”

infiniteoceansofblue  asked:

Hey lovelies! I was wondering if you guys could find fics where, post-nogistune, he's still really messed up and traumatized and depressed and stuff from it? And the pack and Scott and Derek take care of him and help him recover? Thank you so much!

Here you go, @infiniteoceansofblue! - Anastasia

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A Little Unsteady by fireflystiles (cuddlehazz)

(1/1 I 1,087 I General I Sterek)

Derek’s always there. Stiles is a little unsteady. Things end up okay, maybe even a little good.

Make You Feel at Ease by orphan_account

(1/1 I 1,228 I Not Rated I Sterek)

They had finally defeated the Nogitsune, destroyed the dark spirit, but Stiles still felt like there was darkness left inside of him. All of his friends, one by one, come to visit the broken boy but no one is able to get through to him.

It’s not until Scott knocks some sense into the one person Stiles needs that things are finally at ease.

It’s Okay by eggprince

(1/1 I 1,737 I General I Sterek)

It’s a long road to recovery after the Nogitsune fiasco, but Scott’s willing to do anything to help Stiles as much as he can.

If that means cuddling under three blankets in the sweltering heat of summer, then so be it.

enough of a benediction by aweekofsaturdays

(1/1 I 2,190 I Explicit I Chris/Stiles)

Chris’ thumb brushes lightly in circles at his neck, soothing the taut muscles and smoothing over the short hairs there. Stiles hadn’t noticed but now he can feel it sifting away something with every pass, can feel the edge behind his eyes easing, can feel something else climbing in his gut with the continuity of the touch.

I don’t need you, but i really do by VoidSterekOTP

(1/1 I 3,297 I Mature I Sterek)

“Why weren’t you at school?” Scott asks concerned.
“I wasn’t feeling to good this morning and I threw up last night. Dad let me take the day off” Well it wasn’t exactly a lie he just left the part out where he spent all day in bed with his boyfriend snorting coke off of each other’s chest and smoking pot.

Beau Geste by alan713ch

(3/3 I 4,777 I General I Sciles)

“How do wolves signal their position to another members of their pack?”

“They howl.”

Hypnotised by CasualWinchester

(4/? I 5,358 I Not Rated I Stydia)

After the events of Season 3B, the pack are all trying to get back to normal. Even though everyone knows that normality in Beacon Hills is not a word that is used lightly. So when a new lost pack turns up and after a vicious attack leaves Stiles with the bite. Things become dangerous in Beacon Hills again.

Especially when a familiar face shows up.

Big Bad Wolf by Nival_Vixen

(7/? I 8,685 I Mature I Sterek)

Stiles knows that someone needs and trusts him, and it’s not his father or Scott - it’s Derek.

After he discovers that Kate’s kidnapped Derek, Stiles tracks him down, and with the help of the pack, Stiles gets his big bad wolf back.

Your Vision Borrows Mine by hazyascent

(1/? I 12,089 I Explicit I Sterek I Rape)

Stiles has encountered a fair share of monsters before, way out of his league - the kinds that children are afraid are hiding in their closets and under the bed.

He’d even become one himself when he was void. The nogitsune was in his house, his body, and his mind.

But the worst monster he’s ever faced took even more from him and got away with it.

It’s why Stiles has never really been as terrified of werewolves and kanimas and darachs as he should have been. They’re really not that scary, relatively speaking, and he has a whole team on his side. They always found a way to win - until they lost someone they really loved.

Stiles doesn’t know how to be normal, not after everything he’s done and everyone he’s hurt. The nogitsune is gone, but another monster is on its heels.

His uncle is back. And Stiles has never felt more alone.

Necrosis by Aris

(¾ I 17,213 I Teen I Sterek)

Wings are thought to be a reflection of who you are inside.

After the Nogitsune, Stiles’s begin to rot.

tide pulls from the moon by paintedrecs

(10/10 I 45,258 I Mature I Sterek)

When Derek left Beacon Hills, finally ripping the tether free and remembering how to breathe, how to live again, it was Stiles who came after him. Stiles, who showed up at his door with blazing eyes, looking like he wanted to punch him in the face, but wrapping his arms around him instead, making him grunt in surprise at the raw strength of his embrace.

“You asshole,” Stiles said, slapping him heartily on the back as he extricated himself, his voice rough under his bright smile. “You couldn’t have made yourself harder to find, could you?”

2016-17 Ski Jumping Season - Summary! (very long post)

World Cup

Winner: Stefan Kraft

Most first places: Stefan Kraft (8)

Most second places: Andreas Wellinger (8)

Most third places: Stefan Kraft (6)

All jumpers: 140

Jumpers with points: 73

The best jumper without a single podium: Vincent Descombes Sevoie (16 place)

The worst player with at least one podium: Andreas Kofler (23 place)

All leaders:

1. Domen Prevc (25.11.2016, Kuusamo - 26.11.2016, Kuusamo) - 1 competition

2. Severin Freund (26.11.2016, Kuusamo - 4.12.2016, Klingenthal) - 1

3. Domen Prevc (4.12.2016, Klingenthal - 4.01.2017, Innsbruck) - 7

4. Daniel Andre Tande (4.01.2017, Innsbruck - 6.01.2017, Bischofshofen) - 1

5. Domen Prevc (6.01.2017, Bischofshofen - 14.01.2017, Wisła) - 1

6. Kamil Stoch (14.01.2017, Wisła - 12.03.2017, Oslo) - 10

7. Stefan Kraft (12.03.2017, Oslo - World Cup winner) - 5

Podium classification (1st-2nd-3rd):

1. Stefan Kraft (8-3-6)
2. Kamil Stoch (7-3-2)
3. Domen Prevc (4-1-1)
4. Daniel Andre Tande (2-4-0)
5. Maciej Kot (2-1-0)
6. Andreas Wellinger (1-8-3)
7. Michael Hayböck (1-1-2)
8. Severin Freund (1-1-0)
9. Peter Prevc (1-0-1)
10. Noriaki Kasai (0-1-1)
11. Robert Johansson (0-1-0)
11. Andreas Stjernen (0-1-0)
13. Markus Eisenbichler (0-0-3)
14. Manuel Fettner (0-0-2)
15. Richard Freitag (0-0-1)
15. Evgeniy Klimov (0-0-1)
15. Andreas Kofler (0-0-1)
15. Jurij Tepes (0-0-1)
15. Piotr Żyła (0-0-1)

Best competitions for nations without any individual podiums:

Bulgaria: Wladimir Zografski - 47 place in Sapporo
Czech Republic: Roman Koudelka - 5 place in Sapporo
Estonia: Kaarel Nurmsalu - 30 place in Obertsdorf and PyeongChang
Finland: Jarko Määttä - 14 place in Innsbruck
France: Vincent Descombes Sevoie - 5 place in Kuusamo
Canada: MacKenzie Boyd-Clowes - 12 place in Klingenthal
Kazakhstan: Marat Zhaparov - 44 place in Wisla
South Korea: Kim Hyun-ki - 44 place in PyeongChang
United States: Kevin Bickner - 15 place in Vikersund
Switzerland: Simon Ammann - 11 place in Sapporo
Italy: Sebastian Colloredo - 9 place in Innsbruck

Nations Cup

1. Poland - 5833 points (3733 individual + 2100 in teams)

2. Austria - 5586 points (3736 individual + 1850 in teams)

3. Germany - 5513 points (3563 individual + 1950 in teams)

Team competitions podiums:

3.12.2016, Klingenthal:

1. Poland (1. Piotr Żyła, 2. Kamil Stoch, 3. Dawid Kubacki, 4. Maciej Kot)

2. Germany (1. Markus Eisenbichler, 2. Andreas Wellinger, 3. Richard Freitag, 4. Severin Freund)

3. Austria (1. Michael Hayböck, 2. Stefan Kraft, 3. Andreas Kofler, 4. Manuel Fettner)

21.01.2017, Zakopane:

1. Germany (1. Markus Eisenbichler, .2 Stephan Leyhe, 3. Andreas Wellinger, 4. Richard Freitag)

2. Poland (1. Piotr Żyła, 2. Maciej Kot, 3. Dawid Kubacki, 4 Kamil Stoch)

3. Slovenia (1. Jurij Tepes, 2. Peter Prevc, 3. Jernej Damjan, 4. Domen Prevc)

28.01.2017, Willingen:

1. Poland (1. Piotr Żyła, 2. Maciej Kot, 3. Dawid Kubacki, 4 Kamil Stoch)

2. Austria (1. Michael Hayböck, 2. Manuel Fettner, 3. Gregor Schlierenzauer, 4. Stefan Kraft)

3. Germany (1. Markus Eisenbichler, .2 Stephan Leyhe, 3. Andreas Wellinger, 4. Richard Freitag)

11.03.2017, Oslo

1. Austria (1. Michael Hayböck, 2. Manuel Fettner, 3. Markus Schiffner, 4. Stefan Kraft)

2. Germany (1. Markus Eisenbichler, .2 Stephan Leyhe, 3. Richard Freitag , 4. Andreas Wellinger )

3. Poland (1. Piotr Żyła, 2. Kamil Stoch, 3. Dawid Kubacki, 4. Maciej Kot)

18.03.2017, Vikersund

1. Norway (1. Daniel Andre Tande, 2. Robert Johansson, 3. Johann Andre Forfang, 4. Andreas Stjernen)

2. Poland (1. Piotr Żyła, 2. Dawid Kubacki, 3. Maciej Kot, 4. Kamil Stoch)

3. Austria (1. Michael Hayböck, 2. Manuel Fettner, 3. Gregor Schlierenzauer, 4. Stefan Kraft)

25.03.2017, Planica:

1. Norway (1. Robert Johansson, 2. Johann Andre Forfang, 3. Anders Fannemel, 4. Andreas Stjernen)

2. Germany (1. Markus Eisenbichler, 2. Richard Freitag, 3. Karl Geiger, 4. Andreas Wellinger)

3. Poland (1. Piotr Żyła, 2. Dawid Kubacki, 3. Maciej Kot, 4. Kamil Stoch)

65. Four Hills Tournament

30.12.2016, Oberstdorf: 1. Stefan Kraft, 2. Kamil Stoch 3. Michael Hayböck

1.01.2017, Garmisch-Partenkirchen: 1. Daniel Andre Tande, 2. Kamil Stoch, 3. Stefan Kraft

4.01.2017, Innsbruck: 1. Daniel Andre Tande, 2. Robert Johannson 3. Evgeniy Klimov

6.01.2017, Bischofshofen: 1. Kamil Stoch, Michael Hayböck, 3. Piotr Żyła

Final classification: 1. Kamil Stoch, 2. Piotr Żyła 3. Daniel Andre Tande

Jumpers with 4/4 competitions: 34

Ski Flying World Cup

4.02.2017, Oberstdorf: 1. Stefan Kraft, 2. Andreas Wellinger 3. Kamil Stoch

5.02.2017, Oberstdorf: 1. Stefan Kraft, 2. Andreas Wellinger, 3. Jurij Tepes

19.03.2017, Vikersund: 1. Kamil Stoch, 2. Noriaki Kasai, 3. Michael Hayböck

24.03.2017, Planica: 1. Stefan Kraft, 2. Andreas Wellinger, 3. Markus Eisenbichler

26.03.2017, Planica: 1. Stefan Kraft, 2. Andreas Wellinger, 3. Noriaki Kasai

Final classification: 1. Stefan Kraft, 2. Andreas Wellinger, 3. Kamil Stoch

Jumpers with 5/5 competitions: 21

Lahti 2017

25.02.2017, individual normal hill: 1. Stefan Kraft, 2. Andreas Wellinger, 3. Markus Eisenbichler

2.03.2017, individual large hill: 1. Stefan Kraft, 2. Andreas Wellinger, 3. Piotr Żyła

4.03.2017, team large hill: 1. Poland, 2. Norway, 3. Austria

Raw Air

10.03.2017, Oslo, prolog - 1. Andreas Wellinger, 2. Peter Prevc 3. Richard Freitag

11.03.2017, Oslo, team competition - 1. Austria, 2. Germany 3. Poland

12.03.2017, Oslo, competition - 1. Stefan Kraft, 2. Andreas Wellinger, 3. Markus Eisenbichler

13.03.2017, Lillehammer, prolog - 1 Markus Eisenbichler, 2. Richard Freitag, 3. Stefan Kraft

14.03.2017, Lillehammer, competition - cancelled

15.03.2017, Trondheim, prolog - 1. Kamil Stoch, 2. Andreas Stjernen, 3. Andreas Wellinger

16.03.2017, Trondheim, competition - 1. Stefan Kraft, 2. Andreas Stjernen, 3. Andreas Wellinger

17.03.2017, Vikersund, competition (An additional competition in place of Lillehammer) - cancelled

17.03.2017, Vikersund, prolog - 1. Kamil Stoch, 2. Andreas Wellinger, 3. Domen Prevc

18.03.2017, Vikersund, team competition - 1. Norway, 2. Poland 3. Austria

19.03.2017, Vikersund, competition - 1. Kamil Stoch, 2. Noriaki Kasai 3. Michael Hayböck

Final classification: 1. Stefan Kraft, 2. Kamil Stoch, 3. Andreas Wellinger

Jumpers with full number on jumps: 11

Interesting/Fun facts:

  • Daniel Andre Tande was never 4th when Maciej Kot was 5th and vice versa.
  • Andreas Wellinger gained more second places (8) than Daniel Andre Tande fourths (7) and Maciej Kot fifths (5).
  • Poland is the only team, which had used only four players in all six team competitions.
  • Slovenia had used a total of 10 players in team competitions.
  • Poland is the only team, which had stood on the podium in all team competitions (2 wins, 2 second places, 2 third places).
  • Austria had the most used jumpers (17) and the most pointers (11)
  • Fatih Arda Ipcioglu didn’t qualified for the Lillehammer’s contest in Raw Air tournament, but that competition was cancelled later. That means Turk formally didn’t made debut in World Cup, but he was on 81 place in the RA tournament.
  • The organizers disqualified jumpers 28 times.
  • Four players gained points in every World Cup competition - Manuel Fettner, Kamil Stoch, Maciej Kot and Piotr Żyła.
  • Vincent Descombes Sevoie gained more points than Switzerland (including team competition).
  • Robert Johansson beat ski flying hill record twice (in Vikersund and Planica), but Stefan Kraft jumped further same days.
  • A total of 15 players were in the TOP10 of World Cup’s classification. Without final TOP10, were there: Severin Freund, Vincent Descombes Sevoie, Karl Geiger, Andreas Kofler, Piotr Żyła.

2016-17 in screens

(last picture was made by me :3)

2016-17 Awards (imo only)

Jumper of the season: Stefan Kraft

Revelation of the season: Robert Johansson

Disappointment of the season: Simon Ammann

Surprise of the season: Vincent Descombes Sevoie

Team of the season: Poland

Coach of the season: Stefan Horngacher (Poland)

Jump of the season: Stefan Kraft (253,5 metres in Vikersund)

Competition of the season: 18,03,2017, Vikersund, team competition

Fail of the season: Andreas Wellinger (19.03.2017, Vikersund, final RA competition)

Character of the season: Domen Prevc

SEE YOU IN 2017-18!!!

Mixed Normal Hill Teams

Team Kazakhstan
Dayana Akhmetvaliyeva
Ilya Kratov
Valentina Sderzhikova
Alexey Korolev

Team Romania
Andreea Diana Trambitas
Iulian Sorin Pitea
Dana Vasilica Haralambie
Sorin Nicolae Mitrofan

Team Canada
Natasha Bodnarchuk
Joshua Maurer
Taylor Henrich
Mackenzie Boyd-Clowes

Team Finland
Susanna Forsstroem
Ville Larinto
Julia Kykkänen
Janne Ahonen

Team Italy
Elena Runggaldier
Sebastian Colloredo
Manuela Malsiner
Davide Bresadola

Team Czech Republic
Marta Krepelkova
Jakub Janda
Barbora Blazkova
Roman Koudelka

Team USA
Nita Englund
Michael Glasder
Sarah Hendrickson
Kevin Bickner

Team France
Lea Lemare
Paul Brasme
Lucile Morat
Vincent Descombes Sevoie

Team Russia
Anastasiya Barannikova
Denis Kornilov
Irina Avvakumova
Evgeniy Klimov

Team Norway
Silje Opseth
Daniel-André Tande
Maren Lundby
Johann André Forfang

Team Japan
Sara Takanashi
Taku Takeuchi
Yuki Ito
Daiki Ito

Team Slovenia
Nika Križnar
Anže Lanišek
Ema Klinec
Peter Prevc

Team Austria
Daniela Iraschko-Stolz
Michael Hayböck
Jacqueline Seifriedsberger
Stefan Kraft

Team Germany
Carina Vogt
Markus Eisenbichler
Svenja Würth
Andreas Wellinger

A Fusion of Their Own

This was a story I wrote based on @jearwork‘s Lapidot comic which was actually based on @distractednerd‘s Lapidot au. Full circle I guess. Enjoy

If you want a fan fic of your own, message me and I will tell you my prices for a commission.

Peridot started to chew on the rubber covering over her steering wheel. Her animalistic choppers relentless bit into the face of the Cookie Cats printed on it, completely ignoring the fact that the cover was a present from Steven.

 The traffic was unyielding and it seemed like Peridot’s care moved half an inch every hour and less than a centimeter every half an hour. She peered over the hoods of the field of cars in front of her and she could swear that the cars eclipsed the horizon at the end of the freeway.

 “Traffic. Traffic! TRAFFIC! Grrrraaaaaaaaw!” Peridot tore a chunk of the plastic cover and upon realizing she did so started to calm down a bit, at least enough to return to human decency.  

 She looked down at her watch for what was the hundredth time in a single hour. Not time passed since the last time she check it—a few seconds ago.

 Just then, thankfully, a few minutes and a few cars that had enough traffic later, Peridot was finally able to reach speed above 2 mph. She could see the tip of the building in the distance now. But as she saw the blue of the ocean fusing with the blue of the sky ahead, Peridot hit another wall of cars.

 Traffic was the bane of Peridot’s existence on a regular day, but on a day that took precedents over the others traffic suddenly became Peridot’s mortal enemy for life. She started to break out in a nervous sweat. She flipped on the radio, turning it up high, flipping the air conditioning settings from low to high and then high to low randomly, and she tried not to look down at her watch no matter how powerful the urge. Sadly Peridot’s will was weak and when she saw that another minute had passed she took out her cellphone and called the first number. She jumped in her seat as the phone rung.

 Garnet answered. “Hello…” She didn’t expect to finish her sentence knowing that Peridot was about to interrupt her anyway.


 “Nice to get a call from you too, Peridot,” Garnet teased, coolly.

 “Don’t give me your sass, Fusion,” said Peridot, calling Garnet the nickname she gave her. “Are your Moms there already?”

 “My Moms got this handled. It’s going to be fine, just get here.”

 “Rrrrr—I can’t. Traffic’s a pain—AGAIN! It’s going to be at least another half hour.” Peridot cradled her phone gently, worried beyond belief. “How is she?”

 “She’s strong, Peridot, you of all people should know that.” Garnet smirked behind the phone. Peridot blushed and hung up the phone knowing exactly what she meant.

 Peridot threw the cellphone, hard, into the seat and then as it thudded against the ground she instantly regretted throwing it. She strained herself to get it back.

 Shortly after Peridot loudly declared war on all people who created traffic the cars began to move and she was finally out of the freeway and on to the normal streets. The hills surrounding Beach City were at her sides and it wouldn’t be long until Peridot was at her destination. And with no cop cars within sight, she floored the gas petal to bridge that last few miles before the city, but the golden shores of her home city weren’t her destination. Peridot threw her steering wheel to the left and her car nearly toppled over with the force of it to get out on the first exit towards.

 “Oh thank you, Traffic Gods, I won’t ever say anything bad about you!” Peridot prayed as she saw a street in front of her devoid of any cars.

 She finally saw it, the glow of the red cross she’s been praying to see since she left the library. The hospital! Peridot nearly ran over someone crossing the sidewalk to get inside. After throwing her coat inside, losing one of her shoes in the parking lot, and not even locking the car behind her, Peridot made it inside. Rushing into the lobby she found Steven and Connie sitting together.

 “STEVEN! CONNIE!” Peridot screamed, startling them. She dashed to Steven and grabbed a hold of him, shaking him. “How is she? Is she okay? What happened? How is she? Wait I just asked that. TELL ME!”

 “Peridot, calm down!” Steven shouted over her screams. “Lapis is just fine. Grandma Ruby and Grandma Sapphire are helping her out.”

 “Yeah, and my mom’s the doctor for her, so you know she’ll be in good hands,” said Connie.

 Peridot collapsed on her knees, her legs weak. “Oh thank the stars.”

 “Here, Steven, I got you some ice cream from that tricky vending machine,” Garnet said, giving him and Connie a bar of Cookie Cat before noticing Peridot at her thigh-level. “Oh, hello Peridot. Good of you to drop by.”

 “Oh can it, Fusion.”

 “You came at a good time. I bet you a dollar Lapis will be ready rrrrrriiiiiiight…now.”

 A loud clopping sound was heard and it grew louder as it approached. Pearl ran the corner, haggard. Her hair was a mess, her eyes were wide open as if they had never blinked before, and her clothes were ruffled beyond redemption. She held herself against the wall as she panted.

 “Everyone! Peridot! Oh thank goodness you’re here. It’s time!” Pearl squawked.

 Steven and Connie shrieked with joy while Peridot was numb, dumbfounded. It was up to them and Garnet to push her lifeless body towards the room of the OR.

 There were busy people going by, all in lab coats. Before going inside, Peridot was given a little wrist cuff as a Visitor. When they were let in they saw Doctor Maheswaran, looking very busy with doctor duties staring intently into a clipboard.

 “Mom,” said Connie.

 “Hello dear,” said the doctor, not even looking up for a moment. “There’s the guest of honor. I take it you were stuck in traffic.”

 “How is she?” Peridot asked; it was all she cared about.

 “Why don’t you look for yourself?” Doctor Maheswaran held the door for them.

 The whithered and tiny Sapphire and Ruby, along with an Amethyst bouncing with joy unable to contain herself, and a sleeping Greg on the coach near the door, surrounded Lapis in the hospital bed. The hairs of her ocean blue hair were dripping with sweat and they stuck to her cheeks. She was barely able to stay awake, her eyelids too heavy for her, but when she saw Peridot at the door, Lapis did her best to stay awake.

 “Hey, ‘bout time you got here,” Lapis sighed.

 Peridot ran into the room, startling Greg awake. “What the—? Who? Peridot?”

 “Hey dad,” said Steven.

 Ruby and Sapphire cleared the way for Peridot. She threw her arms around Lapis.

 “Lapis! You’re okay.” Her eyes started to water.

 “This wasn’t our first rodeo you know,” said Ruby.

 “You should always leave it to the professionals,” said Sapphire. The two grandmothers gave each other a kiss.

 “You know, Peridot, there’s someone who wants to meet you,” said Lapis.

 With a weak hand she pointed to Amethyst. She was burying her face into the small blanket before racing to Peridot.

“Congrats, P,” grinned Amethyst. “She’s some looker. Just like her moms.”

 A blanket softer than clouds cradled a baby inside. Her face looked soft, delicate as if s single touch suddenly could make a crack appear and as Amethyst handed the baby to Peridot, she reacted as if the baby would break in her hands. Peridot was stiff holding her. The baby was lighter than anything Peridot ever lifted and yet Peridot’s hands were locked up as if she held a thousand pounds of weight. The baby with puffy, pink cheeks like bubblegum was restless, poking her head out of the suffocating blankets and revealing her green with blue ends hair to Peridot. Peridot’s heart skipped a beat.

 She looked to Lapis, then at everyone else in the room, and then back to the baby she held, extremely lost.

 “How long should we wait before we wake her?” Greg joked.

 “Peridot, meet Turquoise, your daughter,” said Lapis.

 The baby stirred at the mention of her name. Her little hands grabbed the ends of her blanket and pushed with all her baby strength to get it off her. She finally opened her eyes; small dots of a green-blue hue stared at Peridot’s bright green eyes.

 The flood gates burst and Peridot’s eyes swelled with tears at a record speed. She held Turquoise to her face and pressed the little one’s cheeks against she cheeks: she was so warm. The baby made a small chirp, softer than a bird, and Peridot whimpered.

 “I love her so much!” Peridot wailed.

 Everyone in the room hugged Peridot on both ends.

 Doctor Maheswaran smiled as she closed to door. On the side, she could hear the explosion of sound go off as everyone rushed for their turn to hold the newborn Turquoise next. She heard Peridot snaring like a defensive cat to fight them off.

Torn apart (Steve x Reader & Bucky x Reader)

Originally posted by sincerelysaraahh

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 , Part 4

Summary: AU

Reader was dating Steve when she started falling for Bucky. After her heart was broken, she decided to leave from both man and now after two years she is coming back.

Warning: swearing

As you stepped into the building with Nat, Peter, and Clint the first person you saw was Sam.
He had his back turned to you as he was leaning on the table where some girl sat.
˝Sam! ˝ You pretend that you were mad walking quickly to him.
˝Y/N? What are y.. ˝ Before he could finish you slap him. He was confused for a second, but he joined you in your little game.
˝Baby, I’m so sorry. ˝ He took your hands in his giving you his best puppy eyes.
˝Alright, but I don’t want you to go back to this girl, whenever I’m not in the mood to play with you.˝
˝You guys are sick. ˝Peter walked past you. Sam laughed and pulled you in a hug.

Keep reading