normal girl vs me

Room decoration
  • normal girls: oh I have room decoration for each season: christmas, spring, summer, autumn...
  • me: *has christmas lights hanging the whole year*
  • well I think that's all purpose decoration
Me VS normal teen girls (CRUSHES)
  • Normal girl: My crush is tall, dark and handsome.
  • Me: My crush is incredibly tall, extremely pale and- *is too stubborn to complement him*
  • Normal girl: My crush is the captain on his sport team.
  • Me: My crush is not captain of his sport team, and thank god he isn't. Chaos would happen if he was.
  • Normal girl: My crush is a "bad boy."
  • Me: My crush is a giant man-child.
  • Normal girl: My crush is my best friends brother.
  • Me: My crush is Fed Weasley. Rip me. And Fred-oh wait, too soon.