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I’m not finished with this one yet but I thought I’d share my progress so far. This is my first time animating textures, as seen on Finchlett’s eyes to make him blink. Games often use this technique as it’s much easier (and less graphically taxing) than the alternative of modelling and rigging actual eyes. Plus it looks cuter most of the time, at least I think so.

Now with Thanksgiving over, I’m gonna try and get back into the swing of things. Expect consistent updates for Audin and my fakemon project!

I always liked the idea of Smeargle, a Pokemon with god-awful stats but has literally perfect utility to make up for it. So with this little guy I wanted to try that same concept but with a different gimmick. His stats are pretty bad, but he has a huge move pool and incredible abilities. He’s all about mind-games and out predicting your opponent. Using a Finchlett will always be an uphill battle, but that makes winning with one even more satisfying.

Observant is an ability that allows the Pokemon to avoid attacks if the opponent uses the same move two turns in a row. Even moves that normally never miss will be avoided this way.

Tactician is a new ability that makes the Pokemon always able to use status moves, even when moves like taunt would normally prevent it. Assault vest still gives its special defense buff, but does not restrict the Pokemon either.

Finchlett can also learn the signature move Side Step. It protects the user for one turn, but has a chance of failing if used in succession. If the opponent targets the user with an attack that makes contact, and there are entry hazards on your side of the field, then those entry hazards activate on the attacking Pokemon.