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It's almost Mother's Day and Carter is making something for both Cat and Kara, who's very touched

For the last week, Carter had been holding himself up in his room every day after he got home from school. Normally Cat and Kara would have been worried about their son refusing to leave his room but, at Cat’s insistence, the hero had used her x-ray vision to look in and make sure that he was okay. She had seen him working on something and quickly stopped, letting her wife know that everything was fine.

For the last week, the two moms sat around every evening wondering what their son was up to. Usually when he was working on a project, he asked for help either from them or from his aunt Alex.

On Mother’s Day, Carter came out of his room smiling. He had woken up early to make breakfast for his moms. He worked hard for almost an hour, making pancakes, cutting up fruit, and brewing coffee for them. When they came out, smelling the coffee, he smiled. “Morning mom, morning super mom.”

Kara chuckled. It had been hard when he had first calling her mom, especially when Cat was also in the room. So he had come up with his own special way of addressing her when all three of them were together. “Good morning, buddy.” The younger woman kissed his forehead and grabbed the two mugs of coffee, offering one to her wife.

Cat went over to her son and hugged him. “Good morning, Carter.” She looked at the plates filled with food and smiled. “I thought I had suggested going out for breakfast.”

“I decided to cook for you two. It is Mother’s Day, after all. Besides, it’s super mom’s first.” Mother and son looked over at the newest family member and smiled.

Kara blushed a bit and played with her mug. “You didn’t have to do anything special because of my, Carter.”

He walked over to the Kryptonian and hugged her tight. “I wanted to.” He then let her go and held up a hand. “You two sit. I need to go get your present.”

Cat and Kara exchanged looks and sat down at the counter, each sipping their coffee. “He’s a great kid, Cat. You did an amazing job.”

The older woman turned to her wife and kissed her. “And he’s going to get even greater thanks to you.”

A few minutes passed before Carter came out with a large picture frame, the image facing him. “Okay. You guys have to promise not to cry. Though, something tells me you’re going to anyway.” When he received nods from both moms, he turned it around and laid it out on the counter in front of them.

Kara gasped, her hand going to her mouth, and Cat smiled bright, the pride she felt for her son beaming. The image was actually a hand-drawn family tree. Of course it had Cat and Carter’s family, going all the way back to his great-grandparents. It was drawn on a traditional looking tree with some leaves and each family member on a branch, lines connecting parents to children. On the other side though, it was a beautiful array of swirls that made up an ethereal looking tree with Kara’s family on it going back to just her parents. But not only did it have Kara and her parents, but Aunt Astra, Kal-El and Lois, and the Danvers as well.

Tears came to Kara’s eyes and she felt Cat put a hand on her shoulder. “Oh Carter…” She reached out and touched it, her finger tracing the line that connected her to Carter. “It’s beautiful.”

Carter went around the counter and hugged them both. “I thought we could put it above the fireplace.”

Cat nodded and kissed her son on the head. “Thank you, Carter. I think it’s the best present you’ve ever given me.”