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I’m listening to trump’s speech at the boy scout jamboree… Is this normal? Isn’t this supposed to be about kids? What is happening? Why is he rambling about obamacare and swamps?

Seriously, is this what normally happens with boy scout speeches?

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A strain that causes Fushimi to randomly teleport places.

Imagine the Strain affects hims so that every time Fushimi clicks his tongue he’s teleported somewhere new. Like when he first gets hit he has no idea what kind of power it was, he still seems to be normal and has all his limbs intact, no de-aging, no animal ears, no tail, everything seems to be situation normal. Meanwhile the alphabet boys are surrounding him all concerned, one asks if they should go after the Strain and Fushimi clicks his tongue all ‘yes, obviously.’ Except when he clicks his tongue he is suddenly teleported to the North Pole. He assumes that they must have run into another ‘sends people to the North Pole’ Strain and crosses his arms, cold and annoyed, clicking his tongue in irritation. The next thing he knows he’s standing on a tropical island surrounded by coconut trees and loud smelly sea birds. Fushimi has no idea how he got here or where he is, but all the tourists milling around on the beach are staring at him. He clicks his tongue, trying to see if his PDA will pick up a signal, and next thing he knows he’s sitting on the roof of a high rise looking out at a city he doesn’t recognize. Fushimi’s not particularly happy about being on the roof, especially since he can’t figure out how to get down, and that’s when he’s finally able to get his PDA to work and he tries to call Scepter 4 to relay his location. His signal keeps breaking up and he clicks his tongue as he shakes the PDA, suddenly he’s in the desert and a camel is trying to lick his face. Fushimi stumbles backwards, trying to wave the very intrigued camel away while pulling up his PDA to see where he’s landed this time.

A few more tongue clicks take him to various places around the world, he gets to spend a little time randomly lying in a gondola in Venice with some very confused tourists, then he’s on the top of Mt. Everest with climbers staring at him in confusion. After that he ends up on someone’s pig farm hating life in the middle of a mud pit surrounded by curious pigs, then he gets to land on Japan’s Rabbit Island where he is swarmed by adorable bunnies that want to love him. Eventually he figures out that the tongue clicks are causing him to teleport so he just keeps clicking his tongue trying to get somewhere close enough that he can hitch a ride home, the problem with this is that every time he gets close something annoys him and he clicks his tongue without even thinking, ending up in yet another place and having to start the whole process over again. By the time he makes it back home he’s got a backpack full of souvenirs randomly forced on him by friendly locals and there appears to be a rabbit cuddling inside his coat.


Supernatural Poetry Challenge | @vintagesam
Prompt: Ships - John/Mary
Pairings: John Winchester/Mary Winchester
Tags: Poetry, Pre-Canon, The Winchester Family
Beta: @trisscar368
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We could have been normal.

With two little boys,
Who learned to play catch
In our backyard.

A white picket fence,
Covered in scratches
From Sammy’s favorite dog.

The lake across town,
Where Dean learned to fish
And taught himself to swim.

Romantic dates by candlelight,
Abruptly ended by a call
From a young babysitter.

Tiny lines and numbers
Scratched into doorways as
Our little boys grew taller.

Years upon years of memories
Etched into the walls
Of our perfect, normal home.

But in my heart,
I knew our past
Was never going away.

In my heart,
Fire burns, and I knew
We never could have been normal.

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: why is broadway merchandise sO DAMN EXPENSIVE. all i want is something to commemorate me seeing a show that i already spent a shitload of money on, but i can't do that bECAUSE EVERYTHING IS TOO EXPENSIVE.
I'm terrified about trc tv show

So I thought I’d make a list of shit that I couldn’t cope with it not having:
-Blue and Ronan are played by Amandla Stenburg and Reece King
-Noah needs to be a faded glittery ghost child, he needs the glitter that’s the most important part
-the “murdered murdered remembered” scene
-everything needs to be aesthetic and pretty
-Cabeswater needs to look pretty not some ugly cgi shit
-the pig
-the iffy maybe slightly problematic stuff that ronan said would preferably be excluded
-the wardrobe needs to be good, the boat shoes cannot be excluded
-300 Fox Way has to be so busy and cosy and psychic-y
-I want Ronans love affair with his car to be captured in excruciating detail I fucking love Ronan and his car
-it needs to be shown that Ronan is completely and utterly in love with Adam but shown in a soft light and pretty and also Fire and sex and just you know
-Ronan and Noah’s friendship
-When Gansey and Blue kiss but don’t kiss on the mountains I loved that scene so much
-“I’m always straight” “oh man that’s the biggest lie you’ve ever told”


alec lightwood + compassion

Alec is very caring for people that he views as…that they need help. He likes to help those who have - maybe there’s something wrong, maybe there’s some issue, he can’t quite tell, but he wants to know and he wants to be able to make them comfortable. - Matthew Daddario

Begin!AU - Reflection Series : Snowdrop

Snowdrop | Lilac

// o2.18 Happy Birthday J-Hope!


a soft and beautiful man and the sharp asshole that lives in his house