normal 14 year olds will look like this

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Like, yes, please kill all pedophiles, but I feel like one big problem with that 'map' community is that they dont GET that they are harmful. By arguing with 13-14 year old children that it's okay to be attracted to people their age or younger, by normalizing pedophilia, by producing and looking at draw CP, they are doing something wrong. If they really were a harmles person kept quiet about these feelings, and went to seek therapy/recover, i think less people would be mad. but it isnt the same.

that’s the thing. they don’t care. if they really cared they wouldn’t be on a site with minors or talk to an'y minors online or irl. they would get help and tell everyone in their neighborhood about their attraction and stay far away from places children could be.

but they don’t. because they don’t care.

honestly tho like….the sheer entitlement some teenage boys feel towards girls and the way that they look is fucking astounding…. i witness it literally every day, these kids genuinely think that they have the right to ridicule and to mock and to terrorize girls for no reason at all. like half of the time it’s for totally normal, human things (esp when going through puberty) like having acne or carrying extra weight  or because they don’t look like the 20-something year old actresses that are meant to be playing the role of 14 yr olds on TV.

and it’s like wtf? where is your common courtesy? it’s literally so embarrassing, where is your respect? no shade but when i was in school there was literally numerous girls in my year who were honestly too scared or too ashamed to even set foot in the classroom bc of these relentless idiots. and i know boys get bullied too, which is just as fkn terrible, but there seems to be a common theme of not letting young girls just fucking live and i’m so tired of it. 

Creepypasta #1163: Not Your Average Babysitting Story

Length: Super long

Or maybe it is. Who knows.

Anyway… my name is Santana. It’s not my real name, but hey, it works. I’m 28 years old, single, living alone in a studio apartment downtown. I have three cats. I am the personification of lonely cat lady, but it’s not because of bad luck or anything. I choose to live my life like this. I don’t want kids, and almost every guy I have met wants to start a family; it’s not for me. The last guy I was ever close to asked me why I never wanted kids, but I didn’t have to heart - or metaphorical balls - to tell him why.

I like you guys. You all share your stories, experiences, etc. with an open imagination and witty comments. Allow me to share you my story; the story as to why I never want kids.

It was the summer of 2003; I was your normal 14 year old girl with not a care in the world besides wondering if Jason liked the new perfume I tried on that day. Much like every other teenage girl in the 9th grade, my first true job was a babysitter. My two friends, Ashley and Samantha, were babysitters and they told me about how much money they’d make during the summer. I guess the key is to look for the nicest house/family that was inquiring about a babysitter. They told me they made upwards of 200 dollars a week solely by watching their kids and whatnot. 

Everything seemed far too good to be true, but Samantha told me about a family about two miles from my house that was inquiring about a babysitter. The house was in a gated community - you know, those community of houses that look as if they were from the 1950s where the grass was always mowed; the yard had white picket fences, and there was an apple pie cooling in the window. Granted, it wasn't just like that, but my comparison remains the same.

The home was owned by Mr. and Mrs. Peterson and their baby boy Cedric. When I knocked on their door, I was greeted by Mrs. Peterson herself with a warm smile and a hello. She wore a floral sundress with white heels and her hair up in a bun. She gave me a hug and welcomed me into her home. I remember the home vividly, even after 14 years since this happened. 

The main hallway had a giant chandelier that hung from the top; a spiral staircase was to the left as soon as I walked in. To the right was the living room, which had two white leather couches, two white leather chairs, a table in the center, a fireplace off to the side, as well as a big television in a catty-corner. The entire house was a grand marvel that I couldn’t help but bask in its glory. Mrs. Peterson sat me down on the couch and offered me something to drink, but I declined.

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I Knew it Was a Bad Idea (But I Did it Anyway)

Summary: You left Sam fourteen years ago to try and give your daughter a normal life, but she is determined to find him. When you have to go and get her from the bunker… You almost lose your resolve.
Word Count: 3,468
Pairing: Sam x Reader; Sam & Your Daughter
Warning: None
A/N: If you like guys like maybe I’ll make a second part ^-^
“I” is your daughter, Elizabeth Casey, everyone else is in third person, this is a reader insert.
Also, a little bit of help, what tags should I use, or, what tags do you guys look for the most when you’re looking for this kind of thing. I’m still trying to figure out how to tag things.
Much love, hope you enjoy

Sam and Dean were sitting at a table doing research when someone knocked on the door. Dean and Sam locked eyes, each asking if the other had invited someone.

Dean took point, gun in hand and Sam right behind him, where he’d be hidden behind the open door.

So, I knew that it was a bad idea. I knew that, I just didn’t care. Mom would be pissed, so pissed, but you know what, this was what we both needed. To see Dad. Or, Sam, I guess I can’ trust call him Dad, or maybe I can. I’m not sure how that actually works.

Well, Dad/Sam was in for a surprise, if he was alive. Let’s be honest though, he’s alive. I know that he is. He has to be.

If Sam weren’t alive, that’d be a weird thing to leave out of the books.

So, if Sam and Dean weren’t dead yet, they’d probably be here, at this super secret bunker whose location a thirteen year old girl could find. Of course, I’m a very persistent thirteen year old girl.

I knocked on the door and waited, expecting to have a gun pointed at me when the doors opened, and I was right. I didn’t know who the person was pointing a gun at me, but I smiled and tried to act as naturally as possible. I’d never been told stories about my father by my mother, but I’d managed to coerce some other people into telling me stories, and this was the greeting that I was expecting. The intense man edging on fifty was fit and attractive, so I kind thought be might be one of the men I was looking for.

“Hi,” I said, “I’m looking for Sam Winchester.”

“You’re a kid,” He said, never lowering his gun.

“I’m his kid, more specifically. Hi,” I smiled, waving my hand at him. I was acting more bubbly than I normally would, but having a gun pointed at you is surprisingly scary.

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Turning Time

Harry hated time turners. Honestly, he hated them. And he hated the guy who ‘improved’ them so that your soul goes back and re-enters your body so you don’t have to worry about running into your past self…

Of course these ‘new and improved’ time turners were only recommended for short trips into the past to amend small mistakes, and there were only three of them in the world. The ministry had found out about them, deemed them unsafe, and ordered them to all be destroyed. So the three that remained were very rare, very expensive, and very very hard to come by.

Naturally, that meant his beloved husband, Draco Malfoy, had to have one.

And Harry, being the selfless idiot that he was, had ‘borrowed’ it to go back to his 14 year old body in his fourth year and stop the horrible deaths that had started in that year. To stop Voldemort from rising in the first place, and then go find and destroy the horcruxes with his friends and his husband before Voldemort ever had the chance to rise again.

“Move it scarhead!”

Speaking of his husband… 14 year old Draco Malfoy shoved past him and his goons shoved Harry into the wall as he was leaving the castle. Harry felt the broken pieces of his heart shatter, as they always did when he was forced to remember that he and Draco weren’t together in this time period. When he was forced to remember that all the happy memories they had shared together were all a thing of the future… and when he was forced to remember the series of happy accidents that had occurred to land then together in the first place during 8th year. Happy accidents that he couldn’t hope to recreate, not unless the events of his past were allowed to happen again.

Could he let all those people die just so he could have his happy ending with Draco?

The answer was no.

He couldn’t put himself or even Draco above the lives and happiness of all those people.

And everything he did to get close to Draco, to make him see… just push him farther away.

And that was tearing Harry up inside.

He couldn’t even take solace with Hermione or Ron, because they had no idea about his original future relationship with Draco either, and would only think he was crazy if he tried to explain. Not to mention he had found it very difficult to relate to them at this age, as he was spiritually in his 30s and in his future they were married with their own Weasley brood. So he had wound up pushing them away as he fought through the Triwizard Tournament on his own.

He had already dug up evidence against Crouch Jr. masquerading as Mad-Eye Moody, and just before the start of the final Task in the tournament, had exposed him. The paranoid Fudge had immediately had the man kissed without a trial, but that had worked out in Harry’s favor as that meant that Voldemort still expected the cup to be a portkey, and would be thrown off guard by no one ever arriving in the graveyard. Hopefully thrown off guard enough for Harry to get away from the school at the end of term and start hunting for the Horcrux’s.

Now he was on his way to the final task, and would make his way through the maze. He didn’t really care who won, but he did have an advantage of already knowing what awaited him, and he still had to act like he cared. If he won he would still donate his winnings to Fred and George, so that fueled a bit more desire for him to win.

“Good luck Harry!” Speak of the devil, as twin hands slapped him on the back, “We’ve got great odds on you winning this thing! You’re going to make us very rich men!”

The twin guffawed as they slapped Harry on the back one more time and walked past him. Harry forced a weak laugh that he hoped sounded like nerves rather than the depression he was actually feeling.

Then he walked into the area for Champions and prepared for the task to begin.


The maze was much easier than Harry remembered it, but he supposed that was because he was older now, mentally anyways, and knew much more advanced magic than he should at this age. It also probably helped that he had walked this maze for years in his nightmares after the war.

So here he stood, staring at the bright blue and silver trophy, with no one else even near his location. But… every time he reached out to touch it, he got horrible flashbacks of that graveyard, and he couldn’t make himself grab it…

“Harry!” Cedric’s voice rang out behind him and he whipped around to see Cedric racing toward him, hand outstretched.


Even if the cup would take him to the graveyard, Cedric would not die this time!

Harry whipped around and grabbed the cup, and felt the sickeningly familiar feeling of being transported by a portkey. It was too late though, and he couldn’t let go, his hand was glued to the cup.

He was deathly white when he landed and looked around, but instead of a graveyard, he was back in front of the maze, and instead of deathly silence he could only hear the roaring of the crowd cheering his name. It took a moment before his mind recognized that everything was okay before he was able to drop the cup and breathe a sigh of relief.

Everyone came down to crowd around him, slap him on the back, and congratulate him on his victory.

For a moment, Harry was allowed to feel like a normal 14 year old boy that had just done something amazing. He smiled at the crowd around him.

And then all hell broke loose.

Word had gotten to Voldemort about Crouch Jr’s execution, and in retaliation he had sent death eaters or people under the imperious curse in with the crowd. Harry didn’t know which, but it didn’t matter, all that mattered was the curses flying around everywhere. Both from Voldemort’s people and from the members of the Order of the Pheonix that were in attendance.

People were falling all around him and it was clear that the Death Eaters were trying to get to him as panicked students and other onlookers tried to escape from the attack.

The world went into slow motion as Harry saw a flash of white blonde hair running through the mayhem, and he saw the bright green spell heading straight for Draco Malfoy’s back.

“Draco!!” Harry’s scream was inhuman as he dove in front of the spell, taking it right in the chest and falling to the ground at Draco’s feet.

“Wh-why…” Draco fell to his knees next to Harry, looking terrified, “Why would you do that you great bloody prat!?” Draco demanded, shaking the dying Harry.

Harry knew it was the killing curse that had hit him, but it was flowing through the scars in his magic from of the first time he had been hit with it, killing him slowly, one piece at a time.

All Harry could do was dissolve into hysterical laughter. Of course, how could he have been so stupid? He knew how to make Draco see. To show him why he died for him, and hopefully to show him how to complete Harry’s mission.

He pulled out his wand with the arm that hadn’t already died and pressed it to his temple, Draco’s worried face shifting to confusion as Harry drew a silvery white strand of his memories from his mind. It was long, and held every memory starting with fourth year in his original life and ending at this point. He held the wand out to Draco, “Take it. Please Draco.” He croaked out.

Shaking, Draco pulled out a potion’s flask from his satchel and let the strand of memory fall into it.

I love you Draco, Harry thought to himself…

I only hope you can discover that…

And then he died.


18 year old Draco flew out of the pensive, panting, his face white and his expression that of agony.

It had taken him four years.

Four years of proving himself to Harry’s friends and then the Order of the Pheonix so he could help destroy Voldemort for that stupid prat.

Four years to find and destroy all the horcruxes.

And four years and a bottle of Firewhiskey for him to finally work up the courage to watch Potter… no, Harry’s memories.

They broke him in two.

And now he vowed to watch and wait. Wait for the time turner that had caused all this to happen in the first place. The time turner that his… other self… had bought.

He would wait to he could go back to that fateful 4th year and stop Harry from getting himself killed.

And to slap him across the face for making him experience these memories.

But most importantly, to live that life with Harry he had seen in the pensive, the life he had taken away from him by some stupid bloody Gryffindor.

He would wait as long as it took.


Your OTP being lovers in the past life. Unfortunately, only Person A remembers everything and still loves B deeply. One day, Person B is attacked, but saved by Person A, who sacrifices themselves in the process, much to the confusion of Person B.

original prompt by @otpdisaster

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holy crap how the hell is jojo 14????? she looks so little

she dresses young and doesn’t cake herself in makeup

like she looks like a normal 14 year old, it’s just that the ones around her look try to look 26

The Daughter of The King and Queen of Gotham City.

A/N: Hi, guys! this is my ‘Harley and Joker’s daughter’ story. I decided to use a different point of view in this story, not from the readers. I hope the anon who requested it still enjoys it though! also, I named the character ‘Jaileen’ because it’s a mixture of ‘J’ and ‘Harleen.’ I also debated using 'Carley’ which is basically 'Harley’ with a C but I wanted the name to have a little bit of Mr. J in it. However, you can use whatever name you’d like. Whenever I use “J” on here, I’m referring to Jaileen, so don’t get confused with the Joker! if I’m referring to the Joker, I will use “Mr. J.” hopefully this doesn’t confuse anyone. I wanted to do this one in one post, so sorry if it’s super long! but anyway, enjoy!


It was just a normal night in Gotham City. The King and Queen ruling every minute of it. Oh, and of course, their little princess, too. Their little Jaileen started going with them on their heists when she was only 12 years old. she’s learned so much from them since then. By the time she was 14, she was already covered in tattoos. She was 16 going on 17. looking a lot like her father but rocking the body of her mother. Her signature colors were purple and black. She was born with dark green hair, almost black. Pale skin, with a heart birthmark on the lower left side of her back. She was almost more beautiful than her mother. This bothered Mr. J since a lot of his henchmen and business associates would hit on her. They’d be dead in a heart beat if he was around for any of it. She was also almost more bad ass than Mr. J. This also bothered him since she was never afraid to raise her voice with him or talk back to him. She was the only one he’d let talk to him like that. He’s only ever hit her once because she threatened to kill him. Harley had to step in the middle of that argument before Mr. J pulled out a gun to shoot her but she ended up getting backhanded too. After that, they all started laughing like the insane clowns they are.

Tonight was the night Jaileen would get to torture her first victim. Just like her daddy. she was so excited. But that all goes to shit when Jaileen decides to talk to a guy.

They were all in Mr. J’s club. He had a meeting with an asshole that tried to scam him. He was in big trouble. As usual, Harley was in the glass platform, dancing her crazy ass off. Jaileen was by the bar, scanning the club. Mr. J told her to be on the lookout for dealers that try dealing in his club. The club was packed that night. More than it’s ever been. Mr. J was in a more secluded area. surrounded by beads for curtains. He was ready for this meeting. The business man walks into the area Mr. J was in, letting Frost lead him. The man reaches his hand out for a hand shake but immediately takes it back when he realizes that he forgot Mr. J doesn’t do hand shakes.

“Nice to see you again, Mr. J.” the man says.

Mr. J doesn’t say anything. his eyes are glued onto Jaileen, as he notices she’s been approached by a guy. she’s giggling.

“M-Mr. J?” the man says, trying to snap Mr. J back into reality.

He rolls his eyes and groans.

“why, I have some business to take care of. stay put.” Mr. J growls, walking out of the area angry.

Jaileen’s POV —————-

She’s scanning the club, looking out for dealers. She gets bored and orders a non-alcoholic drink. Her mother would kill her if she knew she was drinking alcohol. Her father didn’t really care. She sees a cute guy. She flashes a smile at him. He smiles back.

mom and Mr. J don’t get to have all the fun.’ she thinks to herself as she sips her drink. She never called Mr. J dad. it was always Mr. J or boss.

She signals the guy to come over to her. He takes the hint and approaches her.

“Hey, beautiful, I’m Logan. what’s your name?” he says, flashing a flirtatious smile this time. she blushes.

“Jaileen.” she says with a smirk.

“you come here often?” he shouts over the loud music.

“only when I have business to take care of.” she says biting her lip.

“you a business woman?”

“not exactly..” she says looking away.

he gave her confused look. they continue their conversation. he then proceeds to ask her the question everyone asks her.

“hey, why do you dye your hair green? I think you’d look way better with brown or black hair.”

she rolls her eyes as she giggles.

“I don’t dye it, I was born like this.” she laughingly snaps.

“oh, I didn’t mean to offend you. it looks good on you, really.”

she blushes and smiles but that all disappears when she sees Mr. J walking towards them behind Logan.

shit’ she thinks to herself.

she gets up from the stool to try to hold Mr. J back.

“Boss, wait, don’t-”

She gets pushed away.

He pulls out his gun and points it to Logan. Logan is scared shitless. People notice and move away from him.

“Mr. J, you shoot him, I swear I’ll leave and I’ll never come back.” she says with her voice breaking.

He hesitated to pull the trigger. As much as he hates to admit it, he cared about his princess a lot.

Harley comes down from the platform.

“What’s goin’ on?” she asks.

Mr. J spins around to look at Harley.

“What’s going on is that you couldn’t do a simple thing and keep an eye on J.” he snarled.

He then points the gun at Harley.

“Mom!” Jaileen sobs. “Mr. J, stop!”

At this point, Logan was more confused than scared.

“Honey, it’s okay, jus-just go, Frost can you take her?” she says, trying not to break her voice.

Frost takes her to a different area. On their way, she hears Mr. J talk to her like she means nothing to him.

“do you want her to end up like you? a whore? did you think I forgot about Ivy and Deadshit?” he growls, still pointing his gun at her.

Harley starts tearing up.

why is he bringing this up? in front of our daughter?’ she thinks to herself.

Jaileen takes one last look at Logan. She mouths 'I’m sorry’ to him and walks away with Frost.

The Joker still continues to mentally torture Harley.

“Puddin’, let’s talk this out with J, we ca-” she grunts as he snapped his hand around her throat.

Don’t call me Puddin’..” he whispers. she’s still crying.

He points his gun back to Logan. He’s back to being scared.

“You see what you caused? Hmm? Making both of my girls cry. Now, I’m not gonna shoot ya, because I don’t want my baby leaving me. BUT I see you around her again, and you won’t be so lucky.” He says, shooting a bullet to the wall behind him, inches away from his head causing him to run away. He finally lets go of Harley, causing her hit the floor. At this point, she’s sobbing.

“Aww, doll, don’t cry.. I didn’t mean to hurt ya.” he says patting her head. “come here, give daddy some sugar.” he hold his arms out.

she ignores him, still sobbing her eyes out. he gets upset with her again. he crouched down to her level, grabs her chin, forcing her to look at him.

Don’t ignore me..” he growls. He proceeds to kiss her roughly. She stops crying to kiss him back.
She starts crying again, thinking the whole thing was her fault.

“M-Mr. J, I’m s-so sorry, I-I don’t want her to end up a whore like h-her mother.” she says between sobs.

“Aww, baby, shh, shh..” he says holding her.

“Let’s go get her so we can go home.” he says, wiping her tears.

She nods in agreement, still crying. They get up.

“Actually, doll, wait for us in the car.” he says, placing a kiss on her forehead. she nods again. He walks over to the room she’s in.

“Frost, tell Dean something came up, we’ll have to meet another time.” he growls, glaring at J.

Frost doesn’t hesitate. He does what he’s told. Dean gets up upset and storms off.

“We’re leaving.” he says in a demanding voice.

“W-where’s mom?” she sobs.

“She’s in the car, waiting for us. C'mon, get up.” he reaches his hand out to hers. She snatched her hand.

“I-I’m not going anywhere with you.” she snaps.

He groans and rolls his eyes.

“Darling, we’re leaving, NOW. we don’t want to keep your mother waiting.” he says in a stern tone. she doesn’t want to add any more fuel to the fire so she decides to go with him. They walk out of the room they were in. People were staring. They make it to their car. Harley wasn’t there.

“Mr. J, you said she’d be here.. wha-what did you do with her?!”

She started to panic.

“Nothing, darling, she’s suppose to be in the car..” he says, looking around the parking lot.

“N-no, you’re lying! did you kill her?”

“Listen to me, J, I didn’t kill her. I told her to wait for me in the car. she must’ve walked home.” he sounded concerned too.

“Just wait in the car, I’m gonna go see if she’s still inside and don’t move.” he demands.

He walks into the club and starts searching for her like crazy. he looks in the bathrooms, sex rooms, platforms, dressing room, everywhere. At this point he was just angry. he walks back out. he goes into his car and starts driving.

“Was she in there?” she asks.

“Doll, if she was, I would’ve walked out with her.” he says, annoyed. “Maybe she’s at home, waiting for us.” He drives faster and arrives to his destination.

They walk into their penthouse and to their surprise, she’s not there. Jaileen starts to panic again.

“w-what are we going to do? where did she go? why would she leave?”
she starts crying again. Joker was lost in his train of thought. he was thinking about where she could be.

she looks up to him and starts glaring at him.

you…” she growls. “YOU made her leave. you’re such a fucking asshole! YOU made HER leave ME. You had to go all out and bring up her past and blame her for shit that wasn’t her fault! you’re a fucking douchebag and I hate that we share the same dna. I wish you weren’t my dad!” she sobbingly says as she storms off into her room. Mr. J was speechless. he was experiencing an emotion he’s never felt before. Hurt. he didn’t mean to scare Harley away. he didn’t mean to make Jaileen mad at him. he thought he was only protecting them, in his own twisted way. he cared about them. he growls and leaves to take his anger out on poor civilians. he was also on the hunt for Harley. he wasn’t letting her leave that easy.

Harley’s POV ————

Harley walks to the car and has a mental breakdown. She was crying, screaming, and hurting herself by digging her nails into her skin. She was so hurt by Mr. J and she was fed up with it. She decided to walk to Poison Ivy’s house that night. She needed someone to talk to. Ivy wasn’t just her ex, she was her best friend.

She gets there, hoping Ivy isn’t still mad at her for leaving her to go back to Mr. J. She knocks on the door and Ivy opens the door. Once she does, Harley cleans herself up and act like she wasn’t crying before.

“Ivy!” she squeals and goes in for a hug.

“H-Harley? what are you doing here?” she said, confused.

“I needed someone to talk to.. I was hoping you-”

“of course, Harls, come in.”

They both go in to Ivy’s house and sit in the living room. Harley bursts out into tears.

“Harley, what’s happened?” she says very concerned.

“I-it’s Mr. J..” she sobs.

“Oh, Harley, not this again! how long has it been since you decided to stay with him? 20 years? you gotta leave him, hon, and I’m not saying that so you can come back to me, I’m telling you so you can be emotionally happy.” she says, hugging her.

“N-no, Ivy, you don’t understand, I a-am h-happy with my Puddin’, he’s just m-mean sometimes..” she’s still sobbing.

“Harley, it doesn’t matter. you make yourself believe you are happy with him when you’re really not. you have to leave him, he’s no good for you. where is all that self-esteem we built up? hmm? did he wipe it all away?” she sounds angry at this point.

“No, it’s jus- I can’t leave him, Ivy..” she’s sobs for the hundredth time.

“Yes, you can. you know you can. stop thinking about how you can’t live without him-”

“No, Ivy, I really can’t leave him..”

“why not?!”

“because I can’t!”

“but WHY?”


Harley begins crying harder. Ivy is just shocked.

“W-why didn’t you tell me?” Ivy says with her voice breaking.

“I-I’m sorry, I s-should go, before Mr.-”

“Before Mr. J finds out where you are and beats the living daylights out of you?” Ivy coldly says.

“H-he’s not like that anymore, Ivy! I swear..” she sobs harder each time. she knew she was lying to Ivy and to herself.

“I should really go, i overstayed my welcome.” she says getting up. Ivy softly grabs her wrist.

“I can help you.” she says wiping her tears away.

“I can help you take care of her and I’ll help you with anything, and everything will be fine.” Ivy says, assuming their daughter is a baby.

“Ivy.. she needs her daddy. as much as Mr. J hates to admit it, he cares about her so much. I can’t just take her away from him.” she says. “She’s also old enough to understand what’s going on. she’s not a baby.”

“I’m sorry I wasn’t much help..” Ivy says shedding a tear.

Harley nods. “I should really go now. Thank you.” They hug once again.

Ivy walks her out and starts sobbing when Harley leaves.


Jaileen is still in her room, crying her eyes out. she’s screaming into her pillows. She hears the front door being opened and she assumes it’s Mr. J or Frost. She was wrong.

“Honey?” Harley says behind the door, knocking.

“Mom?” her eyes light up.

she walks in and hugs J.

“what the hell, mom? I was worried sick! I thought Mr. J had done something to you. I’m so glad you’re okay.” she says hugging her super tight.

“I’m sorry, love, I just needed to get away from Mr. J-”

“what? you didn’t think I wanted to get away?” J replies with anger.

“Did he point a gun at you? call you a whore? choke you? Was it the hundredth time he’s done it? No, right?” she snapped.

“I-I’m sorry, mom… this was all my fault..” she says looking at the floor.

“hey, no, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to snap. I shouldn’t have made it worse by leaving.” she says, holding J’s chin so she’s looking at her.

she kisses her on the forehead.

“how lovely.. seeing my two favorite girls getting along..”

they turn their heads to the door only to find Mr. J standing in the doorway.

“Where were you, Harls? had our baby worried sick.. and blaming it on me.” he grins, approaching Harley.

“Mr. J, leave her alone. she went for a walk. she needed to clear her head after dealing with you. unless she needs your permission to do that as well.” J snaps.

Mr. J’s grin disappears.

“Jaileen, you better work on that attitude of yours or else-”

“or else what? you gonna kill me? huh, Mr. J? do it! see if I care! I won’t beg for my life once! I’d rather be dead than live another second to deal with you.” she snaps once again.

“I’m not going to tell you again.” he replies, raising his voice after each word.

“J, stop..” Harley whispers.

“what? are you seriously defending him? look at the damaged he’s caused. he can’t do anything right with his family. he doesn’t care. he never did! he just uses us to help him with his stupid plans that never end up going well-”


Jaileen hits the floor.

“I said, stop with the fucking attitude or I’ll fucking hurt ya.” he growls.

“Mr. J!” Harley cried and ran to J, to make sure she was okay.

J doesn’t cry. instead she gets up, takes her gun out that had ’Daddy’s Lil Girl’ engraved on it and tried to shoot him but someone beats her to it.

Gunshot. Right in the chest.

Joker screams in agony.

Harley’s eye widen. She runs to him.

“J! what did you do?!” she screams.

“I-I didn’t do anything, I di-didn’t even mean t-to pull the trigger.” she says with her voice breaking.

A man laughs in the hallway. It was the man in the club. Jaileen points her gun in his direction and starts shooting but the man runs away causing her to miss.


she follows him but by the time she’s outside, he’s already in his car driving away.

she runs back upstairs only to see Harley screaming and crying for Frost. Joker was still screaming in pain which turned into his usual maniacal laugh. Pretty soon, he started feeling drowsy.

“Mr. J, stay awake, please. FROST!” she cried. “Get the doctor on the phone, NOW!”

Frost calls their personal doctor and he was on his way.

Harley tried to stop the blood from leaving his body by putting her hand over his wound.

“Frost, Jaileen, help me get him to our bed.” she demanded.

They both help her but as soon as he lays on the bed, he passes out.

“Mr. J? MR. J?!” she says, shaking him, trying to wake him up.


Frost phones the doctor again and to his surprise, he was just around the corner.

The doctor arrives and heals the Joker. when he’s done, he lets Harley and J know that he’s okay, he just lost a lot of blood. Now they have to wait for him to wake up. Jaileen was filled with rage; so was her mother. She wanted to find the guy. kill him. But Harley suggested she wait until Mr. J woke up.


2 weeks later…

Mr. J still hasn’t woken up. He’s been lying in bed for two weeks now. Jaileen is eager to find the man and kill him. Her mother couldn’t know though. She discreetly told all of Mr. J’s henchmen to search for him without letting her mother know.

One evening, Harley had to go deal with one of Mr. J’s business men. She told Jaileen to keep an eye on Mr. J to make sure he was breathing properly. She said she’d be back in a couple of hours.

Jaileen thought this would be the perfect opportunity for her to hunt the man down and kill him. but Mr, J’s henchmen haven’t found him yet. or so she thought. Frost walks into her room to tell her the news.

“We found him.”

she smirks. “Thanks, Frosty.” she says, placing a kiss on his cheek.

she starts getting ready. she put on her usual purple and black outfit, which looked a lot like Harley’s Arkham City outfit. styled her dark, green hair. went dark and heavy on the makeup. she loads her gun and has three of Mr. J’s biggest henchmen go with her. she was ready.

“Frosty, keep an eye on Mr. J please. if my mother asks where I am, tell her I’m dealing with some business as well.”

Frost nods in agreement. she’s out the door.

She arrives to where they had him. He was knocked out, tied to a chair.
She slaps him, causing him to wake up.

“Wake the fuck up, you piece of shit!”

He groans.

“where am I? what am I doing here?” he asks, tired.

she sits on his lap, face to face.

“well, darling, you’re here for a treat.” she says, patting his face.

“oh, really?” he blushes.

J giggles. “yeah..” she then pulls out her gun.

“who the fuck are you and why did you shoot my father?” she asks, pointing the gun to his temple.

He panics.

“I-I’m Dean, ju-just a guy he was working w-with, doll-face, I-”

she gets up from his lap.

“DON’T call me doll-face!” she says shooting his chest. almost the same spot Mr. J got shot in.

Dean screams in pain.

“I’m not gonna ask you again..” she says, pointing the gun to his leg, ready to shoot it.

“I shot him because he knew what I was trying to do.” he stammers and groans.

“how the fuck did you get into our house?” she asked.

“I picked your lock. I wanted to kill him.” he says between groans.

she forced a chuckle.

“you IDIOT! you know, he’s lying in bed right now, basically in a coma. He hasn’t woken up in TWO WEEKS!” she says, shooting his leg. he screams again.

“he’s going to make it though, I know it, he can’t be killed.” she says with her voice breaking.

“then why are you doing this to me?” he shouts.

“because..” she says, as she reloads her gun.

“no one.” gunshot. “shoots” gunshot. “my” gunshot. “daddy” gunshot. “but” gunshot. “me.”

at this point, he was crying his eyes out.

she didn’t want to kill him yet, only suffer so she shot his legs and stomach, everywhere.

“got it?” she says pointing the gun to his forehead.

“yes!” he screams.

“good.” she says, shooting him clean in the head.

She calls the car around, leaving Dean’s corpse behind. she was proud of herself. she couldn’t wait to tell her dad.

she arrived to the house. lucky for her, Harley wasn’t home yet.

She sat by Mr. J’s bed. she’s just watching him. she shed a tear.

“I’m so sorry..” she whispers. “I didn’t mean anything that I said, I love you so much.”

she starts sobbing. she then gets on her knees and grabs Mr. J’s hand.

“please wake up. mom and I miss you..” she says, digging her head into the bed.

she then feels Mr. J squeeze her hand.

she lifts her head up, only to see her father has his eyes open.

“Mr. J!” she goes in for a hug.

“Jesus, Jaileen, I need space.” he wheezes.

she smiles. she missed his grumpy ass.

“I’m so happy you’re awake. I’ve missed you. Mom, too.” she says, shedding a tear. “I thought you weren’t going to make it. I really am sorry for what I said to you. I-”

“aww, pumpkin, don’t cry..” he says, putting his smile tattoo over her mouth. “ahh, that’s better.” he says, very low. she smiles.

“Where’s Harley?” he says, looking around the room.

“she went to go take care of some business for you, at the club. she’ll be back soon.” she says, hoping it won’t upset him.

he grins and laughs.

“oh, that Harley.. I don’t deserve her…”

she looks at him confused.

“nah, this is the drugs talking, of course I deserve her, we were made for each other..” he’s slurring like he’s drunk.

“so, um, I killed and semi tortured the guy that shot you.” she says, looking down at the floor.

Mr. J snaps his head towards her. he grins and laughs once again.

“Oh, my darling, I’m so proud.” he says, hugging her.

she squeals and hugs him back.

“I love you, dad..” she says, in the middle of the hug.

he pulls back.

“yeah..” he mutters.

she looks at him and smiles. she knows deep down, inside his twisted soul, he loves her too.


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Hey! I'm 14 years old and I've already gotten saggy looking boobs. Is there anything that I can do that will help them get more perky? Or should i just ignore the situation?

HMMM tbh your boobs probably look just fine. (i mean, i don’t know you, but i feel like i can assume this.) they might look saggy to you because you see them every day, and you expect them to look like boobs you see in movies and commercials and stuff, but those boobs certainly aren’t the standard in any way. basically, your boos are normal. promise.

but, if you want, you can check out these ways to make you boobs look perky (without padding) here!

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Hello :) I finished highschool a week ago and I've been crying on and off. I know it's normal to be anxious about the future and something new (especially since schools here aren't like over in the U.S. We don't have to change schools every time you reach a level so I was in the same school for 14 years) but I just wish I could stop. Everybody that's graduating seems emotional but excited meanwhile here I am worrying about leaving home, watching my parents and my family grow old (1/?)

(2/2) and then losing them little by little. I think about how I don’t see anything to look foward to in adulthood(Well I’ve always wanted a family but still) and growing old. It’s been on and off for a week and idk what to do. Any advice? Sorry for burdening you with this I just needed to tell someone.


Congratulations on finishing high school! I graduate next month, so I know how you are feeling.

It’s not a burden at all. As your sister in Christ, I am here to help you.

Try to distract yourself with other activities this summer. Volunteer, go sightseeing, meet new people, keep a journal, etc. You should also focus on the good parts of getting older. One of my favorite parts of getting older is using my life experiences to mentor someone younger than me. Mentoring benefits us and them and I highly recommend it.

Spend a lot of time with your parents, friends, and other family members. Sometimes people regret not spending enough time with loved ones, so I encourage you to set aside time to be with them. 

Plan for the future. Many people are afraid of the future because they are afraid of the unknown. Start saving for retirement, think of things you want to do later, and do whatever planning means to you.

Adulthood means more freedom. I paid for a retreat with the Carmelite Sisters with my own money. I signed for it myself, used my own money on a debit card with my name on it, and I’m going alone because I’m 18 and my mother doesn’t have to be there. I feel really accomplished and proud of myself because it was my first big grown-up thing. Freedom and independence are the positive parts of adulthood (I also recommend going on retreats.).

Work on your relationship with Christ. I’m dreading June because it means leaving my friends and teachers and I’m dreading August because it means living on my own. However, I am looking forward to August because I’m going to a Catholic university and being able to go to Mass on campus will help me feel less homesick since it’s familiar to me. Remember that Christ gives us strength. 

Ask God to help you through this time and pray for your loved ones. 

I hope this helped! May God bless you and guide you!

Ad Jesum per Mariam,

María de Fátima


get to know me [3/15] musical artists ✧ miley cyrus; “before she was smoking weed, dropping f-bombs and decorating her private parts with paint and ribbons, she became famous as a child star on the disney channel series hannah montana. back then, her fans were scandalized when annie leibovitz took a picture of her with her back exposed; cyrus, then 15, said she was ‘embarrassed’ by the picture and apologized. she was a young girl reporting to a bunch of old men in suits who told her how a budding pop star needed to look and act. cyrus recalls coming back from one hannah montana summer hiatus with braces on. ‘i had to take them off immediately because of the way i looked,’ she says. ‘if i was me now, i would have been like, ‘fuck you. normal 14-year-olds have braces. i’m going to have braces on the show, so kids who have braces in real life know that’s okay.’ but i didn’t have that in my mind then. i was coming from nashville. my grandma’s a beauty queen. i didn’t know.’”

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Why do people wanna defend ships or drawings of under aged characters so much? like what you all scared of realizing you're all gross for looking at porn of ryuko from Kill la Kill? or that your anime wife is an underaged child and if you're a grown adult you shouldnt be looking at pictures of those fucking girls wueadnuewfd or even boys for that matter

A lot of it is the internet being gross, but I think a lot of it is because people let it be that way. As in, they question stuff like porn of 14 year old girls or thirsting over teenage boys. People keep saying ‘it’s normal on the internet’ and honestly, it really shouldn’t be.

And then because most people see it as normal, you got young kids growing up, in turn, thinking that stuff was normal and even okay. When I was a kid I thought nasty stuff was normal because I saw it on the internet. I would even defend nasty stuff. It wasn’t until I was 17 that I realized it was gross.

I know you probably wont read but please do

So about 15 minutes ago i was having some self confidence issues about not making our society’s beauty standards. I am a 14 year old girl, I am not fat, nor skinny, I look like a normal 14 year old. So I was just feeling really ugly and decided to try some of my younger sisters makeup (yes younger, i do not wear makeup). I started putting it on, I honestly did not know what i was doing, i was happy, it was covering up my imperfections on my face, my acne and my freckles. I thought i was doing well, than i went to try eyeliner, you see i have done eyeliner before and i was pretty good at it, but that was just for messing around. I was actually putting it in for beauty this time, i started putting it on and in the first 5 seconds i mess up. I pick myself up and try the other eye and it look decent. But i was really getting discouraged about how bad it was looking all together. To make me feel better i decided to draw cat whiskers on my face with the eyeliner and keeping the eyeliner on my eyes. One thing that always makes me happy are dan and phil, they can make me laugh and smile when no one else can. So i had the cat whiskers on and i felt as beautiful as i would if i had perfect makeup on. People don’t realize that makeup sucks, it covers up our imperfections that make us us. While i was wearing there cat whiskers i decided to take some photos of myself on my computer, they are not the best quality but they still are some of the best photos i have of myself, i never stopped smiling. Thank You Dan and Phil for making me feel beautiful without even trying.  Here are some of the photos i took. 

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I think its weird that some people seem taken aback by the fact that they're in Middle School?? Like idk, when I was 14 I definitely started to feel some type of way. Jian Yi is not abnormal in that either.

its because..

What normal 15 year old chinese boys look like:

What old xian thinks 15 year olds look like:

it’s ridiculous but i cant get the idea of the age swap jasico au out of my head which got me thinking about how would 14 year old Jason be, like he wouldnt be completely green but he must certainly already faced a few disappointments in his first years in the legion

so this is just my two cents:

The current Jason is quite collected, all things considered. Imagine lil teenager Jason, too stubborn to not do what he feels its right, who openly cringes everytime someone openly praises him or rewards him just because he’s Jupiter’s son. Jason getting mad whenever older campers or even praetors show preference for him when he wasn’t actually the best in training or strategizing, and really, not making him the great hero of every freaking war games isnt’ going to make Jupiter strike New Rome for gods sake.

14 year old Jason who still has a hard time reeling his feelings in because puberty really doesnt help when you are trying to act like a normal person and not someone with abandoment issues who was raised by fucking wolves. 14 year old Jason who summons storms without meaning to, who lights up the sky with his anger at something unfair, who then refuses to look anyone in the eye for a week because he’s just too ashamed he let his emotions get the best of him.

14 year old Jason so eager to please, so adamant in being whatever others want him to be, who stays until the lights are out training, who stays up reading about Roman history, and the Art of War. Who wistfully looks at fantasy books because he knows he’s gotta learn, and he gotta learn quick so he can make his Father proud.

The return of his first quest, his heart too big on his chest, almost running to the Temple of Jupiter. How with every minute that the clock ticked down his skin felt colder, his heartbeat slower. The awful realization that Jupiter wasn’t going to show up. The walk back to the barracks. Jason wakes up like always the next morning, an early riser like no one else, but the rim of his eyes is blood red.

14 year old Jason wondering how exactly can one manage to feel in the top of the world and like an old toy, long time forgotten, at the same time.

Rash, impetuous Jason. Still too lanky, not quite as coordinated.

Not quite as in control as canon.

Alright but just picture

  • 11-year-old Remus, curled up in a Hospital Wing bed after his first full moon, thinking faintly to himself that, yes, this might actually work, I might really be able to do this.
  • 12-year-old Remus after his friends reveal they know what he is. They go to bed, and he wakes up the next morning going, They don’t hate me. They still like me. Everything is okay. I can’t believe this. 
  • 13-year-old Remus in Gryffindor Tower, up way past his traditional bed time because he’s laughing way too hard at the dumbest joke he’s ever heard. And the way the other boys look at him when he makes his very first werewolf joke? It makes him feel like he belongs, it makes him feel normal.
  • 14-year-old Remus casting the best defensive spell in the class. He’s growing quite proficient at this, and he’s gaining a reputation for excellence in Defense Against the Dark Arts. He knows that this is a good thing, and he feels like maybe this could become a viable career path for him someday because his father has ties to the field. Maybe this might actually turn out well.
  • 15-year-old Remus opening his annual letter from Hogwarts and feeling a little bubble of pride in his chest when the Prefect badge falls out onto his lap. It’s immediately swallowed by “oh no” when he thinks of James, Sirius, and Peter, of course, but he feels like he has shown himself to be of good character and he feels valued by the people he respects.
  • 16-year-old Remus getting patted on the back and savoring the hoots and hollers as he’s finally worked out another problem with the Map that they’ve been working so hard to make. They’re almost done on the final product, and they’re going out to explore some more tonight.
  • 17-year-old Remus earning his Apparition license and laughing at Sirius, who splinched off half an eyebrow and looks perpetually perplexed until it grows back. He’s afraid of what’s coming, what the world will really be like when they head out into it soon, but he looks around him at his family, his four friends, and he feels only love. Remus is loved, when he thought he would never be, and this is all he needs.
Revenge (Kitsune!Reader)

THIS WAS REQUESTED my masterlist is ready to go here. If you want something written you can request it right here!

Request: Can you make a Imagine where Y/N is a kitsune (you can decide which kind) and she can control her powers very well and because of this she helps the pack with the Nogitsune? Thanks and have a lovely day. xx

You spied the kitsune and her friends across the library, discussing how to get rid of the nogitsune. You could hear what they were saying, and all their ideas wouldn’t work well enough, and you had enough beef with your evil brother to reveal your hidden kitten status to Kira and her friends. You would have to leave town soon anyways, people were beginning to comment about how you never seemed to age. You watched as the pack stood up, collected multiple text books as the bell rang, hurrying out of the library. You sighed, waiting for the only other people in the library to file out, the local supernatural pack lagging a couple steps behind from the last stragglers. with a flick of your wrist the door closed and locked. The pack stood infant of the locked door, staring at it for a few moments before turning to face you as you cleared your throat.

“Y/N?” Scott said, recognising you from a detention you served with him a while ago. “No offence, but what is going on!” Scott said, glancing nervously at the door, his friends sharing cautious glances. “You aren’t going to get the nogitsune out of your friend using any of those ideas.” You say, standing up from your chair.

“You’re a kitsune?” Kira said, looking at you excitedly. You nod, biting you lip and looking down. “I’m a jikan kitsune, the time fox.” You say. “I’m over a thousand years old. And I have enough beef with that stupid trickster to help you get rid of him.” You explain, looking at the pack. “Wait, that math doesn’t add up. Kira’s mom in 900 years old but appears around 40, and you say you’re over 1000 years old but you look like a freshman.”

You take in a shuddering breath. “That leads to why I want to help you. The nogitsune tricked me, he trapped me in this form, and even with my ,limited control over time I can’t escape. I will look like a 14 year old forever.” You explain, cracking a small smile. “I can’t live a normal life, I’ve never spent over 2 years in one place without moving. He ruined my life, so I want to ruin his.” The pack exchange glances, before all their eyes fell back to you. “Tell us what you know.” Scott said and you reached behind you, revealing several neatly labelled manila files. “I can’t get involved, but I’ve translated every piece of information you could possibly need. My translating is probably more reliant then google and won’t make anyone suspicious.” You pass the files to Scott’s out stretched hand. He opened the top folder, the pack looking over his shoulder, taking in your neat information and detailed drawings. “This must’ve taken you ages to put together.” Lydia mused as she looked at the translations. You smile “I’ve been waiting 1000 years to get revenge on that bastard. Don’t let me down. I might not be here when you get rid of him, people are getting suspicious of my age and I need to clear out.” You say, slinging your backpack over your shoulder and opening the door with another flick of your wrist. You passed the pack, who were all still devouring your information. “Good luck.” You whispered to Kira. “I remember being as young as you. Be careful.” You said, giving her shoulder a gentle squeeze before you left the library.

A/N: I hope you like it! These kinda supernatural!reader imagines are my favourite so thank you so much for requesting! xxx


Y'all out here showing y'all true fucking colors, even since Molly O'Malia came out saying she received inappropriate messages from Tyga I’ve seen people say;
“She look too grown, that’s why Tyga was trying to fuck her.”

“If she 14 I’m 14.”

“I would still smash, 14 or not.”


I got on Instagram hella early in the morning (I have a bad habit getting on Instagram first thing in the morning) and scrolled down my feed a white guy posted a meme justifying why Tyga would be trying to get at Molly O'Malia because she looks 20. Someone proceeds to comment and I quote “ I’d be smashing her back doors in whilst she’s doing RE homework 👍.”

Not only did this disturb the living shit out of me to the point I couldn’t go back to sleep comfortably, it’s the fact A GROWN MAN literally comments that he will have sex with a 14 year old while she does her homework and proceeds to give a fucking thumbs up like that was such a normal thing to say.

This is a issue and it needs to be confronted! Girls and boys have been victim of sexual objectification for too fucking long! It’s getting to the point where you have to question every single person breathing cause apparently it’s totally normal to comment on how sexy a child is and fetishized over children in general, I.e wanting biracial children, etc. This by no mean excludes women cause I’ve seen on multiple occasions grown ass women call children hoes and sluts, talk down, sexualize and down right dehumanize children out of jealously, spite and down right pedophilia.

At the end of the day Molly O'Malia is a CHILD, who felt uncomfortable and spoke out and you disgusting pieces of shit make jokes and publicly FETISHIZE A CHILD! it wouldn’t be funny if it was your underage son or daughter.


anniversary {smut: h.g.}

okay so this is in fact, hayes smut. if you have a problem with that then don’t read it. and don’t come in my ask telling me about how wrong this is blah blah, ok because he’s 14 not 12. everyone is horny by 14. hell, i’m horny as hell all the time and i’m freshly 15. so don’t flip shit on me about this, it was request and i happily wrote it. ok, rant over. enjoy, loves! 
You and your boyfriend, Hayes had been together for 11 months now. That’s a really long time, especially being as young as you both were. You asked your friends what you sure do for the anniversary, as this is a pretty big one. Of course, they all said sex. You sighed and rolled your eyes, “No, Jenna. I’m not ready for all of that..” She laughed. “It’s just sex! It’s nothing special or anything, Hayes isn’t a virgin so I don see why you’re trippin’!” You rolled your eyes. “I’ll think of something by myself.” You said as you walked down the hallway leaving her behind. You and Hayes had agreed to meet up and have lunch together, then go back to his place. No one was there, they trusted you two not to do anything knowing how young you were. Hayes led you into the house with a smirk causing you to blush. “We’re all alone, baby.” He spoke smoothly grabbing both your hands and pulling you to him. “That we are, Hayes.” You smiled and leaned up to kiss him. You could tell he wanted to deepen it so bad. You knew he had been thinking about this all day. “Let’s watch a movie, babe.” You said smiling. Of course you had your own plans. Hayes and you settled on the couch in cozy cuddles and watched as the opening credits to Divergent played. Your hand slid into his lap, he bite his lip and looked down at your hand. You kept looking at the screen as if you weren’t doing anything. You lightly moved your hand around, turning into a palming action. “Y-YN,” he moaned tilting his head back. This was normal for you two. You two had done things like this for months now. Always just using your hands. You finally looked away from the tv and looked at Hayes, admiring his beauty. You unbuttoned his pants and lightly traced his outlined dick through his boxers. Hayes was quite impressive for a 14 year old boy. He whimpered and bucked his hips into your touch. You smirked, you loved having this effect on him. You finally put your hand into his boxers, lightly pushing his pants and boxers down. You slid your hands up and down his length. “B-baby,” he moaned, “f-fuck!” He sucked in a breath as you picked up your pace and got a nice rhythm going. You got up, letting go of him. He whimpered at the loss of contact. “W-what the fuck, YN?” He looked up at you. You took your shirt off sexily, giving him a little strip tease. He had picked up where you started jacking himself off. You slowly unbuckled your bra and let out a shaky breath as you sunk to your knees. You lightly pushed his knees apart. “YN! You don’t have to do this if you’re not comfortable! I mean, I want you to but you don’t have to! I wouldn’t mind.” He stuttered out. “I want to, baby. I love you and that all that matters. It’s an honor to give you my very first blowjob.” You smiled and leaned in and blew cool air on his tip. He gasped and moaned. You bit your lip, “Here baby, I’ll help you.” Hayes said as he noticed you contemplating on how to do this. He pulled your hair up in a makeshift ponytail with one hand and grabbed his dick with the other. He lightly tapped his tip on your bottom lip, “Open up, baby.” He smirked. You opened your mouth and stuck your tongue out. He slid just the tip in, “N-now suck baby, lick it or kiss it, take as much as you can. I wanna feel you gag on me baby, I love you and y-you can do this.” He reassured. You looked up at him through your lashes and slowly began to bob your head. He moaned so loud and deep, the hottest thing you’ve ever heard. You reached up, jacking off what wasn’t in your mouth and fit about half of him in you before you gagged. You went as fast as you could, you let your other hand drop to his balls. You lightly played with them and moaned against him. “F-FUCK! YN! BAABBY!” He screamed pulling your hair. You pulled off of him and licked a stripe down the underside of his cock and kissed his balls. Earning the most animalistic groan you’ve ever heard. You lightly sucked on his balls and jacked him slowly with lots of pressure. “B-ba-baby,” he moaned pulling your hair. “Cl-close, s-s-so fu-fuckin–” he was cut off by you sucking down his dick again. Pushing yourself to get more and more of him into your mouth. He moaned your name out as he shot his load into your mouth. You tried to swallow most of it but you had to spit some of it out into a nearby cup. “F-fuck, YN, I-I’m so sorry, I-i didn’t mean to..” He said, “It’s alright baby, was it okay? Did I do ok?” You questioned becoming self conscious. “It was fucking amazing! Holy hell, YN!” He said. He picked you up off of the floor and kissed you laying you on the couch. He slid his boxers on, and spread your legs. “Fuck, you soaked through you underwear for me.” Hayes said lowly biting his lip. “W-what are you doing, baby?” You questioned breathing hard sitting up on your elbows. “Giving you your present, baby, I’ve waited so long to do this to you.” He said smirking. He kissed up your thighs causing an instant moan the closer he got to your heat. He kissed directly over your stimulated clit, “H-Hayes!” You moaned out. He smirked and slid your underwear down. “You’re so wet for me, babygirl.” He mumbled and leaned in and licked a stripe up your folds. You moaned throwing your head back, at the new sensation of Hayes’ tongue on you. He flicked his tongue expertly, your hands grippe his hair and yanked and pulled everything his tongue slid over your entrance. He finally gave in and slid his tongue in. He flicked it in and out quickly. He felt around your walls, exploring every inch of your pussy with his mouth. You felt an unfamiliar knot in your stomach as your toes curled and your back arched. Hayes brought his thumb up and rubbed your furiously. You arched your back higher and screamed his name as you came all over his mouth and face. He gently stoked your throbbing pussy with his tongue, looking into your eyes. Your heart was beating out of your chest and your lungs working overtime as you came down from your first ever major orgasm. “Happy Anniversary, YN. I love you.” Hayes says slipping your underwear back on and his shirt over your head. “To the moon and back.” You said smiling at him. “Forever and always.” He smiled back and bent down kissing you. He pulled you into a close cuddle, full of love, and you two finished watching the movie.