POLL(S): Chimera Line

This line was submitted by absativelybadical, and was originally proposed as Normal/Dark in all stages. As per usual, our first matter is sorting out how we feel about that!

What do we think?

POLL A: Chimera Line’s Typing

A1. Normal/Dark is fine

A2. One or more types should have their type changed

And while we’re at it….

POLL B: Chimera Line’s Names

How do we feel about the names Dubulewe, Sheeclipse, and Chimeram?

B1. Keep ‘em all

B2. Change one or more of these names


Buenas noches por si la persona que amas no te las dio.
Buenas noches por si la persona que te las decía cada día ya no esta.
Buenas noches por si tu día fue malo.
Buenas noches por gusto, porque no me cuesta nada darte las buenas noches.