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Same ole T.O.P lockscreen, but the Seungri gets shuffled because variety is the spice of my voyeuristic life. Appreciating that bump on his nasal bridge, because why be a little too interested in someone if you aren’t gonna notice stuff like that?

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So been awhile, it got bad, than worse now it seems to be settling down… for now. My sleep is completely fucked. I am up till 5 and 6am, sleeping on and off till like 5pm. Im restless, stressed. No one seems to notice. I am so nervous and scared all day long. I crave to be alone in my room. Cold and dark, light and sound just are too much lately. Between my panic and migrine it’s too much. Ugh. All I do is question life. Why am I like this? Why am I here? Why do I see the way I see? Why do I think the way I do? What’s the point? Why are some people okay and others not. I was “normal” once why can’t I go back? My soul is sleepy.