Howdy howdy, this is my official first upload ever on toobyoo ~holy crap~

Anyway uh, sketchy wip is sketchy and messy. This is mostly uploaded as a test and a preview, if the title doesn’t make that obvious already, but yeah, that’s the explanation for sketchy messy quality of the animatic? PMV? idk

To whoever few people watching this pls explain to me what’s the difference between a PMV and an animatic, advanced ty.

This WILL be finished. At some point. Idk, maybe subscribe if you wish.

Norma-ler thing + AU/theory that she and oncer were childhood friends and such.

Also sorry for the off-timing and messy handwriting, like I mentioned already, this is still just a test/wip :v
plus i got lazy with trying to sync things at movie maker at the end lmao

song used is Dead Hearts by Stars

That’s all for now, see ya’ll.

normaler AU where Norma has some kinda desk job and Oncie keeps bugging her at work ‘cause he’s all twitterpated. she appreciates the attention but jeez, boy. a working girl’s got shit to do.

anyway, i dunno. i went through about twenty concepts for a picture tonight and it somehow evolved into this. accept it and enjoy it.