norma ler

Fanfiction:When your Mad

Rating: T

 Idk I feel it’s a little to much for the soft hearted lol. I mean its cute but it dose involve hot moments. Anyway enjoy.


    It was nighttime and he was tired from the party they had just attended. He announced to all of his workers that will soon start cutting down a few trees to make a bit more faster for everyone. After all He was a millionaire, he could replace new trees where the fallen ones once stood. No harm feelings, right? Oh just how wrong he was. The second he announced such a thing to everyone during his toast, Norma was beyond infuriated, and she wouldn’t go down without a fight.

He stood there in the dark room the only thing that illuminated them was the bright moonlight. His arms were crossed just staring into the deep space. His coat and top hat were settled down on the bed where she sat, arms and legs crossed. Furry was written in her eyes as she stared him down.

She saw the bags on his eyes and oh how tired he seemed.In her heart she wanted him to come over and rest on their brand new Cal King bed, she was just as tired as he was. But her stubbornness would just not allow her to do so.

He began to sigh as he saw there was no way to get out this mess. He knew it was wrong, but it was for the good of the company. She loved trees that he knew and didn’t want to ruin all of them, just a few but he knew in, the second he did so, she will never forgive him.

He began to undo his tie and unbutton his shirt, debating in his mind what to do. He turned to look at her, and how mad she looked at him. His blue eyes were fixed on her. How adorable she looked angry at him. he just wanted to kiss her. He snickered at his thought.

“Just what’s so funny?” She questioned him making her even more mad than she already was.

“Nothing.” He sighed putting his hands in his pocket. It was his turn to stare her down. And my, what a sight he was to her. He felt like running towards her, showering her in kisses and loving every single ounce of her body.

The pout her lips made was just enough to jump in bed with her. He just loved it when she was mad, she looked so sexy to him. he would never admit aloud. he still just as shy as ever. But he knew that his girl was the sexiest thing in the planet when she was this pissed at him.

She threw a pillow at him for staring at her like that. Dodging the pillow he began to laugh, making her even more mad. Anything that she could find she would throw at him. he got hit a couple of times bruising him slightly, damn how good her aim was. he manage to crawl towards her. She protest at him, punching him in the chest for still laughing after hitting him with things.

He managed to lift her up, as she squirmed and punched him to let her go. “Don’t touch me. LET ME DOWN!!! NOW ONCE LER!!!”

He got her right he wanted her, the second she said his name properly. His urge could no longer resist. He flipped her onto the bed pinning her down, continuing her fight to escape his grasp. She hated it when he got her so mad that she would end up in his arms one way or another. She hated that she can never stay mad at him for so long. She hated it all.

She kept on fighting her way out of his grasp. He was so stronger than her, but he made sure that he was not hurting her. Smiling at her hissy fit she was having, until she puffed out in defeat.

“Are you done? Or do you plan on carrying on with your little tantrum.” He sassed her.

“NO I AM NOT DONE YOU FOOL! Let me GO!” She growled.

“You see I can’t” He smirked

“Why So.”

“Why it’s quite simple when I see something I Like, I won’t just can’t let it go. I need to have it. I am just that greedy.”

“ You jerk.” She spat at him

“And you’re an angel that fell from heaven.” He said smoothly. “ What if I said that I put a lot of thought to it and I won’t cut any trees down, and I let you go, will you promise to behave?”

“ I won’t make any promises, and Don’t you DARE tell me what to do.”

“Oh But I can.” His eyes twinkle making her face

“ SAYS WHO!” She yelled trying to wiggle out once again.

“ Says I, your Husband.” He snickered.

“Since you are my husband, and I am you wife. I’m telling you to get OFF!”

“No.” getting closer to her face.



“GET O-.” He began to kiss her lips letting go of her hands, putting his weight on top of her, making sure he would hurt her. Her fists began to punch him, gasping and yelping in his mouth to get off of her. But as always he got his way. She just could never resist his affection. Slowly her punches became into strokes in his soft, raven hair. She felt his smile against her lips, making her fire up again.

“I hate you.” Breaking the kiss looking into his blue eyes.

“Aww, Babe I love you too.” Pecking her lips, until they kissed passionately. The fell into their little world of love like they always did after a fight, making love all through the night. Cuddling in the warmth of their blankets. Their legs tangled together.

Once ler kept his promise with Norma, and never cut down any of the trees. But he always found ways to enrage her with something so small. Just to see that fire in her eyes that always took him to bliss.

Fanfiction: Woman's Worth

Diamonds, pearls, Designer clothing, the amazing trips, and all the luxury she could ever possibly imagined was given to her without a second thought. She Loved how he shower her with all these amazing gifts, trips to the spas, all the fabulous parties. But it was not what she wanted. It never was. She missed him dearly, since the day he got consumed by his greed. He was never had the time for her like they used to, didn’t kiss her the same anymore, everytime she looked in the eye all she would see is those celestial orbs glisten in cold, hunger lust,he no longer carried those sweet, loving protection eyes she was so used to. It was never the same anymore she was always after his business now a days. She hated it.

She stood there in her silk robe, in their master bedroom, looking outside the window. She saw the destruction she warned him from the start. She loved those trees along with the animals that lived within the forest. All those special memories they once shared, where now disintegrated along with him. Tears fell down her soft cheek, as she recalled all those lost memories how she longed for them to return. she would give up all these luxuries just to have his old self back. she longed for his sweet touch, his loving kisses, and his simple words that would make her melt to butter.

She walked away towards the her bed where her she had placed her brand new dress that she was to wear for tonight’s gala that he had announced for all the sales he had made with the last few months. She stared down at the fabric in utter hatred. Never in her life would she have imagined that she would hate blue, her favorite color in the world since the day he told her how beautiful she looked in that shade. The dress was lovely, she could not lie but the shoulder off dress burned her soul to the core.

She had no choice. If it made him happy she would do it. After all she did love him for what he was worth. ‘But did he?’

She stopped dead in tracks as she thought of that horrid question. Of course he did love her! How dare she think such a thing. Rubbing the rich cocoa butter, imported from europe, she began to get herself ready. She knew how angry he gets when she was not prepared. She adjusted her undergarments under her towel as she reached for the dress. My how lovely did she honestly look in the dress. it framed her curves perfectly, as if it was made for her. She stared at her reflection in the mirror. How ashamed she felt with herself. As much he told her that she was worth everything and much more, it felt wrong. it was never her. she was a simple soul, she was fine with the flowers he would give her, the sweet songs he would sing to her, the sweet pastries he would make her. That was the only things that ever satisfied her, not material stuff.

She walked to her vanity after adding on her black pumps as she began to do her hair into a elegant bun. She open the cabinet of the vanity where she grazed for her pearls that he gifted her for their first year anniversary. Adjusting her earrings, to her surprise she didn’t feel the the gloved hands that were behind her fix the pearls around her neck. Once the necklace was placed around her neck she felt the hands fall upon her shoulders. She looked up to the mirror to stare at the man she once knew look at her with hunger and not with love. He traced his fingers on her blades feeling her flinch under his touch. He was no fool he knew at times when things were not quite right. He reached for her hand as he made her stand before him. Twirling her to gaze upon her beauty. My what a sight she was and how small and fragile she looked as he towered over her. She did not dare look him on the eyes for the pain was to much to bare. And for a weird reason he knew.

He removed his glove from his right hand. He gently lifted her head to look up at him. Her heart skipped a beat at this simple touch filled her with joy she had been longing for. She kept her eyes shut, taking in that wanted moment for so long as she rubbed his hand as it touched her face. He still knew something was wrong, he caressed her cheek with his thumb as he got closer to her. She finally felt that warmth that had be absent for so long. She kept his hand close to her face as she got closer to him placing her small hand on his chest. Still her eyes were closed. It pained him that she wouldn’t look at him like she always did. He became more persistent as cupped her face, till he saw those chestnut eyes.

She saw the pain she had endured him for not looking at him and giving him that comfort smile she gave everyday even in these kinds of conditions she was living in. she felt him. Her man, the one she fell in love with, the man who was silly and awkward yet loving. He smiled that loving smile and she felt that love she had longed for so long. It no longer was lust. But his actual undying love for her. He bended lower to her face where he placed those familiar kisses on her sweet lips. The feeling of falling for eachother all over again.

She pulled him closer to her. As they fell to
the floor, turning their kiss into those endless laughter fits the would always have. They stood up hand in hand as they began to walk out towards the grand hall in the west wing of the mansion. Their smile went notice that they felt like the good old days. All those moments felt like they have entered their system as they walked hand in hand. She knew that there was still that love for one another. And know she believed his words on how much she was worth to him. Even though she was better off without the material things in life and to just have moments with him like they just did then she can finally be happy again.

But at always he showered her in gifts. But she was in for a surprise to this recent gift he had up his sleeve. After a grand toast to all the workers and himself he stopped everyone again and announced to everyone to, the apple of his and his right hand was and always be her.
She stood there in shock as he got on bended knee and in front of the world he held her left hand, holding the beautiful diamond ring in black velvet box, as her asked her the only words she dreamed of since their first set of I love you. To become his wife was the ultimate gift she could have ever wanted. Tears filled her eyes for the second time that day. Not giving the slightest care as she threw herself to him making them fall again but instead of laughing, they kissed with deep passion as the crowd cheered and the newly engaged couple.