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Falling..for a ghost?

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Hunter had just moved into a new house, he had finished packing just a few minutes ago. He was sprawled out on his couch and yawned, tired from his work of unpacking. The guy was as normal as another human, well except the fact that he could see ghost. Yes ghosts, as in spirits and such. He could see them since he was young, but after a certain ghost… he began to ignore them and go on with his life. His friends were planning a house warming party later in the week for him, but for now he was just happy that he was finished unpacking. 

Letting out a deep sigh he smiled as he made himself comfortable on his couch. “A little nap won’t hurt.” Hunter said as he soon drifted off to sleep. His nap lasting from 7 in the afternoon till about 11pm at night, waking up for some odd reason.


What I’m bringing you today is a bunch of sketches based on that time Lottie, Nick and Norma went to prom and Will remained at home watching Netflix and petting Mr, Sissy Jupe, the cat.

No, he actually secretly went checking his younger sister but nobody knows except everyone.

Actually, just some OC fun, set during the Spring before the apocalypse.

Norma Merrick Sklarek (1928-2012)

Art by  Eve M.

Born to Trinidadian parents in Harlem, Norma attended Hunter College High School and Barnard College before completing her architecture degree at Columbia University in 1950.  One of only two women in her graduating class, Norma was one of the first black female architects in the United States.  She was the first black woman licensed as an architect in both New York State (1954) and California (1962).

Unable to find a job at an architectural firm, Norma began her career at the New York City Department of Public Works before moving to the prestigious firm of Skidmore, Owings & Merrill.  During this period, she also taught at New York’s City College.  In 1960, she moved to California to work at Gruen and Associates where she became the firm’s first black director of architecture.  At Gruen, Norma worked on important buildings such as the US embassy in Tokyo, the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles, and San Bernardino’s City Hall.  In 1980, Norma moved to Welton Becket Associates where she worked on Terminal One of Los Angeles International Airport.  The same year, she became the first black woman to be elected a fellow of the American Institute of Architects (AIA).  In 1985, Norma co-founded Siegel-Sklarek-Diamond, one of the largest all-women architectural firms in the country.  She left in 1989 to join the larger Jerde Partnership where she worked until her retirement in 1991.

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🎤+ Norma or Hunter? ~•0•~ @animegamerchik

Nate had seen a shy girl at his VIP meet up and he was smiling at her. He picked her to ask anything at all, and he hoped she would ask a question.


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It was a somewhat normal school morning, especially when you go to a super power school. The most popular one being Fiore Highschool, where you learned how to control your power and decide on what you would do with it. You either got in with your smarts or power, or by luck and your smarts.

Norma and her friend Hunter were waiting in the office, as they had to show a new kid around. Norma was a class representative and Hunter was on slight punishment for fighting kids who were bullying a powerless kid.

“I told you not to get caught while you help people, or at least wear your hero outfit.” She said as she leaned against the entrance of the school. “Whatever, I saved someone and that’s all that matters.” He retorted as he sat on the school steps. The two continuing to bicker.

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I don’t want to talk about it. @animegamerchik (Hunter or Norma?)

Nate approached his sphinx friend, worried about her. “Norma, what’s wrong?” He asks, seeing her as a mess.