norma cassady

magicalmonsterhero  asked:

If they were to make a BATIM movie, a) do you think it would be animated or live-action, and b) who would your ideal cast consist of?

I think it’d be a combination of animation and live action, like Who Framed Roger Rabbit (maybe a little bit of large scale puppeteering too). Maybe it could implement a similar form of animation like that found in Paperman, involving computer generated animation combined with traditional. CG tones and shadow with drawn outlines.

Casting is a tough call though… I have a general idea, but I’m open to suggestions!

Henry = it’s a rough tie between Harrison Ford and Mark Harmon. Probably Ford because he seems like a genuinely laid back man who can play hapless without sounding condescending.

Joey Drew = Tom Hanks. The guy played a decent Disney in Saving Mr. Banks.

Bendy the Dancing Demon = assuming he even has a voice, I think either Rob Paulson or Jess Harnell have the chops to pull off his devilish charm.

Boris the Wolf = Jim Cummings. Not a doubt in my mind.

Alice Angel = … I dunno. No other voice I’ve heard of her sounds right. But that’s mostly because I picture her having a slight New Jersey Accent (like Betty Boop, or how Susie Campbell speaks normally). Tara Strong would be a good candidate if she didn’t always sound so kiddish in her roles. The closest she gets to what I imagine as a good Alice is her impression of Harley Quinn in the Arkham Asylum video game, and just about the right amount of squeakiness too. Everyone characterizes her as suave and sultry, like Jessica Rabbit, but I always imagined her as a combination of Betty Boop and Minnie Mouse, very squeaky and a bit nagging, but still kind and well meaning. The only woman I’ve heard come close is Lesley Ann Warren, specifically in her role as Norma Cassady in Victor Victoria. She’s a hilarious panic, but a bit too old to recreate the role I think.

I also picture her having a singing voice that sounds completely different from her speaking voice. Annette Hanshaw, if she were still alive, would fit that bill perfectly.

Wally Franks = Max Casella. Some of you might remember him from Jack and Daxter as Daxter and Timon from the original broadway cast of The Lion King on Broadway. He’d also be a good candidate for Bendy.

Sammy Lawrence = I dunno. On the fence with this one. Maybe Neil Patrick Harris, but only because if find it hilarious.

Aaaand that’s about all I got right now. If anyone has any ideas, feel free to send them my way!