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☆ {Norm}

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☆ - Reading to them

This wasn’t how he had pictured he’d spend his day. As punishment for… misbehaving, Grace had ordered Jake to endure Norm’s reading in the Na’vi language. Something made incredibly annoying since Jake couldn’t understand anything but two words of the language so far. His legs bounced under the table impatiently and hands drummed against it, trying to strangle his boredom.

It wasn’t until he pressed back in the chair and rolled his head back with a groan that Norm paused and looked up. 

“You know, if you had done your studying from the start, this wouldn’t be an issue,” he commented, going back to his book. 

“If you hadn’t been such a massive pain in the ass, I wouldn’t be sittin’ here at all right now,” Jake huffed. “How much farther?”

“Just another 30 pages.”

“Kill me.”