norm perfect

Am I enough?

I try to be enough. To be acceptable as a human being. Longer eyelashes, skinnier waist, perfect boyfriend, wider smile, no tears. But I am never enough. And it breaks every part of me when I realize that I’m still so far from these requirements. I realize that no one is perfect but somehow I still try my best to be.

No I’m not hungry. I’m okay. No im not worried. I love myself. No those names don’t hurt me. This smile isn’t fake. I love him. Not sad just a little tired. Seriously, I’m not hungry.

Lies. Things I tell myself to try and fit this perfect norm.

There are billions of other girls and boys out there who feel the same. I know I’m not alone. But somehow I still feel completely and utterly lonely.
If society didn’t push these requirements onto us then maybe we wouldn’t need to save so many young teens from themselves.


Norm Lewis, Kaley Ann Voorhees, Jeremy Hays

INTP Confession #134

The MBTI part of tumblr (especially this blog) makes me realize that at the end of the day, we’re just different individuals that might share the same characteristics. MBTI is just a way to improve ourselves to become almost perfect human beings (by perfect, I meant, the social norms perfect) and although it’s interesting, everything should be taken with a grain of salt.