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Will you do your fave book? Or if you already did it, the next fave? And so on...

Short opinion: I am constantly torn between wishing that The Beginning was twice its actual length and being in awe that Applegate manages to cram so much into a sparse 156 pages.

Long opinion: 

As I mentioned here, #54 is actually my favorite book in the series.  I’m probably the only fandalite on the planet for whom that is true, but I am a complete and utter sucker for tragedy. And this is tragedy in its purest form.  Tragedy is frustratingly hard to find in contemporary American stories, because it offers no happiness or culmination at the end.  Bad guys don’t always get punished; good guys don’t ever get medals from princesses or happy retirements into the sunset or reunions with lost loved ones; the very notions of “bad” and “good” get irreversibly complicated.  A tragedy is the story of well-intentioned and deeply sympathetic protagonist(s) coming to a bad end that is at least partially one’s own fault, at least partially the fault of random Shit Happens, and entirely coherent and fitting with the tiny cascade of random events that led to the fall of a lightning-struck tower.  

The purpose of comedy (i.e. stories with happy endings) is easy entertainment.  The purpose of tragedy is to inspire fear and horror through making the audience wonder whether it is possible for each of them to meet a similar end.  With the arguable exception of Cassie, every one of the Animorphs gets his or her own tragedy in the end.  This series is a war epic about the costs of violence.  It was never going to have a happy ending.

Rachel’s loss, in the opening moments, is the most obvious character culmination of the series.  She has been struggling for months if not years to define herself outside of the war, attacked on all sides (her best friend, her boyfriend, her cousin and field commander, her own mother) for the very role that they all nonetheless demand that she perform in order to keep them all safe, not only from the yeerks but from themselves.  Rachel has been the team’s first and last line of defense since the EGS tower battle (#7), and has all-but taken on the title of trash collector since becoming the one to handle David (#22).  Killing Tom is her final act of protecting her found family; completing the suicide run is her final ability to use her comfort with violence to do something good.  She might have done and even become terrible things, but she ultimately succeeds in turning that terror against an even greater evil in her last moments of life.

Arguably the next domino to fall is Tobias.  I’m with Cates: his is the ending I find the least satisfying, because it devalues his friendship-cum-familyhood with Ax.  However, I also can’t say that Applegate didn’t set that ending up.  As early as #13 Tobias shows worrying signs of codependency with Rachel; as early as #3 he proves willing to retreat into his hawk side when the going gets tough.  The scene where “Ken and Barbie” disturb his self-imposed exile through their simple reminder of humanity suggests that Tobias’s retreat isn’t nearly as complete as he’d like it to be, but then he’s never been able to escape being human no matter how hard he tries (see: #3, #33, #43, #49).

Part of what I find so fascinating about Jake’s character arc (fascinating enough that I wrote a goddamn novel or two on the subject) is how much his family story starts complicating this hyper-normative idea of married-parents-two-kids-fenced-backyard-golden-retriever-nice-neighborhood-white-upper-middle-class familyhood starting right in the first book, and how it only makes things worse once the war is over. Jake’s family continues to look “perfect” (i.e. normative) from the moment he first gets home and joins his brother and parents (and resident yeerk) for a home-cooked dinner in #1 all the way up until the alien inside his mom is firing a dracon beam at him from the front seat of her minivan, putting the first scar on the otherwise flawless siding on the facade of their two-story McMansion in #49.  So it’s only natural that Jake’s first thought on committing fratricide in the immediate aftermath of mass murder is to wonder “how would [he] explain this to [his] parents,” and it makes a fair amount of sense that he basically tries to retreat back to that safe haven he (unlike all of his friends) has before the war begins (#54).  But Jake can’t go home; home isn’t there for him to retreat to anymore.  His desire to retreat back to his childhood home borders on pathological, since in many ways he’s older than his parents have ever been, and he’s gone beyond the point where he could ever hope to give his burdens back to them.  

And then there are three.  And then two.

There are two details about Ax’s role in the final book that I find really fascinating.  The first is that line (which I quote all the time, because I find it so revelatory) where Cassie describes herself and Marco as “the only two real survivors” of the war (#54).  Why isn’t Ax included in the list of “survivors” along with Cassie and Marco, even though he’s alive and (physically) well at the time?  My guess would be the hints that he is, in his own way, just as addicted to risk and violence as Rachel ever was.  He doesn’t know how to survive without the war, which leaves him “looking for trouble” in his “boredom”—right up until he recklessly stumbles upon enough “trouble” to get his entire crew killed (#54).  That chapter also contains the other fascinating detail: it’s labeled “Aximili,” not “Ax” the way his chapters are in all the Megamorphs books.  Ax has at least partially given up on the identity he fought so hard to forge throughout the entire book series.  He has retreated back into being what his society expects him to be: a leader, a warrior, and an andalite who does not concern himself much with alien cultures.  He continues playing that role, apparently indifferent to what is happening with Tobias and the others on Earth, right up to his death.

Quick side note: I find it so cool (by which I mean excruciatingly painful) that each of the Animorphs gets what they wanted in the first books in the series—and that those dreams prove to be so hollow once achieved.  Rachel gets eternal glory, and the ultimate thrill ride along the way (#2).  Ax surpasses Elfangor in reputation and respect (#8).  Jake fulfills his daydreams of being treated as a superhero (#2), and of going home to his family (#1).  Marco gets to be not only “an entire episode of Stupid Pet Tricks” but quite possibly the most famous person alive (#2).  Tobias escapes his life and manages once and for all to “fly free” (#3).  Cassie finds a non-violent way to change the world (#4); she even gets to be a horse for a while along the way (#29).  And it’s nothing like any of them thought it would be.  None of their childhood dreams have much feasibility or even appeal by the time they are some of the weariest, most mature and worn-out adults of their generation.  Only Cassie manages to find satisfaction in getting everything she ever wanted.

Only Cassie… because Marco’s not quite a “survivor” either.  He brags about his fame and materialism, sure—but then we’ve never been able to trust Marco’s narration.  (See: the amount of time he spends obfuscating and/or lying to the reader in #30, #25, #15, and #35.)  If you ask Marco outright, everything’s fine and it always has been.  But then Marco describes Jake and Tobias showing up with an offer of a suicide mission as “everything around me turned translucent, like it was all fake… an old reality emerged from beneath the illusion” (#54).  Even before that scene, it’s striking just how much time Marco spends obsessing over Jake.  Marco freely admits to Cassie that he acquired an eagle morph for the specific purpose of following Jake around to spy on him, spends almost half the alleged description of his own life talking about how poorly Jake is functioning, and actually talks Jake into leading his crazy suicide mission for Jake’s own sake.  What Marco doesn’t mention—and what we can assume from Jake’s own narration doesn’t happen—is him actually picking up the phone to call Jake and ask him if he wants to talk.  The flash and glam and seven cars and heated pool and personal butler are yet more misdirection; Marco’s not okay.  He’s just telling us about all the ways Jake’s not okay because that’s safer than admitting his own vulnerability.  Jake says “Marco, you were bored out of your mind” and Marco unhesitatingly agrees (#54).  Marco spends so much time trying to convince everyone of how very happy he is with materialism and Hollywood glam that he fools Cassie, he fools Tobias, he all but fools himself… but he never fools Jake.  Which is why he has to keep Jake at arm’s length, no matter how much his guilt at doing so might eat him up as he’s sitting around watching Jake watching Rachel’s grave in the middle of the night.

And then there’s Cassie.  Cassie who I’ve compared to an anti-Susan Pevensie, Cassie who finds a man who treats her right and uses power for good without resorting to violence.  Marco, who was the last to join the war effort, might have eventually been able to find equilibrium if he’d been willing to get a haircut and get a real job (X). Cassie, who is unafraid to work on her own and leave her team when something needs doing and they can’t help her (#19, #29, #43, #44), is already living a new normal.  Jake is right when he says that Cassie’s “a one-woman army,” and he’s right that she’s “the soldier who has fought her war and moved on.”  The two Animorphs with the least “addiction” to the war emerge from the other side the most intact (#22). Cassie’s never going to be the same person she was, but she understands that.  She doesn’t try to hide from the past, she doesn’t try to retreat into it; she picks herself up and figures out a way to live on her own.  She shows that there’s hope for life after war, but also that there’s no returning to childhood.  She lives, and keeps on living, even after two (maybe three, maybe five) of her fellow Animorphs have been eaten alive by the war.  Because right from the start, Cassie has been comfortable with leaving her team behind—and in the end, she leaves her team behind, and she can’t save a single goddamn one of them.

It’s not a happy ending.  It’s not a comforting ending.  It’s not the kind of ending that suggests people get what they deserve and deserve what they get.  It doesn’t offer the comfortable reassurance that the right ends will justify any means.  It’s the kind of ending that gets in your head, burrows down deep, reads through your memories, and won’t leave you alone.

Don’t get me wrong: I love these characters.  They were my heroes and my idols and my ink-and-paper friends throughout my childhood.  They’ve taught me as much as a lot of real people I’ve known in my life, and there’s a part of me that does want them to live happily ever after.  But if they did, they would lose a lot of the realness that makes them so precious and so painful to love in the first place.

Foucauldian morality

So Michel Foucault, arguably the best thinker and philosopher of the 20th century and original gangster of critical theory, had a set of morals all of his own that we should all consider paying mind to.

Foucault lived and achieved success through a moral code of only three steps.

1. The refusal to accept as self evident the things that are proposed to us.

  •  Don't accept anything as fact. Everything can and should be questioned.
  • Why should we believe that which is presented to us as fact, for most societal recommendations or instructions are norms, not rules.
  • A perfect example of this is gender norms. “you’re a boy so you can’t/shouldnt wear a skirt” (but like why?, thats not a rule, thats not a fact, thats nonsense.)

2. The need to analyze and to know, since we can accomplish nothing without reflection and understanding thus, the principle of curiosity.

  • research, understanding and falling on your own conclusions. most of what we know and believe has been told to us not achieved through self discovery or experience. 
  • most of the time when we believe we’re thinking were actually listening and repeating. So what have you not heard before and why?

3. The principle of innovation, to seek out in our reflections those things that have never been thought or imagined.

  • Again, figure out what have you not heard, been taught, or seen, and why you haven’t heard, been taught, or seen this.
  • what is it? and why can it or can it not come to be?
  • get a new perspective.

SO Basically…

Refusal~ Curiosity~ Innovation

and remember. “The enlightenment that inspired the liberties also invented the disciplines” M.F. (the OG)

Time to Say Goodbye

Jensen Ackles x Reader

900 Words

Story Summary: Dating Jensen Ackles had never been part of your plan. Neither had falling in love with him, but you weren’t sure he felt the same. 

A/N: This is for #Angst Appreciation Day 2017

Warnings: Angst, heartbreak. 

Getting tangled up in a relationship with an actor had never been your plan. Moving to Vancouver, away from the stress of your family, finding a new life up there. That had been a part of your plan, and then Jensen had come waltzing in your work one day, giving you one of his heart shattering grins, and the rest had been history.

The two of you had fallen hot and heavy into a relationship. Nights spent at his apartment, sweaty and tangled in his bed sheets became your norm. He was the perfect lover, attentive while rocking your world. Quickly you had found yourself falling in love with him. It didn’t matter that he was an actor, that he had millions of girls swooning at his feet. You knew the real Jensen, the man behind Dean Winchester.

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Love tips from the zodiacs
  • Aries: Just because your love isn't long lasting doesn't mean it's not real. Love in the moment, nothing is everlasting.
  • Taurus: You will benefit more if both of you open up.
  • Gemini: You already know what your partner will say, false hope is always the worst.
  • Cancer: Make sure to tell your partner what makes you happy.
  • Leo: If riding him ever gets too tired, sit on him and get on a Norwegian road. The bumps will fucking do the work.
  • Virgo: No one will ever satisfy your feeling of doing everything; it's not just you, he too feels the same.
  • Libra: Don't cheat.
  • Scorpio: Don't say you trust anyone if you don't, it will hurt them in the long run.
  • Sagittarius: If your partner needs a break, give them.
  • Capricorn: Working around things, instead of walking away from your problems is always best.
  • Aquarius: Maybe the social norms won't accept your perfect relationship, but no social norm includes the perfect feeling of love.
  • Pisces: Be sure to give them small gifts to show your appreciations, be it not complaining about not washing dishes perfectly or a small IKEA plant.

Norm Lewis, Kaley Ann Voorhees, Jeremy Hays

Am I enough?

I try to be enough. To be acceptable as a human being. Longer eyelashes, skinnier waist, perfect boyfriend, wider smile, no tears. But I am never enough. And it breaks every part of me when I realize that I’m still so far from these requirements. I realize that no one is perfect but somehow I still try my best to be.

No I’m not hungry. I’m okay. No im not worried. I love myself. No those names don’t hurt me. This smile isn’t fake. I love him. Not sad just a little tired. Seriously, I’m not hungry.

Lies. Things I tell myself to try and fit this perfect norm.

There are billions of other girls and boys out there who feel the same. I know I’m not alone. But somehow I still feel completely and utterly lonely.
If society didn’t push these requirements onto us then maybe we wouldn’t need to save so many young teens from themselves.

I want a society where this isn’t seen as attractive. This isn’t the norm. This isn’t the “perfect relationship” young girls imagine for themselves. I want a society where this behavior is recognized for the abuse it is. I want a society of young women who aren’t brainwashed into thinking this is the way it is and should be. I want girls to be able to recognize possessive and controlling men as dangerous. To realize not all men are like this, and you don’t have to deal with those who are simply because “it’s the way it is”. Because I assure you this is NOT the way it is. It is NOT the way it should be.
I want the trend of considering aggressive and abusive behaviors sexy, to end.

INTP Confession #134

The MBTI part of tumblr (especially this blog) makes me realize that at the end of the day, we’re just different individuals that might share the same characteristics. MBTI is just a way to improve ourselves to become almost perfect human beings (by perfect, I meant, the social norms perfect) and although it’s interesting, everything should be taken with a grain of salt.

Also, one last parting ramble before my ridiculous text wall bomb about the series:

People have been complaining about stereotypes and having seen these characters before.

The thing is, what makes them break pretty decisively from the stereotypical mold is the fact they don’t serve the narrative function you’ve been conditioned to expect.

  • Kala’s faith and religion does not make her naive. It doesn’t make her stupid or “too pure to get her hands dirty.” Her struggle between personal desires and what she perceives as societal impositions and the desires of her family are an actual struggle, because no one’s actually, violently forcing her to do it. She doesn’t love her fiance, not because there’s anything wrong with him - he’s not a monstrous, selfish, threatening creature wanting to own her or claiming her outright - her struggle is because she feels there’s something wrong with her, because rationally she should love him - could possibly grow to love him - but she doesn’t, right now. She doesn’t need to have her naivete removed or be forced to confront “the real world”. Kala is a scientist. Kala knows how the world works. Kala just needs to figure out how to understand Kala.
  • Wolfgang isn’t just an expy of Matt Damon’s character in Ocean’s Eleven. Wolfgang is a deconstruction of that entire character archetype and pushing the quirky, lovable bits of “spice” about him into their most disastrous, painful consequences. Wolfgang isn’t a lovable rogue that’s technically a criminal because he’s a thief but doesn’t actually do anything truly heinous like murder someone because he has a strict honor code against it. Wolfgang isn’t there to be the nominally bad but generally safe guy for a girl to crush on and use the power of love to redeem and remake into something better. Wolfgang owns up his fuckery and makes no secret of it. No excuses. No “redemption”, because what he does is unforgivable but it needed to be done, and he’s not asking for forgiveness. He’s stating a goddamn point.
  • Riley is not a manic magic pixie girl, or a too sensitive soul whose sole existence is to give angst to the hero. Riley has her own character arc and her own growth and issues to work through and she is ultimately given total agency and choice about her destiny. Her suffering and her “angst” aren’t there to feed into anyone else’s or to give depth to her love story. They’re there because it’s her reality and her entire character arc is trying to deal with them - while also dealing with the dangers of being a sensate. Her suffering is not weakness. Her fucking PTSD is not weakness. 
  • Will is not the hero. He wants to be, as part of his personality and personal ethos, but he’s not. Because Will’s idealism is constantly crushed by the reality he lives in. He doesn’t live in a quaint, small American town where everyone knows everyone and the important thing is to protect the community and keep it whole. He lives in Chicago, one of the most complicated cities in the US, as far as racial tension goes. His impetus to do good and “protect and serve” is not applauded here. It’s mocked, derided and constantly criticized for being outside reality. He approaches his job as a cop as the child of a cop, still idolizing what his father does. Except he’s not a child anymore. He should know better, how the system works and how to work with the system to get what he needs, instead of making loud statements and declaring himself against it because it’s not morally pure enough for him. This is alluded to in-story. Will is not the traditional big, wholesome white dude whose heart is so big he is able to fix everything and take command of every situation. Will is good at what he does and completely lost about what he’s not. Will asks for help and offers it just as freely. Will has his own demons and his own quests but he never puts anyone else at risk for the sake of those. He never prioritizes his story above anyone else’s. Will is scared. Will is nervous. Will fucks up. Will isn’t infallible.  Will cares too much, like any wholesome big, white dude with a giant sticker reading GOOD GUY stuck on his forehead would, but he learns pretty quickly that his reaction to things not going his way can’t be a tantrum or a speech. And that there are consequences about caring too much. Another thing that defies the stereotype is that Will’s “I refuse to give up” mentality tends to be exorcised pretty quickly by a harrowing lesson of “Life has Consequences” and “Acceptable losses”. Will doesn’t have a tolerance for acceptable losses. It was pretty well set up in the beginning of his quest to save that kid. If he did that for a stranger, what else could he have done, for a member of his cluster?
  • Capheus is a precious adorable moron, but he’s not oblivious to the circumstances or the consequences of his actions. Capheus is a matatu driver. Capheus has lived his entire life in the center of the violence and the brutality of his corner of the world. And yes, his mom has AIDS. But he’s not a cartoon of a good son about to learn or deliver a moral lesson about right or wrong. He’s not a mountain of incorruptible purity that will inevitably be lost by the second arc. He’s not a sad poster child for his reality. He’s cunning and resourceful and laid back because he wants to emulate his hero. And his hero isn’t some paragon of unquestionable justice, or morals even. His hero is an action hero - violent and thorough and over kill and yet honorable and self-possessed. Because Capheus isn’t scared of violence itself, Capheus doesn’t see violence as inherently damning from the very beginning of his character arc. Capheus sees violence as a tool, nothing more. He’s not a foil of innocent lost to the hero, one, because there’s no hero, and two, because he’s not innocent. He just wants to be happy and optimistic and there’s absolutely nothing disconnected from reality or anything childish about that.
  • Sun is not a dragon lady. Sun is not here to deliver magical wisdom from the East. Sun is a fighter. A survivor. She fights dirty, mercilessly. She doesn’t serve willingly or meekly. She’s not demure silence and obedient ruthlessness. Sun is angry and furious and overwhelmed with emotions she can’t act out on like she’d want to, so she sublimates all that rage and grief and everything into her fists. She’s no one’s “spiritual mentor down a trip of self-discovery”. She doesn’t have all the answers. Shes’ not servile. She’s not there to seduce anyone, most specially not the hero. She has her own issues and her own worries and her own choices to make and they’re never subjugated, narratively, to a “hero’s journey” or something like that.
  • Lito’s struggle with homophobia is not about the world actively hating on him like on a PSA for tolerance. It’s about the internalized shit. About fucked up gender roles and expectations and trying to handle his own fears about not fitting the bill. It’s about homophobia at its most insidious, seemingly harmless ways: the pure assumption that straight is the norm. He’s not a perfect, unchanging angel just because he’s gay. His changes throughout the story are not treated as a bad thing or as a betrayal of who he is. He’s not there to offer sassy commentary on people’s clothes or any other stereotypical gay sidekick gag. He’s a main character and his contributions to the group and the plot are valuable on their own. And while he has issues to deal with, in order to be healthy, dealing with those issues isn’t the point of the show’s story arc. His talents are not dependent on his sexuality, but his talents are powerful and useful and respected, both inside and outside the cluster. 
  • Nomi is trans and engaged in the community to better it on the long run. Her arc is closely tied to her transness but it never brings into question her womanhood or her identity, per se. Her arc is not about being a noble martyr for the greater cause or a personal motivational poster or representation of every trans person ever. She’s Nomi. She’s trans. These two facts are tightly bound together and cannot be denied. She’s not a teachable moment, for anyone, and anyone who tries to turn her into one gets shut down so hard you can hear the mood whiplash cracking in the background.

In short, for characters to be truly stereotypes they need to not only fit into the traditional classifications, but work within the scope of the stereotype, in a narrative plane. These characters adamantly do not. They challenge their status as stereotypes by becoming their own people and having their own tastes and preferences that either challenge or oppose the challenge as it is.

The point is, you might have seen character molds similar to these before, but they were always secondary to the Hero - always White and Righteous, in the center of everything - and sacrificed any potential growth or roundness for the sake of leaving room for the Hero’s own arc to be explored. Here we have no Hero, in capitals. And the stereotypes are all the main characters, all with wide room to grow in. They’re not static. They’re not cartoonish. They’re people and they learn and fail and grow and become something completely different, from the stereotype you’d expect from them.

And that’s why sense8 is so fucking good.

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Hey Niu! what are the downsides to living in Japan you talk about? (^ω^)

Oh man, there are so many of them it will take forever if I list them all, but here are some:

- Women are below men -> Foreigners are below Japanese -> Foreigner women are the lowest combination in the society
- No matter how long you’d live there, you will always be a foreigner. You will never be taken into the culture or the country as one of its inhabitants. Also your children will be treated as foreigners, even if they had another parent from Japan. 
- No thinking for yourself; you have a certain path from birth to death you are supposed to follow. If you divert from the path, you are rebellious and cause trouble to the society. Your purpose is to serve the society without questioning it and cause no harm to it (you can see this in for example how families abandon their unemployed family members even to their death, because unemployed person isn’t contributing to the society and this disgraces both themselves and their family). 
- Anything that doesn’t fit into the societal norm of perfect, fitting and functioning, will be hid. This includes handicapped people, disabled people, transgenders, sexual minorities and elderly people who can’t take care of themselves anymore.
(Also only the perfect vegetables, berries and fruits are suitable for grocery stores)
- Always put others first, even if it harms you, otherwise you are a selfish anarchist. Lying is a perfect form of social activity, because anything you can do to not trouble someone or shame them - or you - is considered polite. Whenever I have Japanese guests over - except for one friend - I need to think very carefully what I feed them or suggest them as an activity, as they WILL say YES and I LIKE THIS even when they would mean NO and HORRIBLE PLEASE NOT THIS - and then eat everything they hate and go with the activity they don’t want to do, because the polite lying. Close friends and family members are different, with them you don’t have to tell polite lies.
- Individuality doesn’t exist, everything is seen as a big mass. It’s hard to go against the societal pressure, though for foreigner it would be easier - you, as a foreigner, will not be expected much of anything, because “you can never understand the culture or get into it as Japanese”. 
- Alcoholism and domestic violence run free (same as in Finland)
- Mental health problems because of a) you can’t be you, just play your role b) expectations for success are high c) no time to rest. Suicide rates are very high (they are also high in Finland)
- The country is actually quite racist. My friend’s friend is married to a Japanese man and they had horrible time trying to find a rent apartment in Tokyo - the place with the most of foreigners - because “Can’t trust you, your wife is a foreigner” (she had nothing to do with the rent contract and she’s also working). She’s gotten harassed and even kicked multiple times just for sticking out from the mass and being different than Japanese.
- No long holidays, average Japanese has 7 days holiday in a year, plus a few days during December-January.
- No extra earnings by working overtime, at night time, at evening, on weekend or on holidays (in Finland you get extra salary for these)
- It’s difficult to get a job nowadays, the economic depression has hit Japan, too. This is especially difficult for men who need a job to get a wife but if they are single, they can’t get a job without a wife (because company wants to make sure you are dedicated to it and as men still bring the money to the household - and women control the money - being single is a sign you will not stay loyal to the company)
- Expensive!

I have a few things to say

Yes, it’s Kishimoto’s manga and yes I cannot do anything to change what’s already done, but for heaven’s sake, if you are a true and logical fan of Naruto there’s no way you can calmly accept that ending.  And don’t you dare tell me that I’m not a true fan because I’m upset and complaining about the ending. Being a fan doesn’t mean I have to be in agreement with all the decisions the author makes. Being a fan doesn’t stop me from having my own opinions. Naruto is a work of art, published for the public, hence it is open to criticism.

Now with that out of the way, let me first say that I’ve been reading/watching Naruto since I was like 10. I’ve invested almost 10 years of my life into this series, hence I’ve pretty much caught the gist of the story. This is why I’m allowed to be disappointed, because the ending wasn’t even nearly as great as the buildup. I am disappointed because:

  • When did Naruto become merely about “who ends up with up whom?” As a matter of fact, when I started reading Naruto, romance wasn’t even listed as a genre. I still don’t think it is…idk go check. What about all those lovely life lessons and morals it taught us such as friendship, determination, hard work, never going back on your word, going against tradition and culture if necessary, seeing people change for the best and many more…..Have you all forgotten about those? Naruto could have ended with absolutely no couples and I’d be completely happy because it was a great story and I have learnt a lot.

But since you guys have decided to focus only on the ships, I must talk about those. I am a SASUNARUSASU shipper, without apologies.  I ship them, not because I’m gay, because I’m not, but because based on everything that I’ve been watching and reading their relationship is the most logical and most developed. It is also the strongest relationship in the series when compared to all others. The plot basically revolves around Naruto chasing Sasuke and if you don’t see this, I do not know which manga you have been reading. Open your eyes people!! Brotherly love you say. Heh! Greatest bull. Sasuke had Itachi . He knew what brotherly love was;the feelings for Naruto was so strong, he didn’t even understand it. He was scared. Naruto made friends. He had Shikamaru, Gaara, Neji, Kiba etc. You think by now he doesnt know what brotherly love is!? Naruto doesn’t even know how to explain it himself, because they’ve both never had that feeling before for anyone else. . Also, Kishimoto is the biggest SASUNARUSASU shipper there is, so do not be fooled. Take the entire manga and anime series as proof. (the data books, opening, endings, cover pages, their conversations, the entire Naruto plot etc).

Of course, being the rational person that I am, I was more than prepared for  SASUNARU to not be “officially canon”….because admit it, (it’s been canon from the beginning.) Our society does not accept this type of lifestyle so I didn’t expect to see Naruto and Sasuke running through the meadows, holding hands and what not or whatever weird things you guys think sasunaru shippers are thinking about. Actually, I was fine with chapter 699 and Naruto returning the headband was just so sweet and that’s all I ever wanted since Sasuke left….wipe tears. Also, Naruto is not yaoi (it might as well have been), it’s shonen, and hence its main target is males. I was prepared. But what I wasn’t expecting was crack ships, ooc, and babies everywhere.



  • This is the most disappointing ship, because it had potential. I might have shipped it were it more developed. Hinata loves Naruto because she sees in him something that she desired. She wanted to be praised and acknowledged. He was confident in himself despite being deemed a failure, much like herself. Hence she strived to be like him and adopted his nindo way. However, there is too little interaction between them for me to accept that they fell in love, married and had children. He never once addressed her feelings. As a matter of fact, Naruto has always been oblivious to Hinata’s feelings (like all that blushing and fainting didn’t give it away)   Even up until Shippuden, he was clueless, until she confessed and even then….nothing. Naruto also went as far as to tell his father in chapter 691 that he hasn’t found the right girl as yet…nine chapters later they have kids.  So tell me, if he always knew he was “in love” with Hinata what the hell kind of statement is that?
  • I’ve never been a NARUSAKU shipper, but even that makes more sense than NARUHINA. Naruto and Sakura basically grew up together and have come to know many things about one another and accepted each other. Naruto also always claim that he loves Sakura, even down to her worse trait, her forehead, which no one else accepted. Even Sakura must have developed some sort of feelings for Naruto after all he’s done for her and all they’ve been through together.


  • I don’t even know where to start with this ship. I could write a book stating all the reasons this ship is poor, underdeveloped and extremely shocking. I mean, unlike NARUHINA, where there was an attempt to develop their ship with subtle hints…this ship….wow. Sakura has always loved Sasuke since she was a child merely because he was cool and good looking. As she grew older she held onto these fleeting emotions. When Sasuke was labelled an S class criminal, she was more than willing to decide with the others that they should kill Sasuke. Even Ino was more against the plan that she was. Meanwhile, Naruto was suffering from a panic attack on hearing those news. She attempted to kill him and failed miserably. Sasuke on the other hand, while he was on team 7 protected Sakura. As a member of team 7, and one of the strongest at that, it was his duty to ensure that his teammates were safe. However, after he left, he rarely ever thought of Sakura, and whenever he did, it was in the context of team 7 (which includes Kakashi and Naruto as well). While He’s had plenty of independent thoughts of just Naruto.  Also, Sasuke is always calling her annoying and speaking badly of her. He tried to hurt her, and if it wasn’t for Naruto he would have killed her, he also placed her under a genjutsu where he’s killing her, like WTF? Someone please explain to me how this equates to love? ( And don’t you dare say this is love because no dictionary in the damn world defines love like this)
  • This pairing only depicts Sakura as a desperate fan girl rather than the strongest kunoichi that she really is. Even after all that she still crawls back to Sasuke begging him to take her with him….. just NO. I know many of you SASUSAKU shippers are girls. I am a girl and I could never ship this. I could never bring myself to support a relationship where the female is constantly being hurt and degraded and abused in all sense of the word. Haven’t Sakura matured….where are her standards and ambitions?  And don’t say he apologized….because that half dead (literally) apology could not make up for shit.  And if this is the case, I am seriously sorry for the girls of this generation. When do they draw a line? When do they say this is enough and I’m better than this? This is like a parallel to why girls stay in abusive relationships in reality. A bad example for all girls. I could never be happy about this becoming canon. In chapter 698, I think, Sasuke was saying that he could not accept anyone else but Naruto ( because everyone else basically gave up on him) and a few chapters before that Sasuke said he had no interest in Sakura and could not see why after all this time she was still dwelling upon thoughts of love with him. He said with his own mouth that Naruto is his only friend. I don’t recall him saying that about Sakura….and you don’t just fall madly in love, marry and have a child with someone you’re not first friends with. And what about Sasuke? He still hasn’t even said a word of love to Sakurahave you guys realized that or are you just playing blind because it’s canon!?  No matter how I look at this ship, I could never be happy about it. And I won’t even go into the forehead thing because that has nothing to do with this.
  • To NARUHINA and SASUSAKU fans if your ship needs an entire 360 turn in the personalities of the characters, the omitting and ignoring of major details, unanswered questions, and a movie to justify it…it might as well never existed. Your ships and fandom never did and will never experience the same level feels that the SASUNARUSASU fandom experienced. Because while your ship was based on subtle hints and vague acts. Ours was based on real and quite obvious actions of both parties; their actions and words. So please, do the SASUNARUSASU fandom a favor and “calm thyself.”
  • And you don’t have to be gay to ship SASUNARUSASU.

If this is what it means to be CANON, I’m really glad that SASUNARUSASU remained non canon. Because they are way happier than the canon ones tbh.I’m sure the SASUNARU fandom is big. If he wanted to please the fans and make some cash he could have ended it without pairings and without the rush or….I won’t even say it… Just for the sake of money, norms and society the perfect manga is being ruined.

  • Because of 700, I couldn’t even be glad about Shikamaru and Temari, which I ship. Plus I won’t even go into all the other ships because they are just crack ships. You don’t just throw people together without  first developing some back story.Kishimoto knows that because he’s a brilliant writer. I was so sure that he didn’t willingly write chapter 700. Just money making business. Some of these characters haven’t even spoke one word to each other and some have never met before but they are making babies. Even Sai, who spoke the most about guys’ dicks and who had stated that he thought Ino was ugly and he didn’t like her, did a 360. LOL. Chapter 700 was like a really bad fanfiction.
  • My view of Naruto and Sasuke as parents are totally ruined. Because out of everyone else, they know loneliness the best and what the absence of parents can do to a child. But what I got in chapter 700 was Naruto hitting his child and telling him that he’s too busy for him because he’s doing hokage work and he should just understand that because he’s a ninja and  Sasuke journeying across the ninja world looking for God knows what!? I thought even if they were going to have children that they’d at least be there for them.
  • The last chapter also ruined the reason for NINJAs. There is peace and tranquility… what is there for Naruto to do as a hokage? The role seems almost useless. Then there are those skyscrapers on the hokage heads and all the technology…I guess it was expected since it’s a few years later, but it totally ruined the traditional old time scenery that the village held. And all the girls who once dreamed and aspired to be great kunoichis are now settling with being just housewives. And nothing is wrong with being a housewife but really, did their dreams just evaporated into thin air? And what’s the purpose of being a housewife if the man isn’t home or in some cases, isn’t coming back. What happened to TAKA? Juugo who always stayed beside Sasuke because he was basically his purpose for living, Suigetsu and I hope what I’ve been hearing about Karin isn’t true.

And about the LAST nothing in that movie can adequately capture or attempt to explain the disaster which is chapter 700. Enough said.

However, Naruto is still my favourite manga, (all 699 chapters). I have nothing else to say about that fanfic at the end though. I will forever ship SASUNARU because it’s the realest and cheers to Kishimoto for writing the best love story ever (even though he doesn’t know it)

These are my few words….