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*coughs and whispers* Poly!Nork stuff, domestic or otherwise

Ohhhh boy, here we go. :’I

  • You’re all still pretty much undecided on where you’ll live. North 100% wants to have a family with you guys someday, so a big house in a small town suburb obviously– but York meanwhile likes the bustle of city-living too much to live too far from one.
  • The idea right now is to see if you three can even get approved for adoption before you start talking about families.
  • York 100% wants a big dog, tho. (North also secretly 100% wants a big dog.)
  • Lots of barbecues and dinners to catch up with the other Freelancers!!
  • York and Carolina are close friends, and they catch up sometimes. If you feel uncomfortable with it, York is very firm on the facts that: 1, there’s nothing between them; and 2, he’s going to spend time with his friend. You need to trust him. (And really, there’s no danger. They really are just friends.)
  • North and South visit each other a lot, too. South will just show up at your house sometimes, or North will go to see her. They always go to this same one sports bar that has billiards, and sometimes you tag along. North always loves it when you go, but honestly… there’s a damn good reason why York never tags along. 9 times out of 10, they’re playing a really competitive billiards game, and they’re both utterly merciless (even North. South just brings that out of him).
  • You and South actually get along pretty well, and South will just check in to see or talk to you sometimes. North is happy you’re getting along, but really cautious. You ask him about it at one point, and as it turns out, South actually stole more than one of his significant others in the past… but she’s past that, right? Right??
  • Both boys get kind of antsy sometimes, since they don’t really get to do their jobs anymore.
  • You read something somewhere about Finnish snipers in the 20th century all taking up photography after they were back home, so you and York get North a really nice camera for his birthday one year. He ends up getting really into it, and takes a lot of really great pictures. He also gets weirdly still and tense whenever he’s taking a shot sometimes, like he’s actually taking a different kind of shot…
  • York, on the other hand, quickly develops a problem of breaking into neighbor’s houses, just to see if he can. After diffusing multiple tense situations (and talking multiple neighbors down from calling the police), you and North start getting him lots of stationary locks to practice on. None of them are quite the level of cutting-edge his practice locks on the MOI were, but he appreciates them all the same.
  • North is super sweet on you, and will basically do whatever you ask him to. York is… okay, he’s also super sweet on you, but he mostly just teases you a lot.
  • Example: If you’re short, North gets things down from high shelves for you. York will reach up to get something for you… then will immediately put it on an even higher shelf, and tell you that you look really cute when you’re angry.
  • Everybody helps out with chores… for the most part. North will sometimes just start cleaning whatever he sees needs cleaning (even if it’s not his job), and York usually tries to bum his chores off on you. You and North both get on each other (and York) for overworking yourselves.
  • York actually doesn’t mind doing chores, and he’s pretty good with them. It’s just that his first impulse is always to screw around.
  • North often defaults to cooking (initially he was average at best, but after marathoning several cooking shows, and impulse-buying a few cookbooks, he really got into it), and will just start cleaning up afterwards if you don’t stop him (York definitely won’t stop him…).
  • York invites you to play board-games with him sometimes. All of his moves seem really mysterious, like he’s a genius and has this big endgame plan…
  • By the end of the game, you realize that this whole time, York didn’t actually know how to play, and was just seeing how long it’d take you to figure it out.
  • If you’re out somewhere with North and someone starts giving you a hard time–like on the street, or in a parking lot, or in a store–they’ll just suddenly go quiet and apologize. You’ll turn around, and North is looming behind you. (South also does this if she’s out with you.)
  • North actually also goes to talk to people who bother you at your job…
  • York also tries to loom at people who are bothering you, but is less successful. He 100% tries to talk North down from actually going to threaten people, tho. He’s the voice of reason for once.
  • Whenever you go out to eat, North will start cleaning up the table after you’re all finished, and York will tell him not to. (“It’s their job, North! They’re getting paid for it!” “That doesn’t mean I can’t make their job a little easier.”)
  • Everyone gets a turn picking where to go on dates. North likes Italian restaurants and homey family diners, and York goes all-in for drive-in movies and ‘50s diners that have jukeboxes.
  • York tries to relieve tension a lot with lighthearted jokes and teasing. Sometimes it works, but… that’s basically his default conflict-resolution move, and he’ll do it even if you’re really upset. He’s not trying to make you more upset on purpose. He just doesn’t know what else to do…
  • That said, North is always ready to step in. He knows how to mediate, and calm everyone down properly. The three of you have basically never had even one huge fight because of him.
  • Even small fights, if they happen, are resolved quickly thanks to a winning combo of North’s interpersonal relationship skills, and York’s generally easy-going nature.
  • If it wasn’t before, April 1st is now the worst day of your life.

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I bought a rainbow friendship bracelet at the market the other day and my mum just looked at it and said 'it's like a secret sign isn't it?' I couldn't stop laughing omg I haven't stopped wearing this bracelet it makes me so happy

my rainbow friendship bracelet just fell off!!! but they’re good gay signs tbh

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hey,,, my dude,, do u have tips for writing pipabeth I don't often write either character please help

Well I’m shit at writing all characters except my own (actually I’m terrible at that too) but I’ll try

I like to keep in mind their personalities when I’m writing them. It’s important to remember that Annabeth isn’t a rock and she expresses emotion. She’s actually one of the most emotional characters of the seven, she just hides it well. Annabeth’s intelligent, sarcastic, she’s happy around the people she loves. (Percy is the best example in canon) She’s also not afraid to do stuff like judo flip her boyfriend. She’s very tough and one of the most powerful demigods. (If you mention her camp necklace she has 10 beads or so) Annabeth has curly hair that she often doesn’t brush, so it’s probably messy. Her fashion sense consists of t-shirts, jeans, sneakers, simple clothing. She doesn’t wear makeup.

Piper in canon at first is just…not appealing to me. Like the whole, “I’m not like other girls. All girls who are feminine are horrible” thing just wasn’t great writing…at all. But I guess you could expect that from a series written by a guy. (You’re either super feminine or you hate feminine things and it’s annoying) But, I believe Piper has moved past that. She’s accepting, heartwarming, a troublemaker, and is smart too. She may not be smart like Annabeth, but remember the ICONIC Pipabeth scene is BoO. Yeah, she’s smart. Piper is cherokee, she wears small braids in her choppy hair. Her eyes change color. She’s beautiful, everyone knows that. She doesn’t wear makeup and like Annabeth, wears t-shirts, jeans, stuff like that. (I’d just like to put the fact that she and Annabeth stole each other’s food cause’ it’s adorable. Em wrote a really good Piper characterization that I think could help with writing her: (sorry links hate me when I can’t use my computer)

That’s all I can think of right now. I hoped this helped in some way (probably didn’t sorry)

so today is shaping up to be a good day, but i’m still bothered by this interaction from the other night

i was talking to my dad and he said he’s still concerned with how little i seem to care about myself

i mean I’M concerned about that, but what he said next has kinda fucked me up

“you can’t really love anybody else until you love yourself”


does the fact that i’m hurting and scared mean i can’t really love him? my mom? my sister? my best friends? a potential s.o.?

does he realize that the reason i don’t have any love to give to myself is that i already gave it all to other people?

Hi there Guys! This blog’s purpose is to write your requests for RvB fanfictions. I am Mod Gamma (if you want to be a mod let me know) and I’ve been with RvB for three years now but I’ve been writing for 10+ years, This blog is open to requests at any time so please send ‘em in! PLEASE READ THE GUIDELINES BEFORE REQUESTING THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT IF YOU ARE ON MOBILE ASK FOR A LINK

Thank you and have fun!

~Mod Gamma

so there’s this mall in town, right? it has a big concrete mural outside a department store. sort of a weird pseudo-bas-relief, if we were only worshiping abstract demon gods.

anyway, my mom and i had to go to the mall and of course we brought our phones and were playing pokemon go. turns out that weird mural is a pokestop!

this is the description text:

“See yourself. See everything. Look closer. Be very afraid.”