The minerals of the Moon

Studying the rocks collected on different lunar missions has revealed a number of surprising results, as well as a great deal of information about the composition of both our planet’s satellite – and the Earth itself.

Although researchers had a good idea of what Moon rocks would be like, the materials brought back to laboratories on Earth contained some surprises. They were initially classified into four large groups: crystalline igneous rocks like basalt; crystalline igneous rocks, such as gabbros; breccias and microbreccias; and sands and soils. In this way more than thirty species of minerals in Moon rocks and four more in the remains of meteorites were identified.

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Season 5, poster 4) WIGHTS

Advertising Agency: SELIGEMIG, Copenhagen, Denmark
Creative Director: Simon Engstrøm
Creatives: Olivia Muus, Daniel Norit-Bodilsen
Illustrator: Theis Jakobsen
Published: April 2015.