Gem Fusion: Hawk’s Eye

Blue Lace ( ariadnearca ) + Fire Agate ( norikart​ )


This is Hawk’s Eye, a blue Tiger’s Eye variant! 

They fight with multiple sai, made up from a combination of Fire Agate’s emeci and Blue Lace’s sabre. As Fire Agate is volcanic-themed and Blue Lace is (vaguely) air/water/ribbon-themed - not to mention the very stormy appearance of the Hawk’s Eye gem itself - I decided that a combination of their powers would result in lightning-related shenanigans; Hawk’s Eye can draw lines of lightning in the air, or set electrical traps similar to Blue Lace’s disruptor fields. 

Me and Rika worked out the stone and the weapons together, but everything else is my own design. Rika will be finishing hers up later, though we’ve exchanged previews already. Seeing all the similarities/differences in our two designs was AWESOME - Rika also independently hit upon electricity as a possible power for Hawk’s Eye, cue us screaming at each other for a bit when we found out.

I am definitely going to be drawing more Hawk’s Eye, probably with modifications once Rika posts her design. 

(Also, alternate colours! Ended up going with the above because the face details were getting lost when you took the lighting away, but I’m still fond of this one…)

Tyler problem #143: getting bothered at work by your attractive, tactile and “definitely heterosexual” roommate.

Slightly late birthday present for norikart​ of her characters Tyler and Nick (some nsfwish art at links) in their College AU incarnations! HAPPY 22ND RIKA AAAAH, ENJOY YOUR BIRTHWEEK

I don’t exactly ship Tyler and Nick romantically, but I am very much a fan of Tyler having brief frustrated unrequited Feelings and Nick not making it any easier through his continued obliviousness.

Gem Fusion: Hawk’s Eye

Blue Lace ( ariadnearca ) + Fire Agate ( norikart​ )


My personal attempt at the fusion between Cara’s and my gemsonas!

I had sketched a different pose for this out for kicks before learning Cara had done the same, and when we compared our pics we were surprised at the similarities. There were enough differences for me to warrant uploading my own version, so here she is!

I used Cara’s weapon design and colour scheme, since we’d already discussed the former and I had no better idea for the latter, but we both independently came up with the idea for lightning powers. We’ve got some weird hive mind biz going on :D I don’t really recall my thought process or know how to explain it if I did, so simply LIGHTNING.

I made her outfit a bit looser than Cara’s design, which amuses me since my gemsona has the more form-fitting outfit. I feel like the design ended up too busy, so I’ll modify it later, but ultimately I’m pretty pleased! I might draw her more, who knows!

My girlfriend forced me to draw this.

We were sitting at the bus stop when she told me:

“I always imagined Pokemon being like a dog, or a little kid when you give them an item. Like, you give it to them, going "hold it…hold it…"and then they’re a petulant little shit and just drop it. You should draw that.”

 She also insisted on it being a Psyduck, as opposed to a dog Pokemon. 

Gemsona - Fire Agate

I made a thing for myself! This is Fire Agate, a Crystal Gem ally who fell in love with Earth volcanoes and made their new home in one.

I started by looking up gems I liked (since I’m not particularly partial to anything) and seeing what their meaning was. I liked fire agate, plus it’s just a damn pretty gem, and ran with it! :D Their weapon is primarily a pair of emeici, summoned from the gem on the back of their right hand, but their special ability is that of firing huge numbers of these at once, sort of like a crossbow. They’re strong enough to break through almost any surface, and their primary use as a fired weapon is to create paths up sheer vertical surfaces.

And I am all about fusions, so let me know if you’re interested!




Hey guys! I’ve been thinking about this for a while, and I’ve finally decided to open online commissions!

The base prices for the images above are for single characters; each extra character will cost an extra 20% (e.g.: a second character for a sketch commission would cost $5). The price hike from flats to shaded is because, as shown, the image is given fully detailed lineart as opposed to tidied sketches. Fully rendered images include a simple, flat background; greater detailed ones will, of course, cost extra depending on the complexity requested.

I also offer Pokémon Team Commissions, which consist at minimum of ONE Trainer and ONE Pokémon, both fully rendered - a full team example is available here (, and others are available to view under the tag “Poketeams”.

WILLING TO DRAW: Original characters; Fan characters; TV Shows; Anime/manga; Homestuck; Smut and shipping; Violence/fight scenes

WILL NOT DRAW: Fetish art; Explicit gore; Rape/non-con; ultimately I will make final calls at my own discretion.

You can email me at NORIKAFRADD@GMAIL.COM for more information or to request something!