Gem Fusion: Hawk’s Eye

Blue Lace ( ariadnearca ) + Fire Agate ( norikart​ )


This is Hawk’s Eye, a blue Tiger’s Eye variant! 

They fight with multiple sai, made up from a combination of Fire Agate’s emeci and Blue Lace’s sabre. As Fire Agate is volcanic-themed and Blue Lace is (vaguely) air/water/ribbon-themed - not to mention the very stormy appearance of the Hawk’s Eye gem itself - I decided that a combination of their powers would result in lightning-related shenanigans; Hawk’s Eye can draw lines of lightning in the air, or set electrical traps similar to Blue Lace’s disruptor fields. 

Me and Rika worked out the stone and the weapons together, but everything else is my own design. Rika will be finishing hers up later, though we’ve exchanged previews already. Seeing all the similarities/differences in our two designs was AWESOME - Rika also independently hit upon electricity as a possible power for Hawk’s Eye, cue us screaming at each other for a bit when we found out.

I am definitely going to be drawing more Hawk’s Eye, probably with modifications once Rika posts her design. 

(Also, alternate colours! Ended up going with the above because the face details were getting lost when you took the lighting away, but I’m still fond of this one…)


Cabochon Sardonyx! 

Gem fusion between my Gemsona (Chrysoberyl) and norikart (Fire agate)

C. Sardonyx was fun to do. she’s quite fiery tempered, along with being about 12ft tall (seeing as i’m a bit of a tall person myself and Rika wanted to take advantage of that) 

I think i got a decent balance between the two of them, but still making her her own personality. 

Her weapons are Specialised staff Maces, the spikes come from Fire Agates Emici and the staff section obviously comes from Chrysoberyl’s Glaive. They can stay as a staff form, good for hitting, and they can spike out, good for more damage :)

Hope you like her!