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Enjoy and make your brain explode with so much epicness and so much awesomeness: Valentino Rossi and the person who originated his old nickname of Rossifumi: Norifumi “Norick” Abe.

Abe saying “so this is” *_* (I have something with Abe saying “so this is” XD).

Abe and Rossi saying both of them have bad English level XDDDDDD… too epic.

The story of Rossi getting an autograph of Abe in 1995 \o/

And to think I recently read Rossi liked so much Japanese riders, their helmets, overalls and a lot of stuff about them… :3 And he liked a lot Abe. Then to watch this… Rossi… Abe… in a same video… is so… *O*

Enjoy, people =3.