My Back-To-School Stationery Inventory

To Take To School

Bic Ball Point Pens

Mechanical Pencils

Staedtler Noris Pencils

Paper Mate Flair Black Pens

Stabilo Point 88 Fineliners

Scientific Calculator (This is the one required for my school, it varies)

Oxford Maths Set

(I don’t have notebooks/binders/folders for school because my school supply us with exercise books)

For Studying/At Home

Paper Mate/Sharpie Writing Essentials Set

Zebra Mildliners

Stabilo Point 68 Felt Tip Pens

Neon Stabilo Point 68

Neon Stabilo Point 88

Index Cards

Mead 3 Subject Notebooks

(Note: I live in England so some of these will have come from England, but the only links I could find for the time being were American without changing the settings on my laptop because I’m currently in USA for the summer, so yeah. I get quite a lot of my stationery from here anyway so most of the links are right but I didn’t necessarily buy all of these things from the links provided)

(Also, I’ll probably add more to this as the year goes on but for now this is where it starts)

«Se dovessi dire qual è la mia parola preferita della lingua inglese, – anzi, la cosa che preferisco in assoluto nel mondo intero – sai quale sarebbe?»
«Petricore. Si chiama così l’odore della terra dopo la pioggia».
La baciò sulla guancia, continuando a camminare. «Sei troppo intelligente per me, signorina».

Benjamin Wood, Il caso Bellwether (via Paolo Nori)

(l’odore della terra, dopo la pioggia)

anonymous asked:

Nori might of already been a poacher when they met, but Dwalin taught him to hunt and kill bigger & deadlier. The warg pelt he wears is from Nori's first killing of such a beast, and he wears it proudly, and only Nori knows it's true meaning.

YOOOO! they were both young little shits and both ignored the dangers of going hunting at the time or where they found that warg, and maybe they separated trying to track down a different animal. Nori barely managed to kill the warg, and he was thinking about just surviving more than anything at the very moment. Dwalin was really worried that the warg would get Nori before he could get there, and he was really amazed that Nori didn’t even get a scratch 

this blog has hit 301 followers!!!! Thank you all so much people, really!

I’m glad that all of you find some joy in this ship and this blog. Also, I’d like to use this as a reminder that you can submit anything at any time, music that reminds you of Dwalin and Nori, or posts, or anything at all

thank you again!


But Miston singing this with one of his more.. questionable friend choices.
Like wandering-maglor, strong-voiced (Maglor)
or wanderingarcherviola (Viola)
or justacoupleofkeepsakes (Nori)
heck, or even merriestofbrandybucks (Merry) or pippinxtook (Pippin)

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Mod Dwalin gets his wisdom teeth removed and says a bunch of cute stuff about Nori when he's medicated. Balin filmed it, and got a bunch of baked goods from Dori so that Dori could gets his hands on the tape

he keeps being sappy and talking bullshit with a big clump of “Nori is the sweetest star birb” sort of stuff thrown in. yes :’)

sashajetse asked:

Okay ... I do not like nwalin, but I like the option OT3 and Dwalin/Bofur. But now the stolen hats do not draw, OT3 variant too, and Dvalin/Bofur rarity. But nwalin galore! Obviously Bofur's dislike.

Um, I’m not exactly sure what you’re trying to say!

OT3 is always a wonderful option. You could call it Nwalin Hats or…Stolen Dofur or something.

Personally, I like all of these ships. I can see why people don’t like certain aspects of some of them, but for the most part I don’t mind any of them.

I like drawing Stolen Hats though. If Nori’s hair wasn’t so difficult for me to do I’d probably draw way more. I’d draw Nwalin too if I could think of something, Dwalin/Bofur too. OT3 as well! (that would be hot)

Dwalin/Bofur is pretty rare. I should try to find some on Ao3.

Would Bofur dislike Nwalin? Idk. I don’t think he would. I’m sure he’d be happy for both of them, because he’s a nice, happy-go-lucky type of guy. But who can say for sure.