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Mark Hadlow: Thorin is trying to put all these slightly maladjusted Dwarves together as one body.

William Kircher: That’s why they’re the Dirty Baker’s Dozen.

Dean O'Gorman: The Dirty Baker’s Dozen.

Peter Hambleton: The Dirty Baker’s Dozen.

*Epic music*


Narrator: Forced into exile.

Narrator: Pushed to the limit.

Narrator: Thirteen armed renegades—

Balin: And not 13 of the best nor brightest.

Narrator: —on a desperate mission no one else dared to take on.

Narrator: Thirteen reasons not to mess with:

Narrator: The Dirty Baker’s Dozen.

from: The Hobbit - an unexpected journey; Extended Edition 


by Jed “Nori” Brophy 


Dancing Fili and Kili in Jed’s Rivers of Gold”~
Because… how can I leave without doing an idiotic gif with all this lovely inspiration!?

Here we go, dancing lovely brats, and a river of gold!

*dies again in under the weight of her cosplay wip”


Night at Camp Backstory (2/3)