nori ashida


#woctoberfest: jamie’s thirty-one randomly-ordered faves

day fifteen: noriko ashida (surge) | japanese

the story; nori was born and raised in japan, but ran away from home when her mutant powers manifested. she lived on the streets until she found the xavier institute. she became a member of dani moonstar’s new mutants squad and was frequently at the epicenter of trouble. after the decimation, nori became the leader of the new x-men. she moved to utopia with the rest of mutantkind and initially stayed with scott after the schism, but eventually went to the jean grey school.

abilities; nori constantly absorbs ambient electricity, from static electricity and electrical appliances. she can discharge this energy as lightning bolts and bursts of speed. because she can’t control her absorption, she must wear gauntlets to regulate her powers at all times.

seen in; new mutants v2. new x-men v2.