Beard Care with our bearded Alchemist Jeremy Neal from Norfolk Beard Oil 

Maintaining a healthy, comfortable, glossy beard is easy provided you form a good habit of beard care. If you wake up and take no time for your beard then it won’t be long before itchiness, flakiness and discomfort become a problem.

Every day I wash my beard with a little light soap, but every two or three days you should use an exfoliating scrub to reinvigorate the skin under your beard. Really work the scrub into the skin along your jaw-line and under the moustache. Rinse with warm water and then use some Norfolk Beard Wash (coming soon!) to invigorate the skin and beard and clean away any last soap residue.

Towel dry your fabulous, clean, soft beard and then make a small pool of Norfolk Beard Oil in your palm and rub into the beard. Work the oil through the beard, ensuring you get it right into the roots.

Remember that as you use Norfolk Beard Oil on a regular basis you will need less and less to maintain your beard as the oil will deeply cleanse and condition your beard and skin. Many people using Norfolk Beard Oil for the first time may not realise how out of condition their beard has become over time and it will take two or three weeks for the skin to settle down and ‘relax’ into your new beard care regime.


BEARD of the WEEK    WHO: Andy Le Soso Hutt WHAT: DJ, Events & Special Projects at the D&AD, Run with Scissors clothing co-owner and Leopallooza festival electronic stage “The Treeline” Curator. Cornish bred now London-based bike lover.   Man Archetype #WARRIOR   The fight to keep going through the early stages of beard growth can only be enjoyed by a sadist. Each day has its little battles and as a #WARRIOR I relish the opportunity for punishment in the bid for eventual glory. 

Mr Stephen Fry presenting the #BAFTAS -He has style He has Panache He has a #beard and there were many beards at the #BAFTAs

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Stephen Fry Photograph: Stephen Butler/BAFTA/Rex Features

George Clooney photograph  Photograph: Ian West/PA