So I think it’s about time I updated my tumblr peeps with what’s been going on.

Over the past couple weeks, there was rising tension between one of Norfallen’s guitarists and our drummer. Our drummer was kept unaware of this, and all communication on the issue was brought to me via Jesse. It eventually came to Jesse asking me if I would vote against our drummer and get a new one. After lots of deliberation and suggesting many plans to try and improve the situation so that we could keep our drummer and having none of these suggestions even discussed, I had to abstain from voting entirely because I refuse to vote against him when his drumming is fine, suits our sound, is unique, and he’s a cool dude and an original founding member of the band (and if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.)

So they kicked him out and found a new dude, whose repuation was played up to such grand heights that only a god could live up to such secondhand praise. When it came to witnessing the dude… Well I mean he’s a good drummer, of course, but not a drumming god, and therefor not worthy of kicking out a perfectly good drummer for. And this was only a week before our first show at The Dungeon out in Danville, which is a pretty damn good venue and I had been trying for a long time to get us that show there.

Because of that, and Jesse’s insistence in bringing his new girlfriend to practice (whom he cheated on me with, way to be professional and sensitive about the whole relationship-in-band thing..) I gave my week’s notice of evaluation. I’d see where the band was going and whether I agreed with it enough to stick around or not and that this show would be the deciding factor.

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