lyxine  asked:

Do you have any headcanons concerning Sapp and Piddler?

I have a few. I’m glad you asked. :{D

  • Sapp is 35, Piddler is 29. (B2nd ages)
  • Sapp is from Eisenberg and joined the military there before he was stationed in Eternia when the Duchy took over. He has a scholarly background, but chose military service because it was more exciting.
  • Piddler is from Norende, where he lived as a farmer before he joined the Caldislan Guard. He left Norende shortly before the Great Chasm destroyed it.
  • Sapp knew Argent Heinkel, and the two were drinking buddies for a while until he witnessed Heinkel brutally cut down several members of the Caldislan Guard, including Owen. Piddler escaped the ordeal, but he lost his right eye.
  • While working for Oblivion, the duo repeatedly pilfered blueprints for machinery from Eternia and Ancheim, but since they either couldn’t understand the instructions or the handwriting, the machines they built were less than competently functioning. Oblivion still liked their creations somehow.
  • Sapp swears worse than a sailor, but not as badly as Aimee and Janne. Because he’s been threatened with write-ups numerous times for misconduct via language, he’s resorted to creating fake swears. Piddler, on the other hand, never swears. The worst thing he’s ever said is “gosh darn.”
  • Following the events of Bravely Second, the duo have a home in Norende. Their old Empire comrades still employ them for various tasks on occasion, and they manage the Caldislan branch of Angelo’s bakery where they make apple pies.