Tiz Arrior, the peaceful shepherd boy from Norende, kills twenty-seven out of thirty-five asterisk holders - more than any other protagonist. He actually thinks he’s killed twenty-eight. 

Three of the eight survivors can’t die anyway, because they’re immortal. And at least three of the five human survivors were definitely trying to outright kill the party. 

Fear Tiz Arrior. 

Yewnolia Critique: What went wrong? A detailed list.

Before anyone decides to hit me across the face with a salmon, these are opinions, and I actually like the ship and the characters, I just think it was absolutely horribly written. So without further delay, here’s my list of “what went wrong” and “how we could fix it”. From A to E. My top 5 reasons why Yewnolia failed to live up to the magic we know as Tiznes today.

A) Give me a reason to care about Magnolia. The main reason I could not react upset or sad when the moon vanished or when Magnolia started crying over it is because I was given no reason to care for her. The fact she has a tragic backstory doesn’t instantly make her a good character. If I’m going to be completely honest, the parallel between norende and the moon made me actually think it was very lazy writing just to introduce the same mechanism. That mechanism could have easily been introduced in many other ways to avoid repetition.

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I’ve occasionally wanted to draw the comparison of agnes = kamizumi while edea = braev. (idk tiz can be mahzer.)

Before B2nd came out and I was batting around with a few odder extrapolations about BDverse, I actually wanted to write Tiz as being a Templar figure in one world. Edea certainly takes after Braev in some ways and iiif we take little Sylvie’s line in one part of b2nd as a forecast of B3rd, then Edea might certainly end up walking the same path as her father in looking like the villain? But like. Between Tiz immediately jumping to action when something happens and pretty much ALWAYS bottling up his feelings and the one scene in ch. 6 implying he chooses to continue the journey KNOWING world 2 and world 1 Norende are going to get wrecked, BD left me with the strong impression that Tiz could easily go the route where he is very likable! To all his friends! Great with kids! Wants to help everyone! And then something goes down and he’s like “well I guess we’re going to have to kill all these people, oh well” and everyone is like TIZ PLEASE SLOW DOWN ABOUT PICKING THE PRAGMATIC BUT ALSO VERY BLOODY ROUTE, JFC

so idk they’ve both been kind of Braev to me at times for different reasons

Ringabel is Mahzer because they are both charming and cheer people up and try to encourage using words and brains. …Occasionally Ringabel forgoes his own advice.

Or both Tiz and Ringabel can be Mahzer. Mahzer is a good person to be. (Also, then Edea and Agnès don’t have to fight a duel for three days…?)