Despite this having a somewhat humorous opening, I feel it’s only appropriate to warn that this came about from Koma asking for sad things and character death, so this is a sad thing with character death. And now, onward, into the depths.

The first thing Edea asked when she saw Tiz was, “Where’s Agnès? Where are the babies? You can’t just visit without bringing the babies!” Tiz made a small expression of surprise at her indignation, and she quickly leaned over the ornate carving of the table in the guest hall to show how serious she was. “Tiz. Arrior. You cannot just waltz into my country without your wife and the babies. I love you, but I am the Grand Marshal of Eternia now, and I demand my tribute of cuteness.”

After a moment of blinking up at her, seeming still surprised, Tiz smiled wanly. “I’m glad to see you’re well, Edea. Could we talk in private, please?” He glanced over her shoulder, to the guards standing in the room.

Edea blinked, nonplussed by his request, but the guards really weren’t needed–standard protocol, but hardly necessary for a meeting between friends–so she turned to face them, clearing her throat for the attention she’d already had from them. (She still wasn’t quite used to everyone snapping to attention from her merely entering a room; it made her look around for her father.) “Dismissed!”

The guards left. As soon as the door closed, she whirled back on Tiz. “Is something wrong? I mean, we’re friends, you’re always welcome, but it’s a little weird you came all this way alone.”

Tiz took a deep breath. “You’re right. It is a little strange. Edea…could you sit down, please? I need to tell you something.”

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