This is a list of my favourite tumblrs. Not all are Queer As Folk ones but hey, I love them all. I don’t even talk to all these people and I’m sure half of them don’t know who the heck I am. I admire their blogs and their posts though. I tried not to put ‘popular’ tumblrs because I think other people deserve some recognition too.

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-never forgets that night- You still looked beautiful

Then you passed out and I spent almost 5 hours like this waiting for you to wake up. You’re cute when you sleep though, even if you looked like you were sleep talking. Can you like come here and sleep with me? Not even in the conventional dyke way either. Just come. It’s depressing not being able to hold you. 

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GOING OUT?! We have been TOGETHER for 6 months.

BABY, I thought that was the same thing.

First thing’s first, you stole my heart 8 months ago when I first met you. We have been TOGETHER since  November 7th 2011 and I have pretty much lost every possible virginity to you other than my actual vaginal or anal virginity. Isn’t this so sweet? I think so. Either way, I love you to the point where my heart feels like it’s about to explode, then when I think it’s about to, it just keeps on growing. Filling up with all this love I have for you.

This month I’ve been the moodiest, bitchiest person ever and my girlfriend has put up with all that and has never been angry or hostile to me. Nothing but loving and concerned. That’s actually a really, REALLY big deal to me. Up until now I’ve been so used to all my friends, family and just people I’ve ever been close to leaving me, abusing me emotionally or playing sick jokes on me whenever I get one of my unbearable mood swings. I mean, I don’t change so much so that I’m all “You’re a cunt, I hate you. You know what - piss off.” but it’s more, I'm irresponsive. I will distance myself from people and will be nothing but sarcastic to anyone who speaks to me. Having a friend who will stick by me when I push others away is one thing, having a girlfriend who asks me to keep her near, to never push her away…. oh fuck. I’m in love.