ULR Extreme

Made by Noreen Firearms, the Ultra Long Rifle Extreme is a single-shot large caliber bolt-action rifle. Available in ..338 Lapua Magnum, .408 Chey Tac, .416 Barrett, and 50 BMG. Uses a 34″ long free-floating barrel with muzzle brake. They’re generally all black in finish so this one has had some custom work done to it. They don’t come with bipods either; the owner of this one added it. MSRP for the stock model is about $3,599 from Noreen. (GRH)



Noreen Bad News

Usually associated and known for their single-shot bolt-action 50 BMG rifles, Noreen released the Bad News series of rifles a couple of years ago, patterning them around the AR-15/AR-10. However, they went up on the caliber department; the Bad News is available in 30-06, .300 Win Mag and .338 Lapua Magnum. Although they drew in a lot of interest, they appear to be plagued by quality control and reliability issues. Ironic choice of name. (GRH)



Semi-automatic rifle chambered in .408 Chey Tac from Noreen Firearms. They are not the first company to make a semi-auto .408, though I’m not 100% sure if the other two rifle that came before the BN408 are still in production. Price tag is as expected for a large caliber long range semi-auto; MSRP is around $12,990. I’m having a really hard time trying to like this rifle; the lines are so disproportionate. (GRH)



#StandWithGrayson: Glenn stands in solidarity with a 9-year-old NC student

On radio this morning, you may have noticed the My Little Pony stuffed animals on Glenn, Pat, and Stu’s desks. Glenn also asked his listeners to send in photos of themselves with My Little Pony paraphernalia. Why? Because today Glenn is standing in solidarity with a nine-year-old North Carolina boy named Grayson Bruce.

On Saturday, TheBlaze posted a mind boggling story involving Grayson, a new lunchbox, a group of bullies, and a school that isn’t doing anything about it. In need of a new lunchbox and a fan of the animated TV program, My Little Pony, Grayson he picked a bag with the character Rainbow Dash from the program. That decision led to him being bullied at school – punched, shoved, and called names.

Grayson’s mom, Noreen Bruce, said that last Thursday morning her son was “so upset he would not get out of the car.” Rather than discipline the billies, a school counselor suggested Grayson “should hide his lunch box in his backpack and that when you carry things like that these things happen.”

“Here’s why I’m torn on this because in a society where I have to build you a special bathroom because you’re confused… God forbid you were ever born a certain gender. No, no. I have to build a bathroom for you,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “But a 9-year-old boy can’t choose to be different? A 9-year-old boy can’t choose My Little Pony and be protected by the school?”

The way Glenn sees it, this was a teaching moment and the school essentially taught that, when push comes to shove, you should hide who you are. The school district’s website states: “Buncombe County Schools strives to foster a climate of respect and personal responsibility among students, and does not tolerate bullying in any form.” And yet the school did not respect Grayson’s views.

“You didn’t respect his viewpoint of ‘I like My Little Pony.’ I don’t have a problem if you say, ‘Hey, buddy, I want you to know there are jerks everywhere’… But they’re tolerating it… They’re building special bathrooms for protected classes,” Glenn said. “Meanwhile, a 9-year-old who just likes My Little Pony is not a protected class, so he has to be told, ‘You should hide who you are.’ How do you expect our children to even know which way is up and which way is down? Because I don’t even understand it.”

The school claims it fosters ‘personal responsibility,’ and yet the school is not taking action against the bullies. Instead, it is encouraging Grayson to hide who he is.

“The only ones being responsible here, I think, is the 9-year-old kid Grayson. He’s being authentic. He’s being responsible. He’s saying, ‘This who I am. I don’t care what anybody else says about me. This is what I like.’ Everybody else is not being responsible… What are we doing?”

This morning, Glenn decided to send a clear message to Grayson and everybody else to let them know “it’s okay to be different.” He asked those listening to share their photos with My Little Pony using the hashtag#StandWithGrayson or email them to

“We’re not aficionados on My Little Pony. But I am an aficionado on what it takes to be a man in today’s world. And just because you like little ponies means nothing. You having the courage to be who you are and stand up no matter what society says, that is worth its weight in gold,” Glenn concluded. “Send us your snapshots or whatever else you might have and we’ll post them. And Grayson, if you and your mom ever want to come down to Dallas, you let me know. You can bring your My Little Pony lunch bag, and I might bring My Little Pony lunch bag. And we can have lunch.”


It’s been a busy week in wolverine news!

Wolverine spotted in Utah for the first time in 35 years

Utah Division of Wildlife Resources announced the sighting last Wednesday. UDWR biologist Adam Brewerton had set up a camera trap (that same technique used to catch those pics of the adorable Pallas’s cat) baited with a roadkill deer. When he collected the camera he found images of a curious wolverine snuffling around the (by that time empty) trap.

Should wolverines be listed as a threatened species?

Back in February of 2013, the Fish and Wildlife Service proposed that wolverines be listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act. Here’s their logic:

  • Wolverines build their dens in deep snow to protect their young.
  • Climate change tends to melt snow.
  • Wolverines have a small but stable population now (~300 individuals) but in the future they will be in trouble.

But now a regional FWS director, biologist Noreen Walsh, has raised questions about the proposal. She says there’s not enough scientific evidence to accurately predict climate change’s effect on wolverines. She even mentioned the Utah sighting as anecdotal evidence that wolverines are expanding further into their historic range. Critics say she was swayed by political pressure from state agencies.  A final ruling from the FWS will be made by August 4th, so I’ll keep you posted.

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Sagmeister x Walsh

Adobe asked Stefan Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh for interpretive solutions for their logon and they came up with a game show.

The 5 episode show features a series of fun challenges, a panel of judges including Joshua Davis, Stefan Bucher, Jessica Hische, Noreen Morioka, and funny host Todd Newton. Enjoy the game!

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Sneak Peek!

We are thrilled to finally share some of the incredible pin-ups and backgrounds of the Great Personality Exhibition, Project and interactive Dating Games! This non-traditional pin-up show is about the science of attraction, ambiance an attitude! 

You can see more details about this exhibition on our recent blog post

Great Personality Games are coming soon! See the Light Grey website for details


La joven se había colado en una cafetería, bastante hambrienta y al ver una mesa desocupada con comida encima (probablemente de alguien que estaba desayunando y se había ido al baño, vete a saber quién), se sentó como si nada. Comenzó a beber de la taza de café como si nada hasta que alguien pareció hablarle: -¿Tengo monos en la cara? -soltó, poniéndose demasiado a la defensiva quizá. No sabía si se trataba del verdadero comensal o de alguien que la había visto zamparse toda esa comida que no era suya.