Twin Sisters Dress Alike for 88 Years 

Maurine and Noreene never asked to be famous. The two identical twins lived their lives in sleepy Denison, Texas, sharing a strong affection for each other and for snazzy matching outfits. But thanks to the Internet and a remarkable series of snapshots, the pair has become a global phenomenon. Roach Smith blogged about them on the Sister Project: “What entranced me was the pride with which the twins showed off their matching outfits.” After reading about the pair in a story on Retro Renovation, Kevin Howard located them in an online yearbook from Denison. He discovered that Maurine Elizabeth Everett and her sister Noreene Dodd died within four months of each other around 2004, at ages 88 and 89, respectively

Old Feminists Bash New Feminist For Not Being Radical Enough To Be A Real Feminist

Thinx is a startup company that makes period friendly underpants for women. It was founded by a woman named Miki Agrawal and received rave reviews from women. But when Ms. Agrawal said she was never a feminist previously to starting her company due to feminists “angry, ranty” personas she was deemed by feminist websites The XXFactor and The Cut to be a corporate fraud and “Machiavellian.”

I love the ads for Thinx, the underwear designed to absorb women’s periods.

I know this wry feminist message was likely cooked up in a focus group. Still, I always imagined I could have shared a wink with the woman behind it.

That illusion dribbled away when I read about Thinx founder Miki Agrawal in Noreen Malone’s excellent profile for The Cut. 

“I only started relating to being a feminist, literally, right when I started my company. … Every time I thought about the word feminist, I thought about an angry, ranty … girl. When you hear those spoken-word poets and feminists, who are just like” — she made a high-pitched version of the Charlie Brown grown-up wah wah white-noise sound — “I just couldn’t relate to that. I was always on the ‘women are equal’ front and into empowerment and laughter and inspiration,” she continued. “But I learned so much in the past few years about the plight of women … What I tell my team every day is that we have to be accessible. We have to build a bridge to redefining what feminism is, and we have to do it in a way that makes your mouth go like this,” she said, forming her mouth into what she termed a “smirk.” 

Feminism spoke to Agrawal, it seems, not as a political creed, but as a savvy marketing technique. As Malone puts it, “Thinx is unapologetically riding [the] tide of period feminism, to great success.” 

But how are the feminists who cheered Thinx’s victory over the prudish impulses of the New York subway system—and who might be the underwear’s demographic of buyers—going to feel about Agrawal’s Machiavellian conversion?

The above is a lesson to everyone who says, “But I’m a good feminist, and not a radical, who aren’t real feminists anyway.”  

Radicalism is real feminism, and if you don’t embrace it as such, real feminists writing for real feminist websites will throw you under the bus as a sellout no matter how much your actions benefit women or how successful you are.

There will be no “bridge building” from real feminists. End of story.

Never Let Me Go|| Padriac and Eleanor

Found a place to rest my head. thought Eleanor. She wore a off the shoulder white gown that reached her ankles. The dress that once belonged to her mother, was revamped into her own wedding gown- with the help of the Claudess Family, and a special thanks to Noreen for saving it. In her long dark hair, was a magnolia flower crown, and she held a magnolia boquet. The white sand underneath her barefeet, as she wore barefoot shoes, since getting sand in your boots where not fun. Ava, her maid of honor, and her son Olwen carrying the rings. It almost seemed too perfect to be real. 

She peeked to see who were there, and she saw Caradoc, Tumnus, and Theodora up down the aisle, for she was conducting the ceramony. Then she saw Karliah, and…was that Queen Susan. Oh right, of course. And Petra- with King Edmund? And there was Queen Lucy. “Holy fuck…” mumbled Eleanor. “Are you alright?” asked her grandfather. “Three, of the Pevensies are at my wedding. Two Queens and A king. Wow. Er, I’m ready. Let’s just- Let’s get on with this!” 

Her Grandfather then nodded, and smiled. “My little Ele, is finally getting married.” Eleanor laughed and blushed. “Yeah, I can’t believe it either.” He kissed her forhead, and walked to his seat and nodded. The music began, and Ava walked down with Ioan, Padriac’s best man down the aisle. 

Kilmainhamwood GFC weekly lotto draw took place in Keogans on Monday 18th July 2016 at 9pm where the jackpot was €10,000.

The Numbers Drawn … Na huimhreacha a tarraingíodh : 04, 10, 11 & 28

No Jackpot winner … Ní raibh aon bhuaiteoir.

5 Lucky Dip winners agus gheobhaidh siad €20 an duine:-
* Ray Madden, Kilmainhamwood (Online)
* Eoin Barber, Cormeen
* Bernie Kieran, Carrickleck
* Noreen Rooney, Kingscourt
* Seamus Monaghan, Rathloghan

Next draw for a POKEMON-GO-MANIA jackpot of €10,000 will take place in McKenna’s on Monday 25th July 2016 at 9pm.

Beidh an chéad tarraingt eile i McKenna’s ar an 25/07/16 agus tá €10,000 sa phota óir.

Our primary jackpot has reached its maximum and we are building up our secondary jackpot each week … it’s currently at €6,200

Play our lotto online at and our lotto motto is #ItsThereToBeWon

The week in review:-
Tues 12th Jul
- 19:30 in  Batterstown: U16 Summer Football League Rd 3. Result Jenkinstown Gaels 2-09 : 7-08 Kilmainhamwood

Thurs 14th Jul
- 19:45 in Kilmainham, Kells: All County B Football League Div 5 Rd 8. Result Kilmainham 1-12 : 3-09 Kilmainhamwood

Sat 16th Jul
- 17:00 in K-wood: U12 Summer Football League Rd 4. Result Kilmainhamwood 0-11 : 0-20 Ballinlough

Mon 18th Jul
- 19:30 in  K-wood: U14 Summer Football League Rd 3. Result Kilmainhamwood 1-12 : 3-08 Kilbride

The weeks to come:-
Tues 19th Jul
- 19:30 in K-wood: U16 Summer Football League Rd 1 vs. St. Cuthberts

Sat 23rd Jul
- 15:00 in Drumbaragh: U12 Summer Football League Rd 5 vs. Round Towers

Mon 25th Jul
- 19:30 in K-wood: All County B Football League Div 5 Rd 9 vs. Slane

Fri 29th Jul
- 19:00 in K-wood: U12 Summer Football League Rd 6 vs. Nobber

Sat 30th Jul
- 19:00 in Drumconrath: JAFC Group A Rd 3 vs. Meath Hill

Shane Russell & the lotto committee