Noreen Bad News

Usually associated and known for their single-shot bolt-action 50 BMG rifles, Noreen released the Bad News series of rifles a couple of years ago, patterning them around the AR-15/AR-10. However, they went up on the caliber department; the Bad News is available in 30-06, .300 Win Mag and .338 Lapua Magnum. Although they drew in a lot of interest, they appear to be plagued by quality control and reliability issues. Ironic choice of name. (GRH)

I have told Noreen’s story in the form of a lecture a number of times. Invariably, someone comes up to me and says, “She can’t be retarded.” A flat statement. Usually, they then turn and walk away, discounting everything. As if what happened to her is then not relevant.

Let me say that this attitude is bigotry, pure and simple. What is being said is that disabled people can’t be wise. What is being said is that wisdom is the domain of the privileged. White. Educated. Male. BUNK! Wisdom touches whomever it chooses. And it chooses all. If one takes a careful look at what Noreen knows, one will find a wisdom not contained in books, not taught in classrooms and not obscured by linguistic elegance. Yes, Noreen is wise. Yes, she is disabled. I fail to see the contradiction.


Dave Hingsburger, I Witness:  History and a Person with Developmental Disabilities

Autistic people aren’t the only ones who get undiagnosed from a distance the moment we show the slightest sign of understanding anything whatsoever.  This was published in a 1992.


Sneak Peek!

We are thrilled to finally share some of the incredible pin-ups and backgrounds of the Great Personality Exhibition, Project and interactive Dating Games! This non-traditional pin-up show is about the science of attraction, ambiance an attitude! 

You can see more details about this exhibition on our recent blog post

Great Personality Games are coming soon! See the Light Grey website for details


Sagmeister x Walsh

Adobe asked Stefan Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh for interpretive solutions for their logon and they came up with a game show.

The 5 episode show features a series of fun challenges, a panel of judges including Joshua Davis, Stefan Bucher, Jessica Hische, Noreen Morioka, and funny host Todd Newton. Enjoy the game!

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Twin Sisters Dress Alike for 88 Years 

Maurine and Noreene never asked to be famous. The two identical twins lived their lives in sleepy Denison, Texas, sharing a strong affection for each other and for snazzy matching outfits. But thanks to the Internet and a remarkable series of snapshots, the pair has become a global phenomenon. Roach Smith blogged about them on the Sister Project: “What entranced me was the pride with which the twins showed off their matching outfits.” After reading about the pair in a story on Retro Renovation, Kevin Howard located them in an online yearbook from Denison. He discovered that Maurine Elizabeth Everett and her sister Noreene Dodd died within four months of each other around 2004, at ages 88 and 89, respectively

What Have You Done?

No one wanted to assault the Grey Warden base. Noreen, least of all.

But for once, Cullen, Leliana, and Josephine were all in agreement that it was the best course of action, so off Noreen went, dragging Varric and Blackwall and Dorian with her.

She’d told Blackwall to stay behind, but he’d argued. He might know someone, there at the base, Noreen had pointed out, and she wasn’t about to order him to strike down a friend.

But he’d come anyway. And good thing, too; the fight against the Wardens had been brutal, and Noreen owed the former Warden for taking more than one hit for her.

To her surprise, Blackwall looked quite calm as the group headed up to the stone Keep. “No friends among the dead?” Noreen asked quietly, falling into step beside him.

"None so far." He smiled down at her, his expression tired.

Offering her own smile in hopes of giving him some comfort, Noreen looked around for the rest of her companions. Dorian was lagging behind, leaning heavily on his staff, and Varric was slumped to the ground, leaning over a fallen Warden.


The dwarf shook his head. When he spoke, his voice was low. “I knew a Warden, once. Back in Kirkwall.”

Confused, Noreen joined Varric, staring down at the unfamiliar man laying before them. “I thought… there’s no way the Wardens accepted him back?”

"I’m not talking about Anders."

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For those who don’t know me, my name is Noreen! I am a queer disabled femme organizer, artist, healer, and visionary living in Texas. When I’m not painting my face and serving up looks, I’m spending my time engaging with self- and community- healing and building. I am co-founder of the Cicada Collective, a queer and trans people of color-centered doula collective and social justice / anti-oppression education & learning initiative, and founder of the North Texas Abortion Support Network (NTX ASN), a support network and hotline that finds transportation, lodging, and doula volunteers to accommodate access to abortion in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Though I am passionate about the work I do and have a wonderful network of loving and caring chosen family in many locations, being disabled and chronically ill makes taking care of myself really difficult, and in many ways prohibits me from seeking traditional employment. I have fibromyalgia, a chronic disorder that causes me constant fatigue as well as pain and weakness in many of my joints, and necessitates my use of a walking cane to aid mobility. After many years of untreated and worsening manic depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), I have also developed severe neurocognitive functioning impairments. This past year has been particularly trying as I have been navigating various toxic and abusive living environments and occasional mild houselessness due to inability to financially sustain myself. I have been constantly traveling, couch-surfing and sometimes living out of my car, putting on workshops and skillshares in different cities, remotely running the Abortion Support Network, and spending time building with chosen family all while trying to generate income in any way I could and find effective and affordable treatment for my health. I am exhausted, and I’m really struggling, especially as both my physical and mental health continues to deteriorate in part due to the instability of my circumstances. I recently lost an employment opportunity I had been counting on for a while, and am feeling truly at a loss for how I will be able to take care of myself this year.

So, it is from this place of desperate need for help and stability that I am turning to my community to ask for financial support while I take time to rest, heal, and seek long-term sustainable solutions for my survival. Please consider sharing what you can with me if you are able to, and please signal boost among your networks and ask your friends to help if they can as well. All donations will go towards rent and bills, gas and car maintenance, food, medicine, medical bills and therapy.

I am deeply committed to sharing resources when I have them and helping my family and community in any way that I’m able, so please never hesitate to ask if there are ways I can support you in any capacity. Much gratefulness and love in advance for your generosity and kindness, and for all the support and validation I have received so far <3