Twin Sisters Dress Alike for 88 Years 

Maurine and Noreene never asked to be famous. The two identical twins lived their lives in sleepy Denison, Texas, sharing a strong affection for each other and for snazzy matching outfits. But thanks to the Internet and a remarkable series of snapshots, the pair has become a global phenomenon. Roach Smith blogged about them on the Sister Project: “What entranced me was the pride with which the twins showed off their matching outfits.” After reading about the pair in a story on Retro Renovation, Kevin Howard located them in an online yearbook from Denison. He discovered that Maurine Elizabeth Everett and her sister Noreene Dodd died within four months of each other around 2004, at ages 88 and 89, respectively


also. I’ve been doing some thinking, specifically about Noreen.

She doesn’t fit totally well with Cullen, and that’s been bothering me for a while. Cullen seems like the sort who hovers. That wouldn’t fly with Noreen – she’s big on personal space, and separation, and keeping duty and personal stuff clearly divided, and idk. They work, just not well.


I think I might change up her canon once I get my mods working again. Just imagine Noreen but with Cassandra. I’ll have to do Cassandra’s romance first with Noreen to see if it’ll work, but I think that’s going to be her new canon. I might do a bit of headcanoning so that maybe she’s with Cullen first, but they separate and she ends up with Cassandra? Not sure.

6 Awesome Feminist Podcasts

What are the best feminist podcasts currently available, you ask? I have searched and listened and can tell you that there are a lot of subpar feminist podcasts but also a lot of really stellar ones. It’s really hard to find ones that tag themselves as feminist and aren’t incredibly boring.

These are probably what you can call “bad feminist” podcasts, to steal the phrase from Roxane Gay. They’re either about current events, popular culture, interviews, or music. No podcast is perfect and all the women on these shows have their own definitions of feminism. To be sure, feminism is not the anti-male stance that has become popular as a stereotype.

Also, if you are not aware, we have our own podcast you should subscribe to… Rhyme et Reason Radio!

1. Slate’s DoubleX Gabfest 

Slate’s DoubleX Gabfest features the talents of Hanna Rosin, June Thomas, and Noreen Malone. Sometimes the lineup changes but the issues they talk about are always relevant to what’s going on in the world and how women are affected. Sometimes it’s just funny to see what they talk about and how they react to things. Rosin wrote The End of Men which appeared in an episode of Orange is the New Black.

2. Stuff Mom Never Told You

For all the things that your mom never told you, Cristen and Caroline go into depth about all manner of subjects. If you have questions about slut shaming, craft beer, BDSM, trophy wives, pinup girls, divorced women and Queen Victoria, to name a few, you should check out this podcast. They’re totally relatable and their website has more information about anything you hear. They also have really great videos that are all about how awesome women are.

3. Employee of the Month

Catie Lazarus is the host of Employee of the Month and she is fantastic. She is so smart and on the ball about the topics and the people she interviews. She’s been able to talk to some really famous people from Cynthia Nixon, Rosie O’Donnell and Jon Stewart to the people you’ve never heard of but are super interesting.

4. Nerdette 

Nerdette infuses history, a special guest, and some other nerdy tidbits into an enlightening podcast that’s on NPR. They’re also currently recapping Game of Thrones with the host of Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, Peter Sagal. They’re not pushing feminism but they do feature a lot of writers who identify that way and some who take issue with the term. It’s a good podcast to listen to because both the co-hosts are extremely well read and knowledgeable about popular culture. Fun fact: I left them a voicemail and they played it on one of the Game of Thrones episodes. Find that Easter egg… !

5. TYCI 

Rhyme et Reason’s beloved CHVRCHES singer Lauren Mayberry, along with a lot of really awesome people, has started an online zine and podcast that focuses on women’s issues, including music. The podcast is about good music that’s out and has a little bit of discussion about each one. The zine is where you’ll find artwork and articles about a host of interesting stuff. In fact, you should soon see one of the zine covers feature my art.

6. Pop Culture Happy Hour

You would pick up the feminist undercurrent in PCHH pretty quickly, especially if you listen to NPR Monkey See’s Linda Holmes and the rest of the gang dissect pop culture. They’re so smart and upbeat about everything they talk about, which is definitely more of the nerdy variety. They do it with such enthusiasm that you can’t not like them. Their live events are also so much fun that you can’t believe time flew by as quickly as it did.

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We were told in no uncertain terms that we need to get our sh*t together and post new photos of Noreen. Well here are some randoms. The first couple are of her first days back to school after Grandma left.

Day 6
Had a beautiful sunset right at our campground. Did some easy hiking and met some great folks, bob and noreen, who have biked portions the west coast a few times before.
Lesson: always get a professional tuneup on your bike.
Art: the sunset. It looks like a generic post card, because iy was that picturesque.
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hoy kainggit geraldine florence huhuhuhu HAHAHAHAHAAHAH

ano na naman raezel noreen? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA anon pa!! XD

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if you evolve it you can trade it for something, no idea what but you can

oooo thank you for tip Noreen will become stronger I’m sure.

I really hope I don’t wipe quickly against the first ‘boss’ or something.

Nuzlocke rules include shiny clause, gift clause, no level limit- but I won’t grind to obscene amounts. (Although I’ve heard Reborn screws with you.)