Twin Sisters Dress Alike for 88 Years 

Maurine and Noreene never asked to be famous. The two identical twins lived their lives in sleepy Denison, Texas, sharing a strong affection for each other and for snazzy matching outfits. But thanks to the Internet and a remarkable series of snapshots, the pair has become a global phenomenon. Roach Smith blogged about them on the Sister Project: “What entranced me was the pride with which the twins showed off their matching outfits.” After reading about the pair in a story on Retro Renovation, Kevin Howard located them in an online yearbook from Denison. He discovered that Maurine Elizabeth Everett and her sister Noreene Dodd died within four months of each other around 2004, at ages 88 and 89, respectively

Anyone who’s visited Frederator has an inkling about my poster obsessions, (Forbes thought my accumulations were worth an article.) 

This year, I thought it might be nice to offer one of our in-house posters for sale for the first time; maybe other could add to their collections.

What started our New Year’s series? Several years ago I was at Herman Miller buying a new chair when I stumbled upon their dynamic annual picnic posters (started by designer Steve Frykholm) and thought it might be nice to start our own series. Instead of finding a random reason, it seemed like an annual New Year’s series would strike just the right note of Frederator’s constant creative optimism. 

My friend Patrick Raske kicked us off in 2002, and since then we’ve had great artists like Eugene Mattos, Frank Olinsky, Sean Adams & Noreen Morioka, Eric Junker, and others contribute fantastic designs and illustrations. 2016 marks Ben Ross’ return appearance in our yearly line up. 

It’s movie poster size (24x36″), printed on a luscious 80lb stock from Finch

You can pick up your Frederator 2016 New Year’s poster (signed by moi in a limited edition) over at

I hope you’ll enjoy it. Please let me know.  


Frederator –home to Cartoon Hangover, Channel Frederator, Frederator Studios*  –take a breath– The Leaderboard, Cinematica, Átomo Network,Frederator Books, and Fredbot– has been creating limited edition New Year’s posters since 2002. The catch is that they’ve always gone to a private mailing list, never available to the public.

Until now.

For the first time ever, Frederator’s founder will be signing a small number posters for sale.

Here are the valuable details:

Numbered edition of 50 posters, signed by Fred Seibert
Design by Ben Ross
Illustration by Ben Ross and Eugene Mattos
Typography by Joey Ahlbum
Printed on 80# Finch opaque cover, 6 PMS colors
Printing by Will Dunnigan

Head on over to to claim your signed, limited edition poster.

* Frederator Studios, of course, producers of Pendleton Ward’s Adventure Time, Natasha Allegri’s Bee & PuppyCat, Pendleton Ward’s Bravest Warriors, Butch Hartman’s The Fairly OddParents, and dozens of others of your favorite cartoons. 


ENTERTAINMENT DEATHS (January 14-January 30, 2016): actor Alan Rickman (1/14, age 69); actor Dan Haggerty (1/15, age 74); actress Noreen Corcoran (1/15, age 72); musician Glenn Frey (1/18, age 67); actor-singer Mike Minor (1/25, age 75); actor Abe Vigoda (1/26, age 94); musician Paul Kantner (1/28, age 74); singer Signe Toly Anderson (1/28, age 74); director Jacques Rivette (1/29, age 87) and actor Frank Finlay (1/30, age 89).

Poem by Noreen Cleffi

Poem by Noreen Cleffi

External image

Do Not Open This Door at Night

Do not open this door at night.
In the daytime, you may open any door,
the two side doors for customers,
and this
back door.
You may go out to empty the trash
or to take a break, to breathe the air,
to glance off in the distance, past
the hedges to the waste fields beyond.
But do not open this door at night.

Your rotation is
Hour one: Work at the counter

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Directors: Zoe Ganslaw, Samantha McGeehan Cameramen: Christian Bufo, Charlie Hedges Music: My Party by Kero Kero Bonito

I know you all are fatigued by how often you hear about Dorito Dance Party // KIDDN WIDDA WHIP // but here it is again! Finally posting the Vimeo link so everyone can add it to their ‘art’ folder in their bookmarks bar!

I’m endlessly thankful to have had such an awesome team willing to bring this drunk~uber~ride~home idea to life! 

big ol thank*you to all involved // Zoe Ganslaw / Charlie Hedges / Christian Bufo / Anna Mckenna / Bree McKain / Natalie Risser / Noreen Kress / Rebecca Zimmerman 


Top 5 TV Shows 2015

2. Fargo

This was a close call between this and my first choice, but it all came down to which next season I was more excited for, and vs. my number one, this didn’t stand a chance. However, this is easily one of the best shows I’ve watched in a while. I love the era, I could not sing my praises for Dunst louder. This had such a Coen Brothers feel to it. The characters, the dislodge, the sets, I loved them all. I found myself waiting in anticipation for the next episode. So much better than the first season. 11/10. Loved it.

Itan and Noreen, the Winds

The Fortress of Ends holds as many secrets as it does snowflakes, and each one breeds as whispers amongst the clans of the Southern Icefield, boasting of monsters and treasures and all manner of other things a young adventurous fae might find intriguing. As one of the only daughters in a family of many children, Effeny, daughter of Faelin and Sariah, has struggled since her hatching to make a name for herself, but she was certain that a trip to the Fortress would be the thing that would stand her out amongst all her brothers and sisters. If she could find just one lost treasure, just one trinket or scroll amidst all that ice, it would be more than her annoying siblings had ever done, and so she set out with hardly a thought to the danger that frozen fortress potentially held.

Out there in the snow, though, she got more than she bargained for. Instead of a treasure, she found a whole keep carved out of ice, and at its center, perfectly preserved, was a grand and ancient tree guarded by two frost-covered sky dancers. Long had they served the frozen lair, protecting this sliver of life from the threat of the Shade, keeping it hidden in the deep where others should not venture and spending many of their years dormant. They knew nothing of their outside world and knew only the archaic mentality of the past where this tree would serve as a regenerative point for a world destroyed by darkness. If the Shade destroyed Sorienth, this tree could be revived to bear fruit to populate the greens of the planet once again, but Effeny knew that the Shade’s influence had long since passed into legend.

There was no need to guard this relic further, but Noreen was hesitant to leave her post. How long had they stood vigilant and silent by the boughs of this great tree? She couldn’t believe that they’d slept so long that their purpose had dwindled and faded. Surely the Icewarden would not have left them to rot like statues in a ruins? No, he must have left them because their duty was unfulfilled. The shade may be gone for now, but she doubted that it would not return, and so she lingers at the fortress with her Bouldursa in place of her brother, peering through the reflections of the ice to ever keep watch on their hidden sanctuary.

Itan, however, was relieved that along last their mission had been completed. He remembered his days of the lightning flight, so dedicated to progress and forward-thinking, and so he couldn’t find reason to linger. They were done, they were free, and with Effeny at his side, he was eager to escape these frosted halls and venture with her to her clan’s territory. He wasn’t the treasure she’d been looking for, but he considers himself quite the catch all the same.

Loot for the day. Found an offer I cant resist on and viola! As the saying goes “the rest is history”. One thing led to another and I got my hands on my first #Polaroid #SX70 Land Camera.

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