New York City snow. Lower East Side

Hot on the heels of Hurricane Sandy, the Nor’Easter called Athena (apparently nor'easters now have names?) is dumping a nice amount of snow on New York City right now. I took a little walk around my neighborhood earlier. It’s quite beautiful even if it is super cold and the wind gusts are strong. My heart goes out to those in parts of New York and New Jersey who are still without power.

I posted a few helpful links on the end of my last post about Hurricane Sandy in case people are looking for info on where to donate, help and/or volunteer.

View the rest of the photos of a snowy Lower East Side here:

New York City Snow in November


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The entire North East right now

One might think that someone predicted a #noreaster. I haven’t seen shelves that empty since leaving Atlanta. I mean, come on, Philly, aren’t you supposed to be better at this than southerners? 😉 #winter #blizzard #nobread