The entire North East right now


Somewhere under these piles of snow is the National Archives at Boston. Since January 27, our staff there have been blanketed by feet of snow.

Here’s their report from the (snow-filled) trenches:

“On January 27, we started with Blizzard #1. Boston made it into the top 6 snowiest storms, gathering an accumulation of 24.6” of snow. (During this storm, Worcester, MA, received an impressive 34.5”–the city’s largest snow accumulation on record.)

Since that time, we have had several nor’easter storms. Over Valentine’s Day weekend, we received the gift of another 16.2”, which fell Saturday night with blizzard conditions that followed Sunday morning: our second blizzard of 2015.

Not to be outdone, on President’s Day, we had a wind chill in the morning of -26ᵒ F.

As of February 18, Boston has a total snow accumulation of 95.7”. If we receive just another 11.9” this year, Boston will have a new record of the snowiest winter since the first weather records of 1891.”

Brrrrrr! They each deserve a cup of hot cocoa–and the quick arrival of spring!