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OUTFIT: Men’s Layered Jackets

Boyz N Da Wood

You know when you see those pictures online of some girl in like a lace dress standing in the middle of the woods and you’re all like wtf who are these people who/what/when/where why is she in the middle of the woods in a dress? Well now I’m that bitch. But like really. What am I doing here? What is going on? Let me explain! I was home for Christmas and wanted to do something “different.” I mean how many times can I WERQ the same corner of 2nd Ave giving you #selfie realness in every blog post. My cousin was nice enough to snap some photos for me so we went out to the “woods” of suburban NJ. Because it was super effin freezing, I did the double jacket thing again. (See yesterday’s post for another more “edgy” version of jacket layering). This time I wore a slim quilted jacket under a wool coat for extra warmth. Since we’re now hitting that time of winter where literally everyday is like a stay-inside-and-never-leave-the-bed day, I just wanted to give you some more inspiration for layering up to stay warm. Are we feeling this look or are you still judging me for being in the middle of the woods in a f*ckin tie and tweed pants? (Don’t answer that though).


Jacket c/o Tokyo Laundry  //  Quilted Jacket c/o American Eagle  //  Pants by H&M  //  Shoes c/o J.D. Fisk (Similar)  //  Sunglasses c/o ZeroUV  //  Tie c/o Rail + River  // Gloves by Nordstrom



A Pop Of Purple

To Cure The Winter Blues

In the colder months, dressing in darker, subdued hues tends to seem pretty natural given the shorter, darker days but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put some effort in injecting pops of color into your winter wardrobe. If pastels and neons are for spring/summer, then warm, rich colors should be their winter counterparts. For this outfit I paired a deep purple turtleneck with warm ochre trousers and a muted olive green peacoat. The richness of the pants and sweater definitely make a bold statement, so that’s why I chose to wear a more neutral-colored jacket to tone down the look and make it more sophisticated.


Ted Baker Jacket  //  Boohoo Turtleneck  //  Zara Trousers  //  Nordstrom Gloves  //  Florsheim Shoes Chelsea Boots