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honeymoon in Hawaii

part 4 of the White Dress series (co-written by the loml @infinityywar )

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  • omg tom is totally an over packer don’t fight me on this
  • like he makes sure that for the honey moon he has like 10 of everything
  • and he also sneaks some of the clothes you decided not to pack in his bag because he knows you have a problem with making decisions
  • you’re wearing that bikini he proposed to you in
  • tom getting sunburnt because he doesn’t understand the concept that you need to RE APPLY sunscreen and he isn’t used to the sun bc england is always so cold and gloomy and he’s a pale ass boy
  • “how come you don’t get sunburnt?” “maybe that’s because i reapplied???”
  • you are staying in a resort penthouse and you go back upstairs after a day at the beach and you have to rub aloe on his back and he’s like “stop that hurts” but you have to do it bc he’s gonna be in pain for the next week bc he’s such a cry baby
  • “kiss it better” “tom as much as i love you, i’m not kissing your red aloe covered back” “come oN yoUre mY wiFe nOw pLssss”
  • he’s such a heavy sleeper so when he falls asleep on the beach the next day you make sure to spray him with sunscreen “ BABE !! SEE TODAY I DIDNT GET BURNED !!! you don’t need to re apply!!!!!” and you just laugh
  • “i knew all of that reapplication shit was a myth, i just needed to build immunity to the sun.”
  • and you guys go to a flea market on the island and he buys a puka shell necklace that he won’t take off throughout the trip
  • he has a puka shell necklace tan
  • “babe should i get a tribal tattoo? ”
  • “no tom please don’t" 
  • “but like it could be really cool, just like across my bicep you know?”
  • “for the love of god tom, please don’t. i swear i’ll divorce you if you get that tattoo.”
  • but he eventually drops it and then you keep walking down this street and these little girls are sitting on their lawn braiding each other’s hair and tom goes up to them and asks them to teach him how to do that and when you ask him what he’s doing he says “i’ve gotta practice for when we have a little girl, love”
  • and tom lOVEs piña coladas
  • and theN you guys watch the sunset from the beach at the resort while drinking piña coladas, tom’s already had four but he can’t resist bc thEYRE SO GOOD. and he’s already tipsy when the waitress comes back to get your drinks and you say “i’ll have a sex on the beach” and tom looks at you with wide eyes “darling as much as i’d like to, i think it would be better if we went back to the room and do that” he slurs and the waitress just giggles at him
  • he carries you back to the hotel because you’re a sleepy drunk and you’re probably going to fall and you’re shamelessly flirting with him “my husband is a hot piece of aSs !!”
  • “you are a beautiful white man, tom holland” if you get this reference pls be my friend
  • he sets your down on the bed and you just pass out bc you drank too many pina coladas and the sun wore you out and tom almost falls asleep in the shower because he’s so tired too and he’s so iN loVe wiTH you he doesn’t want to sleep because he just wants to watch you
  • omg tom wakes up before you and he orders room service breakfast in bed
  • and he’s always shirtless like the whole trip even though he’s a lil sunburnt bc he knows you love his abs
  • and on your last day you wear the white dress that you bought at nordstrom bc tom rlly liked it and as you walked down the beach at dusk he said “wanna know a secret?” “sure?” you say a little uneasy. “this is the dress that made me realize that i wanted to marry you. i bought the engagement ring not five minutes after you bought that dress.”
  • “aT NORDSTROM??”
  • “it made me think of how wonderful you’d look in a wedding dress, and boy was i spot on with that assumption”
  • and you start crying bc you love this boy so damn much and he kisses you under the sunset and its beautiful and the sky is almost purple and uGH
  • toms always un officially lived with you at your place bc he’s gone a lot and you have a loft with not a lot of room
  • and you catch him looking at houses online while you guys are by the pool
  • “3 bedrooms tom that’s a lot a space”
  • “obviously it’s not just for us we are gonna fill those rooms with kids, love” kILL ME BYE

People I’ve seen around the streets of Seattle, such as:

- A man coming from Nordstrom dressed like he’d walked out a period drama.

-A hulk of a man, dressed in a bright magenta suit with orange and magenta hair

-A friendly, cheery man I’ve seen multiple times, sometimes dancing to street musicians, with a long black skirt over legs covered in sores.

not-that-type-of-person  asked:

If you feel like it, maybe something about Logan taking care of you after a big surgery?? You write caring soft Logan really well:)

Thanks boo! here ya go :) 

You were clumsy, there was no denying that. In fact, for as long as you had been on this earth, you had even attributed it as part of your natural charm. As a woman, people always felt like your clumsiness would lead you down the path of a romantic comedy – causing you to find the man of your dreams. Typically it landed you in emergency rooms or doctors offices, ER doctors learning your name all too quickly as they murmured about your inability to get out of trouble. Typically while sewing in a stitch or resetting a bone.

There was nothing romantic about being a klutz.

That was until you had thrown yourself into Logan.

It was comical really. You were walking down a flight of stairs in an evening gown, the high slit long dress bringing attention to you in all the wrong ways. Your gay best friend, Ramon, had insisted that you bought it the minute you tried it on a Nordstrom Rack store.

“That dress was made for your breast.” He had exclaimed when you walked out, the purple gown bringing out the pigmentation in your skin, the color in your irises. And he was right. Your cleavage looked to die for in the gown paired with the high slit that did wonders for your thighs. You were a walking femme fatale.

You were feeling like a goddess ready to slay the night away when you tripped. You couldn’t remember on what because the time you realized it you were flying in the air and all you could hope for was that you didn’t flash the large group of people that Ramon worked with. That was, until you realized that you hadn’t impacted the ground and instead were being cushioned by two strong arms. You opened an eye, your face scrunched up from the fear of falling when your irises fell on his chocolate brown eyes. He had been grinning at you as he helped you get your landing, his eyes drinking you in.

After that he had become inseparable.

He spent the whole night at your side, forgetting his purpose at the party. When you refused to leave with him it made the chase even more ridiculous. It had been Ramon’s urging that had finally gotten you to go on a date.

“The bloody CEO of our company wants to take you on a date. Girls would kill for a date with him. Just go. Go and maybe I’ll get a promotion just for knowing you.”

You had rolled your eyes and relented. And that was how Logan had won you over.

It was also how you had ended up laying in his large king size bed, your casted foot propped up on pillows as he walks in with a tray of your favorite snacks.

“Babe - Ill be fine.” you said as you burrowed deeper into his bed. You don’t know why you insisted Logan came to your small loft in Brooklyn, sleeping on your used mattress when he had a real life cloud to sleep on.

Either you were really good in bed or Logan liked you more than you knew.

“You broke your femur. Your femur. That’s an important fucking bone. Its like the biggest one in your leg.”

He placed the tray on the night stand before he sat on the bed, adjusting your pillows and you moaned.

“Why are you moving the pillows? I want to rest.”

“I thought you wanted to watch a movie? Crap did I , here I’ll leave you alone.” he pulled away and you looked up at him before laughing, sitting up on your elbows.

“Logan it’s okay. I’ll be fine. I’ve actually broken this leg twice. I got into a pretty gnarly accident when I tried to learn to snowboard…” you frowned, remembering the excruciating pain your leg endured in the cold after running into a tree headfirst.

Logan watched you, his mouth dropped open in disbelief before saying,

“You’ve broken this leg twice!?”

You shrug, falling back in the canopy of pillows, a smile on your face.

“I told you - I’m a klutz.”

“Babe, you’re not a klutz. That bike corrier shouldn’t have been pedaling so goddamn fast down the street. Who would’ve know that cab driver would have swerved in front of us - missing me but somehow you roll on top of his…..babe” he looks at you like seeing you for the first time before slowly saying, “Maybe…you know, maybe you are a klutz. That or you’re really unlucky.”

His eyes furrow together as if realizing it for the first time and you look at him smiling, unable to contain your amusement.

“I know - I’m a mess.”

He turns back to you, grabbing the ends of the blanket and tucking them in at your sides.

“Not a mess, just….. well you’re you. And, you’re still the most intelligent, adorable, fun woman that I’ve ever met. And I love you - even if you are really clum-” his hands freeze over the blankets as his dark eyes look into your own.

You had been dating for eight months and you both never had put a label to your relationship. Though you slept together, went to things together, exclusively belonged to the other neither of you voiced what you knew to be true into this relationship. Of course you thought it but you knew about Logan’s reputation thanks to Ramon. You were going to take whatever this was for as long as you could. Even being able to know Logan was an honor but being his lover was a gift.

The idea of him loving you seemed foreign - like super powers in a modern world.

He watches the way you watch him, his eyes diluted with uncertainty and fear. He wants to take it back, you could see it in his face. For what reason you can’t pinpoint. Instead you look down, playing with your fingers before whispering,

“It’s ok Logan. You don’t have to explain that you don’t really love me. I know I’m not anything special….”

“Stop it.” his voice is cold as you look up at him and this time he grips your hands, his knuckles white from the grip.

“Don’t ever say that you’re not special. You mean the world to me. And I love you.” he says it again, those last three words falling out of his mouth carelessly. Yet his eyes are more confident and he squeezes your fingers again.

“I love that I have to catch you from tripping over yourself or the way your not afraid to challenge me or when you make me buy really cheap knock off purses for you because you know the funds are helping a family get through a week. I love you.” he says it again and this time the shaky edge is gone as he smiles at you.

You lean up to him, trying to meet his lips for a kiss around the same time he looks up at you and you both knock your foreheads, causing you both to groan. He chuckles as he places a kiss on your forehead and you whisper,

“I love you too Logan.”

He smiles under your soft skin before whispering, 

“I know babygirl, I know”

Country Music Babes Bring It On! How to Dress Like Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert, and More

The 2014 CMT Awards were on last night with Country Music’s biggest singers out on the red carpet. The best dressed ladies of the night seemed to have something all in common…shades of pink, magenta, coral, and white were hits. 

Left to Right: Kellie PIckler, Miranda Lambert, Cassadee Pope, Carrie Underwood & Jana Kramer.

If you love this color palatte and style just as much as we do, check out the Top 5 Dresses Inspired by the 2014 CMT Awards!

**Click through each link to see where to get the look.

1) Nasty Gal Life of the Party Dress (with sexy deep v-neck)

2) ModCloth Summertime Gladness Dress (taking this on vacation!)

3) ModCloth Guava Have it Dress (did someone say garden party?)

4) Nasty Gal Blushing Blooms Dress (cute cut-outs) 

5) ModCloth Lucky Charmer Dress (with fluttering hearts all over, swoon)

As always, tag us @Wantering on Instagram and Twitter to show us your #OOTD!


👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 MALL HAUL TODAY! Went with a friend who hadn’t gone lifting in a while and it made me feel amazing because all the things she couldn’t lift I was like oh come on I’ll get that for you and I was getting all this stuff for her that she we too scared to lift by herself so I got it all for her and surprised her at the end with all of it and she was so so happy and it made me feel so good

Pink Flamingo Case - $8
Portable Charger (x2) - $48
Pins (x4) - $40
TOTAL: $96

Free People Racerback Bralette (x2) - $78
Free People Strappy Back - $20
Free People Bandeau - $28
Free People Patterned Bralette (x5) - $100
TOTAL: $226

Neutrogena Makeup Wipes - $7
St. Ives Facial Scrub - $6
Gatorade Water Bottle - $4
TOTAL: $17

Dress - $44
Free People Sweater - $40
BP Sterling Silver Earrings (x2) - $20
Thomas Cubic Zirconia Earrings - $6
Coach Wallet - $150
Michael Kora Wallet - $78
Kate Spade Wallet - $98
TOTAL: $436