Do You Good
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since i got the is my one-song-girlband-cheesy-popsong.

we were called ‘Nordinary’ and the song is called 'Do You Good’

Do You Good

Oh oh oh Oh oh (4 x)

  1. I’m not letting you walk over me,

    I’m not having you ignoring me,

    Not gonna take it,

    Not gonna fake it, no.

  2. I’m not gonna sit and wait for you to make your move

    I’m not gonna shut up, no, I’m gonna prove

    I’m gonna shake it,

    I’m gonna break it off.

Chorus: I’ll do you good and everything will feel just like it should

We’ll carry on this road and do it better,

This time I know we’re gonna last forever.

Oh oh oh Oh oh I’ll do you good (3x)

            3. I’m not gonna tell you the way that I feel

                You just got to know that, I’m still here

                I’m gonna show you,

                I’m gonna take you home.

Bridge: See me walking 'cross the room,

Baby I am here for you,

You don’t know it I assume

But I’m gonna do you good.

I’m gonna do you good, oh nononoo.

Repeat Chorus Twice

Oh oh oh I’ll do you good (3x)

Italics are my parts :)

Melody: Daniel Bukowski & Ellie Carina // Lyrics: Ellie Carina