Hot off the press - I am proud to be the first design blog to announce the latest design from Nordic Tales. The talented upcoming Danish brand with strong Scandinavian design traditions!

Meet Collar Lamp, Flip and Snowflakes. A lamp, a bookshelf and a bowl.

Collar Lamp: Designed by Jordi López Aquiló (Spain). Unites Scandinavian design with Spanish elegance. The lampshade made from powder painted steel is mounted on an oak wood base, that rotates 180 degrees allowing the light to be directed in any desired angle. Collar Lamp is produced as an up-light and as a wall lamp. Materials: Oak wood and steel. LED-bulp.

Flip. Bookshelf designed by Jonas Hoejgaard. Based on the idea of using the binding of books in the overall impression of the shelf as opposed to covering them. Flip is composed of two identical parts. Each part is pro- duced in either powder coated metal or walnut and is sold separately. Materials: Walnut and steel.

Finally, Snowflake! Designed by Jonas Hoejgaard. A decorative bowl inspired by the photographer, James Balog’s work which pictures the climate changes of the Earth. Snowflake is made from two types of glass, the inner side of the bowl is produced in opal glass while the outer is in frosted. When light hits the bowl the geometric shapes are reflected through the two layers of glass. In that way Snowflake turns into a luminaire which character changes according to its surroundings.

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How amazing the Bright Sprout pendants from @nordictales look at my home office?!? 💛❤️💛 I chose red and yellow cords with soaped oak wood and oiled&smoked oak wood. So difficult to choose there are so many more colors and combinations! Best part is that you can switch between them if you have 2 or more ☺️ I love the possibilities since I tend to change things so often! ❤️ #brightsprout #nordictales #eames

Done! @nordictales åbner inden længe, en #conceptstore, hvor jeg bl.a har lavet denne bardisk i massiv egetræ. Glæder mig utrolig meget til, at se den og hele butikken inden længe! #træmand #NordicTales #nordicwood #nordicliving #interiør #indretning #bobedre #boligmagasinet #nordic #wood #woodfurniture #oak #diningtable #liveedge #interiordecorating #AARhus #godsbanen #institutforx #spisebord #bobedrenorge #aarsome #brass #nordicwood #hairpinlegs #interior #bolig #woodporn #messing #allgoodthingsdanish by traemandaarhus

Nordic Tales 2014 - Wed 14.05 - Τhe Tracklist

Kάπως έτσι κύλισε η χθεσινή περιπλάνησή μας με την Αννα Πετροπούλου στο φετινό Νordic Tales 

01.Pjusk & Sleep Orchestra - Daithn

02.Grizzly Man - Rockettothesky 03.First Aid Kit - My Silver Lining 04.Olafur Arnalds - So Close 05.Burning God Little - Tusen Bita 06.Samaris - Lifsins Olgusor 07.Little Dragon - Killing Me 08.Dream Curtain - This Landscape Is Our Escape 09.Postiljonen - Atlantis 10.Simian Ghost - Wolf Girl (Slow Magic Remix) 11.Oh Land - Bird In An Aeroplane 12.4 Guys From The Future - Don’t Help Me Up 13.Delay Trees - Howl 14.Ane Brun ft Jose Gonzalez - Worship (Henric Schwarz Remix) 15.Cocoanut Groove - Colours 16.Garden - The Plains 17.Museum Of Bellas Artes - Abyss 18.Prins Thomas - Kameleon 19.DNKL - Hunt 20.Pallers - Come Rain, Come Shine 21.The Knife - Got 2 Let U 22.I Break Horses - Faith 23.Mikael Simpson - Slaar Skaar (Supertroels Mix) 24.GusGus - Crossfade (Maceo Plex Mix) 25.Jorri Hulkkonen As Third Culture ft Jiihoo  - Liquid Hologram (Original Mix) 26.Giana Factory - Lemon Moon 27.WhoMadeWho - Hiding In Darkness 28.Mungolian Jetset - Mush In The Bush 29.iamamiwhoami - T 30.PInkunoizu - Moped 31.Shanghai - Smoke And Mirrors 32.Lykke Li - Just Like A Dream 33.This Is Head - A-B Version (Animal Research Remix by Christian Gabel)