Who guessed right? (As if anyone’s guessing..)

Finny wearing a camouflage while maintaining that cinnamon roll looks doesn’t hide the badassery within. 

And yes, Sweden’s pants are hanging. Because his legs are too long for anything! But the scary-nerd-but-really-is-a-cinnamon-roll-in-disguise is too busy to tailor one for himself and too embarrassed to wear shorts.

Denmark trying to look badass but actually is a cinnamon roll no matter how you look at him. Just look at his Lego T-shirt! And this is not an endorsement, okay?

The usually ever stoic faced Norway dressing somewhat preppy sporting his Norwegian flag patterned bag. But the boots ruin it all, they should’ve been loafers but- ah well.

Last but not least, Iceland! I’m sorry babu but it seems that you’re the hipster in the group. IDEK what you are wearing. And look, a Herra Lundi strap! I still love you… alll of you babiessss