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17.03.2017// Work in progress of a smol firecrest bird that has been lurking in my garden since the last few weeks. It’s so small and it’s the cutest bird I’ve ever seen! 
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1st Place with 31 Votes!!!
  • Chibi Iceland: u-um... who are you?
  • Norway: hello there little one, my name is Norway.
  • Denmark: Hiya, I'm Denmark! We're countries like you, so that makes us... aha, your brothers!
  • Sweden: so small... don't worry, you won't be alone anymore
  • Finland: little one, let's be friends, shall we~?
  • Chibi Iceland: t-thank you... um... y-yes, let us be friends... big b-brothers...
  • -Now-
  • Finland: everyone, let's stop fighting and relax in the sauna- Den, be quiet for a minute!
  • Sweden: *grabs Denmark* Fin said quiet.
  • Denmark: *screams*
  • Norway: shut up before I choke you again.
  • Iceland: ...what did I get myself into?????