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17.03.2017// Work in progress of a smol firecrest bird that has been lurking in my garden since the last few weeks. It’s so small and it’s the cutest bird I’ve ever seen! 
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1st Place with 31 Votes!!!
  • Chibi Iceland: u-um... who are you?
  • Norway: hello there little one, my name is Norway.
  • Denmark: Hiya, I'm Denmark! We're countries like you, so that makes us... aha, your brothers!
  • Sweden: so small... don't worry, you won't be alone anymore
  • Finland: little one, let's be friends, shall we~?
  • Chibi Iceland: t-thank you... um... y-yes, let us be friends... big b-brothers...
  • -Now-
  • Finland: everyone, let's stop fighting and relax in the sauna- Den, be quiet for a minute!
  • Sweden: *grabs Denmark* Fin said quiet.
  • Denmark: *screams*
  • Norway: shut up before I choke you again.
  • Iceland: ...what did I get myself into?????

the faroe islands is home to one of the oldest horse breeds in the world, the faroe pony! they’re closely related to the old wild nordic horses of ye olden times, and they’re small fluffy balls of stubbornness, but once you gain their trust they’ll never let you go - they’re also attention hoggers who show a lot of physical affection towards their favourite humans