nordic print sweater

You know what I like about Sky Sailing?

…okay everything, but specifically speaking? The gentleness. 

There is a certain…woodsy sort of coziness about Adam’s Sky Sailing project that I’ve just never been able to get over. When I hear Sky Sailing I want to put on a big Nordic print sweater, a long wool skirt, and boots with legwarmers and drink hot cocoa by a fireplace in a cabin where it is raining outside the big picture windows, thunder vibrates on through the distance and no one but the forest surrounds me.

 It completely captivates me that he can capture this aesthetic– no it’s more than that, it’s an atmosphere and every single time I hear this project I go right back to that cozy little spot in my mind and I feel safe. All of Adam’s music has a different effect on me, all positive, but all in different mental spaces. When I need a safe place to rest, I go to Sky Sailing.

All I can really say is that I’m so freaking happy Adam is going to make more Sky Sailing music !!!