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Hey everyone! I’ve been working on this build for about a week now, so I figured it was time to start showing off. This is my model of a nondescript ancient Nordic tomb from Skyrim. It’s primarily based off of Bleak Falls Barrow, but is a bit simpler in design.

I’m hoping to get all the building done soon so that I can start painting and detailing. I’ll probably post once or twice more before the final product. Hope you all like it!

one thing that keeps me motivated, something more than anything, is the proof that as policy changes, attitudes and belief systems can and do also change. smoking indoors used to be completely normal and mundane - you could smoke on the bus, in cafés, on the train, and no one would even question it. some people would even say it was good for you! now, thanks to public health awareness, appropriate campaigning and implementation of policy (in the form of a ban), most have realised the detrimental effects on not only the smokers themselves but the other people around them. the majority of people would now be horrified by the mere idea of smoking indoors. thanks to evidence-based policy, mindsets have been questioned, acted against and completely reshaped. 

the passing of the nordic model in the republic of ireland today has made me cautiously optimistic about attitudes towards prostitution and the commodification of women’s bodies under capitalism. if we ban men from buying sex, they will slowly begin to realise why. and as men’s attitudes towards women and sex are shaped by society at large, rather than being biologically ‘fixed’ and innate, as policy changes, so will they. as society changes, so will they.

What’s funny to me is that most of the people that I see praising full blown socialism or communism and shit like fucking breadlines (wtf) have never lived under such governments. Meanwhile, people living under such governments will tell you over and over again how terrible it is and how you don’t want it. But I’m sure the (mostly white and well off) American socialists/communists know best, so we should totally just listen to them.

Never mind the fact that these kids can’t even figure out how to register to vote correctly before deadlines, don’t know how legislation actually gets passed, how state parties and their primaries work, or how to win elections. But they totally know what’s best for our country because they’ve been following politics for all of a year and a half, so…

What’s also funny is that some of the countries they point to as being socialist (Denmark, Sweden, etc.) aren’t even fully socialist. They follow the Nordic model, which is a mix of socialism and… wait for it… …. .. Free. Market. Capitalism.

Never mind the fact that those countries are largely homogeneous, which is another reason why that system won’t fly here. Because racism. Because as if the racists in power in America would ever enact a system that helped people of color. Hell, even black people were cut out of the New Deal, but lefties will jack off to FDR’s ghost until the cows come home.

Anyway, Breadlines Bernie and his stans are more than welcome to move to Cuba, Venezuela, or North Korea if they want that lifestyle so bad.

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I'm totally new to marxist thought. Sorry if this is a bad question, but is the general consensus among marxists that we can learn from people like Mao, Lenin, Castro, and Trotsky without fully approving of all of their actions? Also, sorry for asking a totally unrelated question and I also hope this isn't a bad one, but are most socialists and marxists essentially comrades because socialism and communism are very similar? I've noticed a lot of marxists seem to be friendly with socialists.

I can’t speak for all Marxists, but many of us acknowledge the problematic actions of Mao, Stalin, etc. while still learning from their contributions. It’s important that we not allow ourselves to idolize or completely demonize historical marxist figures. We need to learn from the mistakes of past Marxist leaders so that we won’t repeat them, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take notes on the things they did successfully.

This is a great question and a very important one for anyone new to communism! In a sense, Marxists are both socialists and communists. In a socialist state, the means of production (factories, farms, etc.) are owned by the workers. It’s a planned economy based on producing goods for human need, rather than for profit. In a socialist society, class divisions still exist, because the capitalist class will not be very happy to lose control of the means of production. There is a socialist state, run by the workers, which plans the economy and exerts force on the bourgeoisie in order to prevent the capitalist class from rising up and trying to take back production for themselves. The main difference is that the proletariat controls the means of production, whereas in a capitalist society, the bourgeoisie controls it. In Marxist theory, socialism is referred to as lower state communism because it is the first step toward a full communist society.

Upper stage communism is a classless and stateless society. There is no longer a need for a state, because there are no longer any class divisions. All people cooperate to produce goods and services according to human need.

The differences between people labeling themselves as socialists vs. communists are often nuanced and usually have to do with whatever particular branch of leftist thought their views align with.

People who describe themselves as Marxists have the ultimate goal of communism, but believe that socialism is necessary before full communism can be achieved. Some communists are anarchists, who share the same ultimate goal as Marxists (full communist society) but reject the Marxist idea that socialism is a stepping stone to communism. There are also some groups of socialists whose ultimate goal is a socialist society, not a communist one. In addition to that, there are some people who label themselves as socialists who are actually liberals that like the idea of a welfare state such as those in countries like Sweden, Denmark, Norway etc. These countries are actually capitalist, not socialist, though it’s a common misconception made by people who haven’t studied Marxism.

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Prostitution/sex work?

I am against the sex industry. 95% of prostituted women want out of prostitution but can’t leave, for a variety of reasons. I believe we should take the Nordic model approach and decriminalize those who are being prostituted and provide them with services to exit the sex industry, as well as make it a criminal offense to buy people for sex.

So apparently this gorgeous creature is 19 years old.. and omg I couldn’t be happier. He’s 19, I’m 19. I think that means we’re meant to be. Haha! 😂😂 #DesperateMuch?

Male model - Søren Steenberg

Check out his Instagram, you won’t be disappointed.

We got you covered bby 🔥 For more - @omgcasanovaplayboys

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One of the weirdest fetishes a friend of mine admitted to having was about gigantism and like being shrunk and he's a nordic model type of democrat so I'm going to assume all people who go on about the nordic model are secretly into that.

I don’t want to know this

Okay, let’s just be clear about this: the only radical feminists I have seen, who are happy to take that label, are TERFs. But while TERF-ism maybe the “endgame” of radical feminism (and it definitely is, don’t kid yourselves), radical feminism itself doesn’t start or end with transphobia.

So all of you porn and kink “critical” feminists out there (yes, including those who are anti cg/l, dd/lg); all of you people who think that full time sex work should be criminalized, including the ones who defend the Nordic model; all of you who claim that people’s personal choices to have, and alternatively not to have (obviously informed and consensual) sex are “rape culture”; all of you who baby women and femmes, remove our agency and insist you, a stranger on the internet knows better; guess what, honey? You are a SWERF.

So if you actually don’t want to be a radfem, if you know why radical feminism is damaging and wrong? You need to do better than write TERFs/SWERFs don’t interact in your bio. You need to question your rhetoric. We, as a community, need to fucking do better than hate on radical feminists, but in name only.

*Note: Something making you personally uncomfortable is not the same as being an anti. I am made fairly uncomfortable by the brand of cg/l that’s popular on Tumblr and I still don’t police consensual adults who are involved with it.