nordic forest


Woke up to a withered fire, quietly put on all my layers of clothing. I ventured out in the cold spring air up to a small plateau behind the cabin, while following a fox’s trail in the undisturbed sprinkle of snow that fell during the night. The hoot of a wood-pigeon was the only sound to be heard for miles while I witnessed the sun return. If only all days could begin like this.

 I keep thinking of all the nights that will be spent in tents, trails that we’ll discover and all the campfires we’ll get to gather round.

Now that it finally happened, that I got my first customer work that’s not just product images in a studio environment, I can’t say I wouldn’t be pleased! It turned out a bit like Fever Ray mixed with Arkona (rus), but I’m not saying it would be a bad thing!


17.03.2017// Work in progress of a smol firecrest bird that has been lurking in my garden since the last few weeks. It’s so small and it’s the cutest bird I’ve ever seen! 
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